Love, Now / 真愛趁現在

Love, Now / 真愛趁現在
Annie Chen, George Hu, Dou Zhi Kong, Harry Zhang, Li Wei Wei, Yang Yong Cun
Broadcast Year:2012-11-01
English Subtitle:No

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  1. peiyu_2010 says:

    I think this drama will be great! i am waiting for ! ^^

  2. Alice says:

    Annie Chen again!!!<3

  3. Guest says:

    i saw this commercial while watching another drama and I didn’t recognize that was George Hu. He got really mature looking.

  4. Guest says:

    So used to seeing Annie Chen with Chris Wang from Inborn pair…

  5. yvonne94 says:

    another annie chen’s long drama .. i’ll be patient after inborn pair 😀

  6. jess says:

    Definitely looking forward to this! Annie left a big impression on my after watching Inborn Pair. 

  7. Example says:

    the preview is perfect! i’d really would like to watch this drama!

  8. Michraquel says:

    Looking forward to this new drama. Encountered their shooting at boracay 🙂

  9. Ellen says:

    le gasp!

  10. TheaOun says:

    ahh no more chris and annie. i like both annie and george but i don’t know after see the other drama preview w/ george and and gui gui i prefer that couple over this. maybe it’s the preview that makes me not interested. still will watch it but after it finish airing b/c i miss seeing annie on screen.

  11. Jam says:

    she really likes to act long dramas huh 

  12. Mghaha says:

    what the story are longer

  13. yvonne94 says:

    it must be a good drama , because there’s annie chen .. also she looks stylish here than inborn pair .. wkakaka 

  14. yvonne94 says:

    i just see another preview .. n it’s must be wonderful for this drama i hope

  15. Jiji says:

    80 episodes…omg

    the preview is nice

  16. Xtsamy says:

    How come it hasn’t been uploaded yet? 🙁 just wondering!

  17. Guest says:

    Heard that it’s airing in Taiwan today at 9pm! So excited! ><

  18. Lindachen08 says:

    Will this show be out everyday? 

  19. angelangie says:

    a good beginning, went right in play thru most of the preview they had previously loaded…. 🙂

  20. Carol says:

    Mostly 80 ep one will be up in weekdays and weekend will not come out 

  21. amy says:

    what time is it coming out today?

  22. Storm_Grey3 says:

    Title: 真愛趁現在 / Zhen Ai Chen Xian Zai

    English title: Love, Now

    The Plot: Yang Yi Ru has always been a workaholic mother hen. When a routine physical discovers a deadly tumor with prognosis of 6 months to live, she decides to go on a vacation. On a sunny beach, she meets a stranger from her past who helps her do all the things she was too busy to do, like fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after to the end of her days.

    The Cast:

    Annie Chen as Yang Yi Ru 楊奕茹
    George Hu as Lan Shi De 藍仕德
    Dou Zhi Kong as Sun Qi Ming 孫啟鳴
    Li Wei Wei (李維維) as Lan Shi Jun 藍仕筠
    Harry Zhang as Zheng Yu Xiang 鄭雨翔
    Yang Yong Cun (楊詠存) as Yang Yi Qing 楊奕晴
    Shen Meng Sheng as Yang Hao 楊浩
    Yan Jia Le as Lan Yi Ping 藍以蘋
    Yang Jie Mie (楊潔玫) as Mrs. Lan 藍媽
    Shen Hai Rong as Grandma Lan 藍奶奶
    Wei Man (魏蔓) as He Cai Rong 何采容
    Gao Zhen Peng (高振鵬) as Uncle Kang 康叔
    Liu Xiang Jun (劉香君) as Su Mei 素梅
    Tie Ke (鐵克) as Xiao Wei 小偉


    曲別: 主題曲 – 歌名: 一起去跑步 – 演唱者: 宇宙人  –  作詞: 小玉 – 作曲: 小玉  

    曲別: 片尾曲 – 歌名: 暫時的男朋友 – 演唱者: 嚴爵  –  作詞: 嚴爵、黃婷 – 作曲: 嚴爵

    曲別: 插曲 – 歌名: 倉頡 – 演唱者: 五月天  –  作詞: 阿信 – 作曲: 石頭

    曲別: 插曲 – 歌名: 野獸 – 演唱者: 丁噹  –  作詞: 姚若龍 – 作曲: 朱敬然

    曲別: 插曲 – 歌名: 吾在場證明 – 演唱者: 嚴爵  – 作詞: 嚴云農 – 作曲: 嚴爵  

    曲別: 插曲 – 歌名: 執子之手 – 演唱者: 品冠  –  作詞: 陳沒 – 作曲: 品冠

    Credit goes to : Chinese Wikipedia the keyword is 真愛趁現在 and Drama Wiki

  23. jess says:

    Just a heads up! starting next week, it will be airing from Monday to Thursday (according to the website) and also mentioned during their promotion on 完全娛樂.

    Happy watching!

  24. Cherry Luk says:

    liking the story so far! love annie in this drama!! =]

  25. ¥_¥ says:

    Tonight wat time out? This drama is very nice:) I’m in love with it! ¥_¥

  26. nicklyn says:

     love this drama so muchhhh ^_^

  27. Yoong4ever says:

    I totally fall in love with George Hu… This drama is the best, and also his other dramas… 🙂

  28. guest says:

    any idea where I can download the drama love now?

  29. why is it not out yet

  30. so good need to watch the other ep now can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Thanks for sharing with you.

  32. I have to subbed this TWdrama and i want to work with you.

  33. drama4ever says:

    I’am loving this drama. It’s just way to LONGGGG. I know I will get tired of it later but 4 now it roxxx 😀

  34. when will episode 4 come out?

  35. ngennli1026 says:

    this drama total got how many episode?

  36. Eve Lim says:

    What time will episode 4 be air?

  37. where’s ep 4  can’t stop thinking about it

  38. jiji22 says:

    I am in love with this drama…. counting the time every day for the airing (every mon-thurs)

  39. Meloleedy Lee says:


  40. YoYofish says:

    Dear Sugoideas, can you please upload the Youtube format for this drama? Quite a number of people  can’t watch currently in this format….

    Pleazzze!!!  Thank you!!!!!

  41. Lina says:

    This is a beautiful drama. hope they wont drag and make it boring..

  42. Kimberly says:

    omggg  this show is soooooo good…even tho its only on ep 5….i kno i will watch it tilllll the end  i just wish there are more than just one episode a night T.T

  43. RK says:

     Don’t we have youtube format already?

  44. can’t stop thinking about it just want to see more the guy is soo cute and o he is hot i want more eps

  45. wonder whats going to happen next o so good

  46. o can’t stand it need to know more asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. PeTer Sad says:

    episode 8 today right ?

  48. PeTer Sad says:

    today episode 8 release ? 

  49. why why i want more eps so intresting need to know what happens next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they need more time together  i wonder what is he going to do next after she tells him the truth

  50. Thanks for the episodes, and i love to watch this TWdrama for me.

  51. I want in English subs, plase help me.

  52. alice chung says:

    can found episode 8???? when can update???

  53. Yueqin Tan says:

    Is it a total of 80 episodes?

  54. Yueqin Tan says:

    Is there a total of 80 episodes? Can’t wait! It’s too nice already! Somehow i got a feeling that if it’s so good at the beginning then there will be lots of obstacles ):

  55. RK says:

    Oh, they purposefully threw in a misunderstanding…

  56. mochiballsrock says:

    im in love with this drama already after watching ep 1 <3 🙂 LOVE GEORGE HU 🙂 hes so dreamy

  57. sherly cen says:

    love this drama.. the story is different from others &
    Hope the misunderstanding could be solved asap ^^

  58. omg can’t wait wish i could see it now

  59. really want all the eps to see what happends next omg this drama is so good

    • jess says:

      Some days, don’t you wish that you worked as a staff for this drama? haha then you can see everything live in action and even know the story plot! – imagination bubble pops-

  60. they r the perfect couple omg i wish i was annie chen i mean my last name is chen but still wish i was her

  61. what is the name of the ending song

  62. Please upload download links for episode 6 and episode 8 soon!!!

  63. when they will upload ep 9???

  64. when they will upload ep 9???

  65. need the juicy part omg need more eps

  66. i can’t stand how they r taking the attion away from the main couple and on the single loney aunt falling for the single dad ewww old peopel love nobody likes that

  67. Please upload download link for episode 9. Thanks.

  68. ming says:

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if Ep 6 was made available in the download center for Love, Now?

  69. it just got good why why i need to see more i can’t wait till tommrow

  70. Vebri G says:

    anyone have the English subtitle for this drama?

  71. Winnie Chan says:

    why some info for love now air time ( monday to thursday) some on (monday to friday) 

  72. o need to see the next one i think she might be prengent o what is it need to know

  73. yowmoe_leong says:

    In download center miss out episode 06.

  74. Kimberly says:

    omg!!! i hate this one episode a day crap…and only 4 days where they broadcast this show ahhhhh i cannnnnot wait three days!!!!! sniff sniff

  75. Excuse me, is there anyone from Cambodia? so if we use cable television PPCTV, which channel can I watch Love Now :D? and what time will it broadcast? Thz in advance 😀

  76. I think this is the rare 80 ep worth catching~ itching to watch… hmm… I thought friday also have but yet some indicate otherwise?

  77. as calculated from the date of broadcast it’s monday to friday… but the funny thing is today there’s no episode =c not just here but other place too 

  78. alice chung says:

    where is episode 12?  already slow down by 1 episode on last Friday, this week still the same problem (1 week 4 episode only???)

  79. Henna Leong says:

    I think the show only airs Mon-Thurs. Was the same with Inborn Pair last time.

  80. Henna Leong says:

    I think the drama only airs on Mon-Thurs. Was the same with Inborn Pair last time.

  81. Jason Lee says:

    inborn pair was mon to friday

  82. Jason Lee says:

    inborn pair was mon to friday

  83. Jason Lee says:

    this is airing mon to thurs

  84. it’s only Monday to Thursday because SETTV has another drama airing at the same time on Friday. It’s the drama with Chris Wang and Tiffany Hsu

  85. What a nice TWdrama for me.

  86. Do you have your English sypnosis yet? Then you write on it.

  87. blue girl says:

    can’t wait ep 12..

  88. jess says:

    There are times when I think to myself, why did I have to watch this drama now? Couldn’t I wait until all 80 episodes are out before watching…?Don’t want to be telling myself “can’t wait for the weekend to be over so that a new episode will be out”.

  89. RK says:

    Shi De is mean…

  90. ep 13 will be so awesome :D!

  91. Vicky Chan says:

    Hi! would like to ask if ep 4 is published? because when i click onto the link, it stated publishing now.. amd could not watch ><

    • jess says:

      I just clicked on it right now and it’s says the same thing for me too. If you (desperately) want to watch it now, you can actually search 趁現在 4 on YT.

  92. This show is just awesomely tingling my feeling~ feel like a drug addict wanting more to watch *RAWAR*

    • Christyyork says:

      Interestingly  , all drama watchers behaved like drug addict . This proved that this drama is good . “addiction” powerful 
       Sanlih should air the show on Mon to Fri .

  93. Please upload downed link for episode 12 soon!
    Thank you 🙂

  94. Sheno1 says:

    Hello guys! May I know if this show will be upload on what days? Thanks for those who replied in advance, xoxo! <3

  95. MuiZhu says:

    Would anyone know what is the representation of the Hourglass Timer in the show? Yi Ru has it around her all the time.

  96. MuiZhu says:

    Curious would anyone know if the script writers for Love, Now the same as Inborn Pair?

    • Elna Waldemar says:

      Hi MuiZhu, I like “inborn pair” too, but the type of the drama is kind of different with this one, (my guess) I love the comedy part in the inborn pair and have not seen it in love,now.
      Never watch long episodes drama usually except the inborn pair. But that makes me to give a try with love, now which is also have long episodes. Hope this is a worth watching drama.

  97. Christyyork says:

    Misunderstanding cleared on ep 14.. Nice .. 

  98. Aparna Parvathi says:

    subtitles please ??

  99. WT Yap says:

    when is episode 15 coming out ? 🙁

  100. Today is the last episode of the week~ =c so sad~ need to wait another 3 days~ hu hu~

  101. I love this TWdrama for me.

  102. Wow, there are 80+ episodes for this TWdrama Love, Now and i want to watch for it.

  103. I hope that in English subs for this TWdrama, i hope so.

  104. I know that in English subs for this TWdrama, but i want to subbed on it.

  105. gracetheodora says:

    When is Episode 16 coming out? :/ Btw I skipped all the portions with the grand mum and mum portions always about matchmaking, it annoys me so much and always so repetitive. They are just making the whole show draggy 

  106. Please upload download links for both episodes 6 & 14.
    Thank you!

  107. Yowmoe says:

    Missing Episode 14 in download center, please check 

  108. guest.6. says:

    i really dont like  Anne Chen…well…the character that shes playing…as you see….
    she IS the victim….
    but shes acting way too innocent….
    and somehow shes making me feel like she has done nothing wrong even tho she did say she was wrong at the beginning….
    but still…. 
    the only characters that i like is 鄭雨翔, 楊奕晴, and 郭子元
    i think they should just end this drama within like…13 ep.
    80 ep? this will get no where…

    • Phoon76 says:

      That’s how this drama can end with 80 ep. They keep on dragging it. Feel kinda bored to continue watching it

      • Christyyork says:

        80 episodes  – usually all the draggy stories in between ,  the ladies in Shi De ‘s family , the sister and the so-called BF,  etc .. Too much to   digest . Getting boring liao . But still like the TRIO in this drama 

    • Eewon94 says:

      and 竇智孔!! he’s the funniest supporting actor in the drama!!

  109. Lindachen08 says:

    I like the actors and actresses in this drama, but they lost my interest by the 16th episode. I wonder how this drama is going to make it to 80 episodes.  =( 

    • you99 says:

      i know!!! i have the same exact feeling! 
      except for Annie Chen…i use to like her…but since i start to watch this drama…i kinda dislike her….
      you see “guest.6.”s comment…
      i totally agree with that person! 

    • Icgpxbbt says:

      I agree! I simply don’t see the chemistry between her and George Hu… I thought I still had my prejudices as I prefer the Anne Chen-Chris Wang pairing, but I like Chris Wang’s new drama, whereas this one looks set to be even more draggy than Ti Amo Chocolate!

  110. Aryael says:

    First, they have to overcome the woman’s emotional ties to her ex-bf, followed by the story of the ex-bf and her sister, his sister and the bloke with the dyed hair. There will be another crisis after she and George finally get together that will tear them apart again. Finale is when they are reunited. Yes, the middle part (especially after she finally accepted George) where the story focuses on the other couples, can be quite draggy. What do you expect? It’s 80 episodes!

  111. azwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp says:

    can’t wait for episode 80 already…

  112. Linda says:

    Is ep20 uploaded today?

  113. I love to watch this TWdrama for me.

  114. Thanks for this episode, i hope that you like it.

  115. guest says:

    So Im reading the comments and its saying its already draggy…..i just got done watching another drama that was really good! should i watch this? is it good?

  116. hyunylsaj says:

    Whaaaat?? Seriously 80 episodes?!
    As much as I like George Hu, I think it’s tad too draggy for 80 episodes!

  117. Destiny-1231 says:

    Is ep20 uploaded today?

  118. Chaipeiyun says:

    Part 4…can’t c
    Pls repair it faster

  119. drama4ever says:

    Do it like me. Skip-jump this drama. I only watch the leads scenes with George. The guy is really HOT. Lol ^_^

  120. Andy Amano says:

    @drama4ever:disqus  I do the same!!!! And I totally agree with you!

  121. Jee says:

    Please give us english subtitles for ALL dramas.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

  122. Xiaoyun says:

    ep 4 cannot see!!!

  123. Jiji says:

    Whoa….so sweet. Great story

  124. Jie Si says:

    when is ep22 out coming ?

  125. FAN says:

    QM is very bad, he kept accusing SD know have relationship with the lady who left the red shoe and stocking in the hotel room. bad bad QM

  126. CTTV says:

    I don’t understand why YR dad and sister is encouraging YR to get together with QM knowing he is a womaniser….I dad who love a daughter would never have done that. 

  127. JessXian says:

    this drama so reminded me of “inborn pair”
    another 80ep definitely goin to finish it  XDD

  128. AliciaClicha says:

    How frequently is this drama’s episode coming out ?

  129. rosier says:

    nice drama eps 23 pls

  130. guesttt says:

    y does YR keep rejecting SD? I don’t get y shes doing that? He totally loves her and she just keeps denying his love.  Y doesn’t she just give him a chance??

  131. Marianne says:

    Thanks for this episode, i hope that you like it.

  132. Marianne says:

    Thanks very much.

  133. Vicky Chan says:

    thank you for sharing the links! looking forward for ep 24! getting exciting! ^^

  134. rosier says:

    esp 24 pls..

  135. M1Xuan says:

    Hi, anyone know when each episode is uploaded? every tues?

  136. m1ch says:

    there a total of how many episode????

  137. Rachellau22 says:

    Ep 24-80 PLS !!! Looking forward !!! In love with this show !!!!!:)

  138. Vicky Chan says:

    watched finish ep 24, can’t wait for the ep 25! this drama makes me feel happy! ^^

  139. Jerrine says:

    How long will ep 25 be out?

  140. Rachellau22 says:

    i fucking love this show !!!!!!!!

  141. Kho_wenny says:

    Yup fucking love this drama..

  142. Gina says:

    wheres episode 25 i cant wait,please

  143. Seow says:

    not out yet waiting waiting waiting…

  144. Njones1975 says:

    I’m learning Mandarin, so frustrated at how little I feel like I know when watching this.  But great drama, none the less.

  145. Vicky Chan says:

    aww! love this drama a lot! (: looking forward for the next episode! ^^

  146. Eriina1997 says:

    When will this show be aired in a week ?

  147. Eriina1997 says:

    How many times will this show be aired in a week ?

  148. Guest says:

    George Hu is very talented here and very good playing a different character in Summer Fever. This boy has come a long way and has arrived. He is a joy to watch and has a magnetic irresistible voice.

  149. 5473 says:

    dou zhi kongggg……. 

  150. lolly says:

    when ep 27 will come out?

  151. guest says:

    Will there be an episode today?

  152. Lovey says:

    Episode 27 is indescribable…. very very beautiful. the hugs are so warmth between SD and YR. Very comfortable with each other. YR was really Shy when expressing her feelings for SD. Very brave. SD is ssssoooo touch /happy when YR finally accept him. Very special. loveyyyy

  153. WT Yap says:

    why no episode 27 hav been waiting from jus now 🙁

  154. Yay says:

    Thumps up to episode 27…… love it love it.SD was really jealous especially when he saw YR took QM home and take care of QM when he was sick. BUT thank goodness, YR accepted him this episode

  155. LOVEY says:

    Great to see YR dad try to let QM know….. “if you miss the opportunity… you have to move on”
    I think YR dad see how SD is a reliable/loving man for man for his daughter..

  156. ka says:

    whr episode 27 ?

  157. Serene150111 says:

    where to watch ep27?

  158. Jie Si says:

    where is ep27? i have been waiting for 1 hour. -.-

  159. chen says:

    Where did u all watch ep 27?

  160. Vicky Chan says:

    ah!! (: finally! whee! ^^ love ep 27! (: can’t wait to watch ep 28 next monday! (:

  161. Guest says:

    the downloading link for ep 19 and 20 dont work =(

  162. Aryumi_86 says:

    download link for ep 26 not working

  163. Guest says:

    what time does ep 28 comes out?

  164. Ayeu80 says:

    Waiting for ep 29……

  165. CTTV says:

    Episode 29 … I like Yi Ching when she told YR to be together with the person she like(SD). Do not feel guilty for rejecting QM.  Well said Yi Ching. Hope YR can understand that and stop feeling guilty.

  166. guest says:

    download link fpr ep 29 and 30 ??

  167. Emma24_xx says:

    YR and SD are so cute together!

  168. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the episodes of this TWdrama Love, Now. We hope that they enjoy on it.

  169. Marianne says:

    I have to find the English subs for the TWdrama Love, Now and i hope that they subbed on it.

  170. Hazel0ver says:

    why i can’t watch when i cilck the link?

  171. Guest says:

    I’ve only just started watching and was wondering which episode does Shi De finds out that Yi Ru is not sick?

  172. Guest says:


  173. Vi Vien Lim says:

    I DEEPLY In Love With This Drama Too…

  174. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Especially love to see the Main Cast, 藍仕德. He is so Cool and Handsome. Waiting for epi 35 anxiously 😛

  175. Tuyen Narime says:

    I really love the two starring Annie and Georgu,
    They are so perfect when standing next to each other.
    They really double.
    I love them very much and absolute support this movie!

  176. Tazdevilusa says:


  177. Guest says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely… Wonderful drama. Ichiban desu. George and Annie perfect together and such great actors.

  178. Marianne says:

    Do you have English subs? Then i have to find it.

  179. Marianne says:

    What a nice TWdrama for me.

  180. Stella says:

    I think d bad thing will b happen when Yi Ru probably can’t pregnant after the wedding since Shi De’s grandmom wants the baby badly.. That y, Shi De n Yi Ru separate n later get back together. Tis is bcoz there r 80 esp n his grandmom keep pushing them to hv baby. 

  181. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Waitng for epi 36!!!

  182. 123 says:

    y no description?!!!!

  183. jess says:

    Anyone know if there’s going to be an episode tomorrow since its New Years Eve?

    I guess I can answer my own question. According to SETTV, there wouldn’t be an episode on Monday. Episode 36 will air on Tuesday. (for those who are also wondering).

  184. Twochun says:

    today don’t have T^T

  185. Schumi1812 says:

    When can we watch the next episoxe 36 for love. Now

  186. mushrooms_aredisgusting says:

    on youtube

  187. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Where epi 36? I cant find.

  188. Jelly says:

    when will ep36 come out ? 12am ?

  189. Ivy Chan says:

    Can faster post 36 ep

  190. Ivy Chan says:

    Can anyone know y til now still no ep 36?

  191. Ivy Chan says:

    Can anyone tell me y ep36 not yet post?

  192. Rachel Lau39 says:

    Is ep36 coming out today ?

  193. kiki says:

    it is out already but we have to be patient with the poster who must be working hard on uploading it

  194. Anon says:

    OMG quick I’m waiting for epi 36!!!

  195. Ivy Chan says:

    Wat happen to 37 part 4 cannot see

  196. ahhhh he missing on his wedding day omg

  197. Queengame22 says:

    Annie & George really is perfect match. Good looks & good voice. can’t wait for the two to be involved in real life.

  198. Queengame22 says:

    Annie accept George. George accept Annie. I think you both share the same thing. The two of you love pets, both are comediane, even when get serious… you’re perfect together.

  199. Queengame22 says:

    The story is really hilarious, good & with sense of humor. good job for the script writer & also the director. Very promising & look forward for another drama love story for Annie & George, more serious roles together. please….

  200. Shaoyang368 says:

    Dear Sugoideas,  we are wondering if can please upload this drama in youtube format…can not watch since epi 15… Cry…   If possible can you pls  also make a youtube link…?  Thank you!

  201. Netpham162 says:

    Annie and Georgu,
    the two of you really so beautiful and perfect together:
    face, height,
    body. It is the most flawless beauty that we see. I watched a lot of film
    genres of many different countries and found several pairs of actors.
    But Annie and Georgu is two double beautiful actress and best we’ve seen. We love them very much,
    hope that they really are the same in reality.
    Thank directors and filmmakers have made ​​great pair and attractive movie

  202. gb says:

    Is there going to be an episode 2moro to replace the
    episode missed on 31/12/12?

    • jess says:

      I checked on the website and there isn’t an episode for their regular time slot. There are for other time slots, but I believe those are re-runs. 
      If anyone knows otherwise, please do let us know though! I was hoping to see more this week! 

  203. Guest says:

    Bobby Dou plays trouble everywhere he goes… He looks like a rascal and acts the part in many dramas… Must gave his birth mother early white hair while growing up… But, he IS good playing his roles.

  204. Debra Goh says:

    love this drama. 😀 

  205. Tnvudieuanh says:

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    pretty sweet. Annie perfect wedding dress. They are the perfect couple in the history of Taiwanese films, I love them.

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  207. Jack says:

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    • Tnvudieuanh says:

      I think annie and Georgu is the most beautiful couple in Taiwan. They made ​​us love this movie so much. They are perfect together

      • Guest says:

        HEAR YE HEAR YE… They not only look beautiful but also are great actors. Wish there are more actors like George Hu and Annie Chen in Taiwan, instead fillers like the other 80 episodes drama that’s currently running too.

        • Nethapt says:

          the box, the box!
          really lovely and very impressive. Any scenes with the couple SD, YR are very cute. Their
          faces radiant
          happiness. Georgu and Annie as is shown themselves rather than the role. I always
          wondered why
          Georgu and Annie could pretty perfectly with each other. Their faces every detail perfect, so sweet! I love the way YR mock gesture of SD. The
          eyes, nose and lips of their beautiful! I love them so much!

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  216. Netpham162 says:

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  217. Tuyen Narime says:

    Yes, Annie chen is pretty too. She is very cut with Georgu!

  218. Guest says:

    Love SD’s hairdo esp. after his new cut… unlike other actors’ that look just like HUGE combover, or are they wearing wig pieces. George and Annie are perfect together… Good looking and good acting.

  219. Netha says:

    Screenwriter, director of the movie is great. Now we see their creativity makes the 80th episode of the film becomes too short with us. Actually we are very interested to see the beauty of Annie and Georgu great. They are perfect together, very nice, very very nice. Acting very natural and attractive. Masculine beauty of Georgu combined with sweet beauty of the face, the body of Annie chen create amazing visual effects! They brighten our eyes by perfection

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    Noticed that George’s laughter in Episode 41 in the room and at the restaurant is so infectious!

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  228. Marianne says:

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  242. merryyao says:

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    Ep. 40 for Love, Now has been uploaded to the download center under the name of KO One II Episode 40

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  254. Aryael says:

    After the end of Ep 48 and the preview for Ep 49, can you now see the conflict that can possibily tear them apart? Eversince she got pregnant in Ep 43, I knew this is going to happen. If something too good is happening, something very bad is going to happen. Standard Taiwanese drama twist. This will make the 80 episode length logical.  🙂

    • says:

      but this one….its kind of different from all the other ones….which is good, so its something new that the audience will expect 🙂

  255. Vi Vien Lim says:

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  257. Aryael says:

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  264. smg says:

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  272. Mary says:

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  275. Marianne says:

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  276. Marianne says:

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  279. Aryael says:

    Aha! The twist at Ep55 coming! It is quite obvious that it will be Shi De. Perhaps cancer. Hence the title of this drama “Love, Now”. Happiness that is quite short lived?? Question is – will he live to see his own kid born? Lots of tears coming our way soon!! Tissue box ready!

    • smg says:


    • Ivyleaf~ says:

      im pretty sure its NOT going to be Shi De. because obviously him and CR are just friends and so im pretty sure she won’t have that kind of expression and alse in Ep54’s last preview it was when Qi Min’s mom came so i’m pretty sure its either Qi Min or his mom or even maybe yi ru but im pretty sure its NOT Shi De. and it is not quite obvious. they also said ultrasound so yeah. another hint. we’ll just need to wait till monday.

      • Ang says:

        I think its shi de too:

        1. He was having headache at work
        2. He had body check
        3. He was taking medication
        4. Preview showed him and yi ru laughing
        5. Yi ru said she and the baby will both need him now

        They added qi min also maybe to make it less obvious and increase anticipation 🙂

  280. Sparky says:

    I think SD is the one falling ill but hope the story goes whereby his illness will be cured in the end to see his child born and live happily ever after.  Guess the writer must create some emotions for the show coz live is also not bed of roses all the time.

  281. Sophia Zhu says:

    is this drama any good?!??!?! i never watched anythin over 35 eps 0.0 theres a lot of tdramas tht are ova 80 eps nowadays… i decided i want 2 try but is this good?? or any other suggestions??? -x

    • guest says:

      It’s the best among all taiwan drama. No regrets.

    • SHOW <3 says:


    • Lynn6 says:

      You will absolutely love this drama with no regret…for those of us who are captivated with this drama, we will probably re-watch some episodes…this is easy to watch and the whole cast is great. But of course it is the incredible acting by George Hu and Annie Chen that keeps us wanting more!

  282. SHOW <3 says:


  283. jessica says:

    if SD is the one that falls ill, then the storyline will be more interesting, will expect more sweet, loving and touching scenes along the way rather than QM or QM’s mum. if it is not SD, the entire storyline will turn to focus on the 2nd lead, QM instead. it will be a disappointment for viewers. wish to expect more stories from the lead couples of this drama.

  284. Guest says:

    omg. i really hope it is not shi de. it would be so sad.. i need episode 55 NOW. 

  285. Liliehuang says:

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    I need next ep,55 please ,,

  286. njones says:

    Does anyone know the schedule for next week, since Chinese New Years starts during the weekend?

  287. jessica says:

    never expect YR is the one who diagnosed. don’t tell me this drama is just like any other ordinary HK drama which is whether she has to go for abortion or to keep the baby risking the mother’s life..i don’t quite agree with CR to reveal the report personally to YR instead of calling in the husb as well. dr usually will want the spouse to be present as the person tt diagnosed may not be able to accept the reality/ ridiculous to explain it to the patient without the presence of the husb/wife…quite disappointed with this as initially the storyline was great…(sorry no offence as this is just my perception cos such incident did happen to my own sibling)

    • Guest says:

      It is just a drama and the script writer probably needed new stories lines since this drama is 80 episodes long.

    • Aryael says:

      yes, jessica. u r right. she will have to choose between baby or a surgery or chemotheraphy that may safe her life. i think she choose keeping the baby knowing full well how everyone is waiting for the baby. because of this she will be in conflict with her husband who may choose for her to abort and save her life. to add more conflict into it, if she choose to abort, she may never be able to have kids anymore due to treatment. if the story follow what is depicted in the ending OST, then her ‘time’ would run out and she will ‘disappear’ (meaning she will die), leaving SD alone. the whole drama keeps remind us to the time factor and the title of the drama “Love,Now” indicates that you must treasure what you have now for you will never know when it will be taken away from you.

      • jessica says:

        hi, thanks for your reply to my msg..base on your information, this will be a sad ending story then. suppose to be a sweet & loving couple. there’s a comment mentioned that they adopted a baby boy so which is true or it is just a guess? anyway, i hope this drama is exceptional, nobody dies…

  288. Puppy says:

    I guess it’s going a full circle to the beginning when YR was supposed to have cancer and how the family will deal with this..

  289. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Hi, please download usual version. Thanks.

  290. njones says:

    I’ve been watching each episode as it goes along, but I think I’m going to have to stop now and see how it ends.  I can’t bare to sit back and watch her die.  That’s too heartbreaking. 🙁

    • jessica says:

      yes, me too. i will now stop watching til i know the ending. a drama with full of bonding among family members, lovers n friends turns into such a sad storyline instead. i thought this will be a great drama. y has to be YR when she’s so protective by the husband n worst the husb is not aware of her illness (always happens in HK drama). understand it is only a drama but i thought this drama is unlike others. quite disappointed with how the story goes now. 下一站幸福 lead actor also diagnosed with brain tumour but it has a pretty good storyline…sorry to those that love this drama, no offence but is sad to watch it. i love this drama frm the beginning too.

    • Hmm says:

      I had stopped since Monday….. just reading reviews and fast forward 90% of the last few episodes

  291. Gigi_tsl says:

    I agree this is getting to be too depressing to watch… 

  292. Nethapt says:

    Hello, I would like you – a great audience favorite film Love now. I live
    in Vietnam
    and movies via the Internet. Please do not be too painful, and soon disappointed with the ending of the film.Hope you
    continue to support and love love for YR / AC and SD / GH. I think
    life is not
    always roses and smiles. It
    has all the pain and tears. It is
    important that our faith and hope to overcome the pain. Be patient to see them together how to overcome this difficulty, there is also a lesson for us all right. I
    think the length of the 54 episodes, we were feeling a lot of different events in the lives of the characters: sadness, joy, failure is not too harsh but all is
    resolved smoothly. The cast
    and crew made ​​the film had a very hard time. Now it is time something goes wrong and it’s
    time they
    really need our support and help. Be patient and continue to love and support them to you then, I
    believe the movie will have a good ending for the characters that we love.

  293. Tuyen Narime says:

    Yes, I agree with Netha, life is
    always so
    happy not only smile but tears, tears of hope, we have faith after overcoming difficulties. I believe this is still a great movie, think about the surprise that the filmmaker has given us. I believe YR and SD will happily after overcoming these difficulties. The message of the film is Love Now, to
    love and appreciate what’s there, no one can be immortal so please take the time, love and never lose faith in love. Annie has made remarkable progress in acting. She is not only beautiful,
    but also very talented. I love beautiful images, thin but extremely strong her in character YR. I love the expression of SD while holding her hand, watching his wife’s mood as they walk in the park. Two tall, slender
    face expression of two different moods. I really did not blink when looking at them. AC
    and GH they are so beautiful and perfect together, I have a feeling they face the same clay creation with many similarities, beautiful perfect smile – the lines express happiness, sadness. I and families too love them and continue to support them and the movie.

  294. Schumi1812 says:

    After watching the episode 56 last night I really feel sad cannot sleep , I know it’s only a drama but it really affected us, hope that after this difficulties happening in there life I believe she will survive because of the faith and love by her husband and families, hope the ending will be a good one because I don’t like sad ending , it’s really heart broken , can’t help really to feel so depress today

  295. this could be one of the worst things they could now drop on us it was so happy untill this news came about and then boom it feels like being on top of the world dropped to the bottom

  296. Schumi1812 says:

    I agree with you minflower Chen it’s like a bomb which can destroy all our happiness in just one click

  297. Mjkaki00 says:

    There is no download link to Love Now ep 40

  298. Ayeu80 says:

    Where is ep 57.

  299. Tuyen Narime says:

    My God, Annie chen, she
    cried continuously throughout the length of the episode, tears of real pain. Annie acting excellence. She was great, she made ​​us cry not stop, sob, how to express feelings. This is her episode to shine really. We are
    very impressed
    and proud of Annie chen!!

  300. jessica says:

    alright is predicted that they will have conflict ,,well, just like any other drama..keep baby risk her own life but did she realize the person standing behind her suffers the most..has to be understanding, endure her swing of mood,…is mentally torture..i have no comment on AC as she’s acting in accordance to the script. i like her very much too. didnt the script writer has any other better and meaningful storyline rather than this which is so commonly seen in many dramas. love now has been started off so well with its storyline but … upset with this which makes me forwarding most of the scenes…just to watch the preview…what a waste as both the lead roles r great actors…

  301. Marianne says:

    I love this episode and i love it.

  302. Marianne says:

    Do you have the English subs? I have to subbed this TWdrama Love, Now on D-Addicts so that they want to subbed this TWdrama. I need your help to you.

  303. Marianne says:

    I really love this TWdrama and i love this series for me.

  304. Marianne says:

    I know that they subbed thuis TWdrama because they have to work on it.

  305. Marianne says:

    I know that they subbed this TWdrama because they have to work on it..

  306. Sweetdreamlz says:

    I just started watching this drama, up to ep 5 now. Just some un-answer questions running in my head. So, what happened to the main character “work trip” while he was there, it seem that since he lost his suitcase, met the main gal, everything was all about her?!? Wasnt he on the trip for a reason.  Anyway, then after they got married, he was debating .. about what? Was he really a gentleman not want to go further step with her OR he was worry about catching her “sickness” if they proceed?  I just wanna said, most case in real life WOULD NEVER happen!!!? And of course the fact that how he can be sooo deeply in love with her?! Only want her and no one else.  George Hu acting has really indeed improved so much! He, like everyone said looks really good now too!!! Remind me of Wu Chun!! haha. I cant imagine this episode will be 80 total. WOW. 

    • smg says:

      keep watching and you will find out 🙂

    • Lynn6 says:

      Continue watching…you will grow to like this drama…GH and AC great acting are worth watching but actually the entire cast is great and easy to watch.  At episode 58 now, those of us who love this drama does not want it to end.

  307. Gigi_tsl says:

    Indeed best drama … Best Actor and Best Actress… Best casting members…. 

  308. Ayeu80 says:

    Where will ep 59 be out?

  309. Susan Lee2 says:

    I love this drama.  I have been following episode by episode.  I love Annie Chen.  I have watched all her other dramas.  By far, this is the best one.

  310. Rebecca says:

    your comments made me lose interest about this drama.. i thought it would be another loveydovey story ~.~ if that’s not the case, i think i rather stop whatching it… maybe i’ll wait until i know the ending hehe

  311. Aryael says:

    I would like to ask why is it that ppl always insist that a good drama is one with a good ending? I prefer a drama with a good storyline and a logical ending which follows the storyline. If she dies, she dies. The entire story has a good flow and rationale to it. If she survives, she survives – but it must be done in such a way that it is ‘natural’ for her to survive and not a ‘forced’ happy ending just to please audiences who cannot accept a sad ending. The title clearly states the intent of the drama. Cherish what you have now for you know not what will happen in the future. Btw, I heard this drama is ending in early March. It will not go up to 80 eps. After the break for Chinese New Year, there are only a few more episodes to go. Wonder how it would end….

    • Sandra says:

      exactly. There’s this saying in mandarin : “life is exactly as shown in drama series ” and ” drama series reflects life”. even if it is a sad ending  and yiru passes away, at least this reflects reality. In reality , there are cases like this.

  312. Lilian Lim2008 says:

    May I know after the end of love now drama, is there any new drama by annie Chen n George hu.? They are really good actor n actress as they hv a lot of chemistry. Hope to hear the food news soon. Than u

  313. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Aiyo…. Keep crying all the way. . . i am waiting for the happy moments between YR and SD with a happy ending :))

  314. IMHO says:

    After watching the last 3 eps I just have an urge to slap YR cuz she’s acting spoilt and all! No doubt she’s torn between tough decisions but her actions and expressions are all of a spoilt kid who just wants people to give in to her… kudos to Annie Chen for playing that role very well… 

    • Spirtweaver says:

      nobody ‘s at fault in this case. It ‘s a matter of different stands and perception. ” Yiru “wished to safeguard her child in hope that if all else fails, and if she’s lucky enough to be able to give birth to a healthy child, at least this child would be able to accompany ” shide” and her father. At least her child would be able to give her husband and her father a will to live on and be strong.

      There’s no guarantee that she would be able to live on for years even if she is successful in her treatment. I have a relative who live on for 5 years after her operation and treatment was successful yet the cancer relapse during the 6th year and she passed away.

  315. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Hi,  I cant watch Epi 60 Part 1. Kept watching half way, it stops.

  316. Cheers says:

    Is such a hard decision. Great storyline I must say!!!
    This just show that guys are more of a problem solver. 

  317. Ling says:

    This is a good time for all the actors and the actresses to showcase their acting skills with the introduction of yiru falling sick.

    Up till now, kudos to all the actors and actresses . They have did a good job in portraying all the characters in this drama.

    George , Annie and the man acting as ‘ Yiru ‘s father ( father yang) did a good job. Their ‘crying ‘ skills have  touched many people watching this drama ( I believed).

    Annie ‘s crying and acting skills have certainly improved tremendously since ” INBORN PAIR”. Her acting skills seem so natural.

    The actors and actresses’ acting skills makes it seem as if they are our friends and we are accompanying them through this ordeal.

  318. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Cant wait to see all episodes til 80. . . I only wants happy and loving moments between SD and YR.

  319. angela says:

    there are only about 71 episodes. so 9 more to go. I hope it’s a good happy ending.

  320. Marianne says:

    Please help to subed this TWdrama Love, Now and i have to watch it.

  321. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs, please…

  322. Marytan008 says:

    Does anyone know if George Hu and Annie Chen are together now in real life?

  323. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Why today no epi 64?

  324. Vi Vien Lim says:

    Thanks for uploading Epi 64 (:

  325. Aryael says:

    Too draggy. Just get to the gist of the story already! Either Annie lives or die.

  326. Marianne says:

    I love this episode for me.

  327. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs, please help us.

  328. Allen says:

    english sub please

  329. drey says:

    im only at ep 34 and i already feel like killing the Lan females for their overacting.

    esp the grandmother. like seriously, never seen anyone act with that sort of childish temperament that pisses the hell outta me.

    • Lynn6 says:

      Dont fret….continue watching…just skip the bits that you really cannot stand watching. Overall…this drama is one of the best in 2012 and early 2013 if not THE BEST in my view.

      • guest says:

        I do agree. It’s the best Taiwanese drama in 2012 and early 2013. Most actors and actress are so natural in their acting and you really look forward for the next episode 。。。。

        • Guest says:

          Since 2001… Find another Taiwan drama with comparable acting, script, and directing. George and Annie are also soooo good looking and compatible. Haven’t seen another drama since 2001 where the two leads are so dynamic, natural and compatible. GH and AC are sooo natural in their acting, never felt forced. GH and AC RULE Taiwan drama series… Sooo talented in acting and can sing and dance too.

  330. Dessyho77 says:

    it will end soon. what should we watch after this one?

  331. Vvienlim says:

    Waiting for epi 67 anxiously . . . 

  332. dAn says:

    68 几点上载?

  333. <3 Show says:

    68!!!!! SO ANXIOUS!! 

  334. Essie says:

    waiting for epi 68

  335. lolhi says:

    watching this cause of Bobby Dou from Ti Amo Chocolate lol so excited 😀

  336. Ivy Chan Xd says:

    Waiting 69

  337. Amaliahermawan03 says:

    Why no epi 67 on you tube?

  338. lolhi says:

    episode 3 and starting to love the storyline already! 

  339. bibi says:

    When will be the epi 70?

  340. Tri_lik says:

    51 now. Chinese language.

  341. Tri_lik says:

    Bagus bagus bagus nonton

  342. Marianne says:

    Please subbed this TWdrama Love, Now on D-Addicts, i want to subbed on it.

  343. Marianne says:

    I love this TWdrama for me.

  344. ZLon Koh says:

    next episode 71 finale lo…sad

  345. Lws Irene says:

    Anyone knows whether Ep 71 will be uploaded tonight?

  346. dAn says:

    71 last episode ??
    Sad :((

  347. Joanna says:

    where is ep 71??

  348. Ivy Chan Xd says:

    Elim y u know 72 is last ep

  349. :(( says:

    Last ep 72 on 5 Mar & last 幕後花絮 behind the scenes on 完全娛樂 on 4 Mar as stated on drama’s facebook. Latest pics looks like sad ending….idk..go see for yourself..

  350. :(( says:

    There’s a pic now on facebook where SD kissing his daughter..shes so cute! Have to wait to see if its happy or sad ending…1 more hour till its up here……:p

  351. Ivy_lrst says:

    why i can’t watch from episode 45 on wards…??? 

  352. Vvienlim says:

    At Youtube only episode 71-2 and 71-3….Where is 71-1 and 71-4??

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    • Aryael says:

      He’s in a coma and is living in a dream world where he thinks that YR is dead and they have a daughter. The scene in the school where he woke and YR spoke to him, she said that he is her beloved husband and she is confident that he is able to overcome this. She then told him to please wake up, which puzzled him. In reality, she survived the accident and had delivered. The nurse came to tell her that it was time to feed the baby and as she was about to leave to care for her baby, he called out to her while in his coma. She turned in surprise and hope…. that ends episode 71. Seriously, the title of this drama “Love,Now” says it all. The writer will throw every possible barriers to a happy ending to both of them – from misunderstanding to cancer to accident. This is to depict that in life, these things can happen to anyone of us. For now, just love your loved ones and cherish the time you have together.  🙂 As for the ending…..after all they have been through together, I have a feeling that it may turn out to be a good ending for all.

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