My Fair Princess / 還珠格格

My Fair Princess / 還珠格格
Vicki Zhao, Ruby Lin, Alec Su, Zhou Jie, Zhang Tie Lin, Fan Bing Bing, Huang Yi, Leo Ku, Ma Yi Li, Rebecca Wang, Huang Xiao Ming, Shui Ling, Dai Chun Rong, Liu Tao, Qin Lan, Li Ming Qi, Juan Zi, Miao Hai Zhong,Di Long
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:1998
English Subtitle:No
Season 1: Xiao Yan Zi met Xia Zi Wei, a poor girl who marched a long way to find her father, the Emperor, but nobody would take her seriously. Xiao Yan Zi decided to sneak into the mountain where the Emperor hunts, but Zi Wei could not handle the tiring mountain climb, therefore asking Xiao Yan Zi to tell the Emperor her story. On her way, Xiao Yan Zi gets shot and could not fully explain her story, making the Emperor mistaking her for the Princess. Here starts a long and painful story of getting everyone to their proper roles, but many dangers lies near – the death sentence if anyone lies to the emperor, and an evil Empress who is waiting to catch Xiao Yan Zi in the act. Added on top, Xiao Yan Zi’s lack of proper manners and knowledge of books has driven her closer to jeopardy.

Season 2: Our beloved fake princess returns for the second installation of the series. This time she is the fiancee of the Fifth Prince, but her life will be far worse off. The emperor's mother has returned from praying in the temples and she is appalled by all the changes that the emperor has made; it was bad enough that he adopted a daughter from the commoners but also found wives for the Fifth prince and Er Kang, who she wanted to marry his maid Qing Er to. To top it all off, Xiao Yan Zi's nonsense and no sense of palace rules has driven the Grand Empress over the edge. She is determined to drive the two girls out of the Palace. At this time, the beautiful daughter of a bordering nation - Han Xiang was "given" to the emperor as a prize so that the two nations will stop fighting. Han Xiang has a specialty that she gives off a sweet odor naturally. The emperor falls head over heels for her but unfortunately, Han Xiang already has a lover, Meng Dan, who is determined to get her back. Meng Dan fortuitously meet Xiao Yan Zi and the gang and for the love for sword fights they became close friends. Xiao Yan Zi decides to help them and sneak Han Xiang out of the palace. For this crime the emperor could take no more so he orders for the death of Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei. Wu A Ge, Er Kang and the gang sacrifice their positions and lives to save the two princesses and run for their lives. On their journey they are being helped by Xiao Jian, who are helping them for no reason but seems to not like the emperor very much... and what is with his special treatment for Xiao Yan Zi? The Empress, who still hates them used this chance to order secret assassins to kill the whole crew... Will they survive and be returned to their original positions?

Season 3: In the third installment of the series, the Grand Empress has come back for another run at the gang. At the frustration of Yong Qi's lack of heir, the Grand Empress has made Yong Qi marry another girl so that he may produce a son and maybe one day become the emperor. Xiao Jian, Xiao Yan Zi's brother is in love with Qing Er, but he has a grudge with the emperor for killing their parents many years ago. Since Qing Er is a popular person in front of the Grand Empress, her marriage is within the empress's hands. In order for them to be together, Yong Qi must marry the other girl. Yong Qi chose to be the hero and sacrificed himself so that Qing Er and Xiao Jian could be together. What is worse is that the nation bordering China is going into war and Er Kang became drafted. During one of the big battles he loses his memory and falls for another girl. Will Er Kang return to Zi Wei? Will Yong Qi fall for his second wife?

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  1. Rachaeltzy says:

    why no english subtitle 🙁

  2. Sugarmixed says:

    omg wow thanks alot for uploading! 😀

  3. Garfield_141986 says:

    do you have a link for download???

  4. Garfield_141986 says:

    do you have a link for download???

  5. T-drama says:

    the old version!!!!!!!!! yah

  6. Guest says:

    this is amazing! i grew up with this and i love it! <3 <3

  7. Asdf says:


  8. Aimikomi says:

    Although when HZGG3 released, I thought it was bad, but now that the new HZGG released I like the old HZGG3 more because seems like it has more depth and Xiao Yan Zi had a great relationship with the Empress and Rong Mo Mo

  9. XinYu says:

    episode 12 has problem.. the sound and video not matching

  10. DomCobb says:

    This is like Harry Potter, childhood memories..

  11. DomCobb says:

    Miss the ending theme song so much!

  12. ultimatedramawatcher says:

    yeaaa old version ftw xD 

  13. di2dafans says:

    OMDS brings bak alot of childhood memory!! cud not stand the new version of HZGG!!! love the 4 original main lead!!!

  14. Xin Yi says:

    I cant stop watching after i started . I grew up watching this over n over again every few yrs

    • Rachel says:

      yea same. i grew up watching it. my childhood memory is all filled with HZGG. watched countless of times but still i want to continue watching it!

  15. Preetyladie says:

    Love this show. Never grew tired despite repeated watching of drama

  16. yingying says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I want to ask… How to DL this video? I thought this the best quality for this drama that I found… So,  I want to DL it… please tell me how to DL it.. thanks~

  18. Candyce says:

    thank you so much for upload. appreciate it alot(:

  19. Jovinlim says:

    i really prefer the old version then the new version 😀

  20. Jovinlim says:

    i really prefer the old version then the new version 😀

  21. Guest says:

    love this version~ it is the best <3

  22. Fyang1 says:

    wished they subbed this one too

  23. Anonymous says:

    The new one cannot beat it. Whyever did they remake it for? 🙁

  24. Gigi says:

    OMG, after watching the new one it makes me wanting to watch the old one. the old one is so much better!!!!!!~~~~~~

  25. Pearl says:

    5 stars

  26. DomCobb says:

    I hope that there will be season 4 for this ORIGINAL  version with all the original actors and actresses in it. Especially Zhao Wei !

  27. Adfasfd says:

    how to download?

  28. Celinemaltaisholl says:

    I am presently learning Chinese language and the culture. I found it entertaining and amusing. They speak clearly, it makes it easy for me to catch few words. I will continue watching the episode and one day I’ll understand it all!

  29. anne says:

    why there is no subtitle?seriously i can’t understand what they are saying..please help me anyone can put the subtitle

  30. Joleenyevtsye Shevchenko says:

    i lost count of the number of times i’ve watched this awesome drama.

  31. thwayilove says:

    this show is damm nice . but how i hope they can re shot part 3 with th original actor . because when i was watching part 3 ii didnt really watch it . ii keep on skip cox ii dun like the actor . but ii really wann to know th story n th ending . really hope someone would help me tell my request . 

    • Yang_fan330 says:

      =_= right.. just because you wanna know the ending, they have to go and find the original actors and actresses and film for another 3-5 months… i’m sure. stop dreaming.

    • Me says:

      I’ll get right on it…as soon as you transfer the $50 million USD it requires to reshoot season 3 into my account.

  32. Hanie_zarina says:

    why there no subtitles..?

  33. JF says:

    Everything was awesome till season 3–I hated the new cast. And the 2011 remake was horrible. 

  34. Shinix says:

    Indeed, why they bother to waste money & time to remake this? I wouldn’t say it’s very horrible because they do change the stories a bit. But i’m very disappointed in the ending. After finish watching the NEW version. I’m back here again to watch the OLD ver xD Haha

  35. Yong L. says:

    I have watched this drama at least 5 times and I have also watched the new version. This version up until they made the third season was the best! There is only one word to describe this and that is … it’s timeless >.< 

  36. May Nwe Soe says:

    My interest towards My Fair Princess stopped in Season 2. LOL. I am going to watch again for the fifth time. 😀

  37. JF says:

    This show was classic–all except the 3rd season with a brand new cast. Totally killed it for me -__- I still love the first two so much though

  38. Madpyan says:

    That 2 heroes should be replace by somebody else let say ekin chen, rain..? haha. jet li too..

  39. Madpyan says:

    what was the series on ntv7 year 1990’s comedy drama about the emperor  masquerade in the village of his kingdom even get beaten by the villages and corrupted officers of the villagers he visited? i love this drama series.. anyone?

  40. Snowtsukie says:

    i personally think season 3 was actually very good. i loved the actors especially xiao yan zi and yong qi. they had a reason to change the cast because the characters are supposed to appear more mature. the original actors zhao wei, su you peng, and lin xin ru had too much of a baby face. the season 3 actors tried their best and they did an amazing job. i just think the new version was really bad…its like a bunch of kids who has no acting experiences. the storyline is bad and even the emperor was horrible….just my 2cents and opinion since i grew up watching this lol. 

    • Angelica says:


  41. Joycetyh23 says:

    however, i still think if the cast remains the same , Season 3 would be PREFECT! 🙂

    • Konne says:

      I was thinking the same. They should’ve showed what happened after their wedding and them going to Da Li

    • xd4869 says:

      No. The story for series 3 was horrible. Most characters were written changed so much and so badly. I couldn’t stand watching the original cast did everything in series 3.

  42. Angelica says:

    Where are the 
    English Subtitle?

  43. Trin says:

    I feel that season 3 is good eventhough the cast was changed.The story plot and acting skills are excellent but maybe too mature and serious for some ppl.However, pls just imagine that if you didn’t see season 1 and 2 before, would you have such bias opinions on season 3? Besides , HZGG should be appreciated for its story line not just the cast.Personally , i like both xiao yan zi but love the story plot the most.

  44. meow says:

    It’s nuts how i never get tired of this drama since when it first came out in 1998.  watched the newer version, but still love the 1998 one better maybe bcos i grew up with it! 🙂 season 3 of the old version is just too sad for me, so i prob wont like it as much even they had the original cast for it. 

  45. Mimie says:

    why there is no eng sub?…sob sob sob

  46. am i the only one who hate jin suo no matter how many times i watch this. damn, she’s so extra…

  47. 樱曈雅 says:

    still hot after 14 yrs!!!

  48. Kjil says:

    eng sub pls!!!

  49. Cherri says:

    LOVE this show no matter how long it has been <3

  50. Jennyzheng859 says:

    This is awesome

  51. KyonKyon says:

    I am not going to discount the new HZGG nor Season 3 of the first version, but.. all i can say is that…

    Nothing beats the classic. I guessed the impression the pioneer cast left was just too impeccable.

  52. Ziwei12 says:

    The characters in season 3 are confusing. I wish they keep the original cast. eng sub pleasee

  53. lulu says:

    omg this must be the hundredth time i’ve visited this page i have literally memorized every line of this drama. season 1 and 2 were the best 3rd season, the actors didn’t do it any justice and the storyline wasn’t that great either because half the main cast left the emperor.

    • Guest says:

      and the emperor is uncharacteristically unlikable. I prefer the main cast and plot of the previous 2 seasons. somehow I can’t bring myself to watch season 3 from start to finish. 

      • Anonymous says:

        the series was adapted from novels written by qiung yao. as far i i know, there 3rd season was created because many viewers ask for more story about qing er and xiao yan zi’s brother. unfortunately most of the main cast got contract to do other jobs at the moment. i do thought the 1st and 2nd season was the best.

  54. lovethis says:

    I watched this when I was a kid! and used to love it 😀 recently the NEW my fair princess came on tv, so I started watching that.. I really like the NEW xiao yan zi and yong chi x) so I personally prefer the new version better! But the old one is still good because its the first one! the new version is just completely the same except they had Benjamine the new actor in there!! XD either way, on the whole. My fair princess the new or old one is a really good story itself!

  55. hidayatul munirah says:

    i hope there is subs… =(

  56. fair elf says:

    i love hzzg

  57. cosmicblue says:

    Third time watching season 1 😀 so funny. The music is nice too

  58. A Lee Xiongg says:

    Eng Sub PLEASEEE!!! <3

  59. Evangeline says:

    It is AWSOME

  60. midza says:

    pleaaasssss sub it i relly want seasons 2 got sub

  61. blah says:

    i think most of u forget de character in season 1 and 2. although is not main character , but i like xiaodengzi he is kinda of funny and cute somehow >.<

  62. Razfiq Iskandar says:

    desperately need the English subtitles.. T_T

  63. Nur HusnIna Hassan says:

    english sub please..desperately need english sub for season 2

  64. Karin says:

    Are there english subs for the seasons anywhere?

  65. 張菊芬 says:

    Eng sub… please!!!

  66. 張菊芬 says:

    Please…Eng sub…

  67. Su Su says:

    WTH ! no sub -_-
    It’s so annoying !
    I should date a Chinese boy and make him to translate this series ! -_-
    I’m serious !

  68. jane says:

    onde encontro para ver online????????

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