I Love You So Much / 粉愛粉愛你

I Love You So Much / 粉愛粉愛你
Lan Cheng Long, Li Jia Ying, Nick Chou, Shara Lin, Tom Price, Mao Di
Broadcast Year:2012-01-29
English Subtitle:Yes
The story centers around makeup products and the makeup artists who make women beautiful.

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  1. sav says:


  2. AznGurlThtLovesDramas says:

    not that bad….

  3. JW396 says:

    I liked it! Better than I’d expected 🙂

  4. Marianne says:

    I love this TWdrama and i love it.

  5. Marianne says:

    I love this pilot episode of the TWdrama and i love to watch it.

  6. Marianne says:

    I love this TWdrama and i love it.

  7. Marianne says:

    I want to watch it and i love this romantic drama for me.

  8. Thuchen says:

    like it so far, didn’t expect it to be that nice….and the guys are hot!!

  9. Clare Xu says:

    OMG all the guys r sooooo hawt !! love how the story goes. Can’t wait x)

  10. C.Claudia says:

    1-Luo Zhixiang opening song

    2-Blue lan& NIck chou<3
    3-Nick chouu hot like hellll
    4-beautiful story5 what a beautiful beggining for the year!!:)

  11. Gary585376 says:

    J4?!! this is a copy of F4 LOL

  12. Zhien_hua says:

    magicians of love anyone…

  13. Yayi says:

    what”s the song ( opnening ) ??

  14. show810 says:

    the OPENING SoNG is DAMN NICE!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  15. Aryael says:

    Magicians of Love re-packaged. Same idea on business rivalry (yes! the formula for ‘Mona Lisa’ will be stolen and used by “Jealous”). Same idea for the love relationships – she will 1st fall for the “bad boy” and later the main male character and the ex-gf will re-appear and try to drive a wedge between them. Only difference was the love rival is also his illegitimate brother and rival for the grandmother’s affections, hence creating a new dimension on the family matters of the main character. All I can say is, if you had liked Magicians of Love, you will like this drama as well.

  16. nessa says:

    the directer of this is the same as magicians of love so i guess it would be similar

  17. Mangoman1523 says:

    Anyone know the ending song?

  18. Mel says:

    The show is very nice unexpectedly ! 

  19. BiBi says:

    叫”王見王” ^^

  20. Mummybee_2003 says:

    Yeh…. one more interesting drama to watch beside skip beat!

  21. Wtf says:

    The video parts for Ep 2 are loading WAY TOO SLOW, even when viewed on YouTube. -_-

  22. Mel says:

    cant wait for the other episodes to come !! 

  23. Vânia Love says:

    can´t wait for ep. 3!

  24. Gary585376 says:

    Could someone tell me the name of the ending song?

  25. Ilahi1819 says:

    Where r the english subtitle 4 i love u so much it say that i have english subtitle

  26. AznGurlThtLovesDramas says:

    the theme and ending songs sounds nice. 😀

  27. Mangoman1523 says:

    Anyone know where to find the ending theme song? Apparently the name of it is 

  28. Lucy says:

    does anyone know why there aren’t any english subtitles even though the information says that it does have them?

  29. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs for the TWdrama, thanks.

  30. Marianne says:

    I love this series, thanks.

  31. Asimina says:

    hello can someone tell me how to watch it with eng sub…..its so nice drama……first tim here…….

  32. Gary585376 says:

    Apprently theres only 5 episodes? :S

  33. Marianne says:

    I love this drama, thank you.

  34. Marianne says:

    What a nice TWdrama and i love this one for me.

  35. Guest says:

    how many episodes are there?

  36. GUEST says:

    erm y ep 3 cannot be viewed ah?

  37. Itsmishy123 says:

    omg i love diss drama!! there should be more episodes :/

  38. Snowlotus says:

    If someone can tell me all the names of the songs played in this drama, I’ll greatly appreciate it!! I really like the one when Lan Cheng Long sings his song during the band scene. If anyone knows, you’ll make me a very happy girl! Thanks!

    • bleh says:

      片头曲 爱走秀 罗志祥
      插曲 王见王 罗志祥&杨丞琳
      插曲 爱入非非 罗志祥
      插曲 逞强 萧亚轩
      插曲 泪光翅膀 蓝正龙
      插曲 S.N.G 周汤豪
      片尾曲 亿万分之一的机率 周汤豪

  39. Mel says:

    Nick Chou is so handsome !

  40. candy says:

    can anyone tell me when does the new episodes come out??  is it every sunday? or saturday  at what time??  thx

  41. DoDo says:

    I would like this series, if not Lan Cheng Long is with…..I don’t like him. :(((

  42. Kae says:

    how i wish this drama can screen faster ! 

  43. yuki kok says:


  44. Gary585376 says:

    how the hell does she not remeber him? he hasent changed his looks one bit -.-

  45. Asimina says:

    how many episode is this drama?

  46. Cyuiyh says:

    I love this movie 

  47. Vânia Love says:

    how many eps this drama have?

  48. Snowlotus says:

    Blue Long’s acting is very seductive and tempting, what a prince charming haha hmm

  49. Isenkk says:

    omg, Blue lan was singing ……

  50. Friend_in_forest says:

    i cant watch in my country :'(

  51. Goh-hz says:

    Please fix 
    粉愛粉愛你 Episode 4.
    cant see at all. thanksyou 🙂

  52. Vânia Love says:

    Ep4 is gone1

  53. Isenkk says:

    all is gone… ijust started to watch epi1 last nite :(:(:(

  54. crystal says:

    cant see..wat wrong??><

  55. Mummybee_2003 says:

    wanted to watch ep 4 again but can’t. Looks like the sites have been blocked.

  56. Mangoman1523 says:

    Anyone know when the OST is coming out?

  57. Mayaluvr says:

    I hope this drama gets fixed.  ALL of the video embedding has been disabled.  It’s a little frustrating, I was enjoying this drama.

  58. Meamea88 says:

    What happen to Ep05 Part 5 & part 6??

  59. Janet :) says:

    I love this drama so much ^_^ damn Nick Chou is too damn cute <3<3 I think I am in love with him 🙂

  60. guest says:

    First episode english subbed doesnt work!

  61. Cyuiyh says:

    haha I had the same last name with Nick Chou & Vic Chou they all cute ^.^ .. But we not relative .. 

  62. chocalat says:

    i love this drama!!!!
    but why it last so long to upgrade the next episode?

  63. Itsmelol says:

    can anyone tell me why is nick chou extremely dashing ? and gentle eyes ~ AWWW 😀

  64. xyz says:

    don’t like the female lead

    • Hello says:

      Agree with u !
      Her acting sucks !

    • Guest says:

      Well i don’t recall you can act any better than her . she is a great actor . next time you want to criticize someone , look in the mirror and think of your abilities first before you want to insult someone .

      • DontbeRUDE says:

        ppl can also share their thoughts.. ok?!
        i think she should take some acting lessons..
        n then do all the drama she wants..
        she’s cute.. but she has to learn a lot bout acting n stuff ! 🙂 
        not hate ! just thoughts !  

  65. Lolol says:


  66. nicm says:

    hey where’s ep 6?? still not uploaded yet??

  67. COCO4KPOP says:

    I LOVE IT! Especially Nick Chou and Mao Di!!!!! The  beginning might be okay but it gets better and better!!! Nick and Mao Di<3<3<3

  68. Ice says:

    Upload more pls 🙂

  69. LoveMe says:

    omg ! cant wait for 10 freaking hours ! D:
    i want to see nick chou ! <3
    i need to see nick chou ! .<! 
    haha freaking out girls ! :S

  70. Marianne says:

    I love this series for me.

  71. Marianne says:

    I just have to watch this episode of this TWdrama and i like it.

  72. Marianne says:

    I love this series, thanks.

  73. Snowlotus says:

    How many episodes total?

  74. guezt says:

    thanks for eng subbing but some of the subs are missing! 🙁 and also when will ep7 with eng sub be posted? thanks again for subs!

  75. Guest says:

    Has there ever been a drama that Nick Chou as the main lead ? i wanna watch it ! NICKCHOU SO HOT ! xD

  76. Guest says:

    I love this drama and blue lan but really wished that Shao Feng ended up with Xia Le Di <3 Nick Chou

  77. Pandaluvhim says:


  78. Guestt says:

    what happened to ep 8???

  79. Aznpup143 says:

    what happened to episode 8?

  80. rose and a cross says:

    what happened with ep 8? i was watching until part 5 and then the whole episode disappeared. please fix

  81. R2 Buywhatuwant says:

    ME TOO!!!!

  82. candy says:

    ep8  ????where is it?

  83. NO.... says:

    wtf?! ep.8 is not found?!!?!!!!! TAT T_________________T no…………………..

  84. NO.... says:

    ep. 8 got deleted?!!!!!????????????? WHY!?!!! I am still watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAT

  85. Jenny says:

    NOOO Where is ep 8

  86. Jacquelin_wong says:

    Anyone know what is the ending song name ? (;

  87. guest says:

    ep 8???

  88. yxfu says:

    Please ep8~~!!!

  89. makichan says:

    i will watching ep8 

  90. makichan says:

    can anyone tell me where I can watching ep 8 pleas !

  91. NO.... says:

    what happened to ep.8~~~~~~~~~~~~ i have been waited for the whole week, i woke up so excited.. watched 2 parts… then gone…. TAT FIX PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Aznpup143 says:

    anyone know where i can get episode 8?

  93. guezt says:

    thats strange i watched ep8 earlier now its gone

  94. EE says:

    why is episode 8 missing all in a sudden?

  95. Guest says:

    Did ep 8 get taken down?

  96. Cloudy says:

    Ep 8? Omg i finished my hw and was all excited and then its not theree. ):

  97. Gwbubblegum says:

    WHERE IS EPISODE 8:O?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  98. Williamge318 says:

    missing ep8!!!!wtf!!!!

  99. Loveshow says:

    wheres episode 8?!!!! WTF

  100. May says:

    EP8!!! i was watching and it suddenly disppeared!!!!

    • LoveMe says:

      yeah me too ! 🙁
      i was bout to watch part 5 n then it disappeared ! 
      Fix it Sugoideas ! please !!!!!!!!!! <3
      im dying over here ! 🙁 

  101. siewying Teo says:

    exactly!!! i was watching till part 3 of ep 8 and now it’s gone T________T please put it up soon.. thanks!

  102. Guest says:

    What happened ? why isn’t episode eight working ?

  103. guest says:

    does anyone else have another site?

  104. michelleqq says:

    everyone is freaking out for episode 8… me too!!!!

  105. Jkjdsoiejds says:

    is episode 8 going to come out today ?

  106. Loveshow says:

    Guys!! i know where to watch episode 8!! Go to this website: “www . love tv show . com / 2012 / 03 / 8 – i -love – you – so – much – ep8 . html” (remember to take off the space)

    • Loveshow says:

      i added the space becuase they wouldnt let me post this if i just give the website becuase its from other website! so REMEMBER TO CLOSE THE SPACE( or else it wouldnt work)!!
      oh and just so u guys know ep 9 looks really intense!  

    • LoveMe says:

      thank u babe ! 😀
      u saved my day ! <3
      luv u ! <3

  107. Aigoo says:

    Episode 8 is available on Maplestage

  108. Nerdlikesdramas says:

    Go to youtube

    Paste “/watch?v=YHpw1o83jRo” after youtube . com

    Part1: /watch?v=YHpw1o83jRo
    Part2: /watch?v=g2GDGWynGiI
    Part3: /watch?v=QUvb2ZkI-G0
    Part4: /watch?v=qEkh5X7BkqM
    Part5: /watch?v=aImmgYz3dnA
    Part6: /watch?v=3GfuHgnfEVg
    no spaces.

  109. Vic Cheng says:

    WTH!! where is episode 8??

  110. Aigoo says:

     Wow, some of you can READ the comments feed before whining. People have posted links to other places that have Episode 8 already (me being one of them). You guys can try MapleStage.

    Type mapledramas dot com, then


  111. Meamea88 says:

    what happen I had saw the Epsiode 8 in here before. about 6 hours ago. Where is it now????

  112. michelleqq says:

    and now…. episode 8!!!!

  113. Carmen says:

    blue is really cute & is a good actor!! though i hope he chooses better scripts in the future!

  114. Edwinlau says:



  115. Wilmaig says:

    It’s such a shame that the English subing has stopped on this series.
    I was really enjoying it and hope someone would continue.

  116. guezt says:

    what happened to english subs?>

  117. vania rodrigues says:

    how many dramas this have?

  118. Juvindaindahyang says:

    gahh! can’t wait for episodeeeee 9!!! 3 hours to gooo! 

  119. anonymous says:

    yeah.. m looking forward to eng sub also… wat a pity.. 

  120. 悅婷 陳 says:


  121. 悅婷 陳 says:


  122. Yan says:

    Anyone know when will ep9 be out? I cannot wait to see. Xoxo

    • Findthebee says:

      eyyy… if i’m not wrong, this show airs in Taiwan every sunday at 10-1130pm. So, they’ll probably upload the ep every monday:) 

  123. Dfsfsdfdsf says:

    this drama is so good… it means so much to me to see such intense emotions at a time when i need positivity so much..

  124. Bea says:

    blue is so cute & sweet!!!

  125. Milkmilk88 says:

    Its so touching, i cry with her… 🙁

  126. Milkmilk88 says:

    it so touching, i also cry with her

  127. Leah says:

    I have a lot of questions for you guys !
    Hope you all can help me 😉
    How many episodes does this drama gonna have ?
    I want to know the name of all the songs and the singers ! 😉

    Hope seeing ur answers soon !
    Luvyall !
    N keep supporting this drama
    N the actors !

    • vania rodrigues says:

      i think is 13 eps.

    • Guest says:

      Here are the songs of this drama, left hand side is the name of the song, right hand side is the singers. Hope this can help u! 🙂
      Super nice girl-周湯豪

    • Guest says:

      1.愛走秀(羅志祥)2.王見王(羅志祥feat.楊丞琳)3.億萬分之一的機率(周湯豪)4.逞強(蕭亞軒)5.愛入非非(羅志祥)6.淚光翅膀(藍正龍)7.愛走秀(俏皮版配樂)8.Super Nice Girl(周湯豪)9.內傷(周湯豪)10.別為我哭了(藍正龍)

  128. Jenniferyang7 says:

    周汤豪第一次演戏就这么棒,很有前途了,加油! 人又那么帅!!!!

  129. Dream says:

    別為我哭了(藍正龍) very nice!! blue can be a singer!

  130. Jenny says:

    I Love Nick Chou! <3

  131. whatare the two main songs played in this drama?

  132. Angel says:

    蓝正龍好可愛 !

  133. Guest says:

    i love you so much comes out every mon rite?

  134. cola123 says:

    9 is not subbed for english

  135. yoekchng says:

    BLUE is so handsome!! 

  136. Jenny says:

    I HATE WENXi Fucking Bitch
    But Nick Chou And Li Jia Ying Is a good match!<3

  137. Jenny says:

    WHY WHY WenXi Lost her Memory

  138. LT~Rockz <3 says:

    Does anyone know where to download the song ” Super Nice Girl” sung by Nick Chou ???

  139. michelleluvsmochi says:

    i dont no where 2 get super nice girl by nick chou!!!! that song is so good!!! it’s like stuck in my head!

  140. Bluefan says:

    can’t wait to see Blue again! 😀

  141. Heurika says:

    why ep 10 is not subbed?

  142. julkku says:


  143. michelleluvsmochi says:

    cola 2 early!!!! yujie and ledi should fall in love then she can come out! ughhhh i dont like cola!

  144. May says:

    蓝正龍好帅, 演戏棒!

  145. Ashinlwu says:


  146. Holly says:


  147. TAOZHONGGUO2010 says:

    google”indaigou”,go to this site:indaigou.com,you’ll find many very cheap and high quality stuff,without hestation

  148. Nelly says:

    still searching for “lei guang chi bang” and “bie wei wo ku le” anybody have the link? thanks favor..

  149. Happyface875 says:


  150. UFOiCY says:

    How many episodes are there in all?

  151. smiling_tob says:

    1 hr? so long?

  152. Jenny says:

    Omg :O

  153. Kathrinedu says:


  154. Happyface875 says:

    the English subtitles- most of the time they aren’t even there! 🙁

  155. asimina says:

    is the last episode next week?

  156. Kim Huishan says:

    Where is Episode 13???

  157. Guest says:

    aww, i totally love blue’s dimples and i can’t stop staring at nick :”) actually, j4 is totally a hot group … better than f4 ahahah. 

    i just found myself a new drama to get addicted to<3 and the songs are so good too! show sang the opening tehehehehe 🙂

  158. MJ says:

    I Love You So Much / 粉愛粉愛你 / Fen Ai Fen Ai Ni


    Lan Cheng Long as Chang Yu Jie 常宇傑
    Li Jia Ying as Xia Le Di 夏樂蒂
    Nick Chou (周湯豪) as Chang Shao Feng 常少風 
    Shara Lin (林逸欣) as Wen Xi 汶晞
    Tom Price (白梓軒) as Daniel
    Mao Di as Mao Di 毛弟

    Ji Qin (季芹) as Zeng Na Mei 曾娜美
    Mi Ke Bai (米可白) by Luo Ke Shu 羅可舒
    Dong Zhi Cheng as Zhuang Ying Xiong 莊英雄
    Chris Wu as Bu Hao Wen 卜浩文
    Lin Jun Yong (林埈永 / 綠茶)
    Angie Tang as Grandma Chang
    Ding Qiang (丁強)
    George Zhang
    Patty Wu (吳怡霈)
    Lance Yu as Mr. Zhuang

  159. Jinxy says:

    Episode 12 part 3 and up still does not work 🙁

  160. Girl love says:

    part 12 need to be fix

  161. Wsx says:

     Is not able to download Episode 12?

  162. peggy says:

    chang shao feng,xia le ti super sweet couple…

  163. D. says:

    after ep 12 no more already !?

  164. Mushroom says:

    How many episodes?

  165. Naokoyukari says:

    Why is the last 2 episode giving me problems where I can’t watch properly with my iPad?? 🙁 can you fixed it ASAP???? Thanks..

  166. Mentosweet says:

    ep. 12 and 13 not available for download?

  167. Fuy4 says:

    The fixed ep 13 is missing some stories between!

  168. Weirdo says:

    Can you all STOP complaining!

  169. Weirdo says:

    Thanks for uploading!

  170. Jenny says:

     Omg WenXi is really a fucking bitch (See ep 14) O.o

  171. Girl love says:

    13 is not right

  172. Onesleepygirl says:

    Can you give the link for EP12 download?

  173. georgie says:

    Why after all these years Blue Lan still regurgitates his lines rather actually act… he CANNOT act and now looks like Li Jia Ying’s uncle rather a boyfriend.  Li Jia Ying is a good actress.  Nick Chou is still learning but at least he is cute.  Please let Blue Lan go until he becomes a better actor like Roy Qiu.

  174. Snowlotus04 says:

    I’m beginning to like Nick Chou more and more! he’s so cute!!! ahhhhh so my type of guy! rawr

  175. Vera says:

    I think Blue is a very good actor. At least he has many different expressions for each scene unlike most actors.

  176. peggy says:


  177. Nycz says:

    how come ep 10 and 11 parts 3 4 5 dont work?

  178. rila says:

    once a week is too rareee…cannot stand it..

  179. Jenny says:

    Nick Chou <33

  180. Jenny says:

      I HATE WenXi(汶希) :@

  181. Jaene says:

    does anyone know how many episodes are left?

  182. Girl love says:

    the drama have 15 eps.

  183. jackz says:

    nice !  :))))

  184. Eliza says:

    Don’t blame 汶希!she’s an indispensable part for making the show more dramatic! After all, that’s what all the soap opera’s plot is like…

  185. guest says:

    ep 14- part 2 is blocked. >:(

  186. Jenny says:

    Ep 15 <33

  187. Kitty says:

    OMG! i really wish Shao Feng and Le Di would be together, but i know shes gunna be with Yu Jie! 🙁

  188. Vnroiuhn says:

    me too

  189. Jenny says:

    Shao feng <3 LeDi

  190. Jenny says:

    How long is this drama?

  191. Dawn says:

    blue is so cute & funny!! esp in the private scenes, the crew celebrated his birthday! he still worked till dawn!

  192. Wendy Yeh says:

    with all the dramas please leave all the actors&actress  ‘s Chinese name,it is easy for us to know them to select.Thanks!

  193. Carol says:

    Why ep 14 part 1 cannot watch ??

  194. Jenny says:

    Why Nick Chou so love Xia Le Di  :S

  195. Cindy says:

    why i love you so much episode 14 part 4 and part 5 cannot watch????
    And the chinese subtitle episode all buffering?!

  196. Cindy says:

    When the episode will recover?!

  197. Litaluo says:

    can i have ep 12 of i love you so much in download center?

  198. WT1314 says:

    When the ep 15 uploads??

  199. Aliciatancm says:

    Please fix ep 14 part 4 & 5 

  200. peggy says:


  201. Jwu1996 says:

    there was news about the ending of this drama, so if you don’t want to know, SPOILER ALERT, don’t read on. otherwise, i read that since so many people wanted jia le di with nick chou/second lead, there was a vote, and only about 20% wanted her with blue. therefore, CTS actually changed the ending, and she’s going to end up with nick! :O I read it right here- http://koalasplayground.com/2012/05/01/alice-in-wonder-city-with-aaron-yan-to-follow-i-love-you-so-much-on-cts/

    • Wuwu says:

      Hmmm…  I don’t like tht to happen. Le Di has been so obssesed wif Yu Jie & a last minute change of heart is so weird.  Perhaps it’s right that Blue shaved his moustache now as it brings him bad luck… lol

    • Cleffa3000 says:

      hm , didn’t you know about the voting ? There is the voting going on fb . Viewer can cast their vote and decide which ending they would prefer.

      However, the vote ended at 30 april.

    • Hihi says:

      I dont like that at all!!

    • JWU1996 says:

      i don’t like it either- they got yu jie and le di close, and all of a sudden they’re pulling them apart.. plus, he just confessed =_=

    • Guest says:

      Only brain dead writer would do such stupid manner.

  202. Woenjoon says:

    Why tomorrow afternoon

  203. Abc says:

    why is ep 15 not out 🙁

  204. Abc says:

    literally dying to watch ep 15 here someone help! 🙁

  205. Guest says:

    waited and camped but not out yet :'( 

  206. melodiimae says:

    i got it from another cite, i take no credits

    I Love So Much


    Opening Song: Love Is a Show – Show Luo

    Nick Chou – Super nice girl

    Rainie Yang and Show Luo ” When The King Meets the Queen” CD Version

    Show Luo – Love in Fantasy

    ELVA 蕭亞軒 – Try to be brave

    Blue Lan – Wings Of tears

    Lan – Stop Crying for me

    Nick Chou – One Out of a Million

    Nick Chou – Heartache


  207. Cityappl3 says:

    how many episodes is there in total? i read somewhere it went up to 15…but apparently theres more

  208. Jenny says:

    Le Di <3 Shao Feng <3

  209. Jenny says:

    And i Hate Chang Yu jie

  210. Guest says:

    wow, i can’t believe the crew can twist the story line like that… just so le di and shao feng can be together… ’cause clearly yu jie and le di have no more barriers between them.

    maybe i just think shao feng is too good for le di LOL. she keeps using him as a rebound and then ditching him after!

  211. Ber says:

     I actually really prefer that Le Di ends up with Yu Jie! So I hope they really don’t switch up the ending 🙁

  212. Porky says:

    i want Le Di with Shao Feng cause both of them look more sweet Yu Jie have been hurting Le DI feeling 

  213. this reminds me of magicians of love just about beauty instead of hair. i hope that they do change the ending becuz it would be a nice twist instead of the same as magicians of love.

  214. Sherl says:

    Nick Chou all the way! <3

  215. Pearl says:

    it doesn’t matter how much we want it, she’s probably gonna end up w/ yu jie cuz he’s on the cover with her=.=””

    • Guest says:

      In the drama ” ex~boyfriend ”

      the girl didnt end up with the guy in the cover..

      So.. 不一定的 ! 😉

      • Pearl says:

        yea but notice the title is ex boyfriend=.=”’ plus, the drama wasn’t a romantic comedy, it was suppose to be sad romance =.=”’

        • Pearl says:

          and notice the cover wasn’t really just them=.=”’ it had the side characters besides them dragging them down=.=”’

          • Pearl says:

            oh, nevermind, she chose shao feng XDDDD
            my bad

          • Pearl says:

            but it was the “safe” choice though; not the passion choice; it’s like elena choosing stephen instead of damon=.=”’

          • Pearl says:

            doesn’t matter cuz shao feng is hot as no other!! lol I luv how taiwan shows are doing twists nowadays; deceiting us about the ending and who will end up with who XD

  216. Abc says:

    dont want le di and shao feng to be together because they were made for each other in the start. even the original story line and all, they were supposed to be together. i think it would just be very lame if le di and shao feng end up together then the whole drama which has always been focusing on yujie and ledi mostly will be pointless

    • Guest says:

      Well…I just finished watching this drama and erm yeah ……

    • Sherl says:

      This is saying to all of you that what’s not meant to be just isn’t meant to be, even if you love each other. And in real life, we have to look at what’s really there around us and learn to cherish and appreciate what we have. Life is too short to look for the things that just aren’t there, and not seeing what made us into who we are today.

  217. Laalaa says:

    I really hope yujie & ledi end up together…. it’s what I’ve been waiting to see….. 

  218. Shin_hui1989 says:

    any other link that can watch online for last episode???

  219. ELF;] says:

    EP16 wrong link;[

  220. Lijeiaf says:

    can u please provide another link? this link doesn’t work on my computer…. please! please! PLEASE!!

  221. Gary585376 says:

    Worst ending ever

  222. Littleviv0918 says:

    omg!!… what kind of ending this is?? worst !!

  223. Shaofeng<3 says:


  224. Pearl says:

    shao feng and le di was together in the end

  225. Pearl says:

    2 weirdest dramas ex boyfriend and this one XD

  226. Angela says:

    The ending totally made my day! 😀 what could be better than an ending that Shao feng and Le di together? Shao Feng you totally deserve this love <3

  227. Angela says:

    The ending totally made my day! 😀 what could be better than an ending that Shao feng and Le di together? Shao Feng you totally deserve this love <3

  228. vania love says:

    Worst ending ever! what crazy ending 

  229. Mabel says:

    The Synopsis:

    Xia Le Di was an arrogant, self-absorbed
    socialite before her father’s backrupcy left her penniless. She believed that it happened because his competitor stole “Mona Lisa,” a revoluntionary makeup technology that his company developed. She vowed to get
    it back. She went undercover at JEALOUS, the rival company, working as an assistant to Chang Yu Jie, the heartless operation manager/lead makeup artist.

    While she focused her investigation on him, her romantic interest wandered to his charming half-brother Chang Shao Feng. But unbeknown to her, the half-brother was the real culprit behind the theft.

    I Love You So Much Cast:

    Lan Cheng Long / Lan Zheng Long (English name: Blue Lan) as Chang Yu Jie 常宇傑

    Li Jia Ying as Xia Le Di 夏樂蒂

    Nick Chou (周湯豪) as Chang Shao Feng 常少風

    Shara Lin (林逸欣) as Wen Xi 汶晞

    Tom Price (白梓軒) as Daniel

    Mao Di as Mao Di 毛弟

    Ji Qin (季芹) as Zeng Na Mei 曾娜美

    Mi Ke Bai (米可白) by Luo Ke Shu 羅可舒

    Dong Zhi Cheng as Zhuang Ying Xiong 莊英雄

    Chris Wu as Bu Hao Wen 卜浩文

    Lin Jun Yong (林埈永 / 綠茶)

    Angie Tang as Grandma Chang

    Ding Qiang (丁強)

    George Zhang

    Patty Wu (吳怡霈)

    Lance Yu as Mr. Zhuang

  230. nin says:

    best ending ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • guest says:

      The ending accoring to poll means bad ending and the cscreen writer have no brain. Make a big twist means he is dumb. Le-di is a playgril. and love cheater.

  231. nc says:

    loved that le di and shao feng ended up together but seriously couldn’t they  have KISSED ahhh it would have been perfect if they kissed

  232. jinxy says:

    The ending was better than I thought it would be. Honestly the drama started out good but got corny towards the middle.

  233. michelleluvsmochi says:

    i expected that ledi would be with yujie since all dramas end like that but…. wow!!!!!!! wat a great ending!

  234. EndingNvrPerfect says:

    sigh the ending sux seriously. starting to middle story line is gd. last epi i really hope it would be le di n yu jie tgt but in the end it another way round..

  235. Sherl says:

    I think it’s a good ending and it’s suppose to end this way. No one knows for sure if she even ends up with one of them, but for le di and yu jie, it’s just too much coming between them and it seems like they are just not meant to be together. On the other hand, shao feng has always be by le di’s side, her ups and downs. Not a clear ending, but that’s the conclusion for this drama.

  236. citable says:

    I liked the ending (just wished they kissed or hugged). this is the first time I’ve watched a drama and did not want the main couple to end up together. Really the past couple of episodes Yu Jie was not really there for Le Di whereas Shao Feng was. 

  237. Jennifer Wu says:

    OH WOW. I am pretty shocked by the ending (in a good way).
    because i have watched so many dramas and ALL endings are expected due to the way they portray it. the posters, trailer, and song at the beginning of every ep makes you think yujie &ledi are gonna end up together. but there are times when i would root for the other guy (not the main lead) to be with the female lead. but WOW this drama actually happened. I just love ledi & shao feng together. he’s the kind of guy many girls want, someone thats always there for you. through thick & thin.

    even though this drama wasn’t super good and got a bit boring sometimes. I’d RECOMMEND IT 🙂

  238. Jingo says:

    Just finished watching the whole series… not sure why I did.  Normally I like an unexpected ending, but in this case, the whole thing was nonsense.  Boring story coupled with terrible script.  Good looking (love her hair) but untalented lead actress.  Lead male carried the same facial expression 95% of the time. The second lead male was probably the most watchable, cute looking and passable acting.

  239. Aqua_we07 says:

    逞強 from Elva Hsiao really match for this story 😀

    the end,,finally no one can’t force love 😀

  240. Pearl says:

    lol everyone is either posting best ending ever or worst ending ever XD

  241. Shaofong<3 says:


  242. Destiny says:

    The Ending sux, yu Jie should have choose wen xi.

  243. guest says:


  244. Gracey1400 says:

    I Dont get the ending so did who went with who ?

  245. Winzx_winzx says:

    i dont like the ending..even at last ledi with saofeng..could we say it a happy ending?

  246. psychedlicJ says:

    I like how there was a twist in the ending. At least it wasn’t like other tw dramas where the girl always ends up with the main character. In some way, I think the ending was purposely done so to match the theme of the drama, and in particular the sub-theme song “億萬分之一的機率” by Nick Chou. All in all, I liked the ending.

  247. Guest says:

    so did shao feng get together wif le di or did yu jie ended up wif le di?!!!

  248. Resang86 says:

    The ending is the BEST. so so soooo unexpected! 

  249. Guest says:

    The ending is bad. Le-Di is still a spoiled brat. She is
    never growing up and always wants others to serve him. She still doesn’t know
    how to give. The screen writer is contradicting his plot to cheat the audience
    to believe a spoiled child will change after so many storms to her life. It is
    not a good show to watch.

  250. drama4ever says:

    Wow the ending was unexpected. I just wish they had let them be together more than that.

  251. Zhien_hua says:

    I was hoping something like that would occur in a drama… well this is going on my list  ^.^ hehe… finally the second lead gets the girl.. and instead of me just fan girling the second lead and shouting at the main girl *as if she could hear me* for being so blind and letting the nice one go, she actually chose the one I want and that’s a first among the taiwanese drama i’ve watched

  252. Gary585376 says:

    It makes no sense why ler di ended up with shao feng as through out the whole drama, even until the last episode ler di has been liking yu jie and in a split second she changes to shao feng :S bad ending, very bad ending

  253. Notti_tomato says:

    Yeah…i am happy that le di finally is with shao feng..great ending..

  254. guest says:

    terrible ending, too realistic :(( but i will choose nick too in real life. but still, this is a drama, it’s supposed to has an expected ending. and the last scene just make this whole 16 episodes a waste of my life. it just makes no sense :O  if really has to choose nick over blue, i think the scriptwriter needs to elaborate more on the love line after choosing 🙂 just like what ‘in time with you’ did 

  255. guest says:

    Although it seems that the director tried to finish this drama quickly, i should admit that i love the story plot at the end (although i know most audience expect that she n Yu Jie to be together) but let’s see from other point of view n not to be bias. What i get from the quick snapshot of last scene/episode from this drama is ‘being loved is much better than loving someone’ From the very beginning, we can clearly see that Shao Feng’s support was infinity towards Le Di. Yet, we clearly knew that Le Di is loving Yu Jie so much. I don’t even realise until the end when Shao Feng have done a lot of effort to fully support whatever Le Di’s love and do! Somemore, he even reminded Le Di in making sure her true feeling. For me, Shao Feng has done perfectly. If I was Shao Feng, I will do the same thing (although it might sound ticklish, but for me..loved by someone is much more fortunate than loving someone). Being loved by someone, we may feel the meaning of love and by the time, we can slowly respond it rather than by loving someone that we know he/she love us so much but it still (i think) our love much greater than him/her. It’s totally different when we are being loved by someone. He/she gives much greater love to us. Nowadays, it’s higher percentage n rate for those who r giving n delivering their loved than the one who is receiving love. sometimes, we should think wisely n broadly. cheers

  256. Joyceyeap_85 says:

    really a terrible ending… how can a ppl love to death for almost whole drama then can suddenly change love someone else… the writer shouldn’t just simply change the ending bc of the vote.. i think most voter vote not for the drama but bc the 2nd lead is handsome… 

    • Jane Wu says:

      she didnt just change her mind and decide to love Shao Feng. She decided to let go and be with someone who loves her knowing that she may not love him as much he loves her but his love makes her happy. and plus, she had a crush on him in the beginning. so circular.

    • 5J's4ever says:

      I disagree.It’s not a terrible ending but a very nice one. I think it’s just fair and right that she chose Shao Feng. If you listen carefully to every single word that she’s says at the end, you will realize why she decided to be with Shao Feng. And besides, she also has feelings for Shao Feng from the start.

  257. Deepbluegirl20 says:

    OMG finally the type of ending ive been waiting for.. okay i watched this drama non stop and i see how some people are upset with the ending. I hate when they make the second person all alone and never gets the girl no matter how much he protect the girl. Now all i can say that the lead girl know what she wanted .. she know what kind a person she could depend on and not waste time with a guy who couldnt make up his mind. i know the theme songs point out who goes with who .. but hello blue disappear at the end of the song ..so it was fantasy for the main girl.. just like she said at the end

  258. lublub says:

    why i can’t watch ?

  259. Christine Koh says:

    Waste of time watching.  Le di said she chooses Shao Feng because she is not confident of holding on to Yu Jie because Yu jie is too perfect! What kind of love is this.  Lack of confidence!  She loved Yu Jie for the entire 16 episodes!  And last 5 mintues, she turns to Shao Feng due to a lack of confidence. 

    • Aryael says:

      I would rather think of it as she has finally learned her lesson, matured and understood who is the person who truly loves her. A lot of women nowadays live through live not realising who are the ones who truly love them, always chasing the dream of perfection when perfection is right by their side.  🙂

  260. Lee Lisa says:

    I think it ended too fast! If she chooses Shao Feng, there should be some hints all along the drama to show that she is also desperately in love with Shao Feng, or that she wants to go with him. It just seems like she suddenly changes her mind. Nope…don’t like the ending cuz it’s voted –  people are obviously going to be biased watching the drama, and will choose the second boy as he never gets the girl.

  261. ddd says:

    After hearing the comment, i stop watching at ep1 🙂

    • Maria says:

      u shouldnt red what’s on the comenta board u should watch it for urself and then say what u think.. in my personal opinion this drama is good enough to be watched again 😉

  262. ^^ says:

    Although I was expecting Le Di to choose Yu Jie the whole time, I’m very glad she chose Shao Feng. He was by her side the whole drama, and he loves her unconditionally. I like the ending because it’s not a typical Asian drama ending where the girl always chooses the lead male role. It would be unreasonable for her to go back to a guy who does not know what he wants and leaves her whenever he feels like it. The ending was abrupt, but I liked the overall plot.

  263. FAIL says:

    after seeing one whole paragraph

    saying who choose who

    i stop watching

  264. lanjia0 says:

    Lanjia0 show 

  265. guest says:

    OMG… if you are going to post spoilers please put **SPOILER before your comment 🙁

  266. Taiwanlove says:

    does anyone know the vietnamese coffee shao fei drinks? episode 3 part 2 around 8:00min in the episode

  267. confusexgirl says:

    what happened to wen xi? did she disappeared or died of the car accident? confused ><

  268. Julieycf says:

    I am upset with the ending. I hope there will be a sequel. The ending reminds me of “fierce wife”

  269. Pearl says:

    3 stars

  270. Dramasftw says:

    So..if she chose Shao Feng, then does Yu Jie go with Wen Xi? I’m sorry, I haven’t finished the episodes but based on the comments below, I just HAVE to know.

  271. Pudding<3 says:

    Nick is so cute and handsome! <3

  272. Alsha says:

    Le Di choose Shao Feng, is the right decision. Shao Feng always by her side and support her without taking any advantages. Yu Jie really hurts her when Wen Si back to his side. And cant make any final decision who he want to be. I think this really hurt Le Di so much. Le Di++++Shao Feng=Perfect Couple.

  273. Aryael says:

    Beautiful! FINALLY, an idol drama that teaches the young generation what is true love. All this while, we have been fed a staple of woman ending up with the man everyone admires (even though the man treated the woman badly or hurt her) and forsaking the patient, understanding and supportive man that has always been by her side, but finally, a woman who is smart enough to know that being loved is as blissful as being in love and that love is not just about the heartbeat but also the feeling of security, warmth and being treasured by someone and being at the same status quo plus mutual respect. Such relationship lasts forever and is much deeper! This drama’s ending is a much realistic and mature take at what defines love and relationship. Brava! Highly recommended!

  274. Fione Soo Jing Han says:

     Nice show <3

  275. Fadhilahibrahim says:

    what is the song that yu jie sang to le di on the first episode?

  276. Aigoo says:

    Random as hell but if anyone is interested in the brand of skincare featured in this drama, it’s a Taiwanese line called Divinia. Unsurprisingly, it is endorsed by Lee Jia Ying herself. The products can be found at Watsons, Cosmed, and Sasa stores throughout East Asia – the products are decently priced, too.

  277. Sarah Zhang says:

    I am disappointed the the end result.

  278. Winnie Lee says:

    why keep got advertisement then cant watch anymore.. 

  279. Maggie_magistra says:

    get a lot of added value in life :))

  280. Guest says:

    I hope Nick does more dramas…he so cute!!

  281. Jiinyiong says:

    I can’t seem to find the sub song anywhere? Anyone know where to find it?

  282. Jen68 says:

    Why it ended at Ep 16 only?

  283. Wefewfefwe says:

    i love this drama!!  finaly the man got the happy ending ,who deserves the woman 😀

  284. amNadia says:

    Love the ending. Don’t know why my friends hate it.
    Wish there are more ending like this who the guy deserves the girl. Love it and recommend it.

  285. Jenny says:

    like it

  286. becky says:

    perfect ending! i always get so sad when the second main character doesn’t get the girl! but this was perfect. wilber pan is perfect.

  287. Roseanna Zhen says:

    i just wished yu jie wouldve ended up with wen xi because they were really in love 5 years ago and just beacause he thought she passed away thats why he fell for another girl i feel like this ending was okay but i just really wished yu jie and wen xi ended up together i really hope they make a drama that yu jie and wen si ends up togther so badly please for a lil fan fan can you please

  288. Shoper Zhen says:

    I wish they made the second version of yu jie and wenxi together like for real

  289. Shoper Zhen says:

    Can you guys make a second version?

  290. dhanumech says:

    can i know how can i download this drama

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