The Queen of SOP / 勝女的代價

The Queen of SOP / 勝女的代價
Chen Qiao En, Zhang Han, Godfrey Gao, Coco Chiang, Zhang Meng, Gino, Kimi Hsia, Ming Dao
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2012-07-15
English Subtitle:No
After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings..

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  1. Sammi says:

    Zhang Han so handsome x]]]

  2. Storm_Grey3 says:

    The Queen of SOP / 勝女的代價
    Title: 胜女的代价 / Sheng Nu (Nv) De Dai Jia
    English title: The Queen of SOP
    Also known as: SOP女王 / SOP Nu (Nv) Wang /
    The Price of Being a Leftover Lady
    Opening theme song: Xi Huan Gu Du
    (喜欢孤独) Enjoy Being Lonely by Chen Qiao En
    Ending theme song: Zuo Zui Ai Ni
    De Peng You (做最爱你的朋友) Being the Friend who Loves You Most by Zhang Han
    Insert song: Ji Ge Ni (几个你) How Many of You
    by Xue Zhi Qian

    Zhang Han as Tang Jun / Tom
    Chen Qiao En as Lin Xiao Jie

    Godfrey Gao as Gao Zi Qi
    Zhang Meng as Zeng Chu Chu
    Jiang Yi (蒋怡) as Bai Ji Qing
    Gino as Gao Zi Hao
    Du Ruo Xi as Tang Min
    Bai Xue (白雪) as Tang Jun’s mother
    Xue Zhi Qian as Xue Shao Qian
    Zhou Zi Yin (周子茵) as Su Su
    Zheng Fan (郑凡) as Zheng Fan
    Tang Ting (唐婷) as Su Li
    Ming Dao as Adam (guest star)


    Sina weibo and keyword search is  电视剧胜女的代价

    Baidu baike and the keyword search is 胜女的代价

    Chinese Wikipedia and the keyword search is 胜女的代价

  3. phloe says:

    I like both Zhang Han (ever act in Let’s go watch meteor shower) and Chen Qiao En (fate to love you). I am going to enjoy this drama for sure and download it <3 My favourite China and Taiwan actor acting together…going to be awesome drama! =D

  4. Val Chen says:

    what days does this drama air?

    • Fattidumpling says:

      I believe it’s either 3 episodes a day or 3 episodes Sunday thru Wednesday, and then one episode Thursday thru Saturday… If it’s supposed to be 30 episodes and it actually airs daily like that, then it should be over pretty soon!

  5. icy says:

    such a cute drama!

  6. :) says:

    i would love it if zheng shuang is here, but this drama is still very cute 🙂

  7. viviatan says:

    why don’t have download link??!!! i want to download this drama!!! sugoideas~~~~ help me!!!!

  8. Sunniee2002 says:

    great drama… makes me really miss europe

  9. Miss S says:

    Thank you for uploading so promptly 🙂

  10. Guest 456 says:

    Million thanks for uploading really like the drama, anyone know when ep 7 upload kinda confused about the uploading time 

  11. Happyhappylife88 says:

    Any idea when ep 7will be upload?

  12. Guest says:

    SUPER NICE!!!!!!!

  13. Guest 456 says:

    waiting for ep 7 :))

  14. Huang_meli says:

    Please Update new ep!!!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 🙂

  15. Peter Rabbit says:

    I hope that Xiao Jie will end up with Tom, but when I read the description maybe will not end up like I hope… so curious very like this drama @[email protected]

  16. Fattidumpling says:

    i wish they told us how long it would take until each new episode, like the ‘Upcoming Drama Episodes’ list above… too bad they don’t do that for daily dramas, it seems. I can’t wait for ep 7! 🙂

  17. rei says:

     I love the queen of SOP … super nice… can’t wait for the next episode. 

  18. Exactlyjoy says:

    i agree with the comment blow abt the exact total EP this series will have. As i am now so bored of TiAmo Choco since its too long and too slow draggy plan. Just need sth to watch while waiting for another new nice series. Let c if this could surprises me ( same as Ban Shou Lian Ren which i really galled for it)

  19. kike235 says:

    When is the next episode coming? i can’t wait to see the ending. 

  20. kike235 says:

    waiting for ep 10 =)

  21. robe69 says:

    can anyone tell me what SOP stands for?

  22. Mimi says:

    Loving this! My favourite one now!

  23. Bachfifi says:

    thanks for uploading….

  24. Bachfifi says:

    i wonder who she will end up with?

  25. Koalamummy says:

    When is the next episode coming?

  26. Peter Rabbit says:

    Waiting for the next episode lol <3

  27. Guest says:

    really love this drama and both of the main actor and actress <3<3

  28. Jenurfer says:

    For the first place, it’s poor  Lin Xiao Jie,,, for the next,,, so curious …

  29. Ft says:


  30. Guest says:

    waiting ep 12, so curious 🙂

  31. Pearl says:

    no preview?

  32. Thuchen says:

    Love this drama! Finally sugoideas are linking it too. i was watching on youtube all these days. first time watching zhag han in a drama and alreadyy fall in love with him. he’s very cute with QE.

  33. Alicia says:

    OMG! Can’t wait for epi 13!!!!!!!!

  34. Quiqui says:

    When is ep 13 airing ?

  35. Peter Rabbit says:

    Waiting for the ep 13, addicted to this drama~

  36. dayuidaayu says:

    where can i find the eng sub for this drama?

  37. lima says:

    At what time should ep 13 be out?

  38. Carolyne says:

    Such an addictive drama!! I’m having finals but I’m addicted to this!!! OMG!!! Super nice drama~~

  39. Xiin_yii says:

    Eps 13 what time coming out…

  40. lima says:

    Sitting in front of my computer continuously pressing F5 hoping to see the number 13

  41. Mint says:

    It’s 12am yet it’s still not out! 🙁

  42. Natalie says:

    when ep 13 will come out?

  43. Lilmissnoisy says:

    I cant wait for episode 13 to be released! 

  44. Anon0 says:

    So sad–only one ep today!

  45. Tkdluver4evah says:

    is there 13 …? D: : 

  46. kike235 says:

    waiting for episode 13 can’t wait =)

  47. Peter Rabbit says:

    I’ll watch tomorrow~ LOL

  48. lima says:

    FINALLY!:) EP 13!<3

  49. SOP Fan says:

    Ep 13 is out !!!!! But are they ep 14 and 15 today too ? Someone said there was only 1 episode today :(((

  50. Guest1919 says:

    WHAT?! Only 1 episode? 🙁

  51. Tkdluver4evah says:

    14 PLEASEEEE?! :/ 

  52. Julieycf says:

    aiyooo….Zhang Han is really good looking in this drama. The next plot should be Qian En and Zhang Han will be together and Godfrey and reappear to take her back??? I hope good ending where Qian En will end up with Zhang Han and no twist in the end!

    • V.V says:

      I know. I think they look really cute together. I really like episode 13’s ending with them together 🙂

  53. Weilai00 says:

    r u serious??? only 1 episode today?????

  54. SOP Fan says:

    Does anyone know what will be the misunderstanding or twist that will momentarily surely separate our OTP seeing the preview.. There must be a period when it’s rocky so the girl with short hair is coming btw them.. 

    So addicted, can’t keep my mind out of it ! 😛

  55. Pirie says:

    Love this drama, esp. NO dubbing… Love to hear Ming Dao’s own voice, that special “twang” of his and Joe Chen’s own voice too. Is this Messr. Ming Dao’s own production company?

  56. Bachfifi says:

    thanks! but only one ep 🙁 🙁

  57. Ching says:

    The schedule for this drama is: 每周日-周四19:30-22:00三集連播

  58. Pearl says:

    guy’s it’s 1 episode for 2 days of the week and 3 episodes for the rest: it’s not that hard: someone posted the schedule a long time ago on the forum =.=””’ READ people and stop whining

  59. sushi says:

    Does anyone know the song that plays in the parking garage at the end of episode 12?

  60. Vicious says:

    Probably THE best drama of 2012… As of yet, it definitely is. All the
    necessary drama, fights, jealousy, love, friendship, family, breakups,
    makeups, etc. It’s all here. Perfect cast of characters with perfect
    acting skills. Excellent script and storyline. Even the background music
    is appropriate. Final verdict: All accounts on point and exceeding
    expectations. 5/5 stars! =]

  61. fiona says:

    there is total 3 songs right in this show?

  62. Weetheng_ says:

    got abit confused after reading through the comments after the number of episodes aired.
    mon to thurs: 3eps and fri to sun 1ep
    but how come ytd thurs only got 1ep??

  63. Peter Rabbit says:

    Waiting for ep 14

  64. Riku says:

    episode 13 tom is soooo cute!!! omg episode 14 faster cme out… so excited to see tis 2 cute couple!!! ~(>O<)/~

  65. Tansp1993 says:

    When ep14 coming out

  66. garage says:

    waiting ep 14, xcited…..

  67. Starzillala says:

    what is the song in ep 13?

  68. garage says:

    still at pc wait ep14 out~~~~~

  69. Koalamummy says:

    waiting for Episode 14 too…

  70. 媚心 says:

    i miss ep3-12 ,when it will repeat the ep again?

  71. Peter Rabbit says:

    what time ep14 will be upload?

  72. Elaine says:

    i can just keep repeating ep 1 till 13 till ep 14 is out.. xD

  73. what time episode 14 will be uploaded? does this drama air once a week or twice?

  74. This drama is so epic win!! I think it’s the drama which can be compared with “In Time With You”!! Highly recommended!! <3

  75. ahla says:

    Who is the actually main lead? Tang jun or gao zi qi???

  76. so there’s total 4 eps a week?

    • SOP Fan says:

      No i think it’s 15/week because we have 3/day for 4 days sun-wed and 1/day thur-sat! 


      Haaa angst is beginning now I guess. So that was the awaited misunderstanding ! UGH. Hoped for more happy moments :(( 

      • really? ohmy. how can they air 15 eps per week! woww!! hahaha
        u know, the totals eps r 30+ right, so they only air this movie for like 2 weeks? 😮 😮

        I love Zhang Han and Chen Qiao En , they look so good together!!!

        • SOP Fan says:

          Yeps I know !!Can’t believe it either !! haha! We have to suffer 2ep/week for koreans and WORST 1/week for taiwan but chinese are GREAT!! Haha! End of the show in 2 weeks ?! 😀 Anyway! I also love them both! They look good together! XJ, try and show TJ what youre really feeling before the guy goes into depression!!! 😀 

          I also kinda love ZQ.. 😛 So handsome! ;P

          • hahah yeah, i guess so! same here, i have to suffer the pain from watching korean dramas twice a week! ohmy , this is a chinese drama? i thot this is a taiwanese drama! kekee

    • Tkdluver4evah says:

      Apparently its suppose to be 3 episodes a day according to Chen qiana en’s Facebook page…. But idk

  77. garage says:


  78. quest says:

    it’s out…

  79. Abc says:

    this show is so addictive! 

  80. Sup3rjudy says:

    when is ep 15 coming out? 

  81. Miriam says:

    qiao en’s character here is not rich that was why she was working. what troubles me was that the script made her rent a house in london. HOW CAN SHE AFFORD THE RENT? she also bid an amount to the tune of MILLIONS during the dance party. HOW CAN SHE PAY FOR THAT HUGE AMOUNT? i think this is quite impractical!

    • SOP Fan says:

      I am not sure but IMO the rent shouldn’t be HUGE so she can’t afford it.. She worked and she may have money thanks to her work and she was promoted by going to another dept and then being the one resp for the Shanghai-TW thing and all.. I thought that could be enough.. She isn’t even there for a month yet so.. And I am not sure she is renting the WHOLE house because she lives with “Tom” .. So maybe she is only renting a room right now? 🙂 

      And for the dance bidding.. It’s thousands dollars not millions when you change the currency but I agree it must still be a pretty big amount for a “commoner” .. I am not sure because I only understand a bit of chinese but didnt they talk about that in this last ep ? Anyway, I am really not sure about that amount .. 🙂 Maybe TJ helped her or ZQ, as he was her fiancee.. 

      • Yuenailee says:

        Hmm having lived in London and since the area that she is in is marylebourne area, the rent is easily £4000 per month which is 187368 Taiwan dollars.
        Most people (working in London) cannot afford these rates.
        If salaries in Taiwan is this high, perhaps Taiwan is a good place to work?

        • SOP Fan says:

          Wouaah. Didn’t know it was THAT expensive.. Still, I guess renting not the entire house? and being the girl the owner likes must be advantageous to her.. 🙂 

          • Yuenailee says:

            Yup. The only way it I’ll make sense if he gave her a very low rent.
            To be honest, the layout of the house doesn’t look English.
            I think the house scenes are filmed in Taiwan….

          • Miriam says:

            i think it is filmed in mainland china because usually taiwan sets are averagely/barely furnished while most mainland chinese in-house sets are more elegantly furnished

          • Lovemingdao says:

            The house in Marylebone is actually a flat. people own a floor each. haha houses in London are usually all like that. 🙂 live in london myself 

        • Miriam says:

          that is my point. the place is LONDON. man. and London is quite expensive!!

    • Guest says:

      I think free rent in London in exchange taking care of the apt (cuz in ep 14 he goes you don’t have to worry about the rent) … She can’t pay that party charity amount … it was a I-wont-let-you win moment 

      • Qiaoenn<3 says:

        Thats right. in ep 14 xiao jie did mention about tang jun letting her stay there for free. and xiao jie ALSO mentioned that she couldnt stay in London for long because she still owes money to the WIP which tang jun offered to help with in which she still refused. so yeah, she still hasnt paid anything except for the plane tickets to London 🙂

      • Miriam says:

        but she rented the place before knowing that tom is tang jun so there is no free rent here to speak of. where is she going to get the money?although i like the series as a whole there is some gaps/holes in the storyline.

  82. omgg i need ep15!!!!!!!

  83. Julieycf says:

    abit upset that Qian En and Zhang Han did not start dating in ep14. Why no preview for 15 ah?

  84. Jenny16888 says:

    I hate those misunderstandings….
    Sometimes the truth is not what we see…
    Will Tom give a chance for Xiao Jie?

    • Miriam says:

      the lesson is: don’t hastily jump to conclusions. know all the facts first because what you see is only one-sided and it does not make the whole picture.
      most series deal with misunderstandings because it is more exciting and can extend more its airtime.hahaha

  85. Nycz says:

    is this a mainland drama?

    • Miriam says:

      i think this is mainly a mainland drama with taiwanese artists in starring roles…..qiao en, godfrey gao and the model.they are taiwanese.

  86. Jen says:

    I know the OTP is Lin Xiao Jie and Tang Jun, but ohmigoodness, Zi Qi is so good looking!!! > < He can just stand there and I would stare at the screen…

  87. Celina_jan17 says:

    I want Zi Qi with Xiao Jie!!! I don’t like Tom!! Zi Qi is so handsome!!!

    • Miriam says:

      me too. i like taiwanese actors more than mainland actors( in looks).
       i think there is a trend of foreign-born or foreign-educated to hit it BIG in taiwan showbiz. some examples are:
      vaness wu(F4 member),godfrey gao( Zi Qi of this series), George Hu( child-like friend of Rainie in ToGetHer), wang yang ming( ex-boyfriend of ariel in IN TIME WITH YOU), wang lee hom( needs no introduction),calvin chen and aaron yan(Both Fahrenheit members)

  88. Miriam says:

    godfrey gao is 6’4 while zhang han is 6’0. godfrey is more muscular while zhang han is thinner.both are 28 but zhang han is more younger(boyish)looking.
    i have godfrey included in my sexiest list of taiwanese.

  89. linling says:

    高以翔超sexy的!!! 难怪小S那么喜欢他~~

  90. LoveTaiwanDramas says:

    usually what time a new episode will be out?

  91. Peter Rabbit says:

    waiting for ep 15…

    • SOP Fan says:

      It just ended airing so you will have to wait a bit more :S 🙂 
      I think you will have to at least wait 3-4 hours more ? 🙂 Usually it comes up here a bit later 😉 Can’t wait for tmw!!!! 

  92. lianne says:

    Oh dear………….. When can i watch the next ep……..

  93. Aryael says:

    I should never have started watching this drama until all of the eps are out…now, I am hooked and the wait is killing me! Serves me right for losing patience and starting on this one before it ends!!  >_<

  94. lima says:

    I thought it was 3 episodes every night why is it only 1 nowadays? 🙁

  95. Emilia says:

    I love Tom and Qiao En!!

  96. Guest says:

    finished ep 15. cant wait for ep 16! wonder why tom said to xiao jie if she was still lin xiao jie. could something have happened to her?

    • SOP Fan says:

      I wonder if there will be a little time jump like a few months for XJ to grow up even more professionally ? For short-haired girl to try to woo TJ.. ? I wonder how XJ will come to go work for TJ’s company.. ?

      Haaa! I don’t wanna see the angst and wait for the sweetness of TJ and XJ 🙁 TJ don;t try to forget XJ, you don’t know anything fool! Don’t give in to short-haired girl because she will be hurt after, you know your heart is not with her..
      Fortunately there will be 3 eps tmw so maybe the wait won’t be too long 🙂 
       P.S. Sorry for the long rant haha! 😉

      • lima says:

        For some reason, I feel that Qiao En and Tom will not end up together cause they didn’t show them together at all in the later part of the drama.. But Im gonna be so disappointed if that actually happens:(
        Hopefully I make some sense :/ 

        • SOP Fan says:

          @ Lima Don’t worry! We still have many sweet scenes we have yet to see ! I count at least 2 kisses to come 😉 And other sweet scenes! I’m pretty sure they will end up together but the way they will go there is the problem 🙂

        • Julieycf says:

          Huh…..i think it will be all our dissasppointment if she does not end with with Tom.  🙁 🙁 🙁

        • Aryael says:

          Well,,, I have my suspicions that this might be the case as well because the chinese title for this drama translates literally to “The price of being a successful woman”… and I sure hope the price does not include not getting the man in the end!  >_<

  97. Elaine says:

    aren’t there supposed to be 3 epis today?!

  98. fated to love you says:

    im dying for tomorrow to come! . before i knew how many ep comes out a day i was just sitting at home clicking the home page OVER AND OVER again 

  99. london says:

    does anyone know the piano song at the very end of ep 9 right before the trailer for the next episode?

  100. Vũ Thành says:


    i love Chen Qiao En,

  101. Michelle23 says:

    waiting for 00:00 to come, but it is only 21:04 🙁

  102. Dime3834 says:

    I can’t wait for the next few episodes…

  103. LoveTaiwanDramas says:

    AHHH I dun want it to end next wk!!!! Feel a little heartbreak when i know this is going to end nxt sunday :'(

  104. Jenny16888 says:

    Please….give Tom and Xiao Jie a good future….

    There will be a lot of argument and misunderstandings to come…..
    Will this be a comedy?
    If not, I will be very very sad…..

  105. Fcmbng says:

    can’ wait to watch, just love this show

  106. Michelle23 says:

    where is the next three episodes??

    • SOP Fan says:

      Still not aired! 🙂 It’s supposed to begin in 7 minutes but aiyooo!! TVU is letting me down today!! Waiting will be horrible! 🙂

  107. Guest says:

    Anyone here know how often this movie will be uploaded?

  108. SOP Fan says:

    Waah so quick!! Thanks so much ! 

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Spoiler-ish.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAH! Should have waited 1 or 2 more days before watching..! Totally depressing right now.. -__-Why why why are you acting like that XJ and TJ? Grrr. 
    Seeing the preview for tmw.. I dont know if I should be happy or not.. I know there is still the almost kiss that has to come btw the girl with short hair and TJ.. Please put it tmw in ep 19 directly so we are done with that.. >.< 
    I just want XJ to scream at TJ that she loves HIM and TJ should ask her clearly what she feels and not misunderstand alone or asking her when she is drunk.. Aigoo! LOVE this drama but it's killing me!! haha! 

  109. Peter Rabbit says:

    waiting for epi 18 so curiouss…..

  110. Miriam says:

    xiao jie and tang jun acted like strangers in and out of the office. if one is expecting any exciting things to happen, don’t bet on it today. it’s all about xiaojie requiring her staff to give a good performance for a project.Yawn!

  111. dramaFan says:

     will ep 18 be uploaded today? Saw the preview for the next few episodes. excited to watch them all. hahaa

  112. Miriam says:

    i was anticipating that jiro wang’s next series will follow after this series but i think there has been changes again? it will air after 2 series more so that will be in October. i hope that what i saw on some sites is a mistake and that it will be shown after THIS.

  113. Michelle23 says:

    Can’t wait for the next three episodes, ahhh!!!!

  114. asdf says:

    i want Gao Zi Qi and Xian Jie together <3

    • kike235 says:

       i’m the opposite of you I want xian jie and tom together. they are the perfect match. i hope nothing serious happen to him. <3

  115. Heidi1141997 says:


  116. Guestx says:

    Does anyone know when the next episodes will be uploaded? (In a few hours, or another day?)

  117. Nycz says:

    is there another version of this drama? because i feel that they cut some parts off

    • Iche says:

       yeah … i think so. the opening of the new ep sometimes did not link or maybe fast forwarded from the previous episode.

    • fl1 says:

      i watch this elsewhere on a chinese site and i don’t notice anything like that. not sure about here though.

      apparently there’s an “uncut” version of the drama only available to those in mainland china. there are less episodes released, so i’m guessing they’re longer in length. i wonder if they actually contain more scenes.

  118. Michelle23 says:

    when are the three episodes gonna come!!!!!! arghhh!!!!!!!

  119. Fcmbng says:

    can’t wait to watch the next 3 episodes. must wait it all tonite. i hope xiao jie n tom will be together even though i also like zi qi. he’s so handsome. hate that slut bai zhi qin

  120. Michelle23 says:

    waiting for ep 19, ugh, i am waiting for ever

  121. Fcmbng says:

    what time will ep 19 be upladed

  122. garage says:

    waiting 4ep 19~~~~~(still at pc)

  123. Shan_rep31 says:

    does anyone know when the next ep is uploaded? what time?

  124. Geniecws says:

    Guessing will be around 30 mins later

  125. JiYin says:

    Waitinggg >,<

  126. Miriam says:

    why make the groups UNDER the same company compete with each other at a very high price?(losing team gets fired) this action for me is UNDERMINING the company. it is creating havoc inside the company. why not DIRECT the competive nature of the staff towards OTHER rival companies? I think this is way too exaggerated! if the sister is trying to make her “Brother” become successful in the business by making it HARD for him, i don’t think this is a good idea at all. why not adapt a more POSITIVE approach by showing signs of encouragement rather than putting down tang jun??

    • SOP Fan says:

      Yeps ! I don’t get it either.. 🙁

      I know that she isn’t mean to him for no reason and I think she wants him to fight his way up again and again to prove himself to her etc. But I also think it was too much. Firing the losing team is not what they should do.. Getting them to compete OK, but firing the “losers” who weren’t really losers .. I think the sister didn’t use logic.. Why not punish the guy who “stole” their idea.. ? And how can they just let go of the others like that .. I dont get it..
      I’m tired of all the coldness right now! hopefully, tomorrow will be better and seeing the preview, seems like it will be. Fingers crossed. 

      • Thuchen says:

         Yeah I think it is exagerrating too. What does the sister really expect from her Tang Jun. I mean does she expect to become a cold businessman, is this what she wants him to be. If that is the case, I think her strategy might be fine, but if she just wants to see him being diligent in his job, I think this is totally wrong.
        Anyway, I hope for some sweetness tomorrow too^^

  127. Miko says:

     wheres Gao zi qi??

  128. ping says:

    when will episode 22 come out ? 🙁

  129. I NEED EP 22!!!!!
    seriously, that wicked sister is so evil!! 🙁 and also i want lin & tom be a couple !! 

    • Miko says:

       i do like tom, but i perfer gao zi qi and lin 😀

    • fl1 says:

      i actually really like tang min. her intentions are golden, despite her way of showing it.

      i thought i wouldn’t like zi qi as much, but not seeing him for the past few episodes has made me miss him. 🙁 i ultimately prefer xiao jie and tang jun together though!

    • asdf says:

      i don’t think she’s evil at all. She is just standing up for herself and pursuing what she loves. I think every girl should follow their heart dispite of any difficulties. However, i think the issue falls on Tom. Tom seems like a coward to me. Sorry but I really do wish Gao Zi Qi and Xiao Jie to be together.

    • Apple says:

      when is the next ep coming out

  130. Esther4702 says:

    Don,t waste too much time in shang hai it,s very boring, no romance at all, some gau ze ge his so handsome and gentlemen his and shai chae soon match.

  131. Caimeiqing says:

    Actaully what does SOP stands for?? I prefer Tang Jun with Xiao Jie.

  132. Apple says:

    when is the next ep coming out????

  133. Michelle23 says:

    When is the next three episodes gonna come out??? can’t wait!!!

  134. leesa says:

    how many more hours 

  135. Lulu says:

    Standard Operating Procedures?

  136. Michelle Ng says:

    When is the next episode coming out? Can’t wait! 😀 

  137. Pickmeetup says:

    is there no eng sub?

    • Miriam says:

      i don’t think there’s going to be english subtitles. if the subbers decided that they are going to sub a series, they would have posted and displayed the subs from the start of the series.

  138. AliciaClicha says:

    Is episode 23 and 24 coming out today also ?

  139. Miriam says:

    zi qi will go back to xiao jie to win her over. this happens at episode 25(tomorrow)/
    tang min and tang jun quickly uncovered the spy. it did not tell HOW they did it. they just did,

  140. Abc says:

    When will hv 23?

  141. Fan fun says:

    waiting ep 24 ^_^

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    • Rengoi says:

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    • fl1 says:

      – spoiler –
      i saw a preview of one of the later episodes that he begins to collaborate with that evil uncle zeng to take over huanghai. (and yes, it succeeds, so that uncle becomes the new president, while zeng chu chu & gao zi qi replace tang jun’s & xiao jie’s positions.)
      i sincerely hope that zi qi isn’t really turning bad, because i was really coming to like him. 🙁

  165. SOP Fan says:

    @1c6aa221f7b7e9898588ef78c8bbc85a:disqus Wooow! So there is much more than 6 episodes left ?! I thought it would end at 30, don’t know why i was fixed on that. Anyway. I just hope that will mean more sweetness and not more angst because it’s time to end this nicely and give our OTP some happy moments, with TJ’s family too. I love them 🙂 

    • Miriam says:

      if what is posted in hunan’s site is to be believed, it is more than 30 episodes unless they have not updated the schedules.
      i remember when absolute boyfriend had finished airing, the upcoming drama episodes above the comment(of absolute boyfriend) was still ON , in xx days,xxhrs,xxmin misleading everyone that there was still some more episodes left.

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    • Riku says:

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    but i really wish the flashback memories could be lessen. since XJ kissed TJ at the bbq resto, the flashback scenes kept rewinding over and over till ep 27. =(
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    does anyone have the same thought as me?

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    • Iche says:

       her real employer is Huang Hai, the shanghai company. when she broke off with ZQ, she also resigned from the taiwan company.

    • SOP Fan says:

      Like you said, she is being borrowed because the Taipei Company CEO wanted to reproduce the success of their idea with the SSP week in Taiwan 🙂 So because she is the leader of the project, and to protect her from other attempts from ChuChu and her dad to fire her, Tang Min sent XJ to taipei to protect her. 

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  199. Star says:

    I think Gao Zi Qi dont really wanna snatch the company away from Tom. He just want Tom to prove that he is able to win the company back, and is able to take care of Xiao Jie since Tom is the one Xiao Jie chose and love…

  200. Kelly says:

    I saw some of the episodes trailer. Guo Zi Qi didnt really become a bad guy, he collaborate with ChuChu’s father to protect Huang Hai from falling into other people. Hence, he did that to protect Xiao Jie, as he promised to protect her from the beginning and he really did <3 He totally a prince charming for all the girls. But whoever Xiao Jie choose, both of them are really good in their own way. 🙂

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    07/25(三)25~27 07/26(四)28 07/27(五)29 07/28(六)30   07/29(日)31~33

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    I love the part of the elevator in ep 28. It’s so cute (^-^) Re-watched it so many times. LOL. Really don’t want this drama to end. This drama is one of my all time favorite of 2012 🙂

    • Jess_jess says:

      i replayed and replayed and replayed that part!!! ITS TOO CUTEE!!!!!! i wish this drama wouldnt end!! 🙁 its so so so good. i wish they would make more. argh!!!! totally ship qiaoen-zhanghan!!!!

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    • SOP Fan says:

      The episode just end it now on TV so I guess it will take a couple of hours (yesterday it did) before you can see it :S 

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      oops!! i meant 31 ;x

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      • Jess_jess says:

        hehe!!! exactly!! the lift scene is too good. though i wished the kiss lasted a lil longer =x

        • Guest says:

          i know!! i love them two together =) i hope the company problems will end soon, so the last few episodes will focus more on xiao jie + tang jun’s love!! they’re so cute together! 😀 

          • Jess_jess says:

            oh guess what guess what!! look at my new post above ;x there will be season 2!!! dream come true for us fans. ive been wishing and wishing! 
            [i feel like im spamming the comment board, theres so many of my comment cuz im too excited xD]

  246. Jess_jess says:

    omg ok this news is too good to not share!!!!! THERE WILL BE QUEEN OF SOP SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im not allowed to post links but i’ll try. change it urself kay.http [symbols] www[dot]hinews [dot] cn[slash] news[slash] system[slash] 2012[slash]07 [slash]28/014701524[dot] shtml 

    • SOP Fan says:

      Do anyone know if they keep the same cast ? 

      If they do, I hope they won’t create too much problems for XJ and TJ !! I love them, and finishing this drama, I must believe they will be happy for ever and ever !! Haha! 🙂

      • Jess_jess says:

        yes! they are keeping the same cast! they even mention kids for xiao jie and tang jun!!! hahaha!!  im so looking forward to sweet moments of this two!!

        • SOP Fan says:

          Do you understand the article ? 🙂 I can’t read chinese so I google translated it and I thought it would be a totally new story ? I also read the kids thing but I didn’t know fi they meant kids for XJ and TJ!! 🙂 hehe!! If that’s the case if would amazing!! 

          • Jess_jess says:

            i’m not really good at translating ;p but according to the article, their relationship will continue on in the 2nd season, but it didnt reveal much details abt the plot. [keeping us in suspense of course ;p]
            but zhang han joked that to see how many kids they have in the end, please look forward to the last episode of season 2!!! haha!!! 

          • SOP Fan says:

            Waouuw!! Thanks for the exciting news!! So it’s just another drama with the same cast!! I am happy! I hope they wont call it SOP Queen 2 if the story doesnt continue from season 1 though. Would be weird to always compare and think about XJ and TJ etc. 🙂 

            Could you just tell me what they said about Qiao En and Zhang han getting along and Zhang Han dating his previous costar Zheng Shuang ?

          • Jess_jess says:

            oh, and one more, at the last sentence yes, they mention that the cast will remain the same but the story will an entirely new story! 🙂

    • Guest says:

      Thanks Jess for sharing! Great news to fans like us….hip hip hurray season 2!!,

    • Julieycf says:

      Shit, could it be there will be a twist in the end like “fierce wife”? Now I am worried

      • Jess_jess says:

        i dont think so. the article mentioned its a totally new story line bt their love continues! [alot have been saying they dw a season 2 cuz if its gna be abt xiao jie n the 2 guys it would spoil queen of SOP, so guys, dont worry!! its a totally new story line and they hinted tt xiao jie tang jun might have kids!! haha!]

    • ROYLOVE says:


      • Jess_jess says:

        hi roylove!!! *waves* NO PROBLEMMMMMM!
        i was sad its ending soon but now IM SO HAPPY!!! HEHEHE!!! <3

    • Aryael says:

      Which means this week’s “ending” will not be a solid ending…perhaps just depicting that they will continue to fight for Huang Hai and everyone just maintain their status quo in the drama. As for the story of whether they get Huang Hai back or not, you may need to watch Season 2 for it. I am not sure if they will want to show a solid ending for XJ and TJ’s relationship though. Maybe you’ll need to wait for Season 2 to see them get married. hahaha! This is often the problem with C&TDramas… they get greedy and go for Season 2 that almost always turn out to be a flop. If there is a Season 2, then I will maintain that the love story between XJ & TJ ended in that sweet episode when she agreed to be his gf. The rest is just money-spinnning strategy for the producers.

      • Jess_jess says:

        they did mention ‘kids’ though in a jokging way when talking abt season 2.
        and they mentioned a total diff story line so no i dont think its carry on fighting for huang hai.

  247. Michelletran23 says:


  248. spongeycake says:

     So excited for last 3 eps + SEASON 2!!!! 😀

  249. strawberrylove says:

    when is 胜女的代价2 going to air on tv?  

  250. AliciaClicha says:

    Why isnt The Queen of SOP on the upcoming drama Episodes list??

  251. Min says:

    just saw the preview at iqiyi – xiao jie going back to england to study!! 

  252. no name says:

    if xiao jie goes to england.. then i think season 2 will be when xiao jie comes back..

  253. Quiqui says:

    When is season 2 airing ??

  254. 2NE1 says:

    is this drama good? 

  255. Riki says:

    I am not a big fan of taiwanese drama but this drama is the best so far. It exceeded my expectation of taiwanese drama. 

  256. Kelly says:

    Oh no, today will be the last 3 episodes already! If Season 2 really exist, we still need to wait 🙁 Gonna miss this drama.

  257. viviatan says:

    i can’t wait for the last 3 ep!!!!

  258. Kevinchan556 says:

    still waiting!! so excited!!

  259. Jasminenbc says:

    It only be uploaded after 10pm.

  260. Jasminenbc says:

    Will only be upload after 10pm if im not wrong. Watch Once upon a love on TV 1st… Follow by tis queen of SOP 🙂

  261. Guest says:

    Ep 31 is out!! Yay!!!

  262. Dolphinana_yun says:

    32 end?

  263. Jess_jess says:

    AHHHHHHHH I LOVE QUEEN OF SOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont want it to end!!! but im so glad! season 2 im waiting!!!!!!!!!

    [p/s: THEY DID MENTION IT WILL BE A COMPLETELY NEW STORY LINE, so no it will NOT be the 2 guys fighting for qiao en again. please stop saying they shldnt have season 2!!!! i want it so badly! love the interaction btwn zhangen!!! <3!!!]

    • SOP Fan says:

      Actually, following asian dramas rules ahah Qiao En will surely be SO LUCKY she will again have those two gorgeous guy fighting for her! But I’m happy it’s a totally new storyline! TJ and XJ are already happy together. No need for more dramas! 😛 

      I love all the cast and can’t wait to see them again. Hoping Chu Chu won’t be that annoying in season 2 though 😛

      • Jess_jess says:

        hahaha!!! im sure they will have smthing to do w each other again, but i dont think it’ll be fighting w each other for her, plus she’ll be happily attached to tang jun, and maybe we can see tang jun jealous and do cute actions again, isnt it!!!!! whats so bad about that xD xD 

        im really excited abt season 2 since it’ll be a new story line. i wanna see what new sparks can the director and script writer add to this drama and let it reach a new level! 

        and yessssss. i want season 2 because i really love the cast [thou i dont like godfrey’s model gf [coco] and chu chu, cause they’re annoying! but whats a drama without some third party ;p

        • SOP Fan says:

          Yeps! But I dont get it.. I thought it would be a whole diff story meaning different Characters. NO more Tang Jun, Mr Tom, Xiao jie etc. I thought it would be another story with the same cast.. Meaning new characters etc. So what is it ? We keep our Tang Family and everyone but a new story and no more about XJ-TJ-ZQ etc. ? 

    • ROYLOVE says:

      I really want it to be a new storyline with DIFFERENT characters but the same cast!!!! 

  264. Guest says:

    So what is the ending? XIaojie with tom in the end?

  265. Guest says:

    urgh! thought there would be a marriage proposal or something like that foe tom and xiao jie. 

  266. LoveTaiwanDramas says:


  267. Kelly says:

    I totally love the ending. I like the way Tang Ju and Gao Zi Qi fight to get Xiao Jie to their company as Creative Director. So cute >.<

  268. Happy Fans says:

    As Qiao En’s fan, I really look forward to all her dramas. I waited very long for this drama. I love her acting! She’s the best~ Can’t wait for her next drama!!!

  269. yayi says:

    BEST DRAMA !!!!!

  270. yayi says:


    • Jess_jess says:

      yes  there is, but its a diff story line, cast remain n the main couple will still b in love!

      • yayi says:

        ooh oke thanks 

      • SOP Fan says:

        Post it here too in case you dont see the other one, being lower on the page 🙂 

        Yeps! But I dont get it.. I thought it would be a whole diff story meaning different Characters. NO more Tang Jun, Mr Tom, Xiao jie etc. I thought it would be another story with the same cast.. Meaning new characters etc. So what is it ? We keep our Tang Family and everyone but a new story and no more about XJ-TJ-ZQ etc. ? 

        • Jess_jess says:

          i posted a reply but it seems to be deleted. =( 

          anw what i replied was –

          the story is a complete different story line meaning, they will be focusing on new topics, new obstacles and so of the original cast.
          so meaning, tang jun remains! xiao jie remains! everyone remains!!!
          except that the story line will not be following the storyline of season 1, 
          season 1 talks abt hw godfrey n zhang han fights for qiao en, and how they, tgt, saves huang hai, hw chuchu gets dumped n seek revenge, etc. so i believe they have a different story line coming up.

          no more 2 guys fighting for her, but instead, maybe focus on how tang jun n xiao jie gets married and so? [they did joke about having kids in the interview. who knows! maybe theyreally wanna bring it into the future by 10 years? hahaha!]

          what im hoping for is that the new story line wld find tang min a loveline too, like hw the mom mentioned her senior or something. [i believe its a hint for us ;p]
          or maybe they implement a love line for tang min as part of season 2, and family life for tang jun, etc.

          thus no, its not that the original cast will act in a total diff drama. its similar yet different in a way. 

          hope i clarified your doubt! 🙂

          • SOP Fan says:

            Okkkk thanks!!! So we do get the same characters back!!! I thought they would play diff people! Anyway, I hope it will be good and not mess with our OTP too much! I love them and messing with that they built.. NO NO NO 🙂 

            Crossing my fingers it will be AMAZING! 

          • Jess_jess says:

            me too me too!!! im really scared that will happen. cuz many dramas happened that way, when they try to milk the drama…

            then again, queen of sop season 1 is sooooo good!!! and plus they say they will focus on the main couple, so i got high expectations for it still!!! afterall i’ll forgive the drama still if there is much more interaction with zhangen couple. they look so good togetherrrrrrr! hehehe!!! ;p

          • SOP Fan says:

            Yeps! Haha! I guess I will also be satisfied if they give us enough sweet scenes btw XJ and TJ!!! But it’s because season 1 was THAT good, I am really scared season 2 won’t be as good and everyone will be disappoint ! Let’s believe in the cast and writer I guess! I cant wait for the taiwanese to air it so it will be better edited !! 

            Best chinese drama of 2012 and one of the best of all time 🙂

          • Jess_jess says:

            yes!!! agree!! best chinese drama of all times. [except maybe my fair princess cause i was crazy over it many many years ago. HAHAHA!] ok but i honestly love queen of sop ALOT!!

            anw, like i commented abv, the ending for season 1 isnt strong enough bcuz the response towards queen of SOP was much beyond expectations too, thats why they extended it to 33 from the original 30 epsiodes, [like inborn pair from 80 to 84.]

            anw, i believe the ending wasnt strong enough for season 1 is because they dont want to make it too beautiful that would end up leaving season 2 without much story line. im sure they edited it this way to make way for season 2 to continue the loveeeeeeeey doveyyyyyyy between xiao jie and tang jun! <3

  271. Guest says:

    Voted the Best drama of 2012!! I love Queen of Sop!!!!!!!! Tang Jun + Xiao Jie forever…<3<3

  272. Skitchuti205 says:

    I love this drama I hope Xiao Jie hehe xiao jie will be together !!

  273. Lima says:

    Watch The Queen of SOP guys! Definitely a drama I recommend!:)

  274. Michelle23 says:


  275. Guest says:

    The Queen of Sop is beyond expectation! Highly recommend to watch… this drama so much. Am missing it already….thank god there’s season 2!!!!

  276. guest says:

    Does anyone know when season 2 is coming out!??!?! please!!

  277. Riki says:

    In ep31 when TJ received the photo of XJ and ZQ, i thought it would lead to another argument. To my surprise he actually hugged her. That is what love shld be – Trust ! I really feel bad for ZQ. Personally i think he more compatible with the supermodel. XJ and TJ are just perfect for each other. They are so cute ! 

  278. Carie_goh says:

    Definitely the best drama for 2012.  Love the simple story line and the XJ and TJ.  So looking forward to Season 2.  Withdrawal syndrome just set-in as there are nothing that can compare with Queen of SOP 🙂

  279. spongeycake says:

    I wish Qiao En and Zhang Han dated in real life xD

    • JRfc says:

      i doubt it. that’s an interesting prospect though~

    • Jennifer Cui says:

      he’s actually dating that girl he costarred with in the mainland meteor garden series. :O

      • spongeycake says:

         i know 😮 i recently saw the pics of them at thailand.. zhang han still isnt admitting he’s dating her though lol

    • Jess_jess says:

      haha, hes dating his meteor garden co-star as jennifer says.

      thou i like the zhang han qiao en couple cuz they look good tgt n r so cute tgt, but zhanghan has a gf and i think qiao en and ming dao llllooks got. sooooo… ;p

  280. kat_3 says:

    Whats that song in Ep11 when he confesses to her by the river? Please someone let me know!!

  281. Qiao En's fans says:

    of course, it is the best drama of 2012!

  282. azalea says:

    eng sub please

  283. CassieElfSoneShawolExotic4LIFE says:

    thank you for uploading all of it

  284. guest says:

    Definitely the best drama in 2012!!!

  285. Vũ Thành says:

    best drama china 2012!

  286. Vũ Thành says:

    thank up load very much!

  287. drama4ever says:

    It was a good drama. I loved the main couple 😀

  288. Bachfifi says:

    thanks for uploading!

  289. Yyyyytab says:

    I thought the ending should be more intriguing.

  290. Yyyyytab says:

    I thought the ending should be more intriguing and more unpredictable and had more episodes devoted to the conclusion. Otherwise, it is just another so-so soap opera in my opinion.

    • Riki says:

      Probably because there is a season 2 so they have to leave the ending the way it is. 

      • Cych230 says:

        but they didnt know that there will be a second season when filming season 1

        • anonymous says:

          agreed.  i understand she wanted to fulfill her dream of going to school in England, but was that really necessary?  that time should’ve been devoted to the main couple and back to their cutesy way of interacting with each other. Not such a strong ending!  I lost interest.

          • Jess_jess says:

            i believe it’s because they want her to be further skilled in her job so she can be of help to huang hai. 

            she was only an admin assistant without proper training for her job before she jumped to manager position bcuz her bosses realized the potential in her. thats why she went to england to polish up her skills. thus i think its actually necessary.

            aftall, if IRL, ur boss has no qualifications but is talented, will you really trust her to lead you and respect her? maybe. but still proper qualifications n training would mean she’ll be of greater help to zhang han & huang hai.

        • Jess_jess says:

          actually the last ep was 30, but because of the huge response, they extended it to 33 episodes. so i believe the ending was edited to leave some storyline for season 2. 🙂

          • Cych230 says:

            REALLY!? so they started shooting again when the drama is airing!? i dont think so…

          • Julieycf says:

            Not really, there was a press conference for the success of season and the annoucement of season 2. They are just preparing the script. Qian En is unsure if she will return, depending the script and her schedule

          • Jess_jess says:

            she will. they have confirmed the original cast and have started shooting.

          • SOP Fan says:

            Seriously ?! They already have the new script and started shooting season 2 ?! WOAW That was SUPER quick!! I decided not to wait for it because you never know til you see bts photos of them actually on the set so you are sure they are already shooting the following season Jess ? 🙂 

            And does anyone know anything on what the new season will actually be about ? 

          • Jess_jess says:

            Hello! Yes they have started shooting [as the article i posted below which got buried way down mentioned,] the cameras have started rolling and they are filming season 2!
            they did mention ‘kids’ but idk if they’re just joking or not. zhang han [lead male] commented ‘how many kids we’re having, you’ll find out at the end of season 2!’ so joke or not, we’ll see!and yes, i’m following the season 🙂 love QOP too much. infact im going to rewatch the whole series again! 🙂 

          • Jess_jess says:

            i do think so actually. even tiamo chocolate, the schedule of filming is done almost the night or 2 night before broadcasting. so the story is fitted tgt part by part. idk abt sop, but yes, its possible… [same for inborn pair, they filmed it with just almost enough time for it to edit n broadcast]

    • ROYLOVE says:

      SAMEE!! I wish they had a more heart-fluttering moment for the ending 🙁 Not just smiling at each other! That’s so anti-climatic 🙁 

  291. Skitchuti205 says:

    I like Goffery, felt sorry for him…hope he coudl hav good ending !!!!

    • Riki says:

      i felt sorry for ZQ too. But thinking back how he two-timed XJ and wasn’t sincere about her in the beginning makes me think TJ is a much better man for XJ. TJ is a one woman man since the beginning.

    • ROYLOVE says:

      I feel sorry for him too! TBH both men are good for Xiao Jie! 🙁 Even though ZQ two-timed Xiao Jie at first, he was still considerate of her feelings (not wanting to hurt her by breaking up) and he really did end up falling for her 🙁 

  292. Miko says:

    pls tell me is gao zi qi and lin xiao will be together 

  293. Jayelceee says:

    when do you think subs will come out? :/

  294. SOP Fan says:

    Our convo becomes thinner and thinner haha! So i will just post a new comment here!! Nice to know!! I am shocked they are ALREADY filming season 2 !! Can’t wait to see bts pictures to guess what it will be about ! Queen of SOP is one of the best c/tw-drama I have watched so I hope season 2 won’t fall short on my expectations 🙂 If you have time maybe you can come on asianfanatics so we will discuss it further instead of spamming the comments sections here ;P Anyway. I wonder if they are gonna introduce new love interest for Tang Min, Zi Qi etc. And if we are gonna see JX or Chu Chu again.. ? 🙂

    • Weetheng_ says:

      season2.. really?!?! great!! ^^ hope it gonna be the same crew.

    • Jess_jess says:

      heyyy! 😀 yeah our convo is endless!! haha!!! yessss i was so happy when they said cameras will start rolling the next day after the article. meaning we’ll get season 2 reaaaaaally soon!!! 

      asianfanatics? sounds awesome! i’ll drop by there after i get an account!! 
      and yes thats what im thinking too!!! love line for the others!! 😀 esp the sister!!! 

    • Melissa_q_ says:

      Wheeeen???? I really wanna see season two, I love the actors!!!!!!!! And the drama was really good, were did you get the info from? Can you send a link maybe?

    • ROYLOVE says:

      Do you know if Chen Qiao En is gonna be in the second season? And is it the same cast but with entirely different characters and storyline? 🙂 I hope it is, because then it would still be refreshing but still giving us doses of HanEn chemistry! 

  295. Cyn says:

    Good, lighthearted and sweet drama! Chen Qiao’s dramas are usually of a certain standard 🙂 Cute and hot boys in this drama – defo recommend to watch!

  296. Ng Huiting says:

    Very good, if can see their(汤骏,晓洁) marriage would be more good

  297. Pinkangel2868 says:

    Please upload download links!

  298. summerblue says:

    Does anyone know when Season 2 of this drama will air? I heard Queen of SOP did well in both mainland and TW, so they are making part 2. Will it still have the same leading cast (Chen Qiao En, Godfrey Gao, and Zhang Han)?? 

  299. TaiwanAus says:

    love this drama <3 hope there is a season 2

  300. Jani2xu says:

    the first half of the series was really entertaining, but the last half got a bit slow and boring – lots of business talk. i ended up skipping episodes toward the end. but i REALLY liked the leads.

    • Riki says:

      The business is needed to prove how compatible they are and that they needed each other to overcome every problem. I find it refreshing and was always anticipating how they would deal with the challenges thrown at them. I am glad how they stood firm, never let go of each other hands, trusting each other. Their definition of love is more than just making the hearts beats faster. 

  301. Maria says:

    Im gonna watch this drama again 😉
    i agree with some of u guys..
    the office scenes are really boring talking bout stuff that I don’t even understand…
    but the story is bout her is great <3
    so it's worth to watch it again 😉

  302. ROYLOVE says:


  303. sweet.art_o8 says:

    nooooooo subtitle!!!!!!!:((

  304. Sophie says:

    when will the second part will come out?!
    someone answer me please !
    I can’t wait ;(

  305. Vann says:

    what ep will gao zi qi appear again?? 🙁 i watched like about 7 eps and still didnt see him reappear..

  306. infinitelove says:

    hands down the best drama of 2012! (: 

  307. Czarina Orbeta says:

    please put english subs. i love godfrey gao <3

  308. Czarina Orbeta says:

    ENGLISH SUBS PLEASE 🙂 thank you in advance

  309. Mikaela says:

    team tom/tangjun! (: <3

  310. Joyceyeap_85 says:

    actually so envy chen qiao en can act wif so many handsome guy.. wif ming dao, ethan ruan and now dis 2 guy n they all is handsome n manly.. all the drama she act is popular n nice 2 watch.. 

  311. Poh-lan says:

    Anybody can tell me is this show nice

    • Joyceyeap_85 says:

      i now watching half of it so i think its not bad 2 keep on but i remind u pls set in ur mind 2 like tom/ tang jun 2gether wif him wif chen qiao en.. i like chen qiao en wif qi zi from beginning so quite disappointed wif the story.. anyway can give it a try..  

    • Michelle Kaori says:

      i alrdy watched the movie. i think is quite nice~ give it a shot. u wont regret

    • Ozkay says:

      yes it is good show.

  312. Drama lover says:

    But how come the last three eps is the same as 28,29 and 30?

  313. Guest says:

    Does anyone know what SOP stands for?

  314. KY says:

    I personal recon they have some twisted value inside. And they even encourage “cheating is right  if you win.” Walou… Well only my personal view! 

  315. Kai0224liu says:

    I love this show, I watched them all, I recommended, if u are interested in my full review, please visit my blog. Kai 的美國夢 Kai American dream in Mandarin.

    不錯看,推推。Kai 的美國夢,我的寫作網站。

  316. Mikkilim says:

    Zhang Han’s gf will be in the 2nd Season and I don’t think Qiao En will be in it anymore. 🙁 The other day I was looking at Zhang Han’s “baidu” and there was a list saying him, his gf and 白雪 will be in the movie. (Even its mentioned in “weibo”) but just now when i tried looking into his baidu. that section has been deleted!

    • Lye says:

      I’m very disappointed to hear that Qiao En won’t be in 2nd season as she’s always a very good actress & I love to watch the series/drama she’s in.
      Hope the director will think about it seriously again & let Qiao En to be the actress in the 2nd season.
      Lye from Sydney

      • Jess_jess says:

        is the news confirmed!??!?! if shes not in, i wont watch 2nd season too. aftall without her then its not queen of SOP anymore. its gonna be like a spin off.

  317. katsuki says:

    聽說要拍續集,可是又有新聞說喬恩和明道工作室價錢談不攏,說會被從女主角變到客串?!!真的還假的?!我不要:((((我要看喬恩和張翰 要看小潔和湯駿的完美結局吶>///<

  318. Loesong says:

    I love this drama, Qiao En is a good actress, and 2 handsome guys in it, make this drama interesting.

  319. ddlollee says:

    very cute drama!!

  320. Jiji says:

    Whoa 2nd season is coming…..but no Qiao En not sure I will watch or not…

  321. Christ_ndut says:

    hmm, i didn’t enjoy this drama, there’s too many business content than the romance, the good part is just the beginning, idk, but maybe it because i just watched FTLY and still got hooked up by the time i watched this, the interesting point is the shooting place which elegant and classy(London) and of course Qiao En acting skills, hope see her drama even more 🙂

  322. LIN13 says:

    wow, love ZHANG HAN <3

  323. ZHx333 says:

    Oh my, I know I’m slow but I’m currently at Ep 22 already, guess will finish watching by Monday hahaha. Tang Jun is really so handsome! Not only his looks, but he character in this drama makes me fall in love with him!!!!!! Don’t know why some people like to criticize his tone and where he is from.

  324. Tj says:

    Zhang Han (Tang Jun) FTW!!~~~~

  325. becky says:

    please may i ask where the real ep 31 is? thanks

  326. Lxyooj93 says:

    Is there any subtitles? I can’t seem to see it?

  327. Watermelon says:

    Is a nice show,thumb up <3 qiao en n the two male actors act so cute in this drama

  328. T-ar says:

    I love this movie so much. Its funny and romantic though! Tom <3

  329. Jamie says:

    the eps from ep 31 to 33 are removed by user. but is ep 30 the real ending alr?

  330. Watermelon says:

    Tang jun is a handsome n good guy in this show whereas the lady bai zi Qing is a lady when ppl see they will criticize her ,she think guys only will love her…

  331. Watermelon says:

    Who is the blessing guy did qiao en choose ?

  332. Poh-lan says:

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  333. Lurf_eu says:

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  334. SOP says:

    can’t see ep31,32,33 can fix it really looking forward a thx:)

  335. Watermelon says:

    Season 2 without qiao en this actor I think won’t be can season 2winhout qiao en?it is a continue story so suppose the actors should be the same,don’t tell me tang jun is going to change girlfriend due to this ar?

  336. rina says:

    who did qiao go with in the end? -curious- 

  337. Watermelon says:

    When will be season 2 be release ar?very looking forward leh ^ * @ * ^

  338. Dreamz says:

    OMG i was watching it halfway and it is being removed?

  339. Josephine Choco says:

    why being remove? if i’m not wrong they upload the video without permission

  340. Fio says:

    Why being removed?? I watched half way too

  341. Sa says:

    Is there any other link? please 🙁

  342. Star says:

    Can anybody tell me go which website can watch this drama show(queen of sop)??

  343. Vicky Chan says:

    to all fans of this drama, if you are living in singapore, you may catch it through channel u every sat at 9:30 to 11pm!

  344. Sx says:

    anyone know where else to watch this show?

  345. UPLOADAGAIN! says:

    Video being remove! Up loader please upload again! 🙂

  346. Chelle says:

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  347. Yani Febriany says:

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  349. Marianne says:

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  350. Marianne says:

    The Queen of SOP (Taiwan Version) is now on FTV, and i love to watch it.

  351. josephine choco says:

    those who want to know where to watch. search sop queen at google.

  352. josephine choco says:

    i cannot post the link here. but after you search sop queen it the first link

  353. Ninale12 says:

    ummm is there gonna be any subtitles in english this drama seem really interesting but i don’t understand what they are saying :((( 

  354. ROYLOVE says:

    Is the taiwan version airing once every week? omg then i’ll have to wait like 5 months to see the taiwanese ending :O

    • Lilbookworm7777 says:

      i think the tw version will have 15 episodes cuz the episode is like an hour and 20 mins long, at least half of the china version haha. not too sure tho

    • Luvthishow88 says:

      ….. this site wont let me post the wiki link.. but it says the last airing date is 3/3/13… with 20 episodes airing once a week!! 

  355. GUESSWHOIAM says:

    that’s all!!!??? I want to know what happened in the end for xiao jie and tang jun!!!

  356. Mei Ching says:

    is taiwan version diffrent with china ver one?

  357. guest says:

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  358. Marianne says:

    Please help to subbed this Cdrama/TWdrama The Queen of SOP on D-Addicts for the hard/soft subs version. I want to subbed it.

  359. Marianne says:

    I watch this series on Hunan TV and Formosa TV and i love this series for me.

  360. Cherry says:


  361. drama queen says:

    actually china and taiwan version is exactly the same.

    • Luvthisshow88 says:

      obviously u have not watched it.. its mostly the same but the taiwanese version was edited differently and supposedly theres a different ending to the taiwanese version. according to wiki the TW version will only have 20 episodes

    • Cookie_rami_2000 says:

      China and Taiwan are not the same advices by Chen Chu Un

  362. wcywcywcy says:

    Why are the new one not the same with the one deleted?

    I would like to watch the old one:(

  363. Cookie_rami_2000 says:

    Pls help to upload ep2 of Taiwan version? Help…….please……

    • Kirara says:

      Yes I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now for the Taiwan version.. they are much longer episodes and It will be much easier for me to watch.. if anyone knows where we can watch the Taiwan episodes please let us know!! (ep 2 and ep 3) 

      Thank you! 

  364. Rachel says:

    China and Taiwan have two different version

  365. drama queen says:

    taiwan one gotlesser ep becos the air time is longer.

  366. Sam says:

    These shows are from dailymotion and are 720p quality. However, I can’t view or find them on daily motion. The ones found on daily motion is 384p, which is bad. Anyone any idea how to view these episodes on dailymotion on 720p?

    Thank you for your help!

  367. KATSUKI says:

    台灣版第二集呢??聽說兩版會有不一樣 所以我兩版都想要看:))))))

  368. kk says:

    How different is the TW’s version, since I read from these comments here, a few of you are stating it …
    will she end up with a different guy?  And the way the plots goes from the start to the end are different? Now, I am reading there is a second season … does it mean she will end up with neither of them …ahh … not sure if I am up for another season, if it starts to drag …

    • Iluvthisshow99 says:

      the acting crew stated that they will be a different ending to the TW version during interviews, who are you expecting to get an answer from? how will any of us know what it would be?

  369. Seagull_140691 says:

    why so lag?

  370. Cherry says:

    China and Taiwan have two different version

  371. Ged says:

    we will try to upload the last ep of the taiwan version which will have a new ending.

  372. Marianne says:

    Such a nice episode for me.

  373. Marianne says:

    I want to subbed this Cdrama/TWdrama The Queen of SOP on D-Addicts, may i help you?

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  375. Yuri says:

    曾楚楚别以为你除楚楚可怜你不要搞破坏张翰不会爱你的。OMG go die forever hate you.

  376. Crist ^^ says:

    How i hope season 2, qiao en can take part and be the main actress again.. Hais. Why change actress.. =(
    But still gonna support zhang han ! 汤骏!! <3

  377. hate 楚楚来搞破坏

  378. yes , very good , tang jun got 抢回公司会和他的家和陈乔恩在一起.

  379. Jia says:

    一个人不能拥有两个情人,但我多么希望晓杰能拥有湯駿和 高子齊!!!

  380. Keeanrine says:

    Why always part 2 will change actress???

  381. peter says:

    is this the china version? where can i view the taiwan version?

  382. sabinra says:


  383. prettyprettyplease says:

    can someone please tell me where to watch the taiwanese version ?

  384. I love this Cdrama/TWdrama The Queen of SOP because it’s very attractive for me.

  385. I’m still watching the Cdrama/TWdrama The Queen of SOP on Formosa TV (FTV) and i love the epsiodes for me.

  386. I love to watch the episodes for me.

  387. Serene Lim says:

    hi all, so may i know if there is a taiwan version of this drama? would really like to find out. i tried to search online, but there is no news about having a second taiwan version. could someone show me a link about this particular news or the link to the new episodes? thank u! 

  388. A_may says:


  389. A_may says:


  390. fourjyip says:

    no taiwan version?

  391. i4i4i4 says:

    After watching Godfrey Gao did not marry Chen Qiao En, i stopped watching this drama from episode 5 because i hated the ending.

    • TOPismylife says:

      i think you should continue to watch, as the story progresses you’ll realise chen qiao en and the other actor have a lot of chemistry 🙂

      • i4i4i4 says:

        Ya, just that i thought although Godfrey initially preferred his model girlfriend, finally he experienced chen qiao en’s sincere character and actually decided to marry her but his ex-model girlfriend jeapardised it by dirty means so i prefer Godfrey to marry qiao en finally because he was sincere and serious about her.
        Although the other actor wholeheartedly loved qiao en, i prefer Godfrey to marry qiao en.

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        Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 7:31 PM
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        TOPismylife wrote, in response to i4i4i4:

        i think you should continue to watch, as the story progresses you’ll realise chen qiao en and the other actor has a lot of chemistry 🙂
        Link to comment

      • Christyyork says:

        Tang Jun’s acting is lively . He is sweet in this role esp to the one he love.  Geoffrey is good looking and suave . But I think his acting can be improved 

  392. Where’s the Taiwan version of the Cdrama The Queen of SOP? This drama is currently airing on Formosa TV (FTV) in Taiwan.

  393. I want to subbed this Cdrama/TWdrama and i want to subbed on it.

  394. TOPismylife says:

    can’t wait for season 2 <3

  395. Christyyork says:

    Does anybody know when will the season 2 start ?

  396. Yenny Zheng says:

    why i can’t watch the last episode? >.<

  397. Chin Mei Jerry says:

    zhang han’s acting has improved a lot as compared to his past dramas.worth to watch. the chemistry between zhang han and chen qiao en is great as the show continues to develop(: 

  398. I love this series for me.

  399. How many episodes are there in the Taiwan version of the Cdrama The Queen of SOP? I don’t know, just ask the others right here.

  400. lyann says:

    can somebody give a link to where we could watch the series with ENGLISH subtitle,please!

  401. dramacrazy says:

    How do your confirm that there is season 2?

  402. Alexadre says:

    Hey all, I’m in the midst of subbing this drama and I was wondering which other drama are you all interested in? Link would be up as soon as I am done subbing.

  403. Jee says:

    Hi Alexadre,
    Would appreciate it very much if you could put english subtitles for the drama, “Ti Amo Chocolate.”
    Thank you very much. 🙂

  404. dramacrazy says:

    can anyone tell me how u know there is season 2?

  405. GUEST says:


  406. Elk says:

    Watch actor Zhang Han as Tang Jun in this drama.
    Sure to fall in love with his character.
    As for Godfrey Gao, it is easy to look good when you are already good looking in the first place.
    Personally, I feel that Godfrey Gao’s acting needs improvement.
    Hope all will enjoy the drama! 🙂

  407. Guest says:

    can I ask does that mean no one knows the ending for the taiwan version yet?

  408. Vicky Chan says:

    this drama at some parts, makes me hate and like. at first, started to watch this drama is because of godfrey.. he is quite funny at some parts when he is with qiao en.. till after he actually want to propose to coco.. that part onwards, oops >< zhang han is like the only part which is nice so far but probably will also be not so nice after that? :0

  409. Guest says:

    Ahhhh, this is so awesome (: xiao jie and zhang jun is so cutee

  410. dramacrazy says:

    I love this drama to the max !!!! So freaking nice ! watch this show for the 3rd time alr !

  411. Anis says:

    Hi. Can anyone tell me what is the title of the piano song?

  412. Grace Huang says:

    to me, i like chen qiao en and godfrey gao together. i don’t really like zhang han. 

  413. Guest says:

    does anyone know the name of the piano song played??

  414. Guest says:

    I freakin’ loooove this drama!!! (:
    xiao jie and zhang jun <3If you have watched this drama for more than 3 times please like!

  415. Marianne says:

    How many episodes are they in the Taiwan version of the Cdrama The Queen of SOP? I don’t know, just ask the others right away.

  416. Marianne says:

    Please subbed this Cdrama/TWdrama, please help us.

  417. Marianne says:

    How many episodes are there in the Taiwan version of the Cdrama The Queen of SOP? I don’t know, just ask the others right away.

  418. Marianne says:

    I have to find the episodes for the Taiwan version of the Cdrama The Queen of SOP but they have to upload on it. Please help to find the missing episodes here.

  419. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the last episode of the Taiwan version of the Cdrama The Queen of SOP and thanks for all of you to watch it.

  420. Marianne says:

    English subs, please…

  421. Marianne says:

    How many episodes are there for the Cdrama The Queen of SOP?

  422. Marianne says:

    China version: 33 episodes
    Taiwan version: 15 episodes

  423. Joycelow9 says:

    Hi, where can I watch the taiwan version of this show? Preferably by streaming. Thanks!

  424. Linmary says:

    I want to see the queen of sop 2

  425. amNadia says:

    Will there be season 2?? Really love this show!

  426. prettyprettyplease says:

    ending is different in taiwan? can anyone link/post?

  427. KKL says:

    anyone have link to download this drama? 

  428. Raeil Shin says:

    intriguing drama!!!! so touchy…

  429. ROYLOVE says:

    anyone know where we can watch the taiwanese ending to the drama cause apparently it’s different to the original one!

    • Adadas says:

      In case no one has informed you yet, the Taiwan version has the exact same ending as the original China version. I guess the broadcasters decided to change their mind last minute or something. Very misleading and disappointing in my opinion because the cast even announced that there would be an alternate ending on talk shows and such.

      • ROYLOVE says:

        Aww omg are you serious I didn’t know 🙁 I heard the cast talk about an alternate ending in inteviews but I could never find it! Thanks for letting me know 🙂 so disappointing though and I’d feel so cheated if I tuned in to the Taiwan version only to find the ending was the same!!

  430. Emil says:

    I just watched it – and seriously loved it. Although I think they should have actually focused on Xiao Jie and Tang Jun’s story right through the end instead of having too much office politics. But still – pretty good watch. Also, just to point out to some who think Ming Dao isn’t doing anymore idol lead shows – LOL – this is his production house who produced it and therefore why he did a cameo. He is doing a show with Liu Shi Shi at that time – where he is the main lead. So it’s not like he isn’t out there anymore or anything. He and Qiao En have been best friends for a long time, which is why he offered her main lead for his first production. Just thought I should clear it up =)

  431. jujube says:

    season 2 isnt gonna be with Chen Qiao En…only Zhang Han

  432. Mochi says:

    Is there really going to be a second season?Please reply to my question.

  433. Aussie says:

    The actors were great but why cant the main actress be more refined and stop speak ‘street” mandarin. In America is Ghetto .

  434. jess says:

    season 2 totally no link to season 1. i hate this. if they are not going to use back the same cast or continue the story line, CHANGE YOUR DRAMA NAME!!! DONT SPOIL QUEEN OF SOP >=(

  435. Aryael says:

    I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Queen of SOP 2 that came out this week and let me tell you that it is not worth your time! Poor storyline and sub-standard acting. I think the director is not too brilliant either as many parts of the story do not flow nicely. I have totally discarded QOS 2. The only redeeming factor in QOS 2 is Zhang Han and they pretty much rely on his popularity to market it. Stick to Queen of SOP the original!

  436. what says:


  437. Qiao En says:

    SOP Queen 2 totally sucks… Not only all the casts besides Zhang Han is different, but their acting also sucks… Don’t understand why the director wanted to make it a season 2… Should’ve just gave it a different name…

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