Women Flower / 女人花

Women Flower / 女人花
林韋君, 趙小僑, 陳德烈, 張雁名, 苗可麗, 丁國琳, 梁家榕, 陳俊生, 趙舜, 王中平, 陳為民, 余函彌
Broadcast Year:2012-02-29
English Subtitle:No
鍾佳瑜,原本是一個很有潛力的舞蹈系高材生,卻在大學畢業後,不顧父母反對,與丈夫正翰結婚。結婚六年好不容易懷孕的佳瑜,竟發現老公正翰與最好的朋友秀微發生婚外情。佳瑜絕望之下,更不小心誤殺正翰。從此之後,她失去了跟著自己二十六年的名字—「鍾佳瑜」,成了僅有代號的女犯…… 梁晶晶,一個二十齣頭的年輕女孩,卻因父親被人騙去所有退休金,母親也因受不了被逼債的打擊,帶著年幼弟弟離家出走,父親一時急怒攻心,竟精神崩潰導致失智,晶晶頓失所依又面對家庭巨變。為了照顧父親,維持家計,不但成為詐騙集團首腦人物周捷元的女友,也成為詐騙集團的一員,但在一次警方的誘撼行動中,晶晶被年輕有為的檢察官高翔逮捕了…… 每一個受刑人,背後都有著不同的滄桑血淚,然而誰的人生沒有過汙點?重要的是,重生以後的路,該怎麼走,才能精彩出頭天。人生雖然充滿荊棘,但通往希望的道路,永遠只有一條,那就是邁開大步向前走…

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  1. MJ says:

    Wish someone would translate the cast name and the description of Woman Flower from Chinese (Simplified Han) or Chinese
    (Traditional Han) to English.

    • Trin says:

      Zhong Jiayu (Joyce Zhao Xiao Qiao) was a dance graduate student who got married to husband Zheng Han despite her parent’s objections. She was finally pregnant after 6 years of their marriage but discovered soon that her husband was having an affair with her bestfriend, Xiuwei. Under pressure, Jiayu accidently killed her husband thus losing her name as “Zhong Jiayu” turning into a female convict… …

      Liang Jingjing (Penny Lin Wei Jun), a young girl in her 20’s, faces the unfortunate of her father’s dementia due to the lost of all his retirement savings thus leading to his wife leaving him and Jingjing while taking along jingjing’s brother. In order to take care of her father and family expenses, Jingjing became a member of an illegal syndicate and the girlfriend of the leader. However, in a police ambush, she was caught by a young prosecutor, Gao Xiang (Zhang Yan Ming)… …

      Every convict has their own story that revolves around blood and tears, but who has made no mistakes in their lives before? More importantly, is how would they walk the road ahead of them in order to gain success. Although life is full of thorns, there is still one road to hope, only if you take significant steps to move forward… …

  2. mnb says:

    does this come out mon-fri? or only thursdays?

  3. Angel_ang_325 says:

    what is this story about????

    • DoDo says:

      鍾The Zhongjia Yu, was originally the dance department of a potential top students, but after graduation, despite her parents’ objections, and her husband John is married. Jia Yu finally pregnant six years of marriage, they discovered that the old justice John and best friend, show slightly having an affair. Jia Yu desperation, more careless manslaughter is John. Since then, she lost to follow their own 26 years of name – “Zhong Jiayu became the only code of female prisoners …

      Liang Jingjing early twenties, a young girl, because my father was defrauded of all pension, the mother can not stand to be dun blow away from home with a younger brother, his father a moment Jinu hearts and minds, actually the spirit of collapse lead to dementia, Jingjing will lose according to the face of family upheaval. In order to take care of his father, to make ends meet, not only to become the girlfriend of the leading figures of the scam Zhou Jie Yuan, has also become a scam, but once induced to shake the police action, Jingjing Gao Xiang young prosecutors arrested …

      Each inmate, behind the different vicissitudes of blood and tears, however, whose life does not stain? Importantly, after the rebirth of the road, how to get their day, can be wonderful. Although life is full of thorns, but the road leading to the hope, always only one, that is to take significant steps to move forward …
      Ångra ändringarna

  4. Sweetdreamlz says:

    this is Taiwanese drama, i wonder how many total episode?

  5. 似曾相識 says:

    Is this an old one or a new re-make?

  6. Guest says:

    this show is it every mon to thurs come out? its quite nice actually 

  7. Annadraco7676 says:

    what time do you usually post each ep.? 

  8. guest says:

    is there a new episode today?

  9. When’s the airing times?

  10. aquafalls says:

    omg… i am dying to see the next episode!!!! pls just upload it…

  11. Guest says:

    which days does this show air?

  12. Pan_da_2004 says:

    Page for episode 3 cannot be found. Please check the link again. I think it may be broken.

  13. guest01 says:

    “women flower” ep3 doesn’t work, fix it please. Thx~

  14. Mylittlejustice says:

    Y episode 3 cannt be seen?

  15. T 1992 says:

    when is ep 5 coming out?
    is there eng sub for this drama?

  16. Jache-w says:

    This is really a special show, very nice 😀 Love this show alot, exciting! ^^

  17. Guest says:

    when is ep 7 coming out?

  18. peiyu_2010 says:

    Weekday only.

  19. 炎球兒 says:


  20. jb love says:

    where is the 7th episode?

  21. Guest says:

    where is episode 7!!!!!! 
    can someone upload it?

  22. peiyu_2010 says:

    When can i watch ep7?

  23. Guest says:

    Link for ep7 is not working. Plz fix it. Thanx!

  24. 炎球兒 says:


  25. Guest says:

    women flower ep 7 isnt working

  26. joanne says:

    go youtube type 女人花 2012-03-12 pt.1/7

  27. Cocoeye520 says:


  28. Gina says:

     第七集呢?? 我急著要看耶

  29. Guest says:

    can someone fix episode 7?

  30. 李庭瑄 says:


  31. jache-w says:

    Like Shui Xian !! dun you think she very cool?!! 😀 wHO”S w me? 😛

  32. Guest says:

    where is the 9th episode?

  33. guest says:

    ugh…where is episode 9??? shouldn’t be uploaded by now…

  34. Guest says:

    can anyone upload episode 9?

  35. Princess says:

    where is ep 9 ? 🙁

  36. Guest says:

    where is episode 7 siah !!!

  37. guest says:

    when is episode 9 coming out??

  38. 陳建辰 says:


  39. 88 says:

    seriously can someone upload episode 9?

  40. 炎球兒 says:


  41. cuiecuie ong says:

    i hate 牡丹… she keep killing innocence ppl… 

  42. chaepenn8 says:

    please upload ep 9, i really want to watch it. i hope can someone upload this w/ english sub. i love the chemistry of penny lin and zhang enson.

  43. 88 says:

    where is episode 10? shoulnt it be out by now:?

  44. guest** says:

    Is there episode 10 today??

  45. chaepenn8 says:

    so excited for the ep 11 coz for my understanding on what i’ve seen in episode 10 zhang enzon is already showed  his love to penny lin. i really love all the scene of them and also her mother coz she really cool. i’m still hoping i can watch this w/ english sub.

  46. guest says:

    when is ep 11 coming out?

  47. chaepenn8 says:

    i think we can watch ep 11 tomorrow coz today is the airing time in taiwan.

  48. mnb says:

    i like the characters of penny lin and enson zhang. I think they’re really cute.

  49. Edisongirl5566 says:

    where is episode 11?!

  50. 12 says:

    waiting patiently for episode 11 T_T

  51. chaepenn8 says:

    currently watching ep. 11

  52. jt says:

    how many eps?

  53. guest says:

    can’t wait for next ep

  54. chaepenn8 says:

    here i come ep 13,,,,,,,:)

  55. Weilai says:

    when will 14 come out?

  56. Eric1357918 says:


  57. chaepenn8 says:

    please where is the ep 14?

  58. chaepenn8 says:

    finally ep 14 is come out, thank you so much 🙂

  59. 88 says:

    where is ep 15?

  60. Life_peiying says:

    Total how many ep?

  61. chaepenn8 says:

    why is this drama no english sub? 

  62. Eansey says:

    好慢悠 15集呢?????  :((

  63. 15集呢???  好慢悠:((((((  快出來!!!!!!!!

  64. chaepenn8 says:

    much better if the story is focus on the main character. 

  65. chaepenn8 says:

    i don’t like ep 16 coz the scene of penny lin and zhang enzon is short.  i watched this bcoz of them.

  66. Angela_tiwi says:

    hopefully the next episode gao xiang and jing jing more romanticagain. from the previous episode …

  67. Weilai says:

    wa lau getting more addicted. look forward for episode 18…………….

  68. chaepenn8 says:

    wow finally they have a romantic scene 🙂 

  69. hello kitty says:

    when will episode 19 come out??

  70. Huixia says:

    Anyone know what is the total episode for this show??

  71. hello kitty says:

    does episode 20 come out tomarrow?

  72. Whes0001 says:

    when does episode20 come out? On the official website it already has the summary

  73. chaepenn8 says:

    🙁 where is ep 20?

  74. Dd says:

    Is this an oldie?  

  75. Guest says:


  76. chaepenn8 says:

    i feel so sad about ep. 20.  all of them ang hurting because of jingjing. i know they can understand her if they knew the real truth about her changes of attitude.

  77. Trish says:

    I don’t understand why in Taiwan the mother cannot apply to court to get back her son’s custody especially when the father has ever lost the son when under his custody. Quite strange…..

  78. chaepenn8 says:

    what happened why episode 20 & 21 are the same?

  79. peiyu_2010 says:

    why ep20  & 21 the same?

  80. hello kitty says:

    does episode 23 come out on next tuesday?

  81. I need english sub!! is there anybody can do the sub plz plz!! 

  82. ZiYing says:

    How many episodes are going to air?

  83. 糖糖 says:


  84. yang ni says:

    Y suddenly become one episode slower? 
    Previously at night around 10pm can see, now must wait for the next day then can see. 

  85. chaepenn8 says:

    wow ep 24 is already out, tnx for early posting. please can someone put english sub.

  86. chaepenn8 says:

    finally he rescue jingjing again 🙂 

  87. Christina says:

    i like this drama, this is so new style taiwan drama but still got the old style sense lol.. i like the mother, she is so funny, and she act so well…. the bread-maker also very funny.. he talk so slow… lol.

  88. Tracylee040 says:

    When is ep29 is going to come out today? Supposed to be out by now. Thanks.

  89. Guest says:

    so cute!!! when the mother passed through the dimension to another dimension, the past gao xiang likes jing jing, in the present is exactly the same :)))

  90. Guest says:

    how many episodes does women flower hav in total?

  91. chaepenn8 says:

    ep 29 please 🙂

  92. Eggybull says:

    in which episode did they pass though dimension??

  93. Km says:


  94. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs for the TWdrama, thanks.

  95. Marianne says:

    I’ll take care of this for me.

  96. Guest says:

    where is episode 35? ep 34 came out last sat so ep 35 should be out today

  97. chaepenn8 says:

    ep 35 please.

  98. Guest says:

    i thought gao xiang’s father is died already then how come in ep 36’s preview, they say tat gao xiang’s father is the president of the company/place of where the person who save jing jing… So is his father alive or died? n y gao xiang’s mother say he is a policemen? 

    • Guest says:

      or maybe gao fei de father then is a policemen then gao xiang’s father is the 1 who killed gao fei’s father?

  99. Weilai00 says:

    why gao xiang suddenly can’t fight anymore???

  100. Marianne says:

    I love to watch this TWdrama and i love it.

  101. Marianne says:

    I’m giving you a chance to subbed on it.

  102. Madeline says:

    So Gao Xiang lost his memory? I skipped around, so I’  confused!

    • jojo548 says:

       just his memories of jing jing. he’s so mean to her now! 🙁 if he ever recovers, he’s going to feel soo bad. he was the one who loved her sooo much more than she loved him. now its the other way around. = = he really needs to recover like NOW. :'(

    • Guest says:

      to got hit by car when he tried to save jing jing. then he lost his memory of jing jing

  103. Guest says:

    last time gao xiang treated jing jing very nice and also like jing jing very much… he also knew how to fight last time now he doesn’t 🙁

  104. chaepenn8 says:

    english sub please….

  105. Weilai says:

    total episode is 40. Meaning 2 more episode and coming to the end…..

  106. Weilai says:

    see I told u all, last episode is 40….

  107. chaepenn8 says:

    sad coz this drama is end today. i miss jingjing and gao xiang also his mother too. 

  108. Xin Xin says:

    Feel that the ending is miss off something. 
    Missing of Gao fei and Jia yu happy ending.
    Ending never end very well, if Gao fei and Jia yu get together in the end also that will be a super good ending.

  109. Deepbleugirl20 says:

    is this worth watching?

    • chaepenn8 says:

      yes, it’s a complete package they have funny scene, action, drama & romance.

    • Weilai says:

      the starting is funny, but when coming to the ending abit draggy and also alot detail change suddenly also it ended abruptly i could say

  110. Lammyhoan says:

    Engsub please :((

  111. guest says:

    Broken 🙁

  112. penny lin where I look for activities or news about you.you are the favorite actrees. I really idolized you.please give your blog and twitter account

  113. you are the favorite actrees. I was idolized kamu.tolong give your blog and twitter account

  114. Guest says:

    do u guys have any nice shows to introduce?

  115. Mnp says:

    can you upload this to your backup site? most of the links say “Private” now 🙁

  116. milkshake says:

    English subs please. 🙂 tnx in advance.

  117. Fairly says:

    Is the drama show nice?

  118. Bigfanofnhr says:

    I really really like this show alot 🙁 but i just watched finished and im so sad it finished. I really like gao xiang and jingjing tgt and jiayu with gaofei. SO CUTE^^ REALLY WANT PART 2 OF WOMEN FLOWER. PLEASE PART 2. WE SHOULD HAVE A PETITION.

  119. lol says:

    Why is this show private? i haven’t finish watching it

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