Palace 2 / 宫锁珠帘

Palace 2 / 宫锁珠帘
Du Chun, Mickey He, Yuan Shan Shan, Zhang Jia Ni, Shu Chang, Feng Shao Feng, Yang Mi, Wei Qian Xiang, Tanny Tien, Hai Lu, Zhao Li Ying, Sun Fei Fei, Chen Xiao, Wang Lin, Yang Rong, Bai Bing, Xue Jia Ning, Ma Wen Long, Wayne Wang, Jiang Rui Jia, Ken Tong, Liu Bin
Broadcast Year:2012-01-20
English Subtitle:No

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  1. AJP says:

    Thank you so much Sugoideas for your upload. Eternally Grateful. Please continue to upload Gong 3 next year ”

  2. Thanks says:

    YESSSS! Thanks uploader! I love you for adding this drama 🙂

  3. Amylin says:


  4. inheavengirl says:

    omgeeeee, im soo surprised!!

  5. T-Drama says:

    yang mi and feng shao feng appear only in the first ep right guys? 

  6. 123 says:

    been waiting for so long!!!!!!! thx so much sugoideas!

  7. Hahara8 says:

    I dont’ get it….did the girl go back in time???

  8. HaemeePark21 says:

    Does this air every Friday 2 episodes?

  9. Pearl says:

    And I thought Gong 1 was bad! 0 stars!

  10. AznGurlThtLoveDramas says:

    uhhhh….i wanted yang mi to continue this series 🙁

  11. inheavengirl says:

    i thing yangmi is going to be in it also…but very brief and not only just in ep 1. the reason is bc i saw sum cuts where yang mi is getting ready to act but is wearing diff ancient clothing…plus in the ending theme song, there is a scene where yangmi is in there

    • Sher says:

      She’s likely going to act as Hua Ying, the girl who impesonated Qing Chuan in Gong 1. The pd made Hua Ying come back to live. 
      But I’m sad Feng Shao Feng is not appearing in more eps, cuz in an interview the pd said Feng Shao Feng can only give him 3 days of filming schedule and cannot shave his head, so he will just be a cameo role…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is this a 
     continuation of palace 1?

  13. Twtw5566p says:


  14. Amyareken says:

    i actually wanted gong 2 to be about yangmi and fengshao in the present time

  15. nestea98 says:

    When does the next ep come out? 

  16. Wi says:

    ehh.. so the 17th ah ge and Yongzheng is the tv show that the girl is acting or is it showing the past? But since it’s the actual Yongzheng then shouldnt be tv show but the actual past right?

  17. Yuri458 says:

    will ep 5 and 6 be uploaded today

  18. Guest says:

    i also really want to know, are episode 5 and 6 gonna be uploaded today, or is it not broadcasting due to lunar new year?

  19. Olivia Tran says:

    omg you guys are the best! thanks! i was wondering if this series was going to be here! AWESOME! THANKS!

  20. Zlolita70 says:

    its not bad.. tho ep1 is confusing…

  21. Macademialove says:

    episode 5 and 6 when coming? Very nice and I cant wait to watch it!

  22. nestea98 says:

    Where are the new episodes? 

  23. Yuri458 says:

    omg, where is ep 5 and 6, hv been waiting ever since yesterday, can’t wait any longer

  24. inheavengirl says:

    HEY GUYS! ep 5 is on youtube! here is the link, it says ep 6 cuz it’s most likely tv version n we are prob watching the guessing. anyway, enjoy n gong hey fat choi!

  25. inheavengirl says:

    ughh, it won’t let me post the link…it has to be approved.. anyway, just go to the youtube channel..JadedSapphires

  26. cclee56 says:

    Hope 6&7 are uploaded tmrw

  27. AznGurlThtLoveDramas says:


  28. Yuri458 says:

    now where is ep 7 and 8 ><++

  29. klaroline says:

    you guys should just watch it on youtube if u want faster updates sumtimes….there’s ep 7 n 8 on sum youtube channels

  30. Artemis Solaris says:

    if u want faster in hunan tv today in epsd 9+10

  31. Minsyunglee35 says:

    Watch on Tudou for faster uploads

    • dramadrama says:

      tudou says the video is not available outside of china or something 🙁

    • Omgai257 says:

      Tudou is the dumbest thing ever. Back then we get to watch EVERYTHING no matter what it is and now we can’t watch shyt there, it always say that we can’t watch it.

    • Ai says:

      Tudou is the dumbest thing ever. Back then we get to watch EVERYTHING no matter what it is and now we can’t watch shyt there, it always say that we can’t watch it.

  32. Suki1819 says:

    THZ for uploading regularly !!

  33. AznGurlThatLoveDramas says:

    YESSS!!!! LOTS OF EPISODES!!…tooo bad i cant watch it yet 🙁

  34. Sailorgirl686 says:

    Is it me or is this way too similar to the other one (Bu Bu Jing Xin aka Startled by Each Step)? I mean this one is basically a story within a story… but they are so similar in that all the female lead wants is to live a stable life in the palace…..

    • Hahara8 says:

      It’s quite similar with Zhen Huan Juan as well….

    • Aliciaatann says:

      I personally don’t think so. The female lead does not come from the future and plus her heart at this point of time still lies with 17th. So my guess is.. she wants get out of the palace and never come back to face 17th and his wife. (:

    • smileyy says:

      i think its similar. because she first loves 17tht prince , but then will fall in love with the emperor. and it seems like some how the emperor will lose trust in her. she even loses her baby… 

  35. AnGel says:

    no episodes on friday right?

  36. BB says:

    usually what time episodes be uploaded???

  37. Khoojianing says:

    I am dying to see the new episodes~ AHHH

  38. Glory says:

    I have to admit that in the beginning it wasn’t that attractive. It would never be as good at palace 1. However after watching a few more episodes, palace 2 is getting more and more interesting.

    Thanks for uploading!

  39. guziii says:

    no episode 14??

  40. Yuri458 says:

    where is ep 14, impatiently waiting 🙁

  41. asnanime says:

    waiting for a new episode is pure torture! TT_TT

  42. Glory says:

    Why are the uploading time different every time? >:O

  43. Kutijenn says:

    there’s another version of the story. similar with the same xi gui fei and her romance with the 17th prince. the same 4th prince who became king. the same xi gui fei who went into nunnery and then came back into the palace to take revenge.

  44. ahcat says:

    ARR where is ep 14??

  45. Kkkkkk says:

    love this programme soooo much hope they have palace3 lol~~^^

  46. nestea98 says:

    Where are the new eps?

  47. Yuri458 says:

    are there no airing of ep 15 and 16 today? why is it not uploaded yet. 

  48. Sandyli92 says:

    I really hate the 17th prince’s wife. She is the one that gets ling Er into all these trouble

  49. Bvonney says:

    Does this Drama have everyday??

  50. guestzz says:

    FengMi only appear in ep 1?

  51. Elizabeth says:

    Does the any episode come out today?!

  52. hello kitty says:

    Does the episode come out today?!
    I’m still waitinG!!! -.-“

  53. Zhenghong94 says:

    Do episodes come out on sundays?

  54. Yong.L says:

    For some reason I really don’t care much for the 17th prince … he gets on my nerves. He and his family should leave Lian’er alone. They did some many awful things to her and still have the nerve to ask her for help??? You kidding me!!!  I really hope Lian’er and the Emperor remain together they make a good couple. 

    • Sandyli92 says:

      I agree with you. I really detest that couple. Lian’er’s friend gets on my nerve too because she i going to betray her and be a couple with the emperor.

      • Aimikomi says:

        Yeah Yu Shu supposedly was to be her great friend, but I guess she got jealous and decided to go for the emperor and became a consort. However I do believe the emperor’s most love is Lian Er.

    • nestea98 says:

      but its really all jiajia’s fault.  

      • Yong.L says:

        Actually I find that the fault lies not with JiaJia whom has no power over who dictates her life but rather the 17th prince who despite the influence from many factors made the decision in the end. Had he not done so none of this would have happened. Looking further you could also argue that the 17th prince’s mother was at fault to because she used her power to influence her son to make the decision. In the end both JiaJia and Lian’er are victims in this game of “love”…

  55. Guest says:

    this show is finally doing justice to 4! 🙂 

  56. Klaroline says:

    hey, if any of you guys wanna watch a new yang mi drama go to maplestage(dot)com. she’s romanced with lau hawick

  57. Ai says:

    linger and the emperor really makes a good couple

  58. Aimikomi says:

    It seems Yu Shu has her eyes on the emperor now slowly, tsk tsk not good

  59. J-oanne says:

    where r the subssss ;o

  60. Aki says:

    I skiped the first few ep, and I am so lazy to go back and watch those…I was wondering if someone could tell me why the 4th princes dislikes the 17th prince and his mother …?

    • guest says:

      the 4th heard the conversation between his mother and the 17th on the date he became the emperor. his mother told 17th that the reason she agreed 4th to be empror is because she thought the 4th would protect the 17th once he became emperor.  So the 4th thought his mother likes the 17th more than like him, he is just the protection tool for them in palace.

  61. Sersky88 says:

    I watch the preview. Actually if you love someone, you should trust that person. The king doesnt even trust LianEr. The king think LianEr and 17th prince got relationship. Plus, he believe LianEr slept with 17th prince in next ep. haizzzzzzzzzzzz….
    The king should know LianEr well

  62. Guest says:

    When comes ep 23 out?

  63. drey says:

    what time do you usually post your eps???

  64. jolly says:

    we are waiting for ep23 D:

  65. Naiwin18 says:

    can’t wait until tomorrow!!

  66. Mel says:

    ooh my… 27 & 28 ling er will have a miscarriage and go to the temple… : ( 

  67. Kutijenn says:

    omg why does the 17th’s wife always go look for lan’er? -.- gosh!

  68. Amy says:

    waiting for ep 27 🙂

  69. drey says:

    omg its out! 430am here xp

  70. Guest says:

    but Xi Fei eventually gives birth to Qianlong, so lian er must have gone back into Forbidden City, right?

    • zoe says:

      in real history, qianlong was just her stepson, his mother was a ladies. on the other hand, the borning of qianlong was before kangxi death, and for this drama, kangxi has died. it means that qianlong has borned.

      • Thuchen says:

        actually i am sure he is xi fei’s son though i gotta agree with you that qianlong is born when kangxi was still the emperor…btw…wasn’t there some rumor that kangxi quite liked this grandson or something like this….well nevermind…

    • Guest says:

      but the thing is, she returns to yongzheng eventually, right? i hope it is a happy ending…

  71. Guest says:

    looking at the previews.. i think lian er and yong zheng emperor will not be together in the end?… haiix if sad ending i dont want to watch liao lerx… 🙁

    • Lady DD says:

      In the begining, Qing Chuan said that she wanted to give the emperor different ending.  I guess a good ending for the king and lian’ er .

  72. Guest says:

    when will yang mi come out?

  73. lian er says:

    is this updated everyday?

  74. Guest says:

    Usually what time the epi will be posted?

  75. T-Drama says:

    i have not seen yang mi n fengshaofeng in any of these epi. hic hichic

  76. Hiii says:

    stupid 17 ruining the king and lian er’s relationship goshh. be faithful to his dead wife. =.=

  77. Anonymous says:

    update they 2 episodes each day? 

  78. Myintmyintsoe1 says:

    31 and 32 …

  79. SmileyyAngel says:

    do they update episodes on weekends too? so ALL 7 days of the week?

  80. samantha says:

    will ep 31 and 32 upload today? i’ve been waited so long. when it gonna be uploaded?

  81. Hiii says:

    sugoideas home page isnt working for me…is it working for u guys

  82. Zlolita70 says:

    33! 33! 33!!!!!! this just gets BETTER AND BETTER!!!!!! 34! 34! 34!

  83. Ilovewinnie728 says:

    i did see Yang Mi at all :((((

  84. Yangmi says:


  85. Aimikomi says:

    Yaaay don’t have to wait all week for the end XD

  86. nestea98 says:

    <3 love this show!~

  87. Klaroline says:

    wow, a very unexpected ending! love the part where they were just acting and once it was finished everybody just fooled around. fav part was the white sports car came zooming into the palace!! is that even allowed? and then fsf came out n yang mi also!

  88. Zlolita70 says:

    the last part is too fake.. the background- 

    but all the more to love the show!!! 

  89. Ai says:

    HAHAHA I loved the ending, it’s all new and fresh and something you wouldn’t expect to happen.  Overall I really loved this drama. It’s soo fun to watch and it gives a different vibe from the first one. I would highly recommend everyone to try this drama out. 
    AWESOME and I do not regret watching it.

  90. Thuchen says:

    hahaha…what i really thought is funny, and yeah i am quite bias fengmi, so that’s why i only talk about them hehehe….is that in the ending of gong 1 yang mi wore modern clothes and feng shao feng ancient, and here it’s just like the opposite…

  91. Ai says:

    can’t believe this is over, im going to miss this drama so muchhhhhh 🙁

  92. ddlollee says:

    can’t believe it ended so quick. i missed gong 1 so much and waited so long for 2.. and it flew by. can’t wait for gong 3..

  93. jac says:

    the story is ridiculous but it’s so addictive haha… my closet indulgence =X

  94. jac says:

    in the middle of the series, i want to quickly know the ending. now, i want it to continue…

  95. T-Drama says:

    gosh…i did not watch this movie i just watched ep 1 and the ending of ep 37 where i see  fsf and ym kakkak

  96. Ai says:

    a worth to watch drama! should watch it!! kakaka

  97. S0 Monin52 says:

    eng subs?????????

  98. BreaThe4me8 says:

    Hey does any one know is palace 1 uploaded on this website? Thanks so much!

  99. Waterlily says:

    such a disapointment to all fengmi lovers, what is the point of it calling gong 2 if its not a continuation from gong 1. I was hoping to see more of yang mi and feng shao feng and their continuation of the story to begin with.

  100. Thomascheng168 says:

    If anybody know how to watch part 1 to part 4 continued reload itself ? 

  101. BubbleTea514 says:

    No eng sub anywhere? :S someone know where i can find this series with eng sub?

  102. Jj says:

    i dont get it. so this is not a continuation of gong 1? i watched it cuz i liked the main couple. gong 2 seem to be the ling er only?

    • Aki says:

       I guess they are just trying to use the name “goog” to attract peoples attention and hope that the goog fans would watch it too , but apparently, it fails…
      and yes, this is not really a sequel of  goog but a spining off drama..

    • yang ni says:

      the story is a continuation of gong but is a story after the main leads when back to the future and the main female write this story as the continuation of after she left what happen.

  103. Miriam says:

    i wish they don’t make romance stories out of historical dramas because true plots are deviated and many scenes are fictitiously added. i want dramas derived from true historical characters pure and unaldulterated!!!!

  104. Grace Feng says:

    does anyone one know where i can watch number one…..hahah this reminds me of bu bu jing xin 

  105. Angelica says:

    Where is the English Subtitle> for this drama. plz and thank you

  106. cindy says:

    why i canr watch TT

  107. Guest says:

    Season 3 is coming out 2012-2013

  108. Iena Mansor says:

    where the english subtitle? really want to watch it 🙁

  109. Heyyy, and the subtitles??? 🙁

  110. warhol says:

    there are no subtitles on like, ANY of the dramas here…. wtf

  111. jxyz says:

    OMGOSH , are you like serious ? like Qingchuan and Yinsi is basically only in the beginning and ending . -.- WTF ?

  112. Desmond Tan says:

    When is palace 3 coming out?

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