Say that You Love Me / 愛情是從告白開始的

Say that You Love Me / 愛情是從告白開始的
Genie Chuo, 孫藝洲, 趙霽, 王傳君, 卜學亮
Broadcast Year:2012-08-11
English Subtitle:No

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  1. Teresa Lim says:

    It’s not the real taiwanese voice. the mouth doesn’t sync with the sound. zzzzz

  2. Teresa Lim says:

    going to wait for the taiwanese version to be out.

  3. Amyhihi2003 says:

    OMG!!!!! It’s really good!!!

  4. Wendy says:

    why does this remind me of iswak so much!

  5. Miko says:

      i dont understand why this is dubbed? because their orginal Voice is
    mandarin why dub it? (if they dubbed it in cantonese then i understand)
    but why dub  it while their voice was orginal in mandarin!!

    • MJ says:

      Answer is:


      main reason why they dub is because usually the native speakers of Mainland China have a too
      strong accent and the non-native have a completely different accent. They dub
      the voices to get a medium accent that sounds “pleasant” to the viewer’s ears.  Native Mainland China Chinese
      have very strong accent and not everyone could understand.  It makes sense to voice dubbing when that actor/actress don’t speak that language, ie
      Cantonese or mandarin.

  6. Storm_Grey3 says:

    Say that You Love Me / 愛情是從告白開始的

    演員: 卓文萱 – 角色: 池早早 – 介紹: 迷糊女。歐皓辰高中同校同學,從高一開始就暗戀他。為了跟他在一起,用功讀書考取聖南大學博物館系,並在開學當天向他告白。- 登場集數: ??

    演員: 孫藝洲  – 角色: 歐皓辰 – 介紹: 腹黑男。歐式集團總裁獨生子,以第一名考取重點大學聖南大學風險投資系,是該校新生風雲人物。- 登場集數: ??

    演員: 趙霽  – 角色: 上官儀 – 介紹: 時尚青年,陽光大男孩,歐皓辰好朋友,喜歡池早早,但最終不能在一起而默默守護她,並做志願者 – 登場集數: ??


    演員: 卜學亮  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??

    演員: 陳曉萍  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??

    演員: 盧藝  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??

    演員: 余亞  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??

    演員: 嚴志平  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??

    演員: 張光磊  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??

    演員: 袁爍程  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??

    演員: 陳佳  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??

    演員: 周彥岑  – 角色: ?? – 介紹: ?? – 登場集數: ??


    曲別: 片頭曲 – 歌名: 話說夏娃 – 演唱者: 卓文萱  – 作詞: ?? – 作曲: ??

    曲別: 片頭曲 – 歌名: 聽見- 演唱者: 陳乃榮  – 作詞: ?? – 作曲: ??

    曲別: 插曲 – 歌名: 終於 – 演唱者: 陳乃榮  – 作詞: ?? – 作曲: ??

    Cr: DramaWiki & Chinese Wikipedia keyword search is 愛情是從告白開始的

    Cr is the abbreviation for the word Credit.

    See the word Description and underneath is a rectangular shape box and inside this box is written Chinese.  I wish someone would translate
    the description of  Say that You Love Me / 愛情是從告白開始的 which is written in Chinese and translate it to English. 
    Hoping someone who is bilingual who can speak English and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese),  read written Chinese and write in Chinese to do the translation to English.  I believe your translation is better than using the ones found on the internet (For example: Google Translate and Bing Translator.  By using Google Translate or Bing Translator, the translation of the Chinese description of (Say that You
    Love Me / 愛情是從告白開始的) into English (which does not) will not grammatically make sense at all.). Thanks for your hard work if you do this.

    • Cherryumbrella says:

      if you can understand mandarin, just watch the first episode and you’ll get the idea. if you can’t understand mandarin, translation of the summary won’t do you much good, there are no eng subs so you can’t understand the drama anyway

      • Mabel Joe says:

        There are people out there who are ABC. They are able to or not able to read written Chinese but are able to speak the Cantonese Chinese and not Mandarin Chinese. Since I am one of them, I would like to know what the description of Say That You Love Me is about.  For me, if the description was translated to written English, I would understand what this drama is about.  And, I get to decide if  I want to watch Say That You Love Me.

        And, there are people out there who are not Chinese that like to watch Korean dramas and movies, Japanese dramas and movies, Taiwanese dramas and movies, Hong Kong dramas and movies, and Mainland China dramas and movies.

        Seems to me that you discriminating against people whose native language is not Mainland China Mandarin Chinese.   

        It seem like the Cantonese Chinese will be dying out in Hong Kong and Macau which are outside mainland China since the schools there are switching over to Mandarin what a shame. The largest number of Cantonese speakers outside mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau are in Canada and the United States.

        Historically, the majority of the overseas Chinese originated from two provinces, Fujian and Guangdong. This has resulted in the overseas Chinese having a higher proportion of Fujian and Guangdong languages/dialect speakers than Chinese speakers in China as a whole.

  7. veeeeeee says:

    They have a law that requires Drama that is being broadcast in  “Mainland China” to use their homeland voices. & Can’t use original voices unless its taiwanese version. 

    Also, there’s china & taiwan actors & actresses.

  8. Michelle23 says:

    Reminds me of the ISWAK days 🙂

  9. Joei Hen says:

    This remind me of It stated with a kiss (
    惡作劇之吻). The story is so much alike o.O

    • Yong L. says:

      Just watched the trailer on youtube and I have to agree with you. They seemed to have taken the plot and just revamped it! I don’t think there will be any originality in this drama. However, If I am wrong please drop a note! I just don’t feel like watching a drama that has the same plot as ISWAK except with different actors. O_O

      • Amyhihi2003 says:

        I do think the main idea of these two dramas are quite alike; however, I reckon the details of the two dramas are totally different. I think it’s still worth to watch.

        • h132 says:

          It’s quite different yeah! I think he realises his feelings a lot sooner and she isn’t as “obsessed” with him as in lets go of her feelings faster? Looking at the trailer. 

      • Joei Hen says:

        I like the ISWAK’s actors more but the details are a bit different like Amyhihi2003 said

      • bananafluff says:

        Hello. I’m also a huge ISWAK fan but I gave this drama a chance and it’s actually pretty good. It’s not a 100% copy of ISWAK although the basic plot is quite similar. Everything that bugged me in ISWAK is different in this drama. The female lead is more realistic and the second male lead actually has a chance (unlike Jiro, who sadly had absolutely no chance with Ariel in ISWAK).  Both male leads have great chemistry with Genie. There’s actually competition between the guys.  Give it a try =) 

  10. Bunnies says:

    When is the show out like the timings and how many ep a day? Can someone tell me? )):

  11. Michelle23 says:

    EPISODE 7!!!

  12. Michelle23 says:

    waiting for episode 9 🙂

  13. Mandylok says:

    I was just wonder say that you love me drama how many eps do they show a day? It’s such a good drama love it!

  14. JL says:

    Is there anyway to download the HQ episode? i don’t feel like streaming it online~ 

  15. Gc says:

    this show is very like another taiwan drama – It started with a kiss

  16. Amyhihi2003 says:

    Waiting for episode 10 >3<

  17. Michelle23 says:


  18. Pearl says:

    does anyone know if there’s gonna be a tawiwanese version on this? cuz their voices bugs the h3ll out of me XD and I never liked genie’s acting lol XDD altho I like ipartment and these 2 guys and the other girl is from there lol 

  19. Pearl says:

    ipartment ftw!

  20. Guest says:


  21. :( says:


  22. Marilyn-g Mq92 says:

    what time does ep 11 come out ?

  23. Marilyn-g Mq92 says:

    why haven show , what time then show ?

  24. amy says:

    Let’s take a vote, comment if you like It started with a kiss more, like the post if you like say that you love me more.

    • Mummy_bee2003 says:

       I think that It started with a Kiss is quite exaggerated – so, “say you love me” seems less annoying.  Having said that, I like both series.   I wish they do something about the hair of the lead in “Say You Love Me”. It’s not a period drama. for heaven’s sake.

  25. Michelle23 says:

    ep 12 has finally come out!! now waiting for ep 13 😀

  26. Liewszehan says:

    Does “say that you love me” release 2 eps everyday???? 😀

  27. Babyangel says:

    i would totally be on board and watch it if it wasn’t dubbed

  28. Alice says:

    How many episodes total?? Anyone know??

  29. rosaz says:

     dame i watched a “trailer” on youtube… and i basically know the plot =(  

  30. Joei Hen says:

    Episode 13~ can’t wait hehe.. getting good 😛

  31. Michelle23 says:

    Episode 13 and 14 has come out!!!

  32. Ieka_13_wei says:

    Still want to wait how long for ep 15 oh….

  33. Joei Hen says:

    ahhh! episode 15 comes out tomo right? can’t wait can’t wait ^_^

  34. mushyily says:

    how man eps are released per week may i ask? 

    Thank you ! “D 

  35. Mari says:

    Do you know if someone will be making subs to this drama? 🙂

  36. 1234 says:

    when does ep 15 come out?

  37. Aarron Guigui says:

    why episodes 15 noy yet come out?

  38. Michelle23 says:

    episode 15 and 16, you’d better not dissapoint me, here i come!! 🙂

  39. Joei Hen says:

    I want to watch episode 17!! hehe! bless

  40. mushyily says:

    is 17 and 18 coming tomorrow?

  41. Afiqah_01993 says:

    Anyone know whats the ending song ??

  42. Marilyn-g Mq92 says:

    everyday also have one uh ?

  43. user says:

    is 18 going to be uploaded tonight? so exciting!

  44. Zhanxuanli says:

    how much episode is it ?

  45. Aarron Guigui says:

    why episodes 18 not yet uplaod?

  46. 108 Chin says:

    Please upload episode 18 asap:) thanks!!!

  47. CHOUI says:

    18呢 …..?

  48. Aarron Guigui says:

    where is episodes 18?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  49. 111 says:

    where is ep18 ˊˋ ?

  50. Edaforu says:

    it looks so alike with it started with a kiss… the story is a duplicate of it huh… haha =)

  51. mushyily says:

    how come there are no more previews now? 🙁

  52. amy says:

    do you guys like shao chen or han fei better?

  53. BelindaYY says:

    actually i find that the OST in this drama is almost same as the drama 阳光天使 cos they use nylon chen’s songs eg. 终于. anyway its worth watching cos the story is not almost same as they add in new characters n storylines. nowadays the trend is mainland and taiwan like to collaborate to make idol dramas. Also they like to dub the characters’ voices haha. we can see so many like 剩女的代价,阳光天使,爱啊哎呀我愿意 等等。。 In addition, china also would remake some of the idol dramas already been shown. Like meteor garden, and this it started with a kiss. Take this show for example, they remake from stared with a kiss and last time they also remake meteor garden. U all can go watch 一起来看流星雨, 一起又看流星雨。

  54. Alice says:

    Way too draggyyy, makes me not want to watch it anymore

  55. Guest says:

    waiting for ep 19… come quickly!

  56. Ieka_13_wei says:

    Ep19 how long need to wait ???

  57. hello:) says:

    Can’t wait for episode 19 to be uploaded! Please upload asap!! Thanks!!

  58. lol says:

    one day have 2episodes? why is 19 and 20 out in 1 day?

  59. Juinyie_lim says:

    how come i can’t watch ep 20

  60. Alicia says:

    How come no preview again?

  61. Joei Hen says:

    上官仪 is getting so mean and annoying! -.-”

  62. Marilyn-g Mq92 says:

    上官仪,有钱了不起 ,池早早也很可爱好不好,looking forward for more genie part with hao chen .

  63. Sugary_tam says:

    anyone know when the next 2 epi will be up?

  64. Guest says:

    i quite like this version! female lead has stronger personality than iswak! 

    • Guest says:

       I agree with you. iswak yuan xiang qin is totally obessed with zhi shu but this version female lead although likes the male lead very much but has stronger personality.

      • Guest says:

        yes!! although i enjoyed watching iswak that time.. but through out the drama i was quite angry with xiang qin for doing so much silly things… and yes… “being totally obsessed”  

  65. Guest says:

     OMG, waiting for the next two more episodes is torturing, when will they be out???????

  66. Marilyn-g Mq92 says:

    coming out ler 21  22

  67. Marilyn-g Mq92 says:

    going 10 pm alr !!!!!!

  68. Ggfngfn says:

    i want to see 21,22!!please be fast!!

  69. Edaforu says:

    quick quick, i want ep 21 and 22… please be out!!!

  70. Ggfngfn says:

    please be quick!

  71. XtingTtjeX says:

    any one knows how many eps the show have ???

  72. Guest says:

    its already 10:40pm why today upload so late ah….. its torturing!!!

  73. winnie says:


  74. ThankYou says:

    i find that many people here are totally snob… Common, pls say thank you to the uploader.. But instead what I saw, quick quick. Unbeleivable…

  75. 爱小猪 says:

    为什么还没啊 ~~~

  76. f14f26 says:

    I am not sure whether my info is correct or not, but then the uploader of this drama in utube is called JCkerrychen (I got his link from the drama posted in this website).. and the person announced that today is his cousin’s bday so perhaps gona upload a lil later than the usual timing. Hope that helps >,<

  77. Aarron Guigui says:

    why episode 21 and22 not yet upload???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  78. CHOUI says:

    ..怎麼還沒UP DATA

  79. Guest says:

    Thank you thank you!!!! Thanks for all your hard work uploaded… Appreciate it!!! Yeah Ep 21 is finally out…

  80. :) says:

    Wow, guys.. Be a little patient and wait, will you?

  81. Joei Hen says:


  82. Michelle23 says:

    i think we all know that hou chen is gonna end up with her (unless there is a twist) but i still prefer the other guy

    • ROYLOVE says:

      I think it would be nice to have a twist since we all know she’s going to end up with Hao Cheng as it follows the typical romance arc ! They could pull an ex-boyfriend where the ending shocked everyone! haha that was actually quite nice cuz it was unexpected 

  83. Joei Hen says:


  84. Joei Hen says:


  85. yvonne94 says:

    is it a nice drama ? 

  86. winnie says:


  87. BelindaYY says:

    its getting exciting now. 皓辰 would be starting to be the one chasing after  早早 now cos he finally found out he loves her and rejects 上官儀. last time usually is 早早 trying all means to chase after him.

    • f14f26 says:

      I think today’s 2 episodes would be his realisation ? do u tink so? hehe… i cant wait to see his confession under that tree full of cards wishes. 

  88. Nicole says:

    Can’t wait . Hehe.

  89. BelindaYY says:

    After watching,i have a thought. 要懂得珍惜眼前人, 感情,人事物。 否者后悔就来不及了。觉醒也没有用了。

  90. Michelle23 says:

    is it me or is it that he CONFESSED UNDER THE TREE????

  91. Ddd says:

    Thank you!! I couldn’t find this and I thought you don’t have this. Thank you so much!!

  92. Michelle23 says:

    episode 25 and 26!!!! are FINALLY HERE!! thank you soo much

  93. Show Luo<3 says:

    How many eps have it?

  94. Laruen says:

    Can someone please tell me where to watch English Subtitles? 

  95. arleneong912 says:

    is this like it started like a kiss?feels like it:) very nice

  96. HI says:

    may i know where is ep 28? i been waiting so badly 🙁

  97. HIHIHI says:

    where is ep28????? ;(

  98. Dee ann says:

    Where is ep28 !!!!

  99. Michelletran23 says:

    episode 28!!!

  100. Joei Hen says:

    episode 29 fast! I want to see what happen =P 

  101. Mummy_bee2003 says:

    will there be episode 30 tonight?

  102. Mummy_bee2003 says:

    I like the part where he continued holding her hands…

  103. Joei Hen says:

    It’s quite sad to hear that there’s only 2 episodes left! I loved this drama! =(

  104. Michelle23 says:

    they should do a season 2 like iswak 2

  105. amy says:


    • ROYLOVE says:

      I agree!! she’s a really likeable character/girl which explains why both Han Fei and Hao Cheng fall for her and she’s so brave when it comes to love! 🙂

  106. Guest says:

    I liked Genie with Han Fei better 🙁

  107. BelindaYY says:

    I agree to make a season 2 like iswak 2. Ou Hao Chen & Zao Zao get married, deal with after marriage lifes and to work in the society and more…

  108. ROYLOVE says:

    Genie should be in more dramas!! She’s so cute AND pretty!! 

  109. star says:

    where ep 31 ??

  110. Dee Ann says:

    I am waiting for ep31 !!! Fast fast upload pls !!!

  111. Michelle23 says:

    Thanks For The FAST Upload!!!!! i will miss this drama, such great chemistry 🙂

  112. Cherry says:

    the end !!!!! han fei is so gentleman, why she does not want to choose him….really nice to see them together compare to another….T.T

  113. Tran_an says:


    she rejected him in the end?? there has to be a season 2 defo, it doesnt feel complete ):(

  114. Guest says:

    This is so far my favorite taiwanese drama in 2012!

  115. The ending doesn’t seems complete ? ):

  116. BelindaYY says:

    Season 2! Season 2! The ending is not complete leh 🙁

  117. genie says:


  118. no says:

    the episode 33 is the END , not 32 !!!!

  119. Joei Hen says:

    It’s so uncomplete! What is her answer to Hao Chen’s questions? I hope there is a season 2 otherwise that was a pretty rubbish ending to such a good drama!

  120. ROYLOVE says:

    omg I don’t understand the ending?! Episode 32 just cut into the ending theme?! What was Zao Zao’s answer? I think it would’ve been a memorable ending if Zao Zao realises it’s time to move on after liking Hao Cheng for so many years, that would’ve been more realistic! (or realise her love for Han Fei and rush to the airport haha)

  121. guest says:

    I thought there is actually 33 episodes instead of 32? :O

  122. Cindy says:

    This movie is great, but the ending is soo RIDICOULIOUS!

  123. Death says:

    which ep did they kiss? 

    • ROYLOVE says:

      I don’t think they did unless you count the accidental one in episode 9? 

    • Jearlie says:

      I want a better ending too! hais. maybe they should at least have an ending kiss scene. lol
      this show focused on the growth of the 2 individuals so not much kiss scenes involved i think. but it is still a good drama to catch. =) 

  124. Cherry says:

    在32集的34:08 还说有下一集呢! 

  125. lima says:

    Can some one please tell me all the songs that are played in this drama please!

  126. Sg0495 says:

    OMG im  gonna die from cuteness from this drama…….T_T

  127. ELAINE says:

    支持你!!孙艺洲!! <3 <3
    LOVE this drama very much!!!

  128. LIN13 says:

    其实最后他们还是有在一起的,只是用比较婉转的方式告诉大家,没有直接说出来~到最后早早感谢自己的坚持,自己的告白,才会换来这一切,因此才会说“就让我们的爱情从这一刻开始” ,意思就是说她接受了皓晨~~ 所以还是好的结局啦~
    不知道为什么,真的很舍不得这部戏耶~~很想有续集~~ 希望会有~期待~~~

  129. SambaQueen609 says:

     Hey! does anyone know where i can find an English Dubbed or subtitle version of this online anywhere?

  130. Esther_lim111 says:

    Can anyone tell me how is this show? I’m currently thinking of whether or not to watch this show… is it good?

    • BelindaYY says:

       its a good show , recommended to watch!!! If u like ISWAK, its even better. haha =)

      • GEnie says:

        wad is ISWAK?

        • JJW says:

          It Started With A Kiss. My friends tell me this drama is almost like ISWAK…and its not as good as ISWAK…so idk to watch it or not either…:/

          • Lillian says:

            iswak is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Sunny says:

            This is better than iswak BY FAR

          • wennz says:

            for you,,,its better than ISWAK,,,,for me ISWAK isssssss waaaaaayyy wayyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than this one…

            i had a reason… because in this drama,,had something gap. it just like they want make a remake,,but they dont wanna follow the story of ita zura na kiss (the real manga of ISWAK),,,sooo this story become weird…
            example , why in the first genie trapped in hao cheng bed room,,but the bed room not in hao cheng haouse ,, hao cheng like sleep in the dorm,,,then suddenly genie lives at hao cheng house,,and hao cheng lives at his house.. sooo what happened in the beginning of this series?? where is hao cheng live ??? weird!!!
            this story line so far from the real manga…. worse remake of ita zura na kiss… 
            so dissappointed -__-

          • Guest says:

            This drama is way better than ISWAK because there is character growth in the show… ISWAK does not give ariel lin any chance to develop herself to become better.. she just her naive self all the way. so watch this… =)

          • Gladys wong says:

            So shou,d i watch the show or not? I am think of that.

      • Esther_lim111 says:

         Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely watch it some time soon! cheers

  131. JJW says:

    Since this drama is like ISWAK, is it as good as ISWAK ? Im debating whether i said watch it or not :/ 

    • Esther_lim111 says:

       It’s very good! I couldnt stop watching to drama! finished it in 3 days. AMAZING! I’d think it is better than ISWAK. That is for the story lines and stuff. I just didnt like the dubbing cuz the whole thing just didnt sound so real to me (cuz I am used to hearing Genie Chou’s normal voice) So yea! give it a try. It’s a good one! ^^

    • Eddie0976 says:

      would have been better w/o ”

  132. Oldpervert says:

    This drama is not good…
    The female lead refuse to strip naked in any of the 32 eps.
    No sex scene for whole drama. what a jokes, this drama is made for 3 years old kids

  133. Pirie says:

    This drama has the THREE evils… DUBBING, DUBBING and DUBBING.

  134. Liyinglina says:

    what’s the opening song called?

  135. Colorful_spree says:

    M dying 2 see dis bt cnt find it with eng sub nywhere……:(
     Plzzzzzzz help… Where cn I watch eng subbed??

  136. Zzz says:

    Is genie’s voice dubbed too??

  137. wennz says:

    i love ISWAK better,,,because there is ariel lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ariel play her roles perfectly…. she is stupid but cute,,she is stupid but with her stupidity she stoles joe cheng heart…. greatest TWdrama ever!

  138. Miko says:

    very good ending! 😀

  139. Loveme says:

    Sadly there’s no kissing part at the end of this drama. Well I guess this is just a simple school love story. But it’s really amazing that some girl that actually proposed to the guy first but he doesn’t like her at all and have a bad impression of her, slowly things happened and they became friends and even closer and stuffs like this and in the end was the guy who proposed to the girl. Amazing story with rare seen in real life. Hahahaha 🙂 Overall I would give it a 4/5!

  140. themorningshines says:

    Anyone know where I can find the DVD for this drama? I really love it!!!!!

  141. Wari says:

    please fix ep 19

  142. Wari says:

    please fix all episodes… they can’t be watched please please please!

  143. Bqliank Yapz says:

    there is no ep 1?? i have watch  Say that You Love Me (愛情是從告白開始的) Episode 01 but on that drama is state ep21 LOL

  144. does anyone has this drama’s ending song….?
    love it so much, but i couldn’t find this song…
    can anyone help me?
    dunno the title….so sad.. T,T

  145. Grace Huang says:

    to me, this show almost seem similar to “it started with a kiss” but in different ideas…. to me, this show is really good and i like it a lot:)

  146. Lakatsumi says:

    Does anyone know where I can download this drama?

  147. LoveBlue says:

    Never thought I would watch a Chinese production and actually enjoyed it. But I really really like this drama! 🙂

  148. Gladys wong says:

    What is the middle song?

  149. Belinda Lee Min Chow says:

    the video is not working

  150. May says:


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