The Legend of Xi Shi / 西施秘史

The Legend of Xi Shi / 西施秘史
Wu Jing Jing, Benny Chan, Steve Ma, Joe Ma, Zhao Zhi Yao, Wu Jin Gan, Wan Nien
Genre:Romance, War
Broadcast Year:2012-02-12
English Subtitle:No
電視劇《西施秘史》講述了純真善良的絕世美女西施,在烽火連天的春秋戰國吳越戰場,被迫放棄與范蠡的愛情,完成多少男人都難以完成的興越滅吳的複國重任。為了取悅吳王,救回勾踐,西施和另一個成熟的多情美女鄭旦被送入吳宮,她們一個純情善良,一個能謀善斷,一個真情付出,一個工於心計,兩個美女夾雜在志得意滿的吳王夫差、臥薪嘗膽的越國之君勾踐、雄才大略的范蠡中間痛苦掙扎,演繹出歷史間最為悲壯的美人計,人世間最為淒美的情中情。當越王勾踐和他的重臣范蠡、文種舉杯痛飲,歡慶殫精竭力終於實現了興越滅吳的複國大夢時,絕代佳人西施和鄭旦,以及項羽式的英雄夫差,也先後悲壯地走向了滅頂深淵。 一個亂世佳人兩個春秋霸主演繹宮廷曠世絕戀,歷史間最為悲壯的美人計人世間最為淒美的情中情,民間裡傾國傾城的純情女史冊上四大美女的第一人,春秋末年,吳越國大戰,越王不聽客卿范蠡之言,傾國之兵投入激戰。雖然竭盡全力,仍然難破吳軍的玄秘戰陣,越國軍隊陷入絕境。危機時刻,越軍營地裡突然出現了一位輕紗遮面的年輕女子,給范蠡送來了一卷兵書,正是十年前遁走吳國的兵聖孫武所著,范蠡如獲至寶,他按照兵書所示,大破吳軍,連吳王闔閭也在此役中身受重傷,不治而亡。

18 Responses

  1. Yuri458 says:

    this is really good, is it released everyday or only sunday, or 2 eps every day

  2. Abc123 says:

    happy bday steve ma

  3. Happy rain says:

    At first didn’t think it will be good, but once you get to episode 3 things start to move…

  4. Euphoria says:

    highly anticipated scenarios, excellent story line with a commendable cast. Not bad at all. Yes, i’m enjoying this series. =]

  5. Euphoria says:

    Oh wow, is this available 7 days a week 2 episodes per day??

  6. BubbleTea514 says:

    No eng sub anywhere? :S someone know where i can find this series with eng sub?

  7. Question? says:

    Why can’t I view the episodes after the second episode? Is anyone else having problems?

  8. Miriam says:

    actually, i am very much intrigued with xishi, one of china’s 4 baauties.she was ordered by her king to make the enemy king fall for her which he did. they were married for many years, during these times, hadn’t she learned to love him?. it wouldnt be too hard specially if the king-husband treated you very well and loved you devotedly.thid question had been in my mind. if i i had a time machine, i would go back during the warring states kingdom and ask her that question? ” did you ever love your husband?” “did you feel guilty you betrayed your husband in exchange for your love of your own county?”(china was not united yet and each kingdom has its own king)

    • Yentawgua says:

      she indeed fell in love w/ the enemy’s king and in fact don’t want to do things against the enemy king

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