Ia Ia I Do / 愛啊哎呀, 我願意

Ia Ia I Do / 愛啊哎呀, 我願意
Dylan Kuo, Chen Yi Rong, 宋珉宇, 熱依紮, 徐越
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2012-06-24
English Subtitle:No
故事圍繞著一個美麗卻貧瘠的島嶼展開——圓舟島,這裡生活著一群善良執著的島民, 秦璦亞(陳怡蓉 飾)是漂流到島上的孤兒,吃著百家飯長大,生活在社會底層。而與島嶼一海之隔的鷺港市, 卻是個繁華的大都市,季翔恩(郭品超 飾)正是生活在社會最頂層的朝陽盛世集團繼承人。原本毫無交集的兩人,在童集團的慈善晚宴上相遇。 季翔恩不耐無聊的應酬,假扮成服務生溜出會場, 卻在門口撞上準備來開開眼界的秦璦亞,不小心弄髒了她的昂貴禮服,兩人就此結下“孽緣”。 不日,童集團發現圓舟島水質優勢,計劃將它建設成頂級度假村。 季夫人得知後,命令翔恩上島查看。 翔恩與璦亞再次狹路相逢,翔恩搞得一身狼狽,璦亞當他是窮小子逼他還錢,卻沒想到翔恩竟是年輕有為的企業接班人, 眼見一個全無戀愛經驗愛情菜鳥,翔恩答應幫忙,並親手為她妝扮參加聚會。可到了私人俱樂部,一幫紈絝子弟嘲笑沒見識的草包璦亞,翔恩挺身解圍…。

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  1. MJ says:

    Hello to commentators who are willing to take this


    See the word Description and
    underneath is a rectangular shape box and inside this box is written Chinese.

    I wish someone would
    translate the description of  Ia
    Ia I Do / 愛啊哎呀,
    我願意 which is written in Chinese and translate it to
    English.  Hoping someone who is bilingual
    who can speak English and Chinese (Mandarin or
    Cantonese), read written Chinese and write in Chinese to do the
    translation to English.  I believe your
    translation is better than using the ones found on the internet (For example:
    Google Translate and Bing Translator). Thanks for your hard work if you do




    I did do right click the mouse then scroll down menu and
    highlighted Translate with Bing and clicked on it to translate from Chinese
    Traditional to English, and I also used Google Translate too.  However, the translation using the Bing
    Translator or Google Translate grammatically does not make sense to me.

    • melo454 says:

      Lawl, Google and Bing translations are terrible XD Anyway, I’m not fluent, but maybe I can tell you the gist of it?

      There’s a beautiful but barren island. On the island, there’s an orphan named Qin Ai Ya (played by Tammy Chen). She’s “at the bottom of society”, i.e. poor. Then across the sea, there’s a large, bustling city. In this city, there lives a guy Ji Xiang En (played by Dylan Kuo), and he’s “at the top of society” – rich, heir to a big company.

      Xiang En doesn’t like silly things, and is that no-nonsense kind of character (it sounds like). He’s at the company’s charity banquet, but slips out disguised at a waiter. On his way out, he runs into Ai Ya (supposedly she’s there trying to find herself a rich guy?) and soils her dress. The two of them form a “nie yuan” (don’t know what that is, but I’d assume some kind of pact/agreement type thing? Maybe?).

      And then the company (that Xiang En is the heir to) finds out that the water quality at the island (that Ai Ya’s from) is really good and they want to build a resort there. Xiang En goes to check it out and runs into Ai Ya again.
      She thinks he’s some poor guy, and has him help her to repay for her dress.

      (A little iffy of the translations here.) But then everyone’s in a private club somewhere. And the guys there are laughing at Ai Ya (for whatever reason). Then Xiang En comes to the rescue~

      Ha… Sorry if the translations are off in places :sigh: I tried X]

  2. Storm_Grey3 says:

    Ia Ia,I do / 愛啊哎呀,我願意 / Ai Ya Ai Ya, Wo Yuan Yi

    Opening theme song: Wo Jiu Shi Xi Huan Zhe Yang (我就是喜歡這樣) by Richie Jen and Della Ding

    Ending theme song: Xing Kong (星空) by Mayday 五月天

    The Cast:

    Chen Yi Rong as Tai Ai Ya 秦璦亞
    Dylan Kuo as Ji Xiang En 季翔恩
    Song Min Yu (宋珉宇) as Wu Wei 吳維
    Re Zi Zha (熱依扎) as Tong Hua 童樺
    Xu Yue (徐越) as Xie Chao Qun 謝超

    Cr: DramaWiki & Chinese Wikipedia

  3. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the epsidoes 1 and 2 of Ia Ia I Do and thanks for uploading on it.

  4. Marianne says:

    Do you have English subs yet? I want to subbed the TWdrama Ia Ia I Do on D-Addicts, i want to subbed it and i want to watch for it.

  5. Marianne says:

    Such a lower ratings than the higher ratings for the TWdrama and i want to watch it every Sunday evening.

  6. Marianne says:

    I love Tammy and Dylan because on the new TWdrama Ia Ia I Do and i love them so much.

  7. Storm_Grey3 says:

    Since its 12 episodes, I hope someone would do a recap of la la Do.  Since there are no English Subtitle.

  8. shiun says:

    Why does this show under “variety shows” category? :S

  9. Bliss says:

    1st episode is hilarious…

  10. tammy chen is quite pretty….

  11. sub it I want to watch this w/ subs plz!

  12. viviatan says:

    why it is not in the download site??? i want to download this drama~~~ >.<

  13. Alice says:

    first two episodes are seriously hilarious, recommend to watch!

  14. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 3 of the TWdrama Ia Ia I Do and thanks for watching with us.

  15. Marianne says:

    Omg! It’s so very lower episode ratings for this TWdrama Ia Ia I Do and i think that they make to the 2% rating till next week’s episode. I hope that they watch carefully. Thanks a lot.

  16. Cheryl says:

    actually this drama has been out for about a year. they just upload it now. you can easily search for other episode at other websites.

  17. Zlolita70 says:

    there’s 24 eps total

  18. Min~ <3 says:

    it say tw version … wat is the original version ??

    • ihatechina says:

      taiwan version is the original version

      • Guest says:

        taiwan version: meaning that it’s in the original actors/actress’ voice instead of dubbed voice

        I personally don’t understand what’s the purpose of having dubs when they’re both all in Chinese (It’s not like one’s in cantonese and another in mandarin); so it’s up to one’s ears, which version they prefer~

  19. Bachfifi says:

    can you give me the site where i can watch all the eps….. Thanks!!!!

  20. random says:

    can someone please tell me what’s the different between taiwan version and original version? 

  21. Yasmine_w says:

    why isnt there english sub …. iam mad 🙁

  22. Enyi says:

    can you upload tawinese version?

  23. how come some dramas have episodes that upload fast like this one ( uploaded so many episodes in like one day)?

  24. Swan31392 says:

    I like the Taiwan Version more!

  25. CHINAEW says:

    wtf china version…. EW

  26. Marianne says:

    I love this series for me.

  27. Marianne says:

    I love this Cdrama/TWdrama for me.

  28. Pirie says:

    China production with the dubbed voices is GROSS… CANNOT watch it anymore. Please Taiwan, don’t mess-up your wonderful drama by collaborating with China. If you must, then please request China to NOT to dub.

    • :) says:

      its still the same language… 🙂

    • melo454 says:

      Then just don’t watch the mainland versions…

    • Peacevecalm says:

       Well I’m sorry, don’t watch the mainland one then, collborating with mainland is necessary because is the production of tudou, they’re all Chinese either way with same language

    • Pirie says:

      All of you missed my point… I was NOT knocking down China-made dramas. I was simply expressing my opinion on how the dubbed voices do NOT have any feelings nor acting voices… An actor/actress’s voice is part of his/her acting ability to express the character’s role. This in my opinion is extremely important. Dubbed voice sounds rushed and just want to spill-out the lines, no emotions. We want Taiwan/China dramas to be as popular as Korean and Japanese dramas… so more could be made then we could all enjoy more. The new one “Queen of SOP” is joint collaboration beween Taiwan/China, yet Joe Chen and Ming Dao’s voices are their natural voices… a joy to listen to… and Zhang Han’s voice is mainland sounding, nothing wrong with this. We LOVE “Queen of SOP”.

      • melo454 says:

        Queen of SOP airs on Hunan TV, which is mainland, right? I think the dubbing comes in when the drama originates in Taiwan, but mainland also airs it. Anyway, Taiwan still airs their version with the original audio (i.e. no dub), so I still don’t get the problem.

  29. Loveyou says:

    Dylan Kuo!! <3

  30. Pearl says:

    0 stars not another cinderella story=.=””

  31. Pallas Chen says:

    配音好恐怖 我才看兩分鐘就看不下去了

  32. SummerxxSummer says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can watch the Taiwanese version.? I tried Youtube already. The whole dubbing of the characters takes away the main point of even having Taiwanese movie stars in .a Chinese drama

    • melo454 says:

      The Taiwan version is currently airing on TV, so the episodes on the site are updated as they come out. Right now, there’s only four episodes, and they’re here.

  33. Ct_3469 says:

    What happened to the download page for this drama? There aren’t any episodes available for download there…

  34. Marianne says:

    I love Dylan and Tammy!

  35. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode for me.

  36. Marianne says:

    I’m supporting this Cdrama/TWdrama and i hope that you watch for it.

  37. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs for this TWdrama, please come and get it.

  38. Pirie says:

    Yea, now we can continue watching… Episode 5 is NOT dubbed. It has the actor/actress’s (Tammy and Dylan’s) real and natural voice with emotions and feelings… That’s what real acting is all about… Not just a face with somebody else’s voice. Are the Taiwan versions coming out every week? Hopefully it’s everyday.

  39. sherine says:

    I watched till episode 5 of the Taiwanese version and couldn’t wait hence I tried to continue watching the China version… Oh wow horrendous. They even dub their own Chinese actors’ voices! That is sooo weird! Why must they dub everything?!

    • Ashley Jiang says:

      they always dub ALL their actors -.-. i can see how it makes sense in some of the historical dramas cuz the women are supposed to sound sweeter or whatever, but i don’t get why they dub for present day dramas too

  40. Can you please upload the rest of the Taiwan version please ? ^^ This show is too nice , just got so addicted to it 😀 Thanks !

  41. s says:

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