Flowers In Fog / 花非花霧非霧

Flowers In Fog / 花非花霧非霧
朱鎮模, 林心如, 李晟, 張睿, 姚元浩, 萬茜
Broadcast Year:2013-08-06
English Subtitle:No

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  1. Olivia Tran says:


  2. Jessie says:


  3. janet says:

    Is this drama air everyday? How many episode per day? Can someone tell me please..

  4. Phuong yen says:

    omg~thank u so much~I have been looking for it since last year~!!!!!!!

  5. Marianne says:

    I love this Cdrama for me.

  6. Marianne says:

    I want to subbed the Cdrama Flowers In Fog on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  7. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs, please help us.

  8. Annie says:

    Does anyone know if Li Sheng and Zhang Rui are dating in real life?

  9. pearl says:

    this drama skips some parts…. kinda annoying but still watchable….

  10. Yan says:

    When episode 10 out? Im so excited for next episode.

    • esther_lim says:

      this show airs every monday-friday and each day releases 3 episodes! =D Episode 10,11 and 12 will air tonight so it’ll come out by midnight =D Cant wait

    • Jackie says:

      Today! On Fridays and Saturdays it only airs one episode and on Sunday to Thursday it airs 3!

  11. Joanne says:

    when will ep 10 come out? cant wait to watch

  12. PinkyLings says:

    i love this drama… waiting for the next ep,,, 🙂

  13. Guest says:

    can’t wait click the link below watch ep 10

  14. Guest says:

    Jo Mei have uploaded ep 11

  15. lululemon says:

    when will episode 12 come out??

  16. PinkyLings says:

    Nice and Awesome drama, i getting more and more interested in this drama… 🙂

  17. Amanda says:

    what time does this drama air??

  18. Hihi says:

    what time will ep 18 be out?

  19. Flowers says:

    Such a good drama plus there are episodes everyday!!!!

  20. Olivia Tran says:

    does anyone know who the actor for the older brother is? He doesn’t look mainland….

  21. blossom says:

    when will ep 21 be out ?

  22. Janet says:

    Love qi fei and ye fan couple the most. Wish they have a happy ending. Please dont be like the ending of new my fair princess.

  23. Sammi says:

    I can’t wait till the rest of it !!!!!!! Just love Flowers in Fog so much <3

  24. sofia says:

    it’s at the breaking point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Kiwi says:

    I’m on the edge of my chair waiting for the next episode!!

  26. Sammi says:

    Come on we can’t wait anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. PinkyLings says:

    I can’t wait for more ep to come… it super super good drama…Now is my routine to watch everyday.. Love them all… Can’t wait….

  28. janet says:

    Tomorrow is foing to be only one episode. Qi fei please dont hate ye fan. Love Qi &Ye the most. Thx for upload

  29. Sammi says:

    Its so touch!!!!!! I can’t wait to see xie hua to talk again

  30. lovelylei says:

    are there episodes during the weekends?

  31. PinkyLings says:

    Cant wait for next ep… one ep not enough to watch… love the story very very much…

  32. Kiwi says:

    Hopefully tomorrow’s episode is longer. This update is not even a half an hour >.< Too little!

  33. Suan says:

    its touching!!! Love xue hua the most

  34. Olivia Tran says:

    omg! this drama is so addicting!!!

  35. Tong says:

    Why today’s episode so short,I can’t wait tomorrow.

  36. Yan says:

    So excited for episode! Cant wait!

  37. illusionist says:

    Why so late tonight??

  38. Tong says:

    When Lang Hua and Yan Hua can find Xue Hua and Huo Hua ?

  39. Vaz says:

    When is episode 29-31 coming out?

  40. PinkyLings says:

    they met together, they help together but still cannot remember they are…. and three ep. not enough to watch…. But i will wait for tml ep.. so addicted to watch more… 🙂

  41. Vaz says:

    So everyday the upload of new episodes will be only after midnight?

  42. Lynn says:

    my everyday list of things to do:
    1. Watch the first ep of the day
    2. watch the second one
    3. watch the third one
    4. wait for the next ep

  43. Joamme says:

    When is ep 32 come out?

  44. Joanne says:

    How many eposide is left?

  45. Joanne says:

    When is ep 35 come out? What time?

  46. star says:

    where is eps 35????????????

  47. Sand says:

    Very sad for qifei- –

  48. Lovely says:

    I can’t wait to watch ep41-43

    • Ellir says:

      SAME HERE!!! But after watching cast interviews, they basically gave everything away…like who ends up with who, who leaves, who gets married and what happens to xue hua…lol

      • Joey says:

        @Ellir, where do u watch those cast interviews ? I m dying of curiosity to know who ends up with who and what happen to xue hua.

        • Ellir says:

          I was in China this summer and got the chance to go to one of the interviews…lol. If you really want me tell you a summary of what I know, instead of waiting for the episodes to come out, I can inbox you/ email you if you’d like since I think some people here want to wait and see. I guess just leave an email? 🙂

        • Ellir says:

          I was actually in China this summer and went to one of a show where the cast was interviewed and I also watch the episodes earlier than you guys do since I watch it on China time, meaning I would watch ep 41-43 in the morning and then 44-46 on demand late that night. Because I don’t think people would be too happy with me if I do a spoiler, I don’t think I can post them on here…

  49. Elli says:

    Hi, I noticed that a lot of people are anxious to watch this drama. Does anyone know if anyone can post the episodes? I watch them on TV since I have Hunan Channel on Demand and t-vo them so I can get them up at around 10 AM, in HD, instead of 12:30-1:00PM

  50. PinkyLings says:

    I heard total 50 ep for this dram am i right? Tt mean left 7 more ep to go?

    Hope is happy ending…

  51. Janice says:

    finish ep41-43 just now, can’t wait for next episode!

  52. A says:

    i wish this drama was longer, but i really hope it will be a good ending!

  53. Marianne says:

    I love to watch the Cdrama and I hope that they watch for it.

  54. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs, please help us.

  55. Marianne says:

    Thanks fro all your uploads.

  56. Marianne says:

    I hope that in English subs, but they have to work on it.

  57. Recommend watch says:

    This drama is really good! Highly recommend to watch it.

  58. PinkyLings says:

    Latest ep 46-48 damn nice and best of all… This drama best of all that i watched. I also highly recommended it… Super nice 🙂 Hope have a super cool and best ending… 🙂

    • Elli says:

      thats what I thought till I watched ep 49-51 this morning. They were the best! for me at least 😀 Episode 52 – the big ending – premieres tonight for me so I am super excited but also so sad that this drama is coming to an ending. Really wish that it would be longer but nothing can be done …

  59. lovelylei says:

    aw…it gonna end soon…although ik the ending is near but i dont want it to end DX

  60. yaynewepisode says:

    just went away for a week (vacation) and tons of new episodes came out! 😀 awesome

  61. PinkyLings says:

    I keep repeating watching ep 46-48… it damn nice… i love the ep..

  62. PinkyLings says:

    I want to know total have 52 so left 4ep. Sotoday will upload 4ep or 3ep and tml 1ep or 2ep today and tml??

  63. Fly says:

    I am now watching New My fair princess, the same actor and actress.

  64. CMDoLL says:

    OMG I love the sisterly bonds. So touching everytime they’re together(I cried and laugh with them). Why didnt they reunited sooner?! This drama srsly have 1 more episode? It seem like there would be so much more… T.T

  65. PinkyLings says:

    Now thinking of the last ep and fb photos let thinks of today last ep… hope three sisters partner go together with then to visit angel… so anxiety and exciting… best drama…

  66. Joanne says:

    When is last ep?how many?

  67. HAOLAN :D says:

    Anyone know what time release the next episode?

  68. mich says:

    Any idea what time usually they upload? It starts screening at 10 n if today 2 ep so by now it usually up right?

    • Emma says:

      it starts airs every morning at 7:30 Toronto Time and stops at 10:30 AM (3 episodes) and so the person usually uploads them around noon. However, the episodes get uploaded on some other servers (such as youtube as the episodes get aired so the first ep is up at 8:45, 2nd at 9:45 and so forth)

  69. Kiwi says:

    Thank you for all the uploads! Even though I’m sad that the show has ended, I thoroughly enjoyed the show!

  70. Mochi says:

    I hope li sheng and zhang rui can be in another show together!!!!!

  71. Jehanne says:

    what new show after this?

  72. Tong says:

    Good ending but if Lin Xin Ru can stand up again, Geng Ruo Chen and Xu Fei also be there then the 4 pairs lover be together, it will be the perfect ending.

  73. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the last episode of the Cdrama Flowers In Fog and thanks for all of you to watch for it.

  74. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs, please help us.

  75. Marianne says:

    Please subbed the Cdrama Flowers In Fog on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  76. CMDoLL says:

    I know a lot of scenes got cutted out. Does anyone know where to buy, Torrent/DL the Full uncut DVD version?

  77. Marianne says:

    I love this Cdrama for me.

  78. Marianne says:

    Do you want to subbed it?

  79. Marianne says:

    Thanks for all of you to watch this Cdrama for me.

  80. pearl says:

    pretty good drama for what it’s worth : a lot of HZGG components to it. def a qing yao production

  81. esther_lim says:

    Love this drama like crazy!!!! =D Looking forward to more dramas with Li Sheng and Zhang Rui together as the mains!!! =D

  82. Mochi says:

    Really love this drama!!!!!
    Watching it for a 2nd time.
    This drama reminds me of New My Fair Princess. Really like the pair zhang rui and li sheng.!

  83. yenny says:

    Where i can download the song of the flowers in fow?anyone knows?

  84. Para Friv says:

    The film is very good, I’ve been looking forward to be watching it.

  85. CW says:

    anyone know where to find the lyrics?

  86. Jugar Jugar says:

    I quite liked this film, the character is very beautiful, the acting is quite good. Especially the theme song of the movie. It’s really great

  87. suki1007 says:


  88. Janet says:

    Please upload taiwan version. Cant wait to see taiwan version of flower in fog.

    • fly says:

      Yes, may someone kind enough to upload the Taiwan version? I want to re-watch the whole series, I’m sure the Taiwan version will be more complete in the storyline. — this is my pray : P

  89. Michelle Wu says:

    Nice I love it wating this show to show at singapore

  90. grace7 says:

    Please upload the Taiwan Verison.
    Please, please please!

    • esther_lim says:

      what do you mean taiwan version? is it like… another drama with the same story line or is it the same drama just that it was shown in Taiwan and so the voice overs are not there?

  91. thumbs up says:

    No wonder this is the other goood drama from qiong yao. 很精彩.
    I found the songs from youtube. Nice songs.

  92. cheryl says:

    wish there were more NEW HZGG actors in it. wouldn’t it be great if there were more of them acting together in a flim again? Hahaha :’D

  93. yvonne says:

    ya i like to watch this show

  94. cheyl says:

    Just watched finished all the 54 episodes. And omg, loving this show to bits just like the new HZGG, love everything about it. The actors, the storyline. Ye fan and Qi fei pair is my favourite, no doubt! :D<3

  95. Guest says:

    I saw something that says there is going to be a second season is it true

  96. Cindy says:

    Qi Fei aka Zhang Rui so handsome omg !!

  97. JennyZheng says:

    I Love it

  98. Jessica says:

    it like watching HZGG modern version 🙂 starring Ruby Lin,as the leading actress along with the new HZGG actors haha. xD

  99. MT says:

    I have a strong dislike 火花 Character.

  100. ikeputri says:

    I love this film

  101. Aba says:

    Sadly had to stop at ep 16, as I couldn’t find the following ones with eng subs. Does anyone know if they exist?

    • Figliadelcielo says:

      I also didn’t find it with English subtitles. I searched everywhere … But I’m interested if someone finds ! Thanks
      I found these 16 episodes subtitled on other websites, but no more subtitles from the 17th. I only found DVDs with traditional Chinese or Indonesian subtitles. I don’t know who translated the first 16 episodes and why he stopped so well. Maybe episodes 17-54 haven’t been translated…

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