RuYi / 如意

RuYi / 如意
Yang Mi, Lau Hoi Wai, Leanne Lau, Zhu Lei, Morni Chang, Yu Xiao Fan
Genre:Romance, Period
Broadcast Year:2012-01-29
English Subtitle:No

31 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    i have to say this drama will </3 of fengmi lovers, anyways congrats to them!!

  2. Amy says:

    break the hearts of fengmi lovers, anyways congrats to the couple!!

  3. Guest says:

    lau hoi wai is sooooo cutee!! ;D

  4. Sammi says:

    how come is lau hoi wai i thought it was liu kai wei…

  5. Etiennebabe says:

    this is a really good drama love it :))))

  6. Hahara8 says:


  7. Qimmy2007 says:

    very good movie but why in this movie seem girl more powerful than ma ha….

  8. joycelyn says:

    when will thw next episode be updated’?

  9. Waterlily says:

    tan ming kai is uber cute!, wo xi wong tan ming ai he ru yi ke ye yau ching ren zhong chung juan shu.

  10. Waterlily says:

    when will the next ep be updated?, will there be any today?

  11. Waterlily says:

    ep 24???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Eva says:


  13. jinxy says:

    Episode 26 and 27 are removed =(

  14. Waterlily says:

    nooo, can someone please fix this?

  15. 丫正 says:

    episode-05 part 2 is removed…..

  16. T-Drama says:

    how many ep is this drama

  17. Bolanty says:

    Please post ep 36 thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  18. DoDo says:

    Ohh, really wants to see end. When the truth coming out…..

  19. yuki says:

    quick quick update todays………………………………..

  20. yuki says:

    quick quick update todays…………….the final ep….

  21. DoDo says:

    happy end…  :)))

  22. Waterlily says:

    ending was uber cute! especially the baby. ^^

  23. T-Drama says:

    sad ending…he sacrificed his eyes…..hic hic hich

  24. Coreysailo says:

    can u pls fix ep 23 to 25 pls

  25. Jan says:

    will there be eng subs?

  26. Erikahawj says:


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