When Love Walked In / 愛情闖進門

When Love Walked In / 愛情闖進門
Victoria Song, Calvin Chen, Zhou Mi, Xu YuHan, Bian Cheng, Sean Lee
Broadcast Year:2012-08-27
English Subtitle:No
Young, talented, and handsome Qing Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan's long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because of her parents' death, Ya Yin is bitter towards her grandfather. Yu Jiang not only eases the tension between them, but he gradually enters Ya Yin's heart. But when their love begins, Yu Jiang backs out because of his love for his childhood friend. Yu Jiang tries to find her, but fails to realize that she has been by his side all along.

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  1. Gracey says:

    is this drama not taiwanese ….the chinese they speak seem like mainland chinese 

    • Ju says:

      it’s not taiwanese but they’re using a mix of taiwanese actors, korean and also mainland. Does it matter? 

      • LY says:

        Actually, all of them are chinese actors & actresses from taiwan & mainland. Victoria & Zhoumi are both from mainland. 

      • Mabel Joe says:

        Name: 宋茜 / Song Qian
        English name: Victoria Song
        Birthplace: Qingdao, Shandong, China
        Education: Beijing Dance Academy
        Kpop group: Leader of f(x)

        Name: 周觅 / Zhou Mi
        Birthplace: Wuhan, Hubei, China

        Zhou Mi’s primary language is Mandarin, but he also speaks conversational Korean and basic English and Cantonese.

        Education: Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai campus

        Mandopop band: Super Junior-M
        Super Junior-M is the third and most successful subgroup branched off from the Korean boy band Super Junior

        Credit: Wikipedia

    • Their original voices were dubbed over in the preview.
      I swear that’s not Calvin’s real voice.
      Also, it’s a collab between Mainland & Taiwan.
      That’s why there are Mainland broadcasts & Taiwan broadcasts.
      For the mainland ones, they used the dubbed voices; for Taiwan, they use original voices.

  2. Teresa Lim says:

    the girl is from china but it’s from a korean pop group called F(x). victoria as the leader of the group. 🙂 zhou mi from super junior M. the chinese group a part from super junior.

  3. Tania says:

    This show is like the 2nd version of Romantic Princess ! ^^

  4. Storm_Grey3 says:

    Title: 愛情闖進門 (爱情闯进门) / Ai Qing Chuang Jin Men

    English title: When Love Walked In

    Also known as: 失去城堡的王子 / Shi Qu Cheng Bao De Wang Zi / The Prince Who Lost His

    Genre: Romance

    Episodes: 32

    Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-27 start

    TV drama songs

    曲別: 片頭曲 – 歌名: 愛情闖進門 – 演唱者: BY2 – 作詞: ?? – 作曲: ??

    曲別: 片頭曲 – 歌名: ?? – 演唱者: ?? – 作詞: ?? – 作曲: ??

    曲別: 插曲 – 歌名: ?? – 演唱者: ?? – 作詞: ?? – 作曲: ??

    When Love Walked In / 愛情闖進門 Cast:

    Calvin Chen as Qin Yu Jiang

    Victoria Song (宋茜) as Shen Ya Yin

    Zhou Mi (周覓) as Li Shang Lin

    Lee Shiau Shiang (aka Shao Xiang) as Gu Qing Feng

    Lu Yu Xie (陆昱颉) as Lu Ming Qiong

    Tong Xiao Yan (仝晓燕) as Chen Yu Ru

    Andrey Lazarev (安德烈-拉泽夫) as Brad

    Ge Lei (葛蕾) as Shen Xiao He

    Liu Chao (刘潮) as Chen Xu Yang

    Cai Zhi Yun as Xiao Feng

    Bian Cheng (边程) as Xiao Yu Jiang

    Xu Yu Han (徐钰涵) as Xiao Ya Yin

    Cr: DramaWiki & Chinese Wikipedia keyword search is 愛情闖進門

    Cr is the abbreviation for the word Credit.

    • 8/27 is the start date for mainland.
      8/20 might be the start date for Taiwan since there’s 2 versions. (I can’t find verification for this start date)
      Dubbed = Mainland
      Undubbed = Taiwan

      • Mabel Joe says:

        The start date seems to be confirm for 27-AUG-2012 as stated by Storm_Grey3 and the broadcast year as stated above was change from 20-AUG-2012 to 27-AUG-2012 as well.

  5. veeeeeee says:

    Nothing can be compared to ROMANTIC PRINCESS !! 

  6. Joei Hen says:

    What’s with all the korean actress acting in TWdramas? o.O there’s like 3 different ones already!

  7. Bbeatricee says:

    I am desperate for OT3’s drama 🙁 When can i watch it?

  8. Tran_szesze says:

    undubbed taiwan version?! i want i want i want!

  9. guest says:

    Will this be dubbed? so stupid how it will be dubbed 🙁 

  10. mercury says:

    Mainland dramas are always dubbed if one or more of the actors/actresses isn’t from the mainland. It’s standard.. usually to keep the accents uniform so they all have a standard mainland accent.  

    If it’s a collaboration between Taiwan and China though, the Taiwan one probably won’t be dubbed though. 

  11. Guest says:

    when does the first episode come out??

  12. Hzgg says:


  13. Michelle23 says:

    cant wait for this drama to come out 😀

  14. ROYLOVE says:


  15. ROYLOVE says:

    Does anyone know frequent WLWI will air for the Taiwan version? I hope it’s not 1 ep week : ( otherwise I know I’ll be tempted to spoil the drama and watch the mainland broadcast haha

  16. Michelle23 says:

    it’s got zhou mi and calvin chen!!! yeahh!!!

  17. Liqian_95 says:

    I really hate the dubbing, but their acting are so good! Not that i can just judge from the preview. Guess i needa see it in the real show to get a full view.

  18. Pink-pink00 says:

    When is this drama airing on tv?
    When can I see this drama from this link?

  19. ZiYing says:

     When is the first episode coming out and how often will it be aired?

  20. Tran_szesze says:

    oh i thought pilot ep was today…..

  21. Zhanxuanli says:

    why ep 1 haven’t out , i’m waiting ~~~

  22. Leslie says:

    When is the first episode coming out ??? 

  23. vi says:

    Is sugoideas gonna upload when love walked in????? :<

  24. Cristina Ira says:

    When the drama start airing on TV ? 好期待~ It seems nice 🙂

  25. Tran_szesze says:

    everyday i check for pilot episode and everyday i get sad there isn’t any =(

  26. chenyiru says:

    chen yi ru !!!!

  27. Malrine says:

    finally yeah 

  28. Lesline says:

    Is it gonna air tomorrow ???

  29. ROYLOVE says:

    really wanna know when the taiwan broadcast is ! but i’m excited for the first episode tomorrow! 😀

  30. Lesline says:

    What time is it gonna air ???? Really ,Really excited… 🙂

  31. Blair says:


  32. makichan says:

    Why not Preview for the next episode??

  33. ROYLOVE says:

    sighh I don’t think I can resist waiting for the Taiwan broadcast haha! I’m shipping Calvin and Victoria already! 😀 The dubbing makes me miss SOP Queen 🙁 and feel forever grateful that it wasn’t dubbed! haha 

  34. Tran_szesze says:

    I HATE VOICE OVER!!!!  but i will watch it anyways lol. when taiwan version comes out i’ll just watch it again lol

  35. Zhou Mi, love you, ELF will support you♥♥
    and Victoria is so pretty..

  36. Yvonne Tat says:

    does anyone know what days the episodes are released? 

  37. Michelle23 says:

    I love Zhou Mi!!! Super Junior and M Fan Here!!!! 😀

  38. 1234 says:

    ew i hate 玉茹 

  39. annabelle99 says:

    YES! it’s finally out!!!

  40. smileyy says:

    does this remind you of romantic princess? with wu zun and angela zhang? 

  41. Chiliphyllie says:

    Do any of you guys know when the taiwanese broadcast will air? I don’t like the dubbing.

    • There is no official date yet, but I think it should be by the end of the year. Remember, when dramas are filming, especially those that are filming in HQ, a lot of the times the sound is poor quality since they care more about the video. In those cases, the original actors will come in and dub over their OWN voices.
      Since the leads are so busy with their own schedules, it takes time.

  42. Bbeatricee says:

    Yes finally!!!!! OT3 <3

  43. Guest says:


  44. guest says:

    so are they going to dub the taiwaness version?

  45. annabelle99 says:

    Omg i love this drama!! Just hate the dubbing part.

  46. Tran_szesze says:

    calvin’s expressions are so mesmerizing =) i still clinch at the dubbing but i think i’ll survive until the taiwan version comes out =)

  47. Guestar says:

    This remind me of the Romantic Princess (taiwanese drama) and My princess (korean drama).
    Both have the plot, Chairman looking for the lost granddaughter. 🙂

  48. Wendy says:

    what time does it air each day?

  49. Gorillafeng says:

    is there a taiwanese chinese version of this drama

  50. Guest says:

    when will the next episode be out??:0 Anybody know which days the the show is showing??

  51. Niceshow says:

    this reminds me of both gong zhu xiao mei and dolphine bay both acted by angela zhang!! hahak nice show btw!!

  52. Jenlinchen says:

    is this show also on during weekends?

  53. 1234 says:

    What time will the daily episode be uploaded ?

  54. 1234 says:

    is ep 9 gonna be on today? and 10?

  55. Jennifertan888 says:

    is there a version that is not dubbed?

  56. Angela Lim says:

    whats with the dubbed =.=

  57. Vampiregurl54 says:

    when does ” when love walked in” update?

  58. Hi says:

    Got Taiwan version?

  59. Hi says:

    Today got episode 11and12??

  60. Saint says:

    how come ep 11 only 35 mins isn’t every ep about 40plus minutes. Why so much reduction in time.

  61. Saint says:

    Why are there so many cut parts


  63. Carol says:

    Cannot wait for nest 2 ep today XD

  64. Cindy says:

    Getting really boring!!! Want more part were victoria and Calvin are together. Now it all about the company and family problem

  65. Heidijiayi says:

    what time will the next 2 episode come out?

  66. Kimmy says:

    Are you gonna be posting the Taiwanese version then? cause i really wanna watch the no dubbed version. I would even rewatch this !

  67. Jjia says:

    Link to episode 6,7,&8 are not working. Can someone fix it please

  68. Xiandahae says:

    What time will the ep be uploaded? (: the day after or the very same day after broadcast?

  69. Melikhun says:

    Wat time will the new ep come????

  70. Melikhun says:

    Every day two ep or wat???

  71. Melikhun says:

    Every day two ep or wat???

  72. Carol says:

    Yeah EP 13 Is out !!!!! <3

  73. Carol says:

    EP 14 is out again yeah XD

  74. Jiji says:

    help episode 6 & 10 not working. can someone fix?

  75. Ah_rong says:

    everyday 2 ep :DDD

  76. Tran_szesze says:

    that cousin must be doing something right because everyone hates her. UGH! 

  77. phylliswai says:

    where is the taiwan version? :/

  78. Cindy says:

    Hate the cousin so much…she even look evil from the start. STOP having her in so many parts

  79. sushi says:

    For some odd reason the cousin’s mouth resembles a fish’s mouth. Ugh.

  80. Weetheng_ says:

    why is it that at certain episodes their voices sounds funny?? doesnt sound like them. they are all chinese, did they use dubbed??

  81. Pink-pink00 says:

    I am waiting for the episode that Yu Jiang is in relationship with Ya Yin.Dunno which episode is that?

  82. 234568 says:

    anyone knows what time does it air ?

  83. 1234 says:

    can’t wait for next ep!!!

  84. asd says:

     Chen Yu Ru is sucha spoiler !!! HATE HER

  85. Guest says:

    is there a taiwan version that isn’t dubbed?

  86. :D says:

    Anyone here is watching this show all because of Victoria ? ^~^ This show is interesting, never regret watching ! VICTORIA <3

  87. Paulloke says:

    Not yet upload?

  88. Joey says:

     the cousin YuRu so bad . wish she go away so that YuJiang and YaYing can be together .

  89. Carol says:

    What GF -.- Yu Jiang want a GF also won’t find a GF like u .

    Want find also find Ya Ying this Kind of girl
    YuRu and YuJiang won’t be happy if they together .
    YaYing more better I like YaYing more then YuRu

  90. Carol says:

    Waiting for Next 2 ep 

    Cannot wait to watch it

  91. <3 minho says:

    I wish they can have an awesome kiss scene! Vic mama have to try harderrrr!

  92. Jjia says:

    Anyone know how many episode in total?

  93. Carol says:

    Ep 21 and 22 is here YEAH !!! <3

  94. Carol says:

    Ep 21 and 22 Is out already YEAH !!! <3

  95. kait says:

    vic should have gave her a slap!  :(( 

  96. Tran_szesze says:

    her cousin is such a [email protected]!!!!!! hate her!!!!

  97. kelly888 says:

    Yu Ru is so fake !! 

  98. When is the next ep coming out? tonight???

  99. Guest says:

    is ep 24 going to come out tonight? 

  100. Guest says:

    is ep 24 coming out tonight?

  101. guest says:

    I wander if Yu Jiang and Ya Yin gets together at the end because is only 6 more episode till the end of the end. Please tell me does both of them still love each other at the end.

  102. ~Xuan says:

    I hope the Xu Yang is kind enough to expose his sister, Yu Ru. Then Yu Jiang dont need to have responsible towards her…..

  103. ~Xuan says:

    Is ep 25 coming out today?

  104. Saint says:

    omg shang lin became the evil side in ep 25

  105. Stephaniegoh_01 says:

    i want yu jiang and ya yin get together in the end!!!!

  106. guest says:

    where can i watch episode 25? so exciting!!

  107. blueroses says:

    Victoria and Calvin are so matching together in this show. :):) 

  108. peiyu_2010 says:

    weekend got ? 

  109. Guest says:

    Is ep 25 coming out tonight?

  110. Vampiregurl54 says:

    There’s only 4 more episode till the of the drama.. Xu yang better expose her sister and yu jiang and ya yin better be together… Ching Feng ang Ming chong too… :/

  111. Cuteliddlrainie says:

    There are actually 32 episodes. I checked on multiple Chinese websites

  112. Pirie says:

    All of us who take umbrage with dubbing, esp. dubbing of our favorite actors/actresses, should BOYCOTT all dubbed Taiwan and China dramas… Until the production companies allow their real voices on screen as in “The Queen of SOP”.

  113. byul says:

    I heard it started airing in taiwan without dub,(and it aired before in China with dubbed voices) does anyone know where to watch the ep with the original voices ?

  114. Cindy Zhang says:

    where is episode 27 coming out ??

  115. Alicia Clicha says:

    Anyone knows how often is this drama aired everyday? 

  116. where i can get link of When Love Walked In Ep 9 Eng Sub???

  117. guest says:

    I still don’t understand why Yu Jiang still stay with Yu Ru. He doesn’t love her and is only 4 episode left but he still does not know how she lied to him.

  118. Jiji says:

    i miss few episodes…have qing feng and qiong started? Any sweet scene from them?

  119. Elynncia says:

    About 2 eps a day.

    And regardless of whether there’s dubbed voices or not, it should not be protested through boycotts as that’s doing injustice to the writer, the producers and the actors who actually at least made such efforts to provide us with the show.

    • Pirie says:

      True, but believe me if we are truly annoyed by the dubbing (please read comments from beginning episodes), this is the ONLY way for the studio to stop this practice… When it hurts their pocketbook. How would you feel if American actors like Brad Pitt or Clint Eastwood get their voices dubbed by some British actors.

  120. Pink-pink00 says:

    I hope the final episode will end with Yu Jiang marrying Ya Yin.And idiotic Qing Feng’s mother and Yu Ru’s evil deeds will be exposed and bring to justice.

  121. Pink-pink00 says:

    Why no episode 30?Today only upload 1 episode?

    • V-Guest says:

       Please wait. there will be 2 episodes per day but it takes time for the uploader to upload. So you’ll see one ep first, but soon the other ep will be up! ^^

  122. Guest says:

    How about ep 30?

  123. Guest says:

    How many ep are there in total

  124. Pink-pink00 says:

    Before Yu Jiang or Ya Yin can answer Shang Lin’s question,it just ended like this. How come the ending ends so abruptly?

  125. Christy_Cheung says:

    This is sweet! But is it true that its dubbed?

    • 13anana13ri says:

       yes. i think this is mainland china’s version. calvins real voice definitely does NOT sound like that. (i know because he was part of a popular group called Fahrenheit) 

  126. Pink-pink00 says:

    Is episode 32 the final episode? It states episode 30 here is the final one. So when i watched episode 30,it’s kinda weird coz there’s no ending.Dunno if Yu Jiang and Ya Ying will reconcile and be together again.

  127. Carol says:

    I Want 

    Yu Jiang and Ya Ying Together
    Ching Feng and Ming Chong Together
    Shang Lin and Xiao Fen TogetherThis is so perfect <3Heheh

    • Twdramaaddict says:

      I think shanglin and Xiao fen together is abt of an overkill~. A bit too unrealistics~ life nr falls together that neatly…

  128. Lixuanlee98 says:

    Is there still any more episodes? The story don’t seem t end yet

  129. Coollady123 says:

    i think still haven’t end yet

  130. guest says:

    there is still one more episode, 32 episode is not the ending is 33 is the ending.

    • Alicia Clicha says:

      How do you know?

      I read from wiki and it says that theres 49 Ep for this drama.. 

      • guest says:

         If you wiki say there is 49ep than we wait and see tomorrow if they continue the drama. If the drama does not continue tomorrow than is only 32, but if they stop at 32ep than that is a stupid ending, but I feel there are more episode tomorrow

  131. Jearlie says:

    what on earth? this can’t be the end la. dun tell me i wasted 32 episode to watch this kind of ending…..

  132. Guest says:

    I dont think ep 32 is the ending. So sudden, the scene just stopped at the conversation of Calvin and Grandpa……

  133. Pink-pink00 says:

    When I google search this website called From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,it says that the number of episodes is 49.So there are some more episodes right?

    • guest says:

       Go in to youtube and type in When Love Walked In wedding scene, than you will see their wedding at the end,  because ep32 is 44-50 mintues, that is why we can’t see the ending.

  134. Carol says:

    I don’t think is the end yet

  135. jwu says:

    they fixed the link! (rewatch the ending)

  136. <3 says:

    Any news for the Taiwan version ? 🙂 

  137. M_fong66 says:

    must be have ending..this story…

  138. Bevin88 says:

    where can i watch this drama with english sub.??

  139. Esther_lim111 says:

    Is this drama good? I am wandering whether or not i should watch it. Also, are the actors and actresses all dubbed?

  140. Jen says:

    where can i download this drama? i dont like streaming…thanks :]

    • Tran_szesze says:

      if you download realplayer i think they have a plugin that lets you download the video straight from the website or just see if suoideas has it in thier download section

  141. Tran_szesze says:


    finally finished this drama. the ending wasn’t really that great. like they didn’t really solve the issue with the successor and stuff. but happy ending none the less

  142. I need to watch the ep. 12 but there are no eng subs available 🙁

  143. Me says:

    My attempt to watch it has been squashed by this dubbing thing. I really can’t handle dubbed voices. 

  144. Not Tellin You says:

    that bitch yu ru!!! i hate her! 

  145. LIN13 says:

    what a evil cousin!! 

  146. Genevieve_lingsy says:

     i dont want this ending,i want after the wedding life movie

  147. Hamtaro59808 says:

    hmms just wondering, is there a version in which the voices are not dubbed?

  148. Shorty Xo says:

    does anyone know where I can download asian dramas in mp4 format?

  149. LillianLSH says:

    Get used to the dubbed after watching a few episode 😀

  150. tomlynne says:

    english sub pls.i love to see this movie…thanks

  151. Raechil_shane says:

    qing yu jiang and shen ya yin…………. i like their team up! so romantic. the story is nice! everyone can relate to it!

  152. sonaynay says:

    English subs please 🙂

  153. Stella-145 says:

    is the drama worth to watch???

  154. Sufi Salim says:

    why is there no sub,just because it’s a Taiwanese website doesn’t mean only Chinese go on this website plus there are many non chinese who use this web to watch dramas here

  155. Sufi Salim says:

    why is there no sub,just because it’s a Taiwanese website doesn’t mean only Chinese go on this website plus there are many non chinese who use this web to watch dramas here

    • scircus says:

      Just because you’re lucky sometimes and fans are willing to take the time to sub some shows, doesn’t mean every show will have subs.

  156. ROYLOVE says:

    omg when’s the taiwanese version coming out 🙁 dying from the wait 

  157. drama4ever says:

    All I can say is that lead girl Victoria is really bad at the kissing scenes. LoL

  158. Nita Chan says:

    when walked in love lumayan bgs,,happy ending,,tp pertnghan byk adegan sedih,lbh bgs lg,kalau ending nya semua tmn nya maried,,tu lbh seru

  159. cutiepie2399 says:

    this drama is quite good acc 🙂

  160. LALALA says:

    this story plot is exactly the same as romantic princess

  161. LALALA says:

    Go watch romantic princess everyone! That show has the same story plot and is a thousand times nicer than this show 🙂 Trust me cuz I’ve watched both shows already 😀

  162. dramacrazy says:

    No romantic princess like shit! the female lead so ugly ! here more pretty

  163. LALALA says:

    @dramacrazy nuuuuu… Romantic Princess is the most awesome show eva! Angela Chang is soooooo much prettier and less ‘act cute’ than Victoria! The settings of romantic princess suits the storyline better!

    • dramacrazy says:

      No ! Victoria at least dont like angela chang got attitude

      • LALALA says:

        Angela chang acts more naturally than victoria. Vic is like super act cute at some parts!

        • Victoria is acting VERY naturally…. is dat juz  is her first time acting as a lead actress in a chinese drama…. this is already v.good….

          Angela chang also acts VERY natually…….  and better than victoria… but she is more experience than victoria…

          2002  – MVP 情人2003  – 海豚灣戀人2004 – 天國的嫁衣2005 – 海豚愛上貓2006 –  愛殺17

          i juz mean that both of them is good….

          • LALALA says:

            LOLOL I know what shows angela acted in luhh! My point is that even angela’s first show she didn’t act cute! She just shows her natural charismatic cuteness~:P

      • KOSOTO says:

        YES I AGREE! Victoria acts cute is because the role she is acting NEEDED to be CUTE.  

  164. Chen Yu Ru 你真的是超级坏, 你 明明就不是袁总裁的孙女, 却还要假扮成沈雅音, 还有却 don,t let shen ya yin know she 才是 袁总裁的孙女, 还有你也要 抢走calvin chen ,你是超级讨厌鬼。

    • LALALA says:

      Haha!you know what! Whenuguys said chen yuru, i thotu guys were referring to calvin chen! LOLOL cos his name is ‘chen yi ru’ 😉

  165. Chen Yu Ru I 好像 slap her , she is not 袁总裁的孙女 why still want go back to there , 谁要你假扮雅音, 你被赶出来 是你活该。

  166. jayyepeeen says:

    Watched it and I think this show is a cross between At the Dolphin Bay and Romantic Princess. Spoilers ahead! 
    At the Dolphin Bay: Grandfather disapproves of the love between the mother and father of the female lead, so they eloped. On the run, until the female lead’s parents die. So she is left in the orphanage. There, she met the male lead and the male lead made a promise to her. They shared happy memories. Then grandfather comes here and adopted the wrong boy, and made him the successor of the company.
    Romantic Princess: Main girl happens to be the long-lost granddaughter of the chairman of a super huge corporation. Grandpa chooses 4 men to be his successor due to the absence of heirs. (3 successors have been chosen for When love walked in.) They are tasked to show her the ropes and they befriended her. All of them are super afraid of the grandpa, and only the male lead (and most likely potential successor) is not afraid of them. (Yu Jiang is the only one who dares to talk back to the grandpa) That, and they called the grandpa Emp (In When Love Walked In, they called the grandpa ‘Huang Ah Ma’, which is Emperor in chinese). The male lead feels trapped and does not want to be the successor despite the grandpa’s intentions. Pushes the female lead away despite his obvious love for her. Female lead takes time to adjust into the new way of life and she is not used to it. She came from a poor family with various odd jobs, afterall. 😛

    Haha, and a few scenes is especially reminiscent of Romantic Princess. The party when they induct Shen Ya Yin, for example. And the many squash scenes, which reminds me of when Lin played squash with Jin. 

    • jayyepeeen says:

      Too many! But this show has a different execution of events though. Different presentation, and different personalities. Cool, but I take issue with Calvin’s bland acting. I love him, really. I first noticed him in Romantic Princess and was especially taken in by his charming appearance. With this though, he seems to have 1 expression throughout and he looks plenty bored and awkward. Kudos to Vic’s first attempt and she played pretty convincingly. The ‘bromance’ was a little off and there is very little to show us WHY they were so close, only emphasized many many times that they were close. Playfighting between the 3 men were a little awkward. I need to see why these boys would sacrifice so much for each other, and they use friendship ‘you qing’ too many times. How did the friendship remain so strong, for one? I really like Min Qiong though. She was great and able to handle a scene well. Her cool personality and straight-forwardness was what got to me. Bit draggy for me. And little to show us why Ya Yin prefers Yu Jiang since the beginning. Just merely that he made her feel strongly, esp when she is around him. 

      Could have been better and more flashy. What I loved about the Romantic Princess was its fairytale-like setting, which was different from this. My opinions only! Though I think I might get bashed for this. And plenty of defensive people after me. 

      For example of Calvin’s great acting, watch Romantic Princess and KO One! Loved him in both. He was really great there. I think it’s because he is usually pretty chatty, so to make him act as a character who is as introverted as Yu Jiang was a little bit of a challenge. 😛 

      • LALALA says:

        OMG you’re analysis is super detailed and super good! 😀 AWESOME JAYYEPEEEN!!! 🙂 LOVE ROMANTIC PRINCESS FOREVER!

        • jayyepeeen says:

          Yeah! Thanks! 😀 I really love ROMANTIC PRINCESS! 😀 WHich was what made me want to see this real bad, because I’d get to see Calvin in action. HAHAHA. Glad you liked it! 😀

    • LALALA says:


  167. Vicky Chan says:

    sometimes, don’t really understand what are the thoughts that ya yin’s grandfather is thinking.. i think yu jiang should say out that he like ya yin earlier. can’t wait for that part though. i kind of like min qiong as she plays her part really well.. but their parents part, is really not nice.. at first thought that their parents are good and only yu ru’s mum is bad, now is the other way round.. these twist and turns, a bit into some storyline for korean dramas ><

  168. LALALA says:

    Though this show is rather draggy, it’s nice 🙂

  169. intriguingsmile says:

    anyone know all the song name of all the songs played in this drama ? 🙂 

  170. chen yu ru u are really very bad . yu jiang and ya yin  分手他也不会跟你在一 起。chen yu ru why u go to 搞破坏 yu jiang and ya yin the 感情。

  171. chen yu ru 你害 yu jiang and ya yin 分手, 你本来就是第三者 。你还说你不是第三者。

    • Michellepehxinyu says:

      i agree chen yu ru u are the third person of ya yin and yu jiang still say ya yin is the one u are so bad  

  172. cutiepie2399 says:

    this is actually a good drama 🙂

  173. Devotion_nab says:


    • Su_rina7292 says:

      -.- be a little considerate to the admins doing this. You could have really commented in a nicer way. Imagine if you were the admins and people do this, you wouldn’t be happy. Be grateful and patiently wait for subs to come out on other channel. 

  174. 缨野曈 says:

    那个chen yu ru is so 贱。I so want 把she拍到墙上扣都扣不下来(>。<#)!!!

  175. Subombom says:

    can you guys pls pls pls subs this movie..

  176. Guest says:

    Love this drama! Well filmed!

  177. Guest says:

    chen yi ru is so fake 

  178. Guest says:

    F(x) Victoria She is good actress <3

  179. f(x) Victoria
    She is a good actress

  180. Wendy says:

    I’ve been waiting for a long time for the original version of 愛情闖進門 to be broadcast in Taiwan T^T Anyone know when will it happen? Are dramas like these always late when shown in Taiwan? I really dislike the dubbed version 🙁 ~~

  181. lillgirl says:

    the chen yi ru dont even deserve any respect in the show lor keep act until so kelian

  182. lillgirl says:

    f(x) victoria is a good actress and she’s really pretty !

  183. angeline says:

    it was an awesome drama!! I almost taught to myself that ya yin and shang lin will be a couple:p what a unpredictable drama!!! love it!!! Victoria, you should play more drama so I can watch you more often^^

  184. Meron says:


  185. Rachel lim zheng li says:

    What ep is that????

  186. elaineee says:

    is it dubbed?? doesnt sound like their original voices…

  187. Random says:

    is it worth watching ?

  188. {H}ayley ELF says:


  189. just saying says:

    i feel like slapping the chen yu ru!!ARGHHH

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