Man . Boy / 小孩大人

Man . Boy / 小孩大人
Lee Wei, Lee Kang Yee, Tender Huang, Yvonne Yao, Penber, Lucas Lo
Broadcast Year:2012-05-12
English Subtitle:No
始於一樁智慧財產的掠奪事件,但在故事的發展與演變過程,卻幽微地內化為人與人之間自覺或不自覺的掠奪與占有,那或許正是法國精神分析大師雅各.拉岡說的「慾望黑洞」,各種令人費解的人類行為底下,交織著各種慾望磁場。 無論多麼複雜的慾望黑洞,也無論它帶來什麼樣的複雜因果,人類終究必須透過本身的主動作為,展開一場救贖行動。而它最終或許都可回歸到最單純的抉擇,最單純的善念。誠如本劇的劇名:《小孩.大人》,最終,透過這對父子之間最純粹的愛,他們救贖了自己,也救贖了別人。

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  1. MJ says:

    See the word Description and underneath is a rectangular shape box and inside this box is written Chinese.  I wish someone would translate the description of  Man . Boy / 小孩大人 which is written in Chinese and translate it to English.  Hoping someone who is bilingual who can speak English and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), read written Chinese and write in Chinese to do the translation to English.  I believe your translation is better than using the ones found on the internet (For example: Google Translate and Bing Translator.  By using Google Translate or Bing Translator, the translation of the Chinese description into English will not grammatically make sense at all.). Thanks for your hard work if you do this.

    • Pearl says:

      well it really means adult and kid, so the dad never wanted to tell the kid he was his father in the beginning cause he was a runner on the loose, so he tells the kid to call him adult and he calls the child ‘kid’, even though they do have a father and son relationship

      • Pearl says:

        of course, taking it to a further extent, u see the kid’s interaction with the various adults in the film and see the difference between their worlds etc etc

  2. Alice says:

    Lee Wei!!! Woo hoo… My most favorite actor. I’m in for this series. Can’t wait to watch it.

  3. jewels says:

    Why still no first ep ~~ Waiting ~~~

  4. Pearl says:

    lol it’s like they are trying to copy hunger games XD

    • Daydreamer0022001 says:

      How is this like Hunger Games? This isn’t about a bunch of kids trying to kill each other for survival. 

      • Pearl says:

        it is at some parts if u see the connections–> in the woods, lee wei hides himself in the woods by laying on the ground like peeta, they are in a competition killing each other off for the prize? it doesn’t have to be EXACTLY like the hunger games, but u can see the similarities iff you look hard enough

        • IdiotsAreEverywhere says:

          I find it funny when most people compare things to Twilight or Hunger Games. There were  many stories before Hunger Games that depict kids fighting each other for survival. In the Hunger Games they were forced. If they didn’t fight, they would die. At least fighting would give them a chance to survive. In this drama, they fight for money. Completely different objective. Please think before you make comparisons.

          • HatersAreEverywhere (Pearl) says:

            I never said they weren’t fighting for money. I said that they were fighting for a ‘prize’. Hypothetically, a prize for be anything, rather it is fame, money, or life. I was comparing it on a figurative level. And plus, who wouldn’t want to make a forest film when hunger games is like on the top of the box office now? Didn’t you see the preview and how they said 80% of the drama is gonna be filmed in the woods? I’m only writing down some of the similarities I see. You don’t have to agree=.=”’

          • Pearl says:


          • Pearl says:

            and just so you know, 
            thinkers over analyze nearly everything..and create clouded judgement in situations that are clear…

          • Pearl says:

            I think you should be thinking more before you diss other people’s comments

          • Guest says:

            if you are really a creator, you would know that how stupid and impolite your claim is. It is very frustrating for a creator to hear someone say that your work is similar to something else that is completely different. Hunger game sets in a fantasy world that the heroin and her people are consider less then human and have to kill each others for survival because someone else think this is entertaining. Where as in this drama, the main point is not that the father and the son is being chased and they have to fight for survival, but that truth is often different from what is appeared on the surface and justice comes only when we are unassuming. the hunters are a small, or even unimportant part of this drama, what is at focus is how justice is being undermined by the powerful, the media, the public, and us simply because we thought we know the truth and have the right to condemn. Learn to read stories, please, you lack the skill. If you dont learn to read the real meanings behind stories you are missing out a lot in your life. 另外,如果你熟知台灣這幾年的司法、人權、新聞媒體現狀,你就會了解這部戲劇的編劇的用意為何,你可以繼續固執,可是為了一部你好像不太喜歡也讀不懂意涵的戲劇和我們吵對你好像也划不來?請離開並把這塊園地留給我們討論吧。

          • Pearl says:

            The last time I checked, this is a free zone to express whatever you like. If you are so kin on making this a show discussion board only, then make it restricted to members only or something like viki or youtube=.=”’ As far as I am concerned, I can speak talk whatever I want. Hint Hint That is what internet allows you to do . 你懂不懂自由发表啊?

          • Pearl says:

            I thought this was a free zone

          • Pearl says:

            if you are so concerned with your drama discussions then make this a members only like youtube or viki, then people who care enough or actually comment

          • Pearl says:

            it is so dumb how you people are arguing over one comment=.= 你懂不懂自由发表啊?

          • Pearl says:

            HatersAreEverywhere >.<

  5. Marianne says:

    I love this drama for me.

  6. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs for the TWdrama Man Boy, i have to find it.

  7. Allison says:

    This series is interesting; full of mysteries. The 2 main leads, the man and the boy are both act very well.

  8. Allison says:

    This series is interesting; full of mysteries. The 2 main leads, the man and the boy are both act very well.

  9. Pearl says:

    aka hunger games XDD

    • April says:

      wtf is wrong with you?! coming back like everyday saying so stupid and senseless.It’s a original story intends to discuss completely different themes with hunger game. 死白目。

      • Pearl says:

        I thought this was a free zone=.=

        • Pearl says:

          it is so dumb how you people are arguing over one comment=.= 你懂不懂自由发表啊?

          • Pearl says:

            if you guys don’t like someone’s comments can you at least give the courtesy to not diss it? this is why I don’t like fan sites/ forums. People get so upset over one comment. And this comment isn’t even mean or anything. It’s just an observation for goodness sake!

          • Pearl says:

            and just so you know, people can do whatever they want on the internet=.=”’ I can come back everyday and write a comment if I want=.=”’ if I spam the wall everyday, you still can’t do anything about it=.=”’ it’s called a freedom of speech=.=”

          • Shut the fuck up . says:

            Dude, shut the hell up .. no one like you judging over other dramas anyways so just stop posting those useless comments and just get a life .

          • Pearl says:

            I never said you couldn’t dislike me; I was just saying that everyone has their opinions. I am a bit upset because people are targeting their opinions on other people’s opinions—> that’s judging. I only commented. I didn’t diss >.<
            And please don't use curse words. We all know that , THat's what people use when they know they have nothing else good to say=.='''' and is failing with their arguments

          • Pearl says:

            and by the way; this is a drama site; people watch dramas and comment; that is what they do when they have free time in their life, it’s not because they don’t have a life. Don’t you think it is a bit hyprocritical to tell someone to get a life and stop judging/commenting on these post   and write useless comments when you are the one doing it?

          • Pearl says:

            Srsly, drop it guys, it’s like a month old comment and PLEASE don’t reply or post anything on here again because I am not coming back to read them. I have finished this drama awhile now and I DON’t want to come back to argue w/ u guys anymore=.=”” so stupid

          • 123 says:

             well if you think this is a “free zone” then we’re also free to dislike you.

        • Pearl says:

          if you guys are so hung over on making this a drama discussion board only then why do you guys request the site makers to make this a members only discussion board like youtube or viki? then, only the people who care enough to register will comment=.=”’

    • E04 says:

      If this drama copied hunger games, then hunger games must have copied “Battle Royale”(大逃殺). Which contains a much greater similarity, kill to survive, must kill all, bags of weapons you receive at the beginning, characters falling in love, lovers don’t die. I think, you are the ignorant one.

  10. Pearl says:

    OMG the little boy is so kawaii!

  11. Mabel says:

    Man . Boy / 小孩大人 / Xiao Hai Da Ren

    The Synopsis:

    A suspected wife killer went into hiding and raised his son in the wilderness without any contact to the outside world. When they were brought back to civilization by a girl and a cop, they have a hard time readjusting to society. 

    The Cast:

    Lee Kang Yi as Xiao Meng Feng 蕭孟楓
    Lee Wei as Lin Zhen Sheng 林振昇
    Tender Huang as Fang You Long 方又龍
    Yvonne Yao as Xiang Xin Yu 江欣瑜
    Luo Xuan Ming (駱炫銘) as Boy 
    Pan Bo Xi (潘柏希) as Kuku 酷酷
    Fu Lei (傅雷飾) as Xia Yong Jun 夏永鈞
    Wang Kai (王凱) as Xia Xun Tao 夏迅濤
    Yao Yi Ti (姚以緹) as Xia Xiu Min 夏秀敏
    Meng Ting Li (孟庭麗) as Yan Xing Fang 顏幸芳

  12. Pearl says:

    the actress is a pretty good actress, although I haven’t seem her films, lei wei I know is good, seen a lot of him, the police detective guy I know was gonna get a lot of films b/c he was good looking in that cooking drama =.=”

    • Mcsc Chong says:

      Totally agree! A GREAT drama. The boy is so cute and acting good, of course Li Wei…. He is such a damn good actor

  13. Pearl says:

    astronomy paid off! hehe

  14. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs, please help it to find it.

  15. Marianne says:

    Such a nice family drama for  me.

  16. Theeamericancheese says:

    hi, can you guy please update the download links for this? want ep 5 and 6 so i can watch it on tv 🙂

  17. Daydreamer says:

    Anyone know where I can find English subs for this drama??

  18. Pearl says:

    lol in the end, girl’s rule the world 

  19. Pearl says:

    lol in the end, girl’s rule the world 

  20. Marianne says:

    Thanks for watching the TWdrama and thanks for all of you.

  21. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs for the TWdrama Man Boy, thanks.

  22. Guest says:

    super recommend this drama 🙂

  23. QQ says:

    This is a great drama, much much better than the ones currently air…….

  24. Pearl says:

    5 stars luv the plot

  25. Guest says:

    好看的一部戲   不知道版大可不可以也上傳公視今年另外一部好片”歌謠風華 初聲 “呢?謝謝

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