KO One II / 終極一班2

KO One II / 終極一班2
Jiro Wang, Ceng Pei Ci, Xu Ming Jie, Lin Zi Hong, Xiao Hou, Zhang Hao Ming, Wang Yi Wen, Huang Ren De, Erica Liu, Hsia Ching Ting, Ye Yong Tang, Jian Han Zhong, Na Wei Xun
Genre:Romance, Fantasy, Action
Broadcast Year:2012-12-26
English Subtitle:Yes
Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King.

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  1. RK says:

    Haven’t seen KO One I…Is this anything nice??

    • cutiepie2399 says:

      its not bad 🙂 but you should watch it to get this story

    • pei tan says:

      If u also haven’t watched’The X Family’ and ‘KO3ANGUO’ u should go watch it too becoz these dramas r related to K.O one L and K.O one II

    • jayyepeeen says:

      Yes! It’s fahrenheit! Haha, it was the show that propelled them to fame, so it’s good. 😀 Lots of laughs, and fun and bromance. 😛 

  2. cutiepie2399 says:

    why cant it be the origanal cast members?

  3. I can’t wait to watch the sequel of KO One, i’m waiting for it.

  4. It could be replace after Summer Fever, so i’m waiting for this TWdrama for me.

  5. Hweeling says:

    Yayy coming out soon next month…Stay tune KO One 2

  6. Fang_kpoplover says:

    it’s still better to have all Fahrenheit to act in K.O. one II

  7. 秘客 神 says:

    i think i will like the story, but i’d like it better with dong’s original hair and all Fahrenheit!

  8. 秘客 神 says:

    i think i will like the story, but i’ll like it better with dong’s original hair and all Fahrenheit!

  9. shuaige240 says:

    i want to see xiu and 棒棒堂 lollipop f to act in some other show related to this show^^

    • jayyepeeen says:

      Sorry, but may I know if Lollipop F is involved in KO One 2? The info is very hard to come by.. :/ I recently watched Brown Sugar Macchiato and I fell in love with them! 

  10. Wxinyi Zoey says:

    Xiu will only appear for a few minutes in ep 1 and that’s it!? D: I still want xiu x pei ci ~~ TT.TT

  11. after watching ep 1 it make me wan to watch ep 2 nw ==

  12. Felicia Ting says:

    shockingly KO One still got part2

  13. JIROLOVER says:

    So excited to watch this! After 7 years it’s finally back. Even though Aaron, Calvin and Danson are not in this series, the plot sounds exciting! And not to mention, I love ALL dramas by Jiro Wang <3

  14. Michelle23 says:

    the preview is good!!

  15. sunset1215 says:

    is the drama showing already? or has it not started yet??

  16. ThefanofKo2 says:

    i come here to check everyday to see if ep 1 comes out already >< but sadly its only the preview 

  17. Esther_lim111 says:

    I can’t watch the preview… =( It says that its been removed. Is anyone else having the same problem or is it just me? 

  18. 超期待的!!!!!!!

  19. guest says:

    episode 1 is uploaded on funshion

  20. ThefanofKo2 says:

    have Ko2 started ? some people say that Funshion have ? but i check a few time it dosent have >< if have can i have the LINK  thankyou 

  21. jayyepeeen says:

    Tried watching KO One 2 online and it was lagging pretty badly. :/ But watching the first part, I was cringing a little at Da Dong’s over the top acting. In the first 3 films of the KO series, it was okay. But it seems exaggerated here and the jokes are not as funny. The acting of the new cast seems great, but the supposedly charismatic guy with the microphone bothers me abit. The guyliners (eyeliners on guys) are bothering me quite a bit too. So I don’t know what to make of them. :/ They had a lot of references to the previous films and alot of talking to the audience even when it is not as funny. Seems to be trying a little hard. The slow loading puts me off too (:P) but that doesn’t matter. To those who watched it: should I continue? I really want to be impressed by this.. :/ 
    Oh, and for KO One lovers out there: do you know that there’s a KO One Special where the actors and actresses conducted a talk show? It was plenty of fun and I missed those Da Dong-Ya Se-Xiao Yu days. :’) And Duan Chang Ren too!

  22. Theenemybitch says:


  23. guest says:

    KO one isn’t KO one without Fahrenheit and Danson Tang!

    • Love-tingzxc says:

      BUT fahrenheit and etc are already famous, so perhaps ba da is trying to let the newcomers try and hope they can be as successful as their ‘seniors’ ?

  24. Jennifer says:

    when will be post on sugo

  25. Lovemeloveme says:

    when will this come out ? waited super long ~!

  26. Bliss says:

    26th Dec

  27. May Nwe Soe says:

    MANNNNNN!!!! Just can’t wait!!! It’s killing me!!!

  28. Em5407 says:

    update the preview

  29. muggle87 says:

    the preview got removed 🙁

  30. WannaKO2 says:

    im going die soon ~ when is this coming out !

  31. Bliss says:


  32. Sabrina Thou says:


  33. Bliss says:

    1 more week

  34. Marianne says:

    The KO One II will be air on Wednesday Dec. 26, 2012 on CTV/GTV and i hope that they watch for it.

  35. Marianne says:

    I hope that they watch the first episode of this sequel of the TWdrama KO One and we know on it.

  36. Wen_yi_shide says:

    I really want to watch this I can’t waiting alr

  37. Bliss says:

    5 more days

  38. zhiry says:

    4 more days!

  39. Guest says:

    3 more days

  40. Gelangielol says:

    two more days~~

  41. LYN says:


  42. ... says:

    fasterrrr ~~ D:

  43. Fairylaw13 says:

    FASTER!!!One more day!!!So Excitin!!!

  44. Perris says:

    IS 26 DEC now !!!

  45. Joseph Yip says:

    why still cannot watch ? 

  46. Thekiwipoop says:

    ya know, maybe its because it takes a lot of spare time to upload/put up these dramas-maybe THATS why you still cant watch it yet. i get how people are excited for this drama(same here, ive watched all the KO’s), but dont make yourself look stupid by asking stupid questions. 😛

  47. Alex says:

    It hasn’t even aired in Taiwan yet, calm down. It airs tonight at 8:00 so it should be up tomorrow. 

  48. Sky Wong says:

    Now 12/26/2012 why still not up?!

  49. Hweeling says:

    Not up yet…Can’t wait to watch so excited about it.

  50. Gelangielol says:

    Guys… its still airing now, so obviously they cant upload it since the episode hasent fully aired yet

  51. Sky Wong says:

    then at least tell us what time and when will they aired!!

    • Gelangielol says:

       it started airing about 1 hr ago, not entirely sure how long till the episode finishes =/ (internet died on the tv so i cant veiw the tw channel =/ )

  52. Junwei says:


  53. Lyn says:

    Are you guys first time coming on sugoideas? Stop asking why isn’t it coming out. -.-

  54. sinyi says:

    Can’t wait to be out. wait patiently guys. 

  55. Gary585376 says:

    I never watched KO one, what was it about?

    • Guest (: says:

      Go watch Ko one I , X- Family  then Ko 3an guo you won’t be understanding the first couple mins of this drama if you didnt seen the other dramas but its REALLY Good just get some pop corn and sit back and relax it’ll get a good laughter out of you this holiday  season (:  and hey by the time you finish all those then most of the episode of this drama should be out and you wont be as inpatient as people waiting now ~ 

  56. JT says:

    why is this not in the upcoming drama episodes list?

    • Guest (: says:

      I don’t think sugoideas ever put up the first episode on that upcoming drama thing like the wait time till the drama comes out its usually the episodes afterwards ~

      • JT says:

        Thanks. It have been almost two years since i last watched c-drama. And, when i want to watch tw drama, i only remembered this website. hahaha. 
        THANKS. 😀

  57. Fjsjdihejri says:

    Really very excited abt this drama
    Has been waiting for years for another 终极 drama.

  58. 2ko says:

    how long more… usually this time should upload le..

  59. Keyie says:

    Really missed KO series! It’s been so long ever since KO one I – X-family – 3an guo !  Finally Jiro is out as the main again!  

  60. guest says:

    May i know this show come out how many times per week?

  61. Gcxj93 says:


  62. Gcxj93 says:


  63. Gcxj93 says:

    終極一班2 播出及重播時間公告(如有異動會再通知)
    重播時間:週一~週五 11:00 / 16:00 / 2:00 
    假日重播時段:1/5起 週六/週日 11:00
    2小時版播出時段: 週六19:00~21:00

  64. WannaKO2 says:

    EP 1 is OUT FINALLY 😀

  65. Ah_hwee says:

    Hmm 修 only come out in the first episode only so sad..

  66. Cstyle KKS says:

    why the first episode only 15 min ?

  67. Cstyle KKS says:

    why the first episode only 15 min only ?

  68. Lala says:

    how often does it air?

  69. Interest says:

    When is it showing a week?

  70. Kodaerae says:

    every mon – fri it airs.

  71. 2ko says:

    countdown for episode 2

  72. haha says:

    Episode two!!! upload!!!

  73. Hellobaby says:

    EPISODE TWO ?! why isn’t there a countdown for this drama like other dramas ? >:(

  74. Gcxj93 says:


  75. Sky-death says:

    Why is this only 15 min for ep.2 … do i need to wait for a longer time ?

  76. sunset1215 says:

    awesome!! not a weekly series! =D

  77. Ahmadcentral says:

    Does anyone know where/when I can watch with English subs. Is anyone subbing this?

  78. Victoria says:

    episode 2 is removed from youtube due to copyright issues..where else can i watch it?

  79. Anon says:

    Where is episode 3?

  80. kh88 says:

    is it good?

  81. Guest says:

    Pei Ci acting is good I like it. 🙂

  82. Adsasd says:

    Guys episode everyday? 

  83. Qiqi774623 says:

    when will next eoside coming out?

  84. WannaKO2 says:

    is KO2 shown on Sat and Sun ? 

  85. Bb says:


  86. Gcxj93 says:


  87. Quixotic-x says:

    will there be any episode for new year eve. I DONT WANNA WAIT SO LONG OMGGGGG.

  88. Someone says:

    This got no calvin and aaron only da dong?

    • Hales Chen says:

      sigh…I wish there was the other two, I know this sounds really biased, but the others just don’t have the chemistry they had, so it’s kind of awkward for us to watch it sometimes. I hope they show up in the later episodes even though it is very unlikely.

  89. Bb says:


  90. maddy says:

    this drama is so awesome!! im so in love with in <3 da dong is so cute and pei ci is so adorable~ <3 <3 <3

  91. asdasda says:

    When is the next ep coming out ?

  92. Marianne says:

    Please subbed the TWdrama KO One II on D-Addicts, would you like to subbed on it?

  93. Marianne says:

    I don’t care what they doing for the English subs for the TWdrama KO One II, but they trying to subbed on it.

  94. Guetta says:

    How many episodes are there?

  95. lim says:

    is KO2 shown on Sat and Sun ?

  96. Liling says:

    Finally it on air…. I love all series of Ko one, the x fmaily and koanguo… 🙂

  97. Guest says:

    So every weekdays(not including public holidays) there will new episodes uploaded?

  98. Iamyours says:

    anyone know if this disk is already out ? in Taiwan ?

  99. Guest says:

    This is interesting…

  100. Guest says:

    I’m kinda confused since I did not watch part 1…Is Da Dong in the golden time frame or iron time frame now?

    • Khklhlk says:

      Pretty sure he is in golden time frame 10 years afterwards and everyone else with supernatural powers is gone except him, since he has just returned.

  101. ChiChuMonsterBunny says:

    I’m confused because I didn’t watch the first series… And the 1st series doesn’t seem interesting. 

  102. DSPADE says:

    When will update the next esp??

  103. Guest says:

    Actually, I watched a bit of the beginning of part 1 and too found this sequel is more interesting, though it’s sad that Da Dong has lost his best buddies…sort of missing the best part…

  104. Gary585376 says:

    can someone quickly sumarize what happened before this drama? cba to watch the ones before, thanks 🙂

  105. Guest says:

    Where are the eng subs??

  106. zhiry says:

    Yay! There’s gonna be new episodes tomorrow!!!! Based on the official Facebook page 🙂 And here I thought I had to wait 1 or 2 more days :/

  107. LoveExist says:

    ep  4 so long i wan watch ! so nice sia omg >.<

  108. Dream says:

    i wish today today i can watch ep4 …

  109. Bqliank Yapz says:

    why youtube links are only available for a couple hours?? 🙁

  110. gueest says:

    this only makes me want jiro even more….. DYING I NEED HIM .

  111. melody says:

    i wish there is also the x familyll and k.o3 ll

  112. JH says:

    will there be episode 4 today?

  113. when’s is the next ep of KO One II

  114. DSPADE says:

    Does anyone have all the ko one II song?? Mind sharing??

  115. Dream says:

    i think today ep 4 will come out 

  116. Ang Pei Qi says:

    when ep 4 come i told day will out?

  117. Ang Pei Qi says:

    when ep 4 come out ?i told 2day ep 4 come out ?

  118. Tina says:


  119. Kurox1 says:

    omg how come haven out ep 4 yet :(((((

  120. Rachaelcky says:

    Ep4 Ep4 Ep4 ?!?!? :'(

  121. 21293026 says:


  122. Guest says:


  123. Lalala says:


  124. 1179664741 says:

    wheres ep 4????????

  125. 888 says:

    4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 快一點

  126. You789 says:


  127. zhen says:

    did ep4 air today?????

  128. Yqhqaha says:

    wait lah 12+ den coem out

  129. haha says:


  130. Fml_lah says:

    Ep 4 quick pls

  131. eli says:

    Whyyyyyyyy!!! ): ANW ~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  132. Gcxj93 says:


  133. You789 says:


  134. Eason says:

    Happy New Year

  135. Ang Pei Qi says:

    ): ar ep 4 hvn out sain):

  136. haha says:

    mother fu**ing, youku already has it so why the fu** does this not have it.

  137. Guest says:

    Happy new year!!!

  138. Smiling_tob says:

    physically waited from 2012 to 2013… ha ha!

  139. eli says:

    LOL… we waited for a year.. hahah !!!

  140. LameKid says:

    fuck this shit! LOL

  141. Guest says:


  142. Eason says:

    I have waited patiently, but this takes forever. please may the upload be faster

  143. girlgirl says:

    Why havent come out yet??!?!?! T^T

  144. Junwei says:

    Hope is OUT soon!!!!! i am Excited OVER HERE!!!!

  145. Guest (: says:

    who knows if it may come out today and tomorrow since its kinda new years eve and new years you never know if they got some new years specials 

  146. Smiling_tob says:

    I guess I give up for this 2013.. feels disappointed first thing in this new year!

  147. eli says:

    Just slp back…. maybe will b out when u wake up

  148. Yqhqaha says:

    fk lah when is KO2 episode 4 coming out wait for 2days le

  149. Sef says:

    chill guys Happy New Year!!  spend some time with your friends!! haha

  150. Winnielau says:

    i think they will post ep 4 later on lke in the afternoon, but on youku it already has ep 4 but u cant watch it unless u are in mainland china. so sudoideas will probably post ep 4 soon……I hope.

  151. Guest says:

    Happy New Year 2013

  152. Clanetea says:

    Hey people who are anxious for the episode 🙂 I suggest you can catch up on the previous zhong ji series while waiting……..Thats what I’m doing anyway. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 

  153. Guest says:

    Is Na Wei Xun playing 2 different characters in here?

  154. Iamyours says:

    what is the theme song name ?;) 

  155. sone says:

    episode 5 is going to be epic !!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait till tomorrow!

  156. Guest says:


  157. Biny says:

    so great ! can’t wait for the eps to be subbed ! I don’t understand a lot in chinese, only a  few words and some expressions + names with which I’m used to cuz of the Zhon Ji series (I’m so proud and happy !), but the context and the story is understandable 🙂

  158. Yqhqaha says:


  159. Quixotic-x says:

    oh no man i really hate the waiting..

  160. zhen says:

    I hope the ending king and da dong can be together!!!! is sad that dadong came frm 10 years ago!! ;(

  161. maddy says:

    cant wait for the next ep!!! its so nice to watch!!!

  162. Zifan says:

    Fast come out upcoming episodes ley~

  163. Xiiao Kai says:

    When the next episode will be upload ?

  164. Xiiao Kai says:

    When the next Episode will be upload ?

  165. sone says:

    the next episode will probably be released lke at noon at the fastest and at 3 at the latest

  166. Joseph Yip says:

    will be uploard at afternoon ? not 12am ? 

  167. Joseph Yip says:

    why need to wait so long ? 

  168. Meng Huat says:

    chill ppl jus wait for it to come out no point raging here … If i am not wrong this is a free website where the uploader is doing us a favour to let us enjoy all the show that we cannot watch in our country directly…

  169. Guest says:

    Normally, what time will the next episode will be uploaded?

  170. haha says:

    normally, its around 10:30 am and after

  171. Gcxj93 says:

    what time will ep 5 be up?

  172. Guest says:

    Where is ep 5??? How come it is not out yet???
    P.S. I am not complaining, I am just curious… =D

  173. Jo_The_Otaku says:

    ITS OUT EP5!

  174. fangirl~ says:

    Haiz. I’m actually loving and hating the new season 🙁 hate cause there’s no mo jie in here but LOVE cause I’m a die hard fan of the zhong ji series hahas and of course, I like the story line + actors  and actresses. Hope this wont be the last of the last >,<

  175. Quixotic-x says:

    if da dong and king get tgt, then if da dong go back 10 years ago.. king is only 8 years old :O 

  176. SpeXialILOVEU says:

    really like SpeXial acting 😀 

  177. Sin Ying Lee says:

    The blond one looks better with black hair as you can see in the theme song..

  178. zhiry says:

    It’d be AWESOME if the site owner also added a countdown for KO One 2 as well in the Upcoming Drama Episodes section~ Just a suggestion but definitely would LOVE it even though it’s 24 hours – 36hours of waiting as compared to the weekly dramas 😀 

  179. Guest says:

    Where can I buy this show’s related merchandise?

  180. Guest says:

    I hope they can come out with 終極一家2 where 脩and阿香return to 鐵時空to start their new living with new enemies coming up. Hopefully those who act in 終極一家 their actors and actresses don’t change so it will be nice. They can go add in new actresses and actors as long as the 1 who act previously don’t change.

  181. PuddingLim says:

    Just to clarify,no news report said that this will be the last of the 终极(Zhong Ji) series rite?

  182. choo joel says:

    one episode come out everyweek or everyday

  183. guest says:

    is this a great show? i am curious about it 
    i am thinking whether to watch or not

  184. Joseph Yip says:

    going to post already HAHA

  185. Joseph Yip says:

    12.30 should be out ! 

  186. Melody_notes92 says:

    Today no.?

  187. Smiling_tob says:

    after 12 le… tired le… when is it coming out? y the timming so inconsistent? yesterday was a little after 12 oni..

  188. Candy says:

    where’s the new ep??

  189. Alice Tong says:

    can it post earlier than Love, Now.

  190. sinyi says:

    I’m sleeping late because I’m waiting for this show to be out every night. 

  191. Smiling_tob says:

    remind me of last time, waiting for ko.san guo… oso like this.. go to wk like panda in the morning. if miss the epi, cant concentrate at wk the whole day.. but I miss this feeling. ha ha!

  192. Candy says:

    cheers for all those who have to work tml morning but still cant sleep without the lastest ep! haha..

  193. Candy says:

    gonna stop waiting… i’ll watch it tml on the way to work!~ night guys!

  194. Jen says:

    didnt watch, cannot sleep. 

  195. zohan says:

    Omg hurry upppp I wanna watch it now

  196. Urmother says:

    i will not sleep until it uploads!!! dont care!

  197. Smiling_tob says:

    I cant make it either! even if upload nw hv to watch till 2am…. I will get up at 6 then watch..tmr hope its up earlier!

  198. Danson says:

    LOL what time will they upload?? Cant wait

  199. Diago says:

    come on faster

  200. Pballet334 says:

    Can’t wait anymore… Gotta sleep… Just wake up earlier in the morning to watch it… Good night!

  201. Urmother says:

    im still waiting! Muhahahaha! whose with me?(:

  202. sone says:

    it has already aired in taiwan

  203. Urmother says:

    okay guys lets give ourself and this show a deal… we will wait till latest 2am if not we watch it next morning. okay deal:D

  204. Jance says:

    uploader probably not going to upload today 🙁 

  205. zohan says:


  206. Guest says:

    2 more episodes for this week…anyone knows the ratings?

  207. guest says:

    how come theres no eng sub?

  208. Dinohyun711 says:

    ……where the english subtitles?

  209. sora says:

    where’s the english subtitiles??

  210. Guest says:

    how come it says there eng sub when you i can’t even see them?

  211. Guest says:

    Another disappointing episode…Why are there so many fillers?

  212. Veronika Amanresmi says:

    Loving the series!!! Thanks sOoOo much!!!

  213. DwnHell says:


  214. Joseph Yip says:

    I LOVE This drama alot !! 

  215. Danson says:

    Is episode 7 gonna be out later ?

  216. Baby_kim26 says:

    What is the time that will roughly upload the episode ? ):

  217. Trivela says:

    waiting for ep7!!!! excited for it!!!

  218. Danson says:

    aiyo so troublesome la.

  219. soguMaster says:

    wheres ep7?

  220. Ang Pei Qi says:

     wat time ep 7 out

  221. MaiLikeThis says:

    youtube too blur alrdy!!! why ep 7 haven out?

  222. St Samwintoz 19 says:

    where is episode 7 part 3?

  223. Guest says:

    7 please!

  224. snow says:

    7 Is Out!!! 😀

  225. Guest says:


  226. SpeXialILOVEU says:

    there is no Eng sub tittle, there is only french tittle .If you want the french tittle press for caption 

  227. Guest says:

    So when are they gonna have english subs?

  228. Guest says:

    Do u all think Lei Ting(King) is related to Danson’s character in part 1?

    • Guest says:

      no. I don’t think so.

    • guest says:

      most prolly? it’s said that king is danson’s sister in the show, due to their exact surname. but isn’t it weird, that out of a nowhere he has a sister who is 10 years younger than him? & i don’t think it was revealed in the previous season that danson’s character(lei ke si) has got a younger sister though?

  229. Guest says:

    I honestly don’t think Jiro suits his role. He’s fucking 32 and still playing a role as a high school student? Hah, he’s 32, not 16.

    • Guest says:

       I don’t agree…I have never seen a role which suits Jiro so naturally perfect as this one. Most improved actor…

    • Guess says:

      to correct you… his 31(: and his the perfect role for this… or esle if you can find a better him

    • Rckiris says:

      he MAKES the role. have anyone else play the role id hate it

    • Guest says:

      No matter what age Jiro is he suit this role. He has been acting since the start of the KO series and if his role is change to other actors it will be like destroying the role.

    • Joseph Yip says:

      dont insult my FAV actor 

    • Guest says:

      shut up and watch please….

    • Guest says:

      yes i agree…just shut up. no one cares, so pleasee.just.shut.up.

    • Thuchen says:

       well, i do agree he is too old to play an 18 year old, but think about it who else can play Wang Da Dong if not Wang Dong Cheng, it’s pretty much his real life nickname, you cannöt take anpther actor and tell the audience from now on he is wang da dong…..seriously that is impossible, besides no one will watch it, we should be happy that at least a few from the old actors are still in this season. Actually I was always happy da dong decided to be in every of the ko seasons making it so special, making it so like his show somehow. without him it wouldn’t be a ko seies.

  230. Guest says:

    So… how do you guys watch this in eng sub???

  231. Guest says:

    King matches Da Dong better than an qi

  232. Hao. says:

    I think King and Da Dong should be together but dun you think its weird ? Since King in Zhong Ji Yi Guo is Liu Bei’s Wife . If they meet each other it would be weirder isn’t it ? 

  233. Dae Sung says:

    Whare is ep 8. i m waiting for the next exiting ep 8

  234. Joy says:

    it is possible as the King now is in Gold dimension and Xiu’s girlfriend is from iron dimension

  235. Dae Sung says:

    da dong and king should to be together

  236. qiu qiu says:

    at about what time is an episode aired everyday[weekdays]?

    the awesomest show ever!!! :DD

  237. AreS says:


  238. Guest says:

    omgg 小雨…ep.9 ><

  239. Guest says:

    This show is sooo…nostalgic…Reminds me of the good old fahrenheit days…

  240. Guest says:

    Has the ending theme full version been released yet?

  241. Guest says:

    Episode 7 hasn’t been uploaded to download centre.

  242. Marianne says:

    Please subbed this TWdrama KO One II on it. Please help us.

  243. Marianne says:

    Do you have the English subs here? So they want to subbed this TWdrama and i hope that they subbed on it.

  244. LLL87 says:

    Cant wait for the next ep. 9…. Love all the series of this shows…

  245. Quixotic-x says:

    Finally the ah rei si zhi shou came out, if not.. this show starts to get boring with no powers but only flash fast and shooting marbles… EPI 9 GONNA BE NICE PLEASE

  246. Pokemon9237 says:

    Did Jiro and Pei Ci kiss in this drama

  247. Sabrina Thou says:


  248. Guest says:

    how do you guys watch this in eng sub?

  249. sally96 says:

    Please tell me how to watch this in english subtitle, I’ve been waiting for this drama for a while now…

  250. Guest says:

    Arron Yan and Danson Tang did not cast in this series so even the ah rei si zhi shou is out on next episode the person who wear it is confirm not 丁小雨and雷克斯although I really want them to come out on the next episode but they did not cast in this show.

    • Guest says:

       i remeber reading something and it mentioned that the person was the priesdent or something and that it was not danson tang or aron, but i hope they are going to be cast in later on cuz it just wouldn’t be the same without them

      • Guest says:

        I agree with u it will really wouldn’t be the same if Danson Tang, Arron and Calvin Chen didn’t cast in this series.

  251. choo joel says:

    tonight got new epsiode???

  252. Dora Zhang says:

    Does anyone know when the next episode is coming out??

  253. DomWinchester says:

    How many episodes are there in KO One II? This page states 20+. That few? I heard they took about 5 months to finish shooting, so it can’t be 20+ episodes only.

  254. DSPADE says:

    Is the ko one song out yet??

  255. Guest says:

    I hope they’re not making use of Da Dong’s popularity to promote SpeXial members in here…That’s too calculative…

  256. Sabrina Thou says:


  257. Dae Sung says:

    what time is ep 9…….pls tell me

  258. Dae Sung says:

    when is ep 9…………………pls tell me

  259. Guest says:

    How come the ratings are not released?

    • dontworry says:

       Because it’s airing on a cable channel. The only ratings that have been released to the public are the ones from the first episode and the episode aired on the first of January. Apparently it premiered with pretty solid ratings and broke all records with the fifth episode (ratings of 1.20 or something). Note again that it’s a cable drama and most of the dramas airing on national tv nowadays struggle to break 1. Meanwhile, it’s been on the top 5 of the most searched topics on weibo (chinese version of twitter) since it started airing and it even reached the top spot a couple of times. It’s also one of the most searched topics on google. And it’s currently the number one most watched drama (or on the top 3) on the most popular video streaming sites like youku, tudou etc. So I would say it’s doing pretty well 😉

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    I just sense that Da Dong is getting pretty used to this ten years’ after way of life already…

  268. Guest says:

     if king and da dong start dating i wonder how it`s gonna work

  269. Guest says:

     please release episode before 7:45

  270. guest says:

    ep 9 will be out on tues

  271. Dae Sung says:

    i want ep 9 by today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • guest says:

      ep 9 will be airing out on tv taiwan channel  today and all eps will only upload on this website one day after its airing date. 

  272. lovetwdrama says:

    king’s so cool and cute!!

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  278. <3 dadong says:

    wand king and da dong to get together! hopefully more references to the older series can be made. somehow feel like it is a different show not part of the KOseries with the lack of wulizhishu and references.

  279. Sunny_swt_heart says:

    uh wheres the eng subs?

  280. Guest says:

    Won’t it be so much better if all fahrenheit members + danson are in this show?

  281. Guest says:

    I knew it…that guy who cooked the sausages is the culprit!

  282. Jia Jin says:

    i wanna watch ep10 soon

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    ENGLISH SUBS?????????????

  284. Guest says:

    Duan Chang Ren did not appear at all in this episode…

  285. Sushishan91 says:

    OMG!!! OMG!!!

    What will happen to Hua Ling Long and Na Ge Shui???? Who the heck is dat hoodie guy?

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  287. maddy says:

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    pls fast fast 來

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    have to wait after 10pm for it to be up le. cos taiwan showing from 8-9pm.. 

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    Funny people over at baidu said they watched all 30 episodes? How true is that?

  305. Guest says:

    So Ah Rei Si Zhi Shou has been abandoned by Xiao Yu in a recycle ground?

  306. kell says:

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    when is ep 11 coming out?

  309. Hao. says:

    Beginning to hate weekends ! 

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  311. Guest says:

    How dare he beat up Da dong using the ah rei si zhi shou. he never die before itzit?? Sad the 雷婷 wanted to fight with the 会长 but 萬鈞 had stop her from fighting with the 会长…

  312. LovePeiCi~ says:

    WHERE IS ep 11? what time?!!1 

  313. amy says:


  314. 123 says:


  315. Guest says:

    I don’t get it, was there a student club leader before Qiu Qiu transferred to Ba La? Is she the first or someone else filled the position before?

    • Quixotic-x says:

      because remember jin bao san talk about the history about the student leader? then qiuqiu said to king that king was alr there before she enter the club or smth so she didnt want to say she student leader. But before king, it has a student leader alr. so its like pass on to qiuqiu

      • Nikki says:

        i dont think so king is the student leader. because king also does not know qiu qiu is the student leader? i think because of the senior then qiu qiu apply to be student leader 

        • Quixotic-x says:

          Nikki you are right, king is not student leader, the senior was alr in the school . Then King and Qiuqiu came in the school. But the senior have to graduate so qiuqu apply to be student leader but she know about that if she say she student leader, she and king will have conflicts. So she kept it dark.

      • Guest says:

         Okay, I take it that Qiu Qiu wanted to support/carry on the work of the first student leader before her when she probably heard of him after transferring to Ba La…But then, King was there already and didn’t really care abt the previous student leader sort of neglect and this angered Qiu Qiu?? Wait, maybe she is somehow related to the past student leader…Oh dear, making me go nuts…

  316. Guest says:

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  317. guest says:

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    it feels like the episodes are so short. it doesn’t last long enough for the craving that i have for this drama >.<

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    rewatching series 1 of KO…seem so not realistic lol…cuz all the scenes only the characters in there, not like this one…so many other people appear in the scene…nice improvement

  332. Guest says:

    I dun understand why they don’t seek private investigators/detective experts to locate the missing friends instead of looking for clues at the non-obvious places…a bit draggy I feel…

  333. LLL87 says:

    Exciting cant wait for tonight to watch the show.. i not whether will it upload tonight anot as today is friday… Hope the show will upload tonight…. Geting excited and excited…

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    The guy that fall on the bus should probably be the guy in the cover page, there is only 1 guy that has yet to appear in the cover page of the KO one 2 picture

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    Faster come to me…. Wakaka

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  340. Guest says:

    14! Why Monday?

  341. Marianne says:

    Can i ask you something? Why are they not yet subbed the TWdrama KO One II? I’m gonna subbed this TWdrama and i hope that they watch it.

  342. Marianne says:

    The English subs version of the TWdrama KO One II will be start on Monday, so please subbed this TWdrama as soon as possible.

  343. Kurox1 says:

     战力指数 of 1002 OMG Cannt wait to ep 14 come out !! 

    • fangirl~ says:

      but his power is so low. Dont know how he managed to travel cause if I didnt remember wrongly, you need at least 8000 to go through other dimensions..

      • WL says:

        Probably he is currently weak, that why affecting his 战力指数.

      • Kurox1 says:

        Ya i know need at least 8000 to travel,maype that guy was injured Badly thats why his  战力指数 is so low.

      • great eagle says:

        his power is weak cos when he traveled through the rift in the dimension, it burnt away i believe 9000 points of  his original power which is round 10 000 i think.

      • The x family 2 says:

        I think u rmbr he used all his yi neng to jump down from the bridge when he feel the yi neng between da dong and Xiao yu weapon so he finished almost all his power just to go back to 10 year after

  344. 勇敢愛 says:


  345. DomWinchester says:

    Actually it’s easy to know the finale. 大東 finally finds the way to go back to the past, but his love with 雷霆 is too deep and thus he needs to make a very tough decision. If I can add, I’ll get 亞瑟 and 小雨 kidnapped. Then in KOFamily2, 大東 travels to 鐵時空 to find 修 and gang for help to rescue 亞瑟 & 小雨 , but sees 葉赫那拉.宇香 (雷霆’s other self in 鐵時空) and starts to think about 雷霆, and wants to go back to the 金時空 future to be with her again. Producers, please hire me to write. I’m not expensive. S$50K per episode will do.

    • Adsasd says:

      To those 4 people who like this are idiots tbh. Firstly,go do a checkup on the cast and actors,Xiao yu and ya xi won’t make a camo,so don’t bother. Xiu also won’t appear. And your finale suck,if that’s the finale,alot of ppl will be disappointed. You don’t even know how to do a finale for god sake. A finale would be something that involve ALL of K.O,not just 大東

      • DomWinchester says:

         Firstly, I know 亞瑟 & 小雨 & 修 will not appear. If not, why did I write “If can add”? Secondly, I mentioned 修 and the rest because I want a KOFamily2 in the future. Thirdly, I’m just giving an opinion as a fan. You don’t have to be so serious about it.

        • Adsasd says:

          Don’t lame la hor,fking idiot. You just edited your reply to add ‘If can add’ after i reply u. Secondly,if you know 亞瑟 & 小雨 & 修 won’t appear,then you won’t say such bullshit. Won’t appear = no such storyline. Finally,i’m serious about it because you think u are so SMART by typing ‘Producers, please hire me to write. I’m not expensive. S$50K per episode will do.’ and ‘Actually it’s easy to know the finale’. If that’s supposed to be funny,it’s not.

          • Adsasd says:

            Actually,ignore the first ‘You just edited your reply to add ‘If can add’ after i reply u. ‘ That one is my fault,i apologise for that

          • DomWinchester says:

             Wow, I didn’t expect someone with the level of maturity and irascibility like yours would apologise. But I am glad to see that.

  346. Lilfir<3GeRu says:

    Where is the subbed version of this drama?

  347. when is ep 14 comin ?

  348. Guest says:

    Hope 雷婷可以和大東在一起。

  349. ShinJoong says:

    may i ask that , this show is mon-fri or everyday ?

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    OMG I CAME HERE for it and i was jacked LOL! 

  352. Guest says:

    fell in love with pei ci’s songs already…

  353. Guest says:

    Someone said that da dong won’t appear after episode 15…True?

    • Adsasd says:

      LOL,that’s the stupidest comment i ever heard. He’s one of the main char,do u think the show can survive without one of the main char? LOL

    • Abc says:

      Maybe he wont appear as MUCH in few episodes, since Da Dong does not belong there in the future so one day he must go back to where he belonged. But of course theres still going to be few scenes about him maybe thinking of King.

  354. Guest says:

    Ratings finally broke 1 – 1.01…Yay!

  355. Xia-ya says:

    Why would he not appear? Does he get kidnapped or does he go back?

  356. Sabrina Thou says:


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    seriously 20+ eps is not enough,i expected it to be 50 eps!!! no!!!

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    Oh no, it seems that all the youtube videos are removed.

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    Why all the videos has been terminated???

  369. Dae Sung says:

    14~~~~14~~~~14~~~~14~~~~14~~~~ why noy today?         ~_~

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    if they r removing the series from youtube…i worry if the next episode will be released

  371. Guest says:

    Anyone knows or is selling K.O.3anguo part 3 dvd? I have part 1 and part 2 but I don’t have part 3 🙁

  372. LovePeiCi~ says:

    12.45am today always standard timing LOL!

  373. guest says:

    so late then upload. omg.. ): 

  374. Biny says:

    how are we gonna do if youtube won’t accept it ?

  375. Avery says:

    I wouldn’t mind watching with dailymotion links or whatever it is as long as I get to watch the episodes w/o HD. It doesn’t have to be on youtube :}  

  376. Lkjskfag says:

    When is ep 14 coming out?

  377. Adina 'Ang' says:

    its 12am alr. when is the episode out? im really grateful for the uploads.

  378. Huisi78 says:

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    Getting more and more exciting…. Will look forward for every ep. for this show. Thumb up… 

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    It terminator and 50 first date hahhahha…

  382. Guest says:

    Just download ep 14 from the download centre in its original quality…much better!

  383. guestz says:

    Can someone tell me which episode was it in King punch Wang Da Dong in the stomach as everyone hold him back? I watch all the episodes so far and I don’t see that scene at all.    

    • Guest says:

       Never seen…

      • Guest says:

         Yes, episode 14 in the beginning when Ting and Dong met up by the bridge and he could not make up his decision to accept her confession…He caught her fist but missed her punch just a split second…

        • Xiaya says:

          Oh I thought she was talking about the one in the ending credits that Lei Ting punches his stomach and he falls on her and she’s there like holding him. 

          • Guest says:

             Whatever, I got too much of spoilers over at baidu to watch another one…Let someone else who knows answer this…

        • guestz says:

          I’m not talking about that scene in episode 14. I’m talking about the scene where everyone hold Dong and let King punch him, than after the punch Dong fall onto her.
          There a clip on youtube this link 7_T-cUq8h60 has it. It star around 0:13. It show the scene I’m talking about.

          • Yoseobyang says:

             thats at the beginning of ep 15 wen he totally forgets everything and his like bashing all of them so everyone had to hold him back

    • Xiaya says:

      I think its going to be in ep 15. 

  384. guest says:

    Why 大東忘了要跟雷婷告白?

    • Guest says:

       I presume this has something to do with the appearance of that mysterious Ling from another dimension and he is experiencing some abnormal psychological/mental disturbances in his memories…

  385. Guest says:

    9+ more hours to go…

  386. guest says:

    The episodes until ep 20 only??? Until 20 or 21 or 23 or 24 or 25???!

  387. Kaysusan214 says:


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    ya the episodes until when?

  391. Bero says:

    Can’t wait, can’t wait!! Gaaaah why time pass so slowww….

  392. Ongln says:

    When ep 15?

  393. Guest says:

    OMG da dong is forgetting more and more thingss whyyyyyyy?

    • Abc says:

      because of the in order to protect the Time Order, Da Dong not belong in the future so he cannot fall in love. if he does the dimension will try and return to its normal state in case of a disaster. which is why Da Dong is losing is memory (returning to the very beginning)

      • Guest says:

        Why didn’t that happen to Xiu when he fell in love with Ah Xiang? He didn’t belong where he was either.

        • Joval_su says:

          i believe its a different dimension hence it didnt happen to xiu. But da dong one is in e same dimension.. thats what i believe.

        • Abc says:

          nawh, Ah Xiang was supposed to be in the same dimension as Xiu. But when she was small she was brought to the dimension. thats why it didnt happen 🙂

        • Biny says:

          It might be because Ah Xiang was also from the same Dimension as Xiu * remember, she uses “Wulabaha” sentences*

        • Guest says:

          it didn’t happen with Xiu because Ah Xiang and Xiu belong in the time period even if it is in a different dimension. there situation is different to Da dong’s situation. 

  394. Dae Sung says:

    when is ep 15 pls tell me ^_^

  395. MUhahaha says:

    This drama really have 20++ ep?

  396. Sabrina Thou says:


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  398. Guest says:

    Why is it so hard to download the youtube version?

  399. Guest says:

    How were episodes 14 & 15’s ratings?

  400. Gelangielol says:

    Ive been wondering about whats been happening in the episodes these days and its been bothering me.

    Did DaDong totally forget about anqi(his gf in ko one) , since technically she should still be in america and in the same dimension and still exist since she doesnt have any zhanlijishu.

    and apparently theres rumours that king is actually from 10 years before(same as dadong) since something happened when she was young…

    • hdff says:

       Actually, the chipmunk girl wasn’t Da Dong’s girlfriend by the end of the series. He thought he was in love with her, but then he realized that Melody (the teacher) was the one he really liked. But nothing ever happened between them, so… i guess he got over her?

    • Guest says:

       If the rumour is true, then the ending looks more promising for them both…

  401. John9034260 says:

    Where are the subs D: Episode 1 has the subs but not Ep 2?

  402. Guest says:

    10+ more hours to go ep 16!

  403. guest says:

    Ep 16 can’t wait to watch hehe hope 大東不会忘了雷婷

  404. Quixotic-x says:

    i know the ending alr… damn,

  405. Sabrina Thou says:


  406. Yoseobyang says:

    duh hello

  407. Pinkheart12342002 says:

    i wish it comes out every one hour

  408. Huisi78 says:

    When ep 16 is out on YouTube?

  409. DomWinchester says:

    I am wondering if there is a hiatus after episode 16.

  410. Jacky Yeoh says:

    what time the next episode will broadcast ?

  411. Jacky Yeoh says:

    haven’t broadcast ?

  412. Guest says:

    wheres the eng sub?

  413. Wah sad sia, everything gone :(((((((

  414.  Wah sad sia, jiro wang gone liao , memory also gone 🙁

  415. Aaron506193 says:

    I thinking at least one of them, king or wan jun is from the past also. Something is still wrong>

    if Da dong really gone back, the future will change, but it still remains the same, no change….hmm…it means time space still disrupted.

    • Guest says:

      I think KING is the 1 that is from the past. As for wan jun he is not I guess. Something might has happen to King that why she is in the future now.

  416. Sabrina Thou says:


  417. I Am Zx says:

    when is 17 coming out!!!

  418. Guest says:

    zhong wan jun is weird.

  419. Guest says:

    Will Wan Da Dong and King be together in the Ending.

  420. Guest says:

    i want 18!!

  421. Dndn says:

    現在提早把別人的不清晰版COPY過來,才慢慢上存 🙁

  422. Zhong Wan Jun is the Yi Neng Shing Zhe , my hunch tells me

  423. Guest says:

    does anyone know how many episodes Jiro did? Cause I feel like the main character’s going to switch to Zhong Wan Jun.

  424. shadowofchaos says:

    somehow tis movies really addict me man is really cool to watch jiro and zhong wan jun style is really getting more interesting 

  425. Guest says:

    No eng subs?

  426. rating info says:

    For those wondering about ratings, the episode where Da Dong disappears (ep. 16) reached 2.15, a new rating high. The second highest rated episode was the episode before that one (15) with 1.33.

    (I have a feeling that the ratings will start to drop now that Da Dong is gone, though)

  427. Guest says:

    What does ‘KO’ actually stand for? And I have the feeling that Duan Chang Ren is so unlike himself in the latest episode…

  428. VixSofiya says:


  429. Candy says:

    以下是劇透 已有ENDING 請謹慎決定之後再看

  430. Guest says:

    Why post spoilers before the actual episodes are available?

  431. DomWinchester says:

    Please, can those who already knew the ending not spoil? Regardless of whether you have given warnings.


  432. Sabrina Thou says:


  433. Debbie Loy Hui Ting says:

     how about ep 18?

  434. Gary585376 says:

    How do people know the ending already? it hasent even finished broadcasting yet? =/

  435. Adina 'Ang' says:

    perhaps they all recite from the book. i agree please do not post spoilers. we audience want to anticipate the story as it goes.

  436. Starminx says:

    But why the guy with the necklace “Lin” , got the ko power??? 

  437. Guest says:

    How’s episode 17 rating? Dropping?

  438. Guest says:

    I saw on wikipedia that this show will probably end on Feb 7th…

  439. Sabrina Thou says:


  440. Guest says:

    10+ hours more to go

  441. Amber__cherie says:

    no eng sub?

  442. Guest says:

    1+ more days to go…

  443. Dadongko2return says:

    now is there still Da Dong part coming up ?

  444. L says:

    在我看到大東消失的時候,嘴裡還說:『party time』

  445. Blekbla says:

    I so love King <3

  446. Guest says:

    Hopefully the ending is King and Da dong be together :3

  447. Jxxxxx says:

    when do the episodes come out? monday-thursday?

  448. cindy~ says:

    how many episodes are there in total???

  449. Guest says:

    ~15+ hours more to go… 

  450. Guest says:

    ~13 hrs more to go

  451. Kaixiang90 says:

    how long u update the vid each time

  452. Guest says:

    Just watch every episode the next day.
    Monday = Tuesday morning
    Tuesday = Wednesday morning
    and so on.
    If it is not air yet how do you expect them to upload?

  453. Xia-ya says:

    YouTube has it first if you want to see it low quality.

  454. Msmmama says:

    Only 1 more ep left….

  455. Ep 19 on youtube now HD with SOUND

  456. Ivan says:


  457. Guest~ says:

    ah this show is really addicting even though there’s no english subs haha

  458. Simplemind Shh says:

    when 19 out

  459. Wahhh how come so late de today?

  460. LovePeiCi~ says:


  461. Dagagagas says:


  462. Guest~ says:

    go to itvchina channel on youtube ^^
    (thank you yoseoby amaterasu for telling)

  463. Hua Ling Long Changed his hair in episode 19 😀

    Looks Cool
    And for Ep 20 from my understanding , Lei Ting is not 8 years old when Zhong Wan Jun is 8 years old , she was 18 but trapped in the 8 years old child memories which is why she only had the memory of that child. Also she might have a power to withstand her aging for 10 years to keep her age of 18 years old.

    • Guest~ says:

      I like his new hair hahaha~ but can you tell me what happened in the episode though because I don’t speak/understand mandarin TT __ TT

      I think Lei Ting is from the past like Da Dong right >__>

      • Yeap she is from the Era of Dadong which she is 18 ten years before but was pulled to the future by a unknown man .

        Ep 19 is just abit of random things fighting for Wan Jun to stay at whose house and of course it shows Lei Ting have memories of the past but instead it was the girls in the medical bay part where Lei Ting says that she when she remember that girl she will go berserk . That girl was “Lei Ting” in the pass for Wan Jun but instead she isn’t

    •  So king and wang da dong same age?

    • Guest says:

      Wow, this makes everything clearer and there’s hope for Lei Ting and Da Dong’s relationship…Someone said it’s confirmed by Da Dong that Lei Ting is Danson’s(Lei Ke Si) younger sis…No wonder memories of that little girl haunt Lei Ting like crazy, because she isn’t her in the first place…Da Dong, come back quick!

    • Guest says:

       But duan chang ren or hei long rather, mentioned to Ling that ten years ago, both leiting and wanjun took a period of time off school, so could wanjun also be from the past?

  464. Xia-ya says:

    Wow Really confusing. lol 

  465. Guest says:

    You know what I noticed from the previews? That her hand is bandaged. I wonder what happened to it? =[

  466. Gary585376 says:

    i need someone to explain to me whats happening, so confusing :S

    • Guest says:

      Apparently, Wan Jun accidentally messed with the medical equipment which Lei Ting’s grandpa needed to survive due to his critical condition in the hospital, he was terribly injured…Then, somehow his act killed Lei Ting’s only next-of-kin in this world but they were still kids then so he was not charged for murder/manslaughter?

  467. Hadipatiran says:

    how many eps are there????


  468. Guest says:

    I hope Jiro/Da Dong comes back soon..haha

  469. Babylanice1209 says:

    Where’s the Eng sub?

  470. guest says:


  471. guestz says:

    Sad that the story is moving onto King storyline and Da Dong is not there to help King or save her when she go through her problems. 

  472. Guoqing25 says:

    i wanna ask this show isit every friday come out a new episode?

  473. Guest says:

    Time passes so fast, one month ago it didnt even have ep 1 yet.. Now it has 19 episodes so far..

  474. Guest says:

    Guys, if you really can’t wait for the episodes, then. go to http://www.   fengyunzhibo   .com/  group  /17735-qnon0rq5.htm    on 8pm, to watch ko live stream. just remove the spaces in the link

  475. Sabrina Thou says:


  476. Bemybaby says:

    will Wang Da Dong still appear ? 

  477. Cristina0822 says:

    Where i can watch this with english sub-title?

  478. Simplemind Shh says:

    when will ep 20 out anyone know

  479. Ldaloveu says:

    20 is out 12:34! Im waiting for so long

  480. Guest says:

    I wonder when is dadong coming back…

  481. guest says:

    even though most ppl complain about ep 20 being boring. I loved it. I liked the character development of king. I love Da Dong but seriously, whining about him every episode isn’t going to bring him back. Just watch the show. 

  482. Guest says:

    I can’t bear to see King and Da Dong just ended like that…

  483. Guest says:

    I’m okay as long as Da Dong doesn’t show up only in the last episode..

    and I’m okay as long as Da Dong and King end up together hahaha

  484. guest says:


  485. hua says:

    I don’t care how the story goes, just bring DA DONG back!!!

  486. Guest says:

    Watching ep 20 makes me wonder if I should believe that Lei Ting was from ten years ago…Her childhood memories are now much more vivid.

  487. Arch_design310 says:

    when is episode 21?

  488. emily says:

    anyone knows the rating of recent eps?

  489. Sabrina Thou says:


  490. L says:


  491. Ongjj_96rwarkz says:

    There will be how many episode in this drama?

  492. Bero says:

    I’m pro Da Dong & Lei TIng but i also think its so sweet that Wan Jun luphs Lei Ting so much so that he is willing to admit he is a murderer juz to protect her from from knowing the truth…

  493. XIU & XIANG says:

    I don’t really miss Da Dong much but this time it seems like Lei Ting will like Zhong Wan Jun or not. Because I prefer the guy that makes her laugh and smile .. Da Dong .. faster come back !

  494. Now what i think was , when she was 8 she was in gold dimension when da dong was also 8. Then when she reached 18 she was sent to the future and memories wiped and the little girl’s memories was placed into her

  495. Gary585376 says:

    I dont see why everyone thinks lei was from 10 years ago and she was sent into the future? :S

  496. Thisrocks says:

    i don’t care what people say about what is going to happen in this show, but i just love the anticipation. great drama for sure!!!!

  497. Clihg says:

    When ep 21?

  498. Guest says:

    雷婷是不是十年前來的人?大東快點出現好嗎快點回來跟雷婷在一起。聽說這部戲收視率很好它們決定延長這部戲所以不會很快就完哦所以好希望在这部戏的延长戏里可以找回Aaron Yan,Calvin Chen, danson tang 还有脩一起回來演.

  499. LiLFir says:

    I wouldn’t say this is the best drama but it’s indeed a GOOD drama. A good drama never fails to make us wonder what would happen next. I love the unpredictability. To those who knows the ending whatsoever, please, please refrain from spoiling it here. Thank you so much.

  500. Tenteniscool says:

    hi, when would ep22 come out?

  501. Guest says:


  502. Guest says:

    Can someone tell me which is the episode when Da Dong nearly hit Lei Ting with his pan but ended up just striking her forehead lightly instead?

  503. Bero says:

    Yeay! New character iz out…

  504. Rach says:

    when is wong da dong gonna appear  again .. I miss him ;(

  505. Tenteniscool says:

    quick question, how quick does the drama update? everyday, every week or every month even? 

  506. Guest says:

    Can someone explain to me who is the new guy with the camera…and is Duan Chang Ren not Duan Chang Ren? (Sorry I don’t speak Mandarin and the episode confused me) Thank you~ 

    • :) says:

      The guy with camera is just a school paparazzi/reporter (will be explained in ep 22). As for the “duan chang ren” in the drama now , he is not the real duan chang ren but instead he is the twin brother of duan chang ren,”hei long”(previously an evil guy).

      • Guest says:

        Oh thank you haha I didn’t watch KO One so it confuses me + I don’t know Mandarin so thank you for telling me 😀

    • Quixotic-x says:

      that guy is a new guy call bass,similar character to the geng lie. Duan chang ren got twin brother call Hei Long. But because duan chang ren gone missing, hei long act as if he is duan chang ren to find out the mystery why KOpower gone.

  507. Guest says:


  508. guesttzxc says:

    may i just ask what time does the new episode shows everyday ? around what time ^^

  509. Guest says:

    watch episode 22 here:

    http://www.     youtube.   com/watch?v=u0-GUdGjp8k

    removing the spaces. 🙂

  510. Guest says:

    Wu Xiong is gonna appear soon!

  511. Thisrocks says:

    who is Geng Lie?

  512. MILO says:

    Da dong !!! Quick come back !!!

  513. Gary585376 says:

    King totally forgot about da dong LOL

  514. Phuong_ng B says:

    does anyone know when eng sub is coming? cant wait!!!

  515. LLL87 says:

    i saw the next ep. why the girl call geng lie is ya she? i remember ko one the girl is ya she gf. but ya she is clavin act why become geng lie… so confusing…

  516. AARONYAN<3 says:

    How many episodes will there be?

  517. Guest says:

    how can you forget about someone you liked so easily LOL

    king you just like don’t even think of da dong anymore

    • Anon2014 says:

      I doubt that…maybe she is under evil magic perhaps? Pretty good guess in my opinion, just saying…

      • Guest says:

        well I don’t mean like she just lost her memories with him I mean she doesn’t even wonder like “oh I wonder what he’s doing” or something LOL

        well maybe she did..? idk I can’t understand what they’re saying

      • tr says:

        Evil magic? Are you just dumb or stupid?

  518. You858 says:

    真可惜 汪大東回去後就沒出現了

  519. Sabrina Thou says:


  520. Garionic says:

    Why ep 22 cant watch le!!!

  521. Kent Yew says:

    I MISS DA DONG~~~~

  522. XIU & XIANG says:

    I thought King loooooves Da Dong so much =.= what happened to her? why so fast forget their relationship??

  523. Missingeu says:

    ep 23?

  524. dumb says:

    walao~faster ep 23 leh

  525. Adina 'Ang' says:

    in the past the episodes are all up by 12. just saying. im grateful and all for all the episodes uploaded. but why now so slow?

  526. Christy Chen says:

    Where’s episode 23? 🙁

  527. allllviin says:

    Already 12:08 how come ep 23 haven explore yet ????

  528. Fireopp says:

    so slow

  529. Fireopp says:

    last time 11:47 up le but now so slow

  530. allllviin says:

    Today have release ep 23 ??? Yesterday I saw 22 release at 12 sharp plus upcoming drama ep didnt write how many minute ep 23 will release

  531. dumb says:

    Gan! Already finished one movie, still haven come out??!!!

  532. allllviin says:

    ???? Ep 23 will come out today ???????

  533. allllviin says:


  534. Happy says:

    OMG the show is so excitinggggggggggggg

  535. dfsdf says:

    Hais got to say,終極一班2 is the worst series out of all. No power,bland storyline. The recent episode just copied the whole scenario of K.O 1,*spoiler* Act good guy whose is actually bad,turn good later on.*spoiler end*


    • Guest says:

      lol that “scenario” is used by all dramas.

      • tr says:

        Can’t u read? I said ‘No power’. Other drama got special power ar? And Bland Storyline. Did u even watch the other 終極 series? The storyline is at least ‘interesting’ in the other series. And do tell me,u mentioned ‘all’ drama have the ‘Act good guy whose is actually bad,turn good later on.*spoiler’. Are u dumb or stupid? I watched alot of Japan/Taiwan drama mind u,so u better stfu if u don’t know what u are talking about.

        • Misha says:

          The only reason you call this storyline bland because maybe you just want Jiro. And there is a lot of dramas that has the good guy turn bad guy scenario I don’t know what the Hell you are talking about It’s one of the ways to get a girl that person likes so before you call someone stupid you better do your damn research.

        • lllll says:

          chill, dude.
          why do you even bother to comment when u hate this drama so much? lol

        • sebs-chan says:

          TBH, the other shows were so cheesy they were fun to watch…and this storyline is not THAT bland. 

          But in truth, i am probably experiencing Stockholm Syndrome (aka when the hostage feels bad for the captor, google it.)

        • guuest~ says:

          stop raging here all right -.- no one cares if it’s good or bad. just calm down and watch or just gtfo -__-

          • guest says:

            woah calm down o_o

          • guest says:

            o oops i mean other person calm down

          • tr says:

            it’s a comment box ffs. If you don’t want people to put negative comment here,they shouldn’t implement it. Look at my first comment,does it look rude to you? Can’t ppl reply nicely like Quixotic-x ? I would love to talk to ppl like Quixotic-x instead of ppl like cindy~(which is a total self-centered bitch by putting stupid shit like ‘buh-bye~’) Okay my comment to guest was abit overboard because of his ‘lol’ comment. I’m sorry for that. Because if u want to reply something,at least type decently(doesn’t matter if u are aggresive or not)

          • cindy~ says:


        • Imoototyoutoo says:

          Uh…you’re correct I haven’t watched many Taiwanese/Japanese dramas but mind you, I HAVE watched a ton of Korean dramas and there will usually be a bad person who becomes good. Anyways I was speaking figuratively, as in I wasn’t really implying that ALL dramas had those kinds of characters. I’m not even going to bother with you calling me names >__> anyways, yeah please calm down;; it’s just a drama.

          • tr says:

            I’m sorry. This is the way i type. I was expecting someone to reply something constructive instead of a ‘lol’ and add something non-relevant behind. I was in a bad mood and i called u some names. Sorry

          • Guest says:

            It’s okay, but my comment wasn’t really irrelevant but whatever—let’s just all enjoy the drama and stop criticizing each other.

    • cindy~ says:

      okay nobody forced you to watch this. now that you’ve got your opinion out, you may leave. if you don’t like it, discontinue watching it. simple as that. your rude comment wasn’t appreciated (as you can probably tell) by many other people who ACTUALLY enjoy this drama. ok i’m done, buh bye~

      • tr says:

        You cunt. Can’t u understand what is criticism?  This is how i speak,if u don’t like it,u can simply don’t reply me. Erm why should i stop discontinue? It’s bland and predictable,yes,but at least i can watch this show to relieve the stress of the outside world. Don’t need to ‘buh bye~’ me. You think typing this way makes u damn cute and damn satki? 

        • cindy~ says:

          LOLLLLL cunt? how immature. i never thought i was cute, and typing “buh bye~” is not being cute either LMFAO. if YOU can express your (rude) opinion, why can’t i? obviously, if you type that rude comment, there will be people who are against it, including me. if you want me to shut up, why don’t you do it first. if you didn’t type that comment, i wouldn’t have either. cause and effect.

    • Quixotic-x says:

      overall this show its okay, alot of unexpected twist. but i agree that.. the part where geng lie came, his style and things were similar to KO One where lei ke si come out. But still its worth to watch!

  536. Xia-ya says:

    Omg What did Geng lie do to Lei Ting?! 0_o 

  537. Guest says:

    I still find the love spell thing funny haha xD

  538. Guest says:

    Oh so Lei Ting fell in love with Wan Jun?…Hilarious!

  539. Guest says:

    love pets!

  540. Lin Ya Bei says:

    is anyone getting deja vu on the whole lei ke si thing? It’s exactly the same, that it’s bothering on creepy. It’s like history repeat itself. 
    Does anyone know when the next episode is out or when it’ll end? Hopefully it doesn’t drag out like Zhong Ji 3 Guo.

  541. allllviin says:

    1214 24 haven come out yet ???

  542. Jessica Lyzz says:

    EP 24!!!

  543. Glow3bomb says:

    i thought it was rainie yang when i saw the poster

  544. Melisa says:

    This is a good drama

  545. Guest says:

    Does anione know of other bittorrent site apart from hei liang which seed this drama?

  546. Sabrina Thou says:


  547. Why u all keep asking for 24 and moody because today dont have? They have already said it thousand of times , MONDAY TO FRIDAY

  548. Kent Yew says:

    ko one is better than ko one 2 more but i like both

  549. Jessica Lyzz says:

    ep 24!!!it’s 00:32 alr!!!

  550. Guest says:

    Ep 1 – 16 are still the best…

  551. Cp91997 says:

    ep 24!!!

  552. Guest says:

    11+ hrs more

  553. cindy~ says:


  554. Guest says:

    9+ hours more

  555. Melvinsoo1994 says:

    why no more wang da dong 🙁 

  556. Gary585376 says:

    Da Dong will be back! now stop asking people 😛

  557. Ghost says:

    Yes, but when? The last episode?

  558. Peter says:

     where i can find the ending song of this movie? i like it a lot… can tell me where i can find it?

  559. Gary585376 says:

    Anyone know where i can find the ratings of this drama? 🙂

  560. dramafan says:

    how many eps. are in this drama

  561. Guest says:

    Do anybody no what the last episode is going to be ? Maybe episode 30 right ?

  562. LiLFir says:

    I just realised how great it will be when the mystery of the missing battle points is solved, all the rest of the cast which was previously in K.O. One come back to life and be back in K.O. One II. How awesome would that be? 

  563. Bob says:

    I think this drama should be renamed “Lei Ting’s lovelife” 

  564. Maxhaha2010 says:

    when they post episode 25?

  565. DomWinchester says:

    WTF! The actors of HuaLingLong & ZhongWanJun are currently only 19 years old! Look older than their age. =x

  566. Guest88 says:

    We just want to see Da Dong ! Omg this KO One is totally become another story, nothing is relative

  567. Jxxxxx says:

    Do the episodes come out mon-thurs?

  568. Jxxxxx says:

    also whats that line that qiao qiao used about how it doesn’t count as losing love if something something

    • Guest says:

       is it like liking someone though without her/him liking you back also counts as a kind of love…I can’t remember the rest…

    • Anonymous says:

      it is something like one-sided love counts as a kind of love so if u dont give on the love it wont count as a break up

  569. Guest says:

    Has dadong reappear in the latest episode?

  570. Quixotic-x says:

    why geng lie power is ulabaha? isnt that only usable in tie shi kong? i dont remember ko one there is people using that. only weapons . ko family uses ulabaha.

  571. Guest says:

    I think they should have included Calvin in the cast, even at least a cameo…

  572. cindy~ says:

    哇!!! ep 25 讓我好~~期待下一集喔!!
    好想感覺越來越接近大東回來耶~~ ^-^

  573. Ghk24 says:

    Dadong never come out already ?

  574. Guest says:

    Does snyone know the song at the start of the video?

  575. allllviin says:

    Yes finally 26 da dong them mayb will coming out…because they said that go to find them

  576. Liling says:

    I love to watch all KO series no matter who act… As I also don know why i love to watch all the KO series… Now waiting for ep 26 to be out and i was too curious what will happen… Support the KO director for such interesting show!

  577. After watching epi 26, why i have no feeling that Lei Ting used to loved DaDong? she seems no hurt when heard about DaDong… where was my DongTing? T^T

  578. hey says:

    does anyone know the ending song?

  579. Guest says:

    What is the latest rating?

  580. Jzye says:

    What is the last episode? Without da dong story with lei ting, I’m bored already. 

  581. guest says:

    Hmm ep 27 will be more interesting so stay tune..i am so curious to find out who is the evil professor.

  582. Guest says:

    All those crappy Sunday dramas can’t compare to this awesome KO One…

  583. cindy~ says:

    omf the drama is getting SOO intense!!!!! i like!! lol

  584. Max says:

    what the last episode of this show 

  585. Guest says:

    From Jiro facebook: 你們這群小蘿蔔頭 就不能在東哥不在時 好好照顧#終極一班2#好好照顧 我身後這姓”雷”的嗎 !都說了 東哥在練功 恢復異能不是件容易的事!!!

  586. guest says:

    where is ep27?

  587. Jason Chua says:

    Why isn’t episode 27 out yet? 

  588. Ldaloveu says:

    Woooo worth waiting for 27 is out

  589. Liling says:

    ep 27 so touching that i cried for the twin brother… ohh no the next ep geng lie….. hope he better not to be bad…

  590. sebs-chan says:

    what Ling don’t loose your YiNeng!! Ahhh!
    I feel that director is trollin.
    and whats with huaLinglong ><

  591. Nemesis says:

    i hate geng lie!

  592. Die2play says:

    which da dong come out fast or else lei ting let ppl tae alrldy then the drama so troll and sien

  593. Guest says:

    Omigosh…this is the most touching idol drama I have ever watched…Heartbreak…

  594. Guest says:

    9+ hrs more to go

  595. cindy~ says:

    為什麼花靈龍有點被重咒的感覺??還是我想太多了!?但是還是很好笑 哈哈哈

  596. Guest007 says:

    The scene of Hei Long/Duan Chang Ren can easily be the best scene of this drama. Choked full of emotions. Jack Na really really acted very well. 

  597. Kent Yew says:


  598. Candylimmeicui says:

    can’t wait for ep 28. 

  599. I think the last episode will be on next friday

  600. Chuadayi says:

    so does hua ling long be with qiuqiu in the end?

  601. Guest says:

    EP 28 is nice so u guys must watch and the professor also got mention that King is also a 翼能行者 this will show at EP 29.

  602. GUESt says:


  603. Yuikuy says:

    i want  Fahrenheit to act in ko one 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wish it is like ko one

  604. Liling says:

    oh no…. next ep lei ting don know will die anot… as i predict she will block the door… Getting more more exciting. but i feel that the story too short…

  605. Abc1234 says:


  606. Zh Tan says:


  607. wow says:

    is lei ting and lei ke si any related?? cause both same surname. lol. if yes i think the ah gong is because dadong they all beat his grandson. so he want to eliminated all yi neng xing zhe.

  608. Guest says:

    Wu Xiong acted really well with her crying scenes…

  609. Adina 'Ang' says:

    it really is unfair to get rid of all  yi neng xing zhe just because of personal reasons.

  610. Guest says:

    Question to ask in the new opening credit. Why is it that Wu Xiong get to be on the opening credit but Ling and Geng Lie are not show on the opening credit too? Are they not one of the main cast?  

  611. Guest says:

    Ultimate culprit – Lei Ting’s evil grandfather.

  612. Guest says:

    1 more episode and we can see da dong again!

  613. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs for the TWdrama KO One II on D-Addicts, and i hope that they subbed on it.

  614. Marianne says:

    Please help to subbed all the episodes of the TWdrama KO One II on D-Addicts, please help to subbed it.

  615. Ghk24 says:

    1more episode can see dadong ? as in what episode .

  616. cindy~ says:

    oh my lord everything is getting so heated up! 看到我好緊張喔!!!希望大東快點回來~ 呵呵

  617. Max says:

    episode 30 is the ending?

  618. meii qii says:


  619. Guest says:

    It’s confirmed that dadong will be back with dong cheng wei in ep 30 to fight against the professor…

  620. min1-_-xb says:

    這麼快就ENDING??不是吧 之前終極一班明明播很長的

  621. Vincent Wee says:

    KO One ll just killed many of our expectation totally…

  622. guest says:

    total got how many ep?

  623. NO one says:

    CAN WANG DA DONG appears in the next two episodes? please …….. 

  624. Guest says:

    I think it’s Comic’s fault…they are only making use of Jiro to promote the SpeXial band members.

    • notguest says:

       Not only speXial but also the guy who plays Ling. He’s filming the taiwanese version of “You’re beautiful” with Jiro too…

      Now that Jiro left HIM, I can’t wait for his contract with Comic to be terminated as well.

      • Guest says:

         He left HIM? When was that?

        • notguest says:

           His contract ended in October and he chose not to renew it. Right now he’s only attending the events that were already booked (kinda like Wu Zun when he left as well) and then he’ll be completely free 🙂

  625. Nemesis says:

    Episode 29 when out??

  626. Joanne says:

    At night about 12.30pm cm out

  627. Guest says:


  628. Misha says:

    After watching the previews for ep 30 I don’t think it ends tomorrow there’s no big climax. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I think

    • Ghost says:

      Maybe will have a KO One 3? or with other title but is continue of KO One 2. 😀
      Just hoping…

      • Anon2014 says:

        Heck to the no…ko one returns(ko one 2) is already kinda destroying the whole show…not as good as the originals and kinda boring too..

  629. Guestwho? says:

    Got this question to ask. If Wang Da Dong lost all his battle points, how is he still able to run fast in Episode 1? 

  630. Ahboy123 says:

    More and more lame this show…

    • guest says:

      you right..this season soooooooooo lame, i dont even freaking make sense…i prefer those previous show, esp san guo~~~

  631. BabyLove says:

    wonder why lei ting’s grandpa hate yi neng xing zhe so much?

    • Anon2014 says:

      Because his daughter was killed by one. So he wanted to kill his daughter’s husband who was one but then he turned evil and wanted to destroy all the yi nend xing zhe.

      • Babyloves says:

        But weird, lei ting’s grandpa say abt why he wann destroy all yi neng xing zhe… He mentioned 10 years ago, his daughter is being killed but e man and his kid survive. 10 years ago, lei ting should be 8 years old ah… They show a baby instead

  632. Guest says:

    For certain dadong will come back last episode…The news said so…

  633. Guest says:

    大東終極回鍋 結局露肌謝客 - 曾沛慈跪柏油地哭3小時 燙傷膝蓋手掌自由時報 – 2013年2月5日 上午4:28

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    • AdminSUG says:

      It’s Known As An Reverse Tale Ending As The Ending Is That They Had Forgotten Each Other And It’s Known To Be Good But The Other Way Around, And That’s Why It’s Called Reverse Harem.

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    西城衛團長令的出現是為了找到汪大東並把鐵時空灸舞盟主的推測告知大東(盟主懷疑有人在破壞金時空的時空秩序,想調查時卻發現連接金時空的時空之門消失了) ,並協助大東,斷腸人(黑龍)一起調查真相並找出時空之門。
    在五熊的指引下大東等人找到了斷腸人用生命守護的時空之門,斷腸人在最後一刻與黑龍冰釋前嫌,黑龍哽咽著說出“哥,下輩子我們還做兄弟,我愛你” ,斷腸人消散,最後對著大東說到,“汪大東小朋友,金時空就靠你拯救了。”話落人散,時空門現。
    龐教授冷漠地看著黑龍,緩緩舉槍,再度瞄準時空之門,槍聲響起,時空之門安然無恙,因為耿烈又為其擋下一槍,龐教授冷笑一聲道,“愚蠢,我看還有誰能阻止我。”抬手就準備射出第三槍時,大東率領終極一班及時趕到。 “姓龐的,要想毀掉時空之門先問問我這個史上最強高中生汪大東手中的龍紋鏊同不同意!萬鈞,借顆彈珠用。”
    事情終於水落石出,而此時的龐教授面目猙獰,從口袋中掏出一支注射器向自己扎去,艾校醫大喊一聲不好,原來龐教授注射的是WTD病毒進階版RX-WTDⅡ。瞬間龐教授的氣勢大增,眾人瞬間被氣浪震倒在地,大東憑藉著龍紋鏊將戰力指數飆升到12000點才勉強抵禦住,此時艾校醫向大東喊道,“快用時空之門回到十年前,毀掉WTD病毒!”龐教授剛想阻止大東的行動,卻發現腳被耿烈給死死抱住,一時掙脫不開,緊接著中萬鈞,令,花靈龍,那個誰,裘球,黑龍和艾校醫均沖向龐教授,死命拖住他不讓其阻擋汪大東,中萬鈞大喊道:“去吧!汪大東!這裡我們替你擋著!快走!”大東大喊道:“兄弟們堅持住!我很快就會解決的!”話音剛落遍閃現到了時空之門前,剛欲穿越,一隻柔軟的小手握住了他的手,回頭一看,是雷婷。 “汪大東!這次不許你一個人再單獨冒險!我陪你一起去!”大東看著眼前的雷婷,一抹不羈的笑容掛上嘴邊,說了句“姓雷的,那跟緊了,走丟了找起你來很麻煩的。”隨即與雷婷一起踏入了時空之門。
    大東和雷婷走在十年前的芭拉高中里,走到了十年後King等著大東的那個地方時,大東突然停下了腳步,讓走在身後的雷婷猝不及防撞在了他的背上。 “汪大東你個死人找打啊,好好的剎什麼車啊。”King揉著鼻子抬手就欲揍大東一拳,卻被大東霸道地攬入懷中,瞬間雷婷滿臉通紅,支支吾吾地說:“你,你想幹嘛~”
    “誰是你老婆啊!”此時的雷婷,早已放下了King的驕傲,她只是一個,被幸福包圍著的小女人。 This is how the ending shld be de but because they change the director that y they change the ending too..I get it from a fb link. so if u guys wanna read u can read lor.:)

  693. Meii qi says:


  694. Guest says:

    Ke guide original screenplay, and later a screenwriter random change, even Ke guide strike, and also changed the director why they become today, so we should not see “KO 3”, also stop cursing who did not talented screenwriter, as long as the back to the audience innocence and pray Ke guide back and share it crazy, so we continue to look forward to “KO 3” ~

    Occurs when the Dadong  to escort Liu Bei back silver space-time earthquake, 被震, to the time and space of ten years after the gold. In order to protect the Dadong  is not the time turbulence phagocytosis, dragon the netural burn Dadong systemic abilities (combat strength index), so that ten years after the Dadong  soared not combat capability index.
    Instead of “heartbroken” by the Black Dragon then tell of all abilities learned a decade ago disappeared Walker suffered disaster, together with the Black Dragon began investigating the truth of things behind the scenes during the Dadong  in the decades after the ultimate group relying on their full loyalty of enthusiasm from the beginning was the exclusion to into which experienced Barbara Prince, who with sister, Chen Zhengyi bullying, Gushan Island warmth events after King feelings warming from began to bicker bicker sublimated to a crush on each other. Dadong take into account their own a decade ago, did not immediately respond to Lei Ting’s confession, we can refer to the “the ultimate Three Kingdoms” Lisieux Ashanti feelings aside the hearts of other ideas last Dadong , Lei Ting convention has been happily together until the last second before the separation.
    Wanjun blue Yan as King childhood exist, Lei Ting, Hou Momo Zhufu Dong Ting own grief when a torch in the beginning, and no the fur ball buchibuqi accompanied by about touched the softest place in its heart, heart junction ablation start accept fur ball and captured fur ball in the late flower Agilisaurus WTD virus outbreaks finally confront their inner feeling of the fur ball, rescued fur ball after confession, the ball to get married.
    Xicheng Wei, head of the order appeared to find Wang Dadong and the Iron Dimension moxibustion dance chief speculation inform the Dadong  (the chief suspect was order in the destruction of the gold dimension of time and space, want to investigate, only to find the door of the connection gold dimension of time and space disappear) and assist in the Dadong   the heartbroken people (Black Dragon) to investigate the truth and find out the door of time and space.
    Geng lie after fierce appearance, and so began to teach Geng lie strong ability and training Dadong restore combat power index. The Geng lie strong during the day, the ultimate class, classes, night work is the the alternative number Pang Professor mysterious people to be denied the abilities Walker with the ability, but Geng lie strong and without the knowledge of their own work in the end what is. Until a time task Geng lie strong deep into the jungle to chase the target accidentally by the target trap, narrowly escaped death under a tree collapsed after the completion of the task, the passing five bears found and brought back to the the ape family cave treat. Geng Lie awake to see five bears, heart suddenly give birth to an intense love can the five bear but always keep a distance with five bear hearts always thinking of Arthur.
    The Geng Lie is a love so strong carried away the minds of the five bears abilities “love curse”, after five bears in the curse fell in love with the first person they see – Geng lie strong.
    Although and five bear together happy life together, but Geng lie strong five bears often inexplicable daze, asked why, five bears always dreamed of a man named Arthur, and they seem to her of Arthur dependence of the kind of speechless. Geng lie strongly disappointed conscience, so understand that rely on the ability to steal happiness of five bears unfair incantation. Because of the ability is not yet skilled mutate solutions incantation, not only lifted the “love curse also recovered five bears the memory.
    Five bears under the guidance of the Dadong  and other people to find the the heartbroken man life guard the door of time and space, heartbroken man choking back tears, say the next life, “Brother, we also do brother, I love you” in the last minute and the Black Dragon ironed out, Black Dragon, The heartbroken man dissipated, and finally it comes to facing the Dadong , “Wang Dadong kids gold dimension to rely on you to save.” then drop people scattered, the space-time door now.
    Their efforts to restore combat power index in the Big East, Professor Pang ordered let Geng lie strong resolve off orders and the Dadong .  Select the command execution Pang Professor Geng Lie struggling for a long time, shot Imperative of abilities disappear, and take away the time and space of the door, all of this was found hiding in the the janitors room debris pile Black Dragon, then tracking Geng Lie to Pang Professor Department notified the da dong  et al. Geng lie strong text messages to inform the Pang Professor Order, and Wang Dadong abilities are eliminated, and the time and space of the door, to face the door to the Pang Professor.
    In Pang, Professor at Geng lie strong and not directly to the door of time and space to the Pang professor, but first questioned why repealed the abilities abilities Walker, the Pang professor did not answer Geng lie strong, just urging Geng lie strongly to the door of the space-time cross out, Geng strong not from, at this point of Geng lie strongly behind Bass suddenly shot Geng lie the strong knockdown and its ability disappear the original Bass is a the Pang professor placed at the edge of a strong Geng lie pawn. Professor Pang to the door of the spatial and temporal crushed, Black Dragon shouted from not secretly sprang behalf Cross Gate Dang xia the fatal blow, vomiting blood lying on the ground injured. Geng lie was shocked, and asked why, Black Dragon half against the door said, “the heartbroken person that spineless in order to guard the door even life can not, how could I not compare him strong.”
    Professor Pang coldly watching the Black Dragon, slowly raised a gun aimed at the door of time and space again, gunshots rang the door of the space-time safe Geng lie strong and its Dangxia to shot, Pang Professor sneer Road, “stupid, I to see who else can stop me. “raising his hand to prepare the third gun shot, the Dadong   led the ultimate class arrived in time. “Surnamed Pang, in order to destroy the space-time door to ask me the history of the strongest high school student Wang Dadong hands of dragons Ao same do not agree! Wanjun by the use of marbles.”
    Wanjun raising his hand to throw a pinball Dadong waved dragons Ao blow to Bass, by rebound again fired Professor Pang Pang Professor backward flash, avoid the nail on the head, marbles only shot down white face mask. However, as Professor Pang show their true colors, Lei Ting was stunned, the original Pang Professor her grandfather, ten years ago, but the opportunity to feign death, in order abilities Walker shot in the dark. Lei Ting did not understand why his grandfather will become so when Ai DOCTOR away from the outside in and inform everyone everything, the original Pang Professor is so hated abilities Walker Lei Ting’s mother died a Walker in the hands of out-of-control abilities, the more shocking the original Lei Ting is also the ability to Walker, and Lei Ting years ago, ten years ago, only eight years old Leiting Gang exhibition expose the talent has ability , Pang extreme hatred abilities Walker, Professor, intended to kill Ray Ting Lei Ting mother’s friend Ai DOCTOR come forward to save the next Lei Ting, a war a decade ago firecrackers factory Professor Pang large area burns, Ai DOCTOR take this opportunity to give their implanted Lei Ting, not ability Departed false memory. This war so Pang Professor badly hurt, the increasingly weak body obviously can not be allowed to complete the crusade abilities Walker, Professor Yu Shipang still in the pilot phase WTD virus inoculation of the virus to make their own the significant increase in bodily functions, but the price is more oppressive mood will humanity degenerated into darkness. Order prevent Pang Professor, Ai DOCTOR Ray Ting sent to after 10 years, the purpose is to for the ability Departed leave a hope, and got a small Wanjun they implanted a memory, so small in Wan Jun Ray Ting holding a with hidden abilities effect lollipop to every day, slowly abilities hidden into the body.
    Finally get to the bottom of things, the Pang Professor grim pocket and pulled out a syringe bar to go to their own, Ai DOCTOR shouted bad, the original Pang Professor injection is the WTD the virus Premium RX-WTD II . Instant Pang Professor momentum surge, everyone instantly toppled to the ground by the blast, the Dadong virtue dragon Ao barely withstood the combat power index soared to 12,000, then Ai DOCTOR shouted to the Dadong   “fast time and space of the door back to ten years ago, destroying WTD virus! “Professor Pang was about to stop the action of the Dadong   but found that the feet are Geng Lie to cling to, and sometimes not break open, followed by Wanjun, Order, flowers Linglong, the guy who, fur ball, Black Dragon and Ai DOCTOR rushed Pang Professor Doom is holding him to stop him from blocking Wang Dadong Wanjun shouted: “Go! Wang Dadong! here we gear for you forward to! brisk walking! “Dadong shouted:” Brothers Hold on! I will soon be resolved! “Carter over the flash to the front of the space-time of Gang Yu crossing, a soft little hand holding his hand, a look back, Lei Ting. Wang Dadong! This time you should not separate adventure! I go with you! “Dadong watching the Lei Ting, hint of uninhibited smile hang mouth, saying,” surnamed Lei, that with the tight, walking lost looking for you come from a lot of trouble. “immediately together with Lei Ting entered the door of the space-time.
    Time and space of the door is closed, Pang Professor anger earthquake opened the crowd, ready to kill, sudden body black light flash in his neck pinch from Ai DOCTOR, the Ai DOCTOR dropping. Pang Professor as if there had never been the same, and so disappeared. Everyone puzzled, so thinking about for a while and said, “Wang Dadong successful, he resumed the temporal and spatial order amended WTD virus production, an amendment to the Professor Pang grown dark events Professor Pang before disappeared, but not the true sense of the disappeared, just temporal order correction to go anywhere else nothing. ”
    Make back iron and space, Ai DOCTOR back to ten years ago Wanjun and fur ball fruition spend Linglong WTD virus troubled restored before the appearance of narcissistic prince, the guy who still low sense of presence, Campbell III squad with both good and stays laugh still bully yellow non-teachers still make-up & dumplings pad, the school in front of the stalls still business is booming, the stall always wearing her pink bathrobe pink towel on her head, careful person might stall and janitors room janitors uncle with an identical face, the only distinction is the boss good-natured and janitors uncle temper handicap, these two people have in common is that people are super good.
    Ten years ago
    King waiting for that place in the Dadong  in the Dadong and go Lei Ting Barbara High School a decade ago, went to a decade, Dadong suddenly stopped in her tracks, Lei Ting unprepared she crashed into the back behind on. “Wang Dadong a dead smitten ah, good brake car.” King, rubbing his nose punch you want to beat the Dadong  , but was overbearing Dadong  football into her arms, raising his hand, instantly flushed Lei Ting branch prevaricate I said: “Do you, do you want to
    Dadong smiled and said: “I owe you an answer surnamed Lei, ten years later, today, I tell you, my feeling is different from how the way you feel like when you are with me.
    The King instantly very disappointed “not the same as that why are you holding me tightly! Wang Dadong you let me go!”
    “Hey Hey surnamed Lei, a little patience to hear me out, OK, I feel just like me, and I feel for you I love you, you say the same thing to the Dadong , said proudly.
    “Who says I am, and you do not like it!” Lei Ting the blushing Pie Zhuozui retorted.
    “Oh you love slightly ~ Well ~, wife, pro ~” Dadong tune laughed.”Who is your wife!” Lei Ting, already put down the pride of the King, she is just a happiness surrounded the little woman.

    This is the English version I have done the translation hope you guys can understand as my English is not that good.