小煜, 魏蔓, 修杰楷, 劉容嘉, 王思平, 郭彥甫, 張景嵐, 大飛, 張兆志
Broadcast Year:2012-08-17
English Subtitle:No
在台北 只要氣氛對了,什麼都可以做。 任何距離將不復存在,無論是白天或黑夜、單身或已婚、富有或貧窮...... 在氣氛對了的時候,便能一拍即合、熱烈交會...... 野模? 「野模」這個詞,源自於「野狗」。 「野狗」是不隸屬任何人,自己在外面自立更生的流浪狗。 「野模」,就是不隸屬任何經紀公司,自己接通告的流浪小模。 富二代? 所謂「幸運的精子」,人生真的盡如己意嗎? 含金湯匙出身的他們,其實鬱鬱寡歡、受限多、不得志。 光鮮亮麗不過只是高貴漂亮的包裝...... 愛情故事 野模、富二代的距離到底多近多遠? 懸殊地位的差異是讓他們迷失、掙扎,還是依舊能保持清醒? 在快速變遷的台北,他們不過企盼找到愛情最清澈的本質!

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  1. Yuenyi2856 says:


  2. Michelle23 says:

    yes!! its got xiao yu in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michelle23 says:

    It’s only got 10 episodes??

  4. Nicolejung61 says:

    When is the next episodes coming ouy? 

  5. Meh Meh says:

    Y only have ten episode? the more the better

  6. Skitchuti205 says:


  7. Gaga says:

    no updates ?

  8. Michelle23 says:

    when does each episode come out ?? and what time??

  9. cassie says:

    it comes out every friday 8 pm or 9pm. nt sure abt the timing.. every week i think…

  10. Gaga says:

    airs on everyday saturday night lah..

  11. Guest says:

    ep 5 doesnt work 🙁

  12. Michelle23 says:

    yeah!!!!! episodes 5-9 here i come 😀

  13. Dhf_iloveshow says:

    ep 5 to 9 all cannot work. when i pressed them it does not open another window for the video. pls help!

  14. Free_hot922 says:


  15. Jiji says:

    Anyone have English version of the synopsis?

  16. LaraCristin says:


  17. Meh Meh says:

    I don’t even think there is 10 episode

  18. Michelle23 says:

    the episodes are all muddled up….?

  19. Josurrphineee says:

    episode 10 part 1 is the same as episode 3 part 1, fix pleasee~~

  20. guest.. says:

    In Taipei as long as the atmosphere is right, what can be done.Any distance will cease to exist, whether it is day or night, single or married, rich or poor, will be able to hit it off … in the atmosphere on warm intersection …
    Wild die? The word “wild die, from the” wild dogs “. “Dingo” is not affiliated with any stray dogs of their own out of self-reliance. Wild die, is not affiliated with any brokerage firm, then notice the stray mold.
    Rich? The so-called “lucky sperm” life really do as yourself meaning? Auriferous tablespoons of origin, they in fact unhappy, restricted and more frustrated. Glamorous but only noble and beautiful packaging …
    Wild die of love story, rich second generation distance in the end nearly how far? Disparity in the status of the differences so that they lost, struggling, or still be able to stay awake? In the rapidly changing Taipei, they are just hoping to find love the most clear essence!

  21. Kk says:

    what a terrible show! poorly done and 傷風敗俗!

  22. michelllllle says:

    fix ep10 part1 please!!!!

  23. sam says:

    wei man sososososo hot!!!!!!!

  24. Song says:

    there’s more???

  25. Katy says:

    why never upload already? this show sososososo nice.

  26. Katy says:

    its seem like got 2nd season of 10am-3pm.

  27. lollipop 3 says:

    at last threre is ep 13:)

  28. lollipop 3 says:

    hope there is more ep 🙁

  29. Guest says:

    Is this the “Fall of Taiwan”? Taiwan youth decadence… just drinking, sex and clubbing… So sad. Hope it’s not based on reality.

    • lalaloveee says:

      sadly.. it is based on reality…

      • thecruddybug says:

        Come on, it’s only reality for that subculture. Rich, spoiled kids. You want everyone to be fluffy and innocent? These kind of people exist and have existed (in different forms) in every wealthy country.

        • ^__^ says:

          um… to whoever said this is reality.

          I don’t think you lived in Taiwan, because this is definitely not reality of what Taiwan is like. This is more like United States if you must say.

          Just a show ok guys……

    • Cloud says:

      This is a phenomenon that happens in every culture. How do people survive if this is reality ?

  30. Meh Meh says:

    I think there’s a season 2. Hope tat it is nice.

  31. Yuri says:

    when will be season 2 of 10pm-3am out in sugoideas? give me so ideas…..

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