Just You / 就是要你愛上我

Just You / 就是要你愛上我
炎亞綸, 郭雪芙, 王凱蒂, 唐振剛
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2013-06-21
English Subtitle:No
Malaysian use the MY link. Just You 就是要你愛上我

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  1. 湘莹♥ says:


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  3. vivian says:

    Hi the part 5 of this show is muted, part 5 the audio is muted and dun have sound when the show is playing. can you fix back the audio of part 5.

  4. Marianne says:

    Thanks fro uploading the episode 1of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  5. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 1 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  6. Marianne says:

    Please subbed the TWdrama Just You on D-Addicts and I have to subbed on it.

  7. ME says:

    i cant watch a drama with a storyline so obvious. what’s the point?

  8. CHALALALALA says:

    Watched the first ep with high hopes, but ended up being disappointed. Yes Aaron is cute but still can’t act and I remember him playing this type of character in other dramas before. Puff is a pretty bad actress…can’t act and does unnecessary yelling/screaming so annoying.
    Obvious storyline, seen this type of story in a lot of other dramas. No thanks

    • jgirf says:

      kindda same as 剩女保镖.. kindda..

    • vennnn says:

      if you think so, than don’t watch. Simple…
      Acting isn’t as easy as it seem, if you think they can’t act, why not you try?

      • LOLOLOLOLL;) says:

        LMFAO WTF

        If everyone had the same logic as you, then there would be no improvements in the world.

        Just because I said they can’t act, so now i should go try? So if i say a restaurants food isn’t good, I should go try & make it now? Everybody has different taste & opinions. I guess maybe your standards are just so low that you don’t expect anything from other people (these actors). Ever think that maybe YOU have no expectations from these actors so you’re just going around saying these stuff? “Acting isn’t as easy as it seem, if you think they can’t act, why not you try?”

        • Guest says:

          Very nicely said. But aaron fangirls don’t really care if he can act or if he keeps being typecast, as long as they can look at his “pretty” face…

          • LOLOLOLOLL;) says:

            If that person was a real Aaron fangirl, they should go around promoting it & telling people to watch it. Instead of telling people not to watch it just because someone says they can’t act or it’s not that good.

            But what i will do is give this drama & its’ cast another chance & watch the second ep. 🙂

    • Anon says:

      Some people are just so dumb, her screaming and acting cute is on purpose. Can’t you tell? Maybe you’re not Chinese and don’t understand us well, but why hate Puff? Everyone has their first time at everything, and not everyone succeeds the first time, haven’t you failed at something too? Puff is trying really hard, her screaming and yelling is on purpose cause in miss rose, she acted fine, so please stop the hating or they might cut it short, if you don’t like it, leave it for others who enjoy it, and can’t wait for the next episode.

      • LOLOLOLOLL;) says:

        I guess not as dumb as you. Did you not read what I said? DB….
        YES, I am CHINESE. But everyone is different. And “don’t understand us well” ?!?!?!?!? wtf, don’t make it sound like Chinese people are so kind of animal & everyone is exactly the same, like you. No one said they “hate” her. We’re just expressing OUR OPINIONS.

    • Christina-Rose says:

      I think 炎亞綸 is a great actor when his roles are more conceited, lost and almost depressed (see 霹靂MIT and 給愛麗絲的奇蹟). He tends to sink into those roles very well, portraying them very realistically and personally, I think that’s his forte.
      Same with Puff though, she’s great at playing a b**** or an antagonist, but nice girl doesn’t seem fitting. I think this drama just doesn’t suit the mains, but I tip my hat off to them for trying.

  9. 555 says:

    I’m not a fan or anything, but at least give the people some credit for trying to act. Acting is hard and people like me that cannot act should not be the one commenting on how bad others acting is. Unless it’s your profession then say all you want.

  10. Storm_Grey3 says:

    Title: 就是要你愛上我 / Jiu Shi Yao Ni Ai Shang Wo
    English title: Just You
    Genre: Romance
    Broadcast network: SETTV
    Broadcast period: 2013-Jun-21
    Air time: Friday 22:00


    頻道: 三立都會台
    所在地: 臺灣
    播映日期及時間: 2013年6月21日起每週五22:00-23:30


    頻道: 東森綜合台
    所在地: 臺灣
    播映日期及時間: 2013年6月22日起每週六20:00-21:30


    Qi Yi is a boss from hell. He is worst than a control freaking dictator. He is the saboteur of office romances. Cheng Liang Liang was tasked by her coworkers to break down the boss’ defense and have him lift the anti-office-romance rule.


    Aaron Yan role as Qi Yi 齊翼
    Name: 炎亞綸 / Yan Ya Lun
    English name: Aaron Yan / Arron Yan
    Real name: 吳庚霖 / Wu Geng Lin

    Guo Xue Fu role as Cheng Liang Liang 程亮亮
    Name: 郭雪芙 / Guo Xue Fu
    English name: Puff

    Katherine Wang role as Liang Kai Te 梁凱特
    Name: 王凱蒂 (王凯蒂) / Wang Kai Ti (Wang Kai Di)
    English name: Katherine Wang
    Birthplace: United States

    Tang Zhen Gang role as Love, Lectra (Yao Zixuan) 愛力克斯(姚子軒)
    Name: 唐振剛 / Tong Jian Kong (Tang Zhen Gang)
    Also known as: 小剛 (Xiao Gang)

    Lin Jun Yong (林埈永) role as ??

    Lin Yu Pin (林育品) role as ??

    Peggy Lin (林芯儀) role as ??

    Wu Si Ai (舞思愛) role as ??

    Lin Jia An (林珈安) role as ??

    Xie Qi Wen (謝其文) role as ??

    Yu Hui Qiao (于卉喬) role as ??

    歌曲 [Song]

    曲別: 片頭曲
    歌名: 心愛的
    演唱者: 卓文萱、黃鴻升
    作詞: 張簡君偉
    作曲: 張簡君偉

    曲別: 片尾曲
    歌名: 擋不住的太陽
    演唱者: 炎亞綸
    作詞: 姚若龍
    作曲: 陳小霞

    曲別: 插曲
    歌名: 千分之一
    演唱者: 黃鴻升
    作詞: 森森
    作曲: 牛子健

    曲別: 插曲
    歌名: 村上的貓
    演唱者: 黃鴻升
    作詞: 許哲珮
    作曲: 康友韋

    曲別: 插曲
    歌名: 大確幸
    演唱者: 黃鴻升
    作詞: 八三夭阿璞
    作曲: 八三夭阿璞

    Credit goes to Drama Wiki and Chinese wikipedia and the keyword search is 就是要你愛上我.

  11. Reasonable says:

    I think aaron is a good actor but the puff can’t act. yes I notice aaron act in similar drama / role but i’m not surprise he is a singer and he does idol drama which usually are base on manga, or a story someone came up with that is quite unreal

  12. Reasonable says:

    and back to my point manga and story that are created for idol drama are usually predictable and have similar characteristic

  13. Diff. View says:

    I think aaron fit this role, and he did branch out to other opportunities to act different types of characters,He usually act for the cooler character role or the mature type that stays the same or change over time almost like rest of the feilunhai members. I think people can look at it in a different light, because most idol drama are basic on popular manga.

  14. ooooololol says:

    omg vivian from miss rose -_-

  15. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 2?

  16. jgig says:

    片头曲好好听哦~ 台语棒棒:)

  17. WTF says:


  18. Nice songs! says:

    Only thing I like about this show: the songs!

  19. Cat says:

    is not good moive

  20. Cat says:

    Not funnt at all

  21. irritated says:

    If its not nice to you then just dontwatch.Just shut up will do.

  22. drama lover says:

    AWESOME SHOW !!!!!!!!!

  23. Sabrina Thou says:

    where is ep 2?

  24. peggy says:

    when is ep2???????

  25. fee says:

    episode 2..

  26. michelle lachey says:

    炎亞綸又一力作,第一次見他要做一個活在傷心中但又要獨力做出所有事是完美的全新一個角色,PUFF可以再進步,有改進的空間,PUFF好過一個完全不懂得演戲的豆花妹,努力吧!!!( that’s why i didn’t watch Calvin and 豆花’s drama, too boring and 她是不懂做劇只懂做緋聞)
    也推介 汪大東的原來是美男,很好看比韓版的張根碩更讚

  27. lalala says:

    THE GIRL IS SO ANNOYING OMG zz srsly i cant believe i have to see aaron and her in love tgt in this show

  28. MissAussie says:

    [email protected] Guo Xue Fu !!! What a bad taste to have her as main actress. Is not because of her unpopular role in miss rose as there are main actresses who have acted in bad roles but still we dont mind. Sadly, her look and displayed personality are not attractive at all. There isn’t a tiny bit of magnetism in her for viewers to even tryyyy to like and appreciate her. Simply, so much negative impacts from veiwers. Over here, all my mates switched off this drama when she came in to the picture as main actress. I am not exaggerating. we just got super super super turned off and puked at the sight of her!!! The actor is just great but sadly he will be badly compensated because of poor selection of main actress.

  29. Amandachan says:

    I think everyone here is just trying to give their honest feedback on this show. Its really helpful to those who try and decide if they wanna give this drama a try.

  30. Kitty says:

    I don’t like the main actress in this drama. She can’t act for peanuts, so artificial. Yikes.

  31. Steph says:

    I got curious of this show because everyone say the actress, i watch episode 1. not great the show and I no like the actress. See burrow your love. good one.

  32. Guest000 says:

    I’m tired of seeing bad comments about Puff guo. The drama is new
    so it’s early to say that she sucks.

    Seeing comments about her that saying she is disgusting is really sad. Aaron Yan is not amazing either but I don’t see bad comments about him. Maybe you are watching this show because of Aaron Yan’s handsome face ? and are jealous of Puff because she can act with Aaron? Because many insults the actresses Aaron is acting with everytime, before is was Lara now it’s Puff Guo.

    • pearl says:

      lol puff kinda like lara now that I think about it XDDDD
      they can be siblings XD haha

      • Guest000 says:

        You must be kidding.They don’t look a tiny bit a like and i think they are not ugly.

        • pearl says:

          no, but their eyes and voice and big tall nose kinda look alike, lara is just abnormally skinny o.O

          • TheAlmightyOne says:

            you mean their squeaky voice and artificial sharp nose? Obnoxiously weird physical look? Your bad.

          • pearl says:

            oh shut it with the sarcasm, you and I both know that most girls look like that these days and that’s why we have so many look alikes =.=”” I personally can never tell the SNSD wonder girls blah blah blahs apart w/ all the artificial noses and voices =.=””

            but i just pointed out these two b/c of arron

            at least they look more alike than compared with guigui

          • pearl says:

            my bad for just agreeing with someone else jeez!

    • Jesu says:

      Agreed totally. I watched for 15 mins and switched to another drama.

    • Jesu says:

      Sorry , i replied wrongly, meant for Aussie

  33. BossyMike says:

    I don’t know much about the taiwanese actor or actress but viewing the comments, I watch this drama. The actress sucks.

  34. BossyMike says:

    I went to watch Love SOS. Is much more interesting and humourous drama too. Go for it!

  35. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 3………

  36. guesttt99 says:

    Bloody poor storyline and topped with poor acting. Not worth watching

  37. Guest says:

    Puff Guo never had this kind of role before so everything is very exaggerated. She’ll probably get better. I’m sure she knows what kind of criticism she’s getting.

  38. KingWilly says:

    Go watch Love SOS and Love around dramas, excellentttttt! Dont waste time arguing about bad acting here. Affirmative, acting is bad here. lol

  39. Guest says:


  40. Chill says:

    No matter who you all are supporting when you all watch this drama. Please give the actor or actress a chance. If you all are fans, then all of you should think for your idol as well. Even if they are not good in acting, but they will improve more in it isn’t it? Frankly speaking, no one is born perfect. There’s always a start !! So if you guys want to give opinions or comments, you can, but give it in a way that people will think of it and improve on it when they read your comments not to hurt them by saying those words which are not meant to be mention.

  41. Justme says:

    so many fingers pointed at the actress, lol. Indeed, i went to check up the actress. I know the reason- besides the poor acting, she bears looks that’s not likeable. Poor babe, how to live as an actress. lol.

  42. Marie says:

    Am I the only one liking this drama so far? Before I read your comments, I’m already done watching episode 2..and I’m totally loving it and can’t wait for the next episode. Yes, what first came out in my mind when I watched ep 1 was ..”the actress’ acting is so bad”. But when Aaron Yan appeared, I became more hooked up in this drama. Also, although I didn’t like the actress at first, I got used to it as I kept watching the episodes. Now, all I can say is that, I will definitely finish this drama. Actually, this will be the 4th Taiwanese drama that I’ve watched because I usually watch Korean ones :)) But still, my most favourite of all time is Fated To Love You. So, if you don’t like “Just You”, why not give “Fated To Love You” a try? I’m sure you’ll like the actress there..and the actor too ^-^

  43. Love T says:

    The actress is not very pretty like the one in lucky touch, but she probably can act. The character she is portraying is probably like that. She was in other dramas too just not the lead. Such as Miss Rose and Inborn Pair. The only good part thing about this drama is Aaron Yan.

  44. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 2 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  45. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 2 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch it.

  46. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 3 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  47. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 3 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  48. Marianne says:

    Please help to subbed the TWdrama Just You on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  49. Kai says:

    Wow so many comments about the actress. I personally thought that shes doing a good job at portraying her character. Kudos to both Aaron and Puff for their acting. The drama itself is very cute and addicting but unfortunately very predictable also.

  50. Kennywhy says:

    Go watch love around and love SOS, much better dramas. So many poor comments on this drama. lol. I totally understand why, the actress is not as sweet as others, lol.

  51. Starry Sky says:

    I think the actress is pretty so everyone just stop ooh and Aaron is super hot

  52. Starry Sky says:

    Also this is a very good show and it’s super funny, I just wish I knew what the songs that are in the show are called

  53. Keke says:

    Wait until you watch fabulous boys it couldn’t get any worse it’s just disappointing that Aaron always acts as the rich shao ye/boss role haishh the story line is not bad but the acting is kinda awkward?? Sad really expected a lot since I’m a fan of Aaron ….

  54. Anon says:

    when does the next part come out!? Can’t wait for this and true love 365 <3

  55. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 4

  56. drama lover says:

    pumped about ep 4 !!!!!!

  57. Bliss says:

    The plot is also too cliche and overused, besides the acting…

  58. Ana says:

    To a certain degree, I can see why it’s overused and uninteresting to some, but honesty for a predictable plot, this drama has really personalized it with a different style. For the time being, I’m anxiously awaiting for the two supporting roles who’ll act as possible love interests to the two main characters. I’ll probably hate them later but as of right now, I’m excited.

  59. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 4 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  60. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 4 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  61. Marianne says:

    I want to subbed the TWdrama Just You on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  62. ceong nisa says:

    Please subbed this drama,I love it..

  63. LUVAARON says:

    They Shd gt Hebe to act this!Nt saying that郭雪芙is bad or anything.Bt Hebe will be soooooo cute in this drama!

  64. unknown says:

    GIve her a chance to learn and improve her skills,I bet her being the main actress also has her own stress….Im not her fan and i only knew her through this show…. can c both their hardwork….so lets just relax and continue support them 🙂 we dun judge people based on their looks or skills but we should acknowledge their internal beauty n stength cuz external beauty dont last long……..

  65. Meron says:

    People who are being unreasonable, just throw the actors, actresses aside. The storyline is most important. Slowly, you’ll find them okay. It’s too early to say ” THIS IS HORRIBLE “, ” This drama is not worth your time. “. Then, stop commenting and close the page.

  66. MightyOne says:

    Can’t say much anymore but agreed with the majority, horrible and terrible show. Period! Pathetic Puff.

  67. PEMBERLY says:

    Actually its not as terrible like everyone says it is. There are far more terrible ones.

  68. Anon says:

    I love this drama! and can’t wait for the next episodes, I can’t believe what people are saying! there are even more pathetic ones like love recipe, why don’t you go and make stupid comments on that? I love this drama! And if people are saying bad comments they might shorten this drama because of you people, if you don’t like it, LEAVE IT FOR OTHER PEOPLE WHO LIKE IT TO WATCH. FU*KING MORONS.

  69. Anon says:

    Everyone looks good with makeup on…you can search up kuo puff and she’s actually really pretty! Please stop the hating!!! I love this drama and the actress was picked for a specific reason! If you don’t like it please watch something else you would like and stop making rude comments or comments about the actress. Just remember…NO ONE WAS BORN PERFECT.

    • CleverSherlock says:

      Hey Puff, you posted three comments about yourself. Knock it off ugly poor B*

      • Melony says:

        hey dude chill, you should STFU okay? no one was asking for your idiotic opinion, let me guess, your just jealous cause you can’t even compete again puff, compared to her, you’re NOTHING, BITCH!

        • Bingofairest says:

          Melony , lol, you are a fool too cos sherlock a male, why would a different gender want to be compare to a woman. Btw, she sucks . Thats my perspective too as together with many here who share the same.

          • Melony says:

            I’m not comparing genders smart ass, I liker her and I think she’s doing a good job. SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH IT

  70. angela says:

    this drama is actually very interesting, the story sounds good, and the two leads are a cute pair.

    • Anon says:

      Exactly! Puff was picked for a specific reason, cause of her personality, her cuteness, people are just hating her because a new person like puff can act with aaron, I actually find this drama extremely exciting and I wanna know what happens in episode 5 where Dean appears and Aaron gets jealous and thats where all the drama and jealousy start (: !!!

      • CleverSherlock says:

        Are you Puff? You over exaggerated and over praised her for her one penny worth. You must be Puff or Puff’s family members praising herself. LOL.

        • the person replying the this i says:

          Nope, I’m not puff’s family or puff but you shouldn’t be so mean to a new person, everyone has their first time at everything and it takes experience, where you born and at that exact moment you knew everything? NO.

        • Mamaisheretospeak says:

          I agreed with you Sherlock. Puff can’t take constructive criticism so she is here with her “gang” to self praise herself. Such disgrace. hahahaha, week eh?

        • Miranda says:

          btw, you call yourself “CleverSherlock?” I don’t find you very clever at all (:

  71. Mamaisheretospeak says:

    Can someone tell Puff to stop singing praises for herself, hahahaha thats stupidity.

  72. Guest says:

    Guo xue fu has her own fans. Nothing’s wrong with fans speaking for his/her own idol and praising her right?

  73. WilliamLong says:

    Why so many dislike PuFF GUO?… not just one or two. Hmmmm…. I know why!!! I DON’T like her too. Ugly. How can such a look be an actress? LOL

  74. Jas says:

    hey anybody pls tell me when is th next episode out??? :/

    • old man says:

      The show airs once a week on Friday nights in Taiwan (週五22:00). They show up here on Saturday morning in the US, which I think is roughly one day later. The first episode was June 21, and here we are four weeks later.

  75. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 5…..

  76. Iloveaaron says:


  77. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 6….

  78. lala says:

    There are ppl who says that this drama has a very mainstream plot or they complain about the actors/actresses. well for me, i think it may have a predictable plot but i guess it is the chemistry between the actors that made it interesting. everyone has different acting styles, so even though it is the same plot, there is a different type of feeling between them. and also, those that complain about puff, just give her a chance. dont deny them of their abilities before u truly see what they are capable of. all the taiwan celebrities that u support, most of them got criticised for various things, but in the end, they made it when their fans saw their talents. and No, im not puff’s family member and i am not in any way related to her. i am just a fan of this drama:)

    • MrBiggie says:

      Chill lala. Everyone here speaks what they viewed on the main roles. Bad acting is what they concluded from the actress, nothing to rant about or to justify. It seems is true, Puff needs help to improve, very fake her acting.

      • whysodelusional says:

        So… if I say that aaron’s acting is a disappointment (it is. after playing the same role over and over again)… you won’t complain either, right? Because that’s what I “concluded” from the “actor”. You have nothing to “rant” or “justify” 😉

        • Macho1 says:

          You are delusional. Get over it kid. Actress is lousy and actor isn’t as bad as her but also could be better. lol

  79. loveaaron says:

    i think the most successful part of this show is just the choice of the songs especially the background ones.. other than that i dont really see anything nice:/

  80. MrBiggie says:

    the actress is so artificial by trying to act cute and sweet but not at all. Thats why a better actress is needed for a drama like this. Half the time, she gives me goosebumps as all i can see was so fake in her expression, that means bad acting.

  81. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 5 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  82. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 5 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  83. Macho1 says:

    WoW, so many dislike the actress, it strikes me that i need to watch the drama then. Consensus with everyone that actress sucks. Actually, the harder Puff tries to be cute and natural, the worse it gets. EeeeWwwwwww…lol. I dont quite like the actor too and I dont know him as well but at least he isn’t that bad .

  84. MachO2 says:

    Go watch love around, both actor and actress are good and natural. It wont give you goosebumps too…lol

  85. Rae says:

    honestly if people don’t like the lead actor or actress or the plot whatsoever all you have to do is stop watching it you know. many people here actually do enjoy this drama. different people have different preferences so if this drama isn’t your cup of tea just try out one of the other dramas uploaded! I’m sure out of the many dramas out there there’ll be one that suits your liking yeah? 🙂

    • YourGrandPAPA says:

      Hey Grandma, stop your nagging. Freedom of speech and that’s what comments section is for. You think everyone is stupid that they are still watching the drama? They probably see 10-15mins or even the most a part 1 and post comments here before switching. Don’t take viewers as fools, as if they need your advices. Peace.

      • Rae says:

        uhm sorry but I believe your username’s the one that says grandpa so I think YOU should shut your trap if you have nothing constructive. SOME people might really still be watching the drama for who-knows-what reasons even though they hate it. I’m not saying that they don’t have the freedom of speech, I’m saying some people (like you obviously) like to shoot other people down for no reason when everyone’s just trying to get some entertainment through a fictional storyline so I don’t even know what your ‘peace’ is for when you just want to stir trouble around. PEACE 🙂

        • Mediator says:

          Rae, what do you not understand what Grandpapa was trying to say to you. All I can say, you are slow in comprehending. Anyway, I find comments in this drama more interesting than the drama itself. I only give this drama 2/ 10. Cheers and have fun all.

          • Rae says:

            I understood very clearly what grandpapa was trying to say. Clearly something about freedom of speech too. which I’m sure I’m also entitled to so I’m just trying to voice out my opinions. All I’m trying to say is that if people really don’t like the drama just don’t watch it. People often criticise a work without understanding how much effort was put into it. Do you guys know how much work and effort must be put in to even come up with a plot and script of a drama? I’m just trying to say that don’t just harshly criticise so many people’s efforts and hardwork put into this one drama when all they want is to get a lil recognition and for people to enjoy the drama as much as they have enjoyed putting all these together. Hope YOU guys can see what I’m trying to emphasize on before doubting my level of comprehension, thanks.

        • Mediator says:

          Rae, what that chatter -Grandpapa tried to say and you did not seem to get it? I take it you cant understand or even comprehend what was said and enunciated. So simple and yet so difficult for you. I find the comments here more interesting than the drama. Anyway, the drama, i rated it 2/10, poorly.

    • MrObnoxious says:

      Reading all the replies, Rae, You are so darn stupid. You tried to be the smartypants but further reflected yourself as BIGGERFOOL the more you tried to argue about it.

      • Rae says:


  86. Panda says:

    This drama is interesting to be honest. Puff’s acting, well I can tolerate. Who knows, maybe it’s the way her character is being portrayed. As for comments about her face, I find her pretty. Big eyes, straight nose and nice mouth.
    As for her shouting…well, probably influenced by Korean actings. I know in taiwanese drama that the actors and actresses shout “FIGHTING” in the scene.

    Anyways, I find her adorable. She’s the type of person that grows on you

  87. Jameslee says:

    The actress sucks as to my opinion but then who cares abt my frank version of her. Anyway, It still sucks and grow worse for me the more I see her.

  88. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 6……:p

  89. old man says:

    I assume all shows have directors. If the director says shout, the actor shouts. If the director says whisper, the actor whispers. Don’t blame everything on the actor.

    • Coolmister says:

      you mean they were treated like dogs? wag your tail, the dog wags, get the bone, the dog runs and pick the bone.

      • mio says:

        if u didnt noe then my heart goes out to u for being ignorant… in the end, no matter what the actors want to do or add in a scene, it is the director that has the final say. not to mention for the female lead, this is probably the first few times she acted in a drama, as a newcomer, how can she ask and demands for so much?

  90. Coolmister says:

    I saw the first episode and I just hate the actress. What a total ‘put off”. Clicks * “off” to this drama.

  91. Coolmister says:


  92. Coolmister says:

    Actor is so so too but actress is worse.


    Miss Fahrenheit❤❤❤ a lot suddenly.炎亞綸❤吳尊❤辰亦儒❤汪大東

  94. Guest says:

    The songs in the drama is so nice!!!!

  95. Jas says:

    whr is episode 6…….

  96. chillax says:

    hey I think that u ppl should calm yr tits down. this drama is nice & especially th actor is Aaron Yan. yea, i agree that actress is quite annoying, she overact. but maybe this is only in th drama and maybe in real life she isn’t like this? chill manxzc. th story quite okay one lehh. enjoy th show yo.

  97. sar says:

    is ep 6 supposed to come out today?

  98. Diana Marcela Soto says:

    Where is episode 6 ( ;´Д`)

  99. Wendy says:

    hey may I know in sg what timing will ep 6 be out??

  100. Rachel14. says:


  101. Rachel14. says:

    just you will end on 1st November 2013

  102. Jas says:


  103. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 6 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  104. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 6 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that watch for it.

  105. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 7

  106. Missing you says:

    Why no sounds on ep6 .. Is the sound track gt problem .. Pls fix this Video plsss.. I wanna watch ep 6

  107. Missing you says:

    I wanna watch ep 6 so badly .. Pls fix the sound track

  108. chilax says:

    the problem here is that ppl who hate puff’s acting is complaining all over the comment section. IF U HATE THE DRAMA THEN JUST LEAVE. there is no need to insult ppl here. and u cant blame ppl for standing on her side either. SOME of us actually wants to watch the drama and find it nice. ps. to those who dun noe if this is a drama worth watching anot, just go try. the comments in the vid links are much better than some of those useless ones here. lastly i apologise if any of u hav any objections. i came to enjoy a drama and was hoping to find constructive comments, not to pick a fight with anybody to be some keyboard warrior:)

    • MENTOR1 says:

      You are another fool that speaks foolishly. What constructive comments are you looking for in a public domain ? What’s more is a comment section that allows viewers to have a voice on what they consider as their opinions. Stop acting like a kid who only wants to hear praises and good stuff. In life, is not always a bed of roses and to hear things that please you. You are so ignorant and dumb. What makes you think that those who frankly spoke about Puff’s poor acting are still watching this drama? Get a grip kid.

      • Starrysky12345 says:

        She has a point why waste your time hating you will get no where in life with that if you hate the drama than just leave no one cares

      • Winner says:

        Agree with you on that part about chillax being ignorant and dumb. LOL

      • chilax says:

        lol like i said i came to just watch a drama, the comment section is really more interesting to watch, u ppl amuse me alot. im not as immature as some ppl who picks a fight wif someone else over the net. its true no one noe who u are, but really, save ur face, hav more self love. but im not tat narrow minded, i accept the fact tat u hav ur own views:)

      • originalchillax says:

        fkyou chillax y u uses my name that I have uses at th bottom alr. ppl thought I u sia knn

  109. MENTOR1 says:

    People are entitled to speak what they think of the drama, actress and actor in COMMENT section. The word “comment” states clearly the purpose of this section. Of course there are ignorant fools who dont understand what this section is meant for and quick to pick on others who provide negative comments about the actress. Based on the frequent negative comments about the actress, it must have meant something. Stop assuming that viewers who posted negative comments about the drama and actress are still watching the drama and that they need your GOD sent advice from you to leave this show. Btw, I agreed that actress acts poorly and actor isn’t anyone close to those oscar award ones but he suffice and not the actress. Enjoy. I am switching to watch another drama.

    • Owlover9373738 says:

      I agree with you but if people keep on commenting hate than that is sad and I just pity those people and go switch dramas like anyone cares

  110. StarrySky12345 says:

    If your just gonna hate than shut up and don’t comment like what the hell why waste your time coming to the comments just to say crap about the actor and actress like seriously that’s idiotic btw episode 6 was good cant wait for 7!!

  111. MENTOR1 says:

    Let’s put it this way, I don’t see hate when people simply spoke their minds. Simply, some narrow minded ones categorising it as “hate” which is a much harsher word to mean more than just a few frank negative statements about the actress who acted poorly. Everyone is entitled to speak how they view the drama, acting and context. Nothing wrong with that, but the problems lie with some narrow minded people who cant accept these comments and make a big fuss out of them. So much for ignorance. In our very much savvy and wired world, anything can be said, commented, criticised, argued and passed on across borders, no big deal. Chill all.

  112. Winner says:

    The comments here is more exciting than the drama. LOL

  113. Joans says:

    Do you guys know what a show is? Why are so many people getting so worked up?! Excuse me, the actresses and actors are the professionals here. They go through auditioning and other strict judging before they go on screen. If you dislike them, that’s fine. I mean everyone has their own personal taste after all. But please don’t get so angry just because someone doesn’t agree to your point. It shortens your life. If you ‘hate’ the actress, just go watch something else. If you insist on watching this drama, just bear with it. After all, it’s still your own personal opinion.

    • Master says:

      Another dumbass who tries to look clever and try to show that she / he knows all. Why can’t you accept negative comments of the actress and actor and must write your grandmama’s story. This is a comment section about actors / actress/ drama etc but not asking you to condemn or criticise what veiwers’ said in this section. Is people like you here who evoke more bad comments thats not about the story/ actor/ actress etc. Get lost.

  114. Question~ says:

    Anyone know how many episode per week, and in which day?

    Thanks in Advance

  115. Lindsey Lee says:

    I was wrong to doubt puff’s acting, the drama is starting to get juicy :3 especially now that dean and Aaron are fighting over Liang Liang <3

  116. booooo says:

    haters gonna hate! supp haters! if u dislike the main leads..DON’T WATCH this drama!!
    you’re not forced to watch
    go watch something you think it’s worth watching

    if you’re trying to say that I’m defending the leads..I’m an idiot for not being able to judge or I can’t accept negative comments

    dude! who are you to judge..I have my own liking preference..I believe all of us do
    plus,,,i don’t think that you’ve got better qualities compared to them
    at least they’re well known..a certified Taiwan artiste

    WHO ARE YOU??you;re no one…please not try seek attention here! you’ve came to the wrong place

    comment somewhere else.on your pathetic lonely blog perhaps??

    that’s so hilarious! it’s okay if you fail to seek attention..congratulations you’ve just humiliated yourself 😛

    to Aaron and Puff’s fans…ignore the haters..just not worth getting so worked up about it

    let’s us enjoy watching this drama 🙂

    p/s: do not comment if you don’t have a good command of English..THANKS!

    • YourProfessor says:

      Blah blah blah, anyone bites the dust. So much for postmodernism, constructivism and epistemology , how’s that? What an idiot, moron, plonker, wally, dunderhead, numbskull we have here (bet you are searching the dictionary). Stop trying to show that you are intelligent. Empty vessel makes the most noise- YOU. Keep your peabrain comments to yourself and STFU.

    • Emeritusprofessor says:

      Speaking of English, what you have written here, I could easily sum it up in two short sentences, please be concise and write in coherent sentences. Pathetic. Boooooo…lol

    • Ahbeng'sbrother says:

      Watch your English boooo, you write poorly.

  117. booooo says:

    let’s just enjoy watching this drama **

  118. Bliss says:

    My, so much criticisms…

  119. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 7?

  120. Georgi Krausz says:


  121. fofo says:

    ep7 please

  122. dalal says:

    ep 7 please

  123. old man says:

    Is it Friday where you live? That’s when new episodes are aired.

  124. can't wait says:

    OHH MANNNN !! Its getting more and more exciting 😀

  125. Anon says:


  126. Jenn says:

    u gotta wait until friday for the 7th epi

  127. Georgi Krausz says:

    ep 7 please

  128. guest says:

    It’s already Friday… Does anyone know the exact time? Please respond.

  129. Finalist says:

    The actress still suck in her acting. Period.

  130. Finalsay says:

    the actress still suck in her acting and I get goosebumps watching her. Dont bother to reply asking me to stop watching. I already did. period.

    • Irritatingperson says:

      Don’t watch, lol. I was curious after reading about sooooo many negative comments here so I watched ep 1. Agreed. Bad choice as main actress. I never continue watching the drama.

    • Jini says:

      If u don’t like her u don’t have to comment
      Seeing all these negative comments hurts my eyes
      So stop it already

      • terino says:

        nothing wrong for anyone to put their frank opinion here…is people’s freedom. she acts badly.

        • Jini says:

          This isn’t “opinion”
          It’s “complaining”
          Also if u don’t like her
          Complaining is the worst thing ppl does

          • Penny4thoughts says:

            It seems you are stupidly affected why dont you STFU. People arent complaining but stating a fact of what they viewed. I don’t mind this drama but I find the actress annoying too, a bit unnatural and too much screaming. The actor isnt that great too but the actress is worse. That leads to poor acting.

  131. THEFinalCommand says:

    Just SHUT IT!!!! ALL of YOU!!!!! JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!

  132. Commander says:

    I totally agree with THEFInalCommand

  133. Jessica says:

    The actress’s acting is not bad, she is very funny and good at acting, i think much better than aaron yan, but aaron yan did great too of course~

  134. Jini says:

    Don’t talk bad about the actress if u even can’t act like her
    Who knows maybe u can’t act at all
    And I think the actress is good she is funny and cute

    • terino says:

      heyyyyy when so many said she is bad in acting it means she must be. dont hate. why do think we are not there to act…cos we arent paid to, she is.lol plus i dont need to, i invest well. silly u.

      • Jini says:

        I don’t care about what other ppl say
        The director knows that she is good and that’s enough
        It’s the director who is picking the actresses not u

  135. stranger says:

    When is it releasing? 🙁

  136. Follow ur heart says:

    What time will the next episode air todayy ??

  137. Jas says:

    YAY ep 7 is out!!!

  138. GameChanger says:

    If ya’ll think you’re so great, why don’t you just go up there and start acting rather than the main actress? Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase: “If you don’t have anything good to say, than don’t say anything at all?”

    • terino says:

      blah blah duh dee duh dee the actress is horrible, that’s my opinion too. First taiwanese drama i watch. Ihave same opinion as the others.

  139. Tsk says:

    I don’t understand why everyone’s complaining only about Puff when aaron’s not doing much better tahn her. Hasn’t he been acting for almost 10 years?! I mean, she’s a newbie. This is her first lead role. So I can forgive her weak acting… But aaron? Nah.

    But yeah, of course the mean comments towards the actress come mainly from the actor’s fangirls… maybe you all should stop focusing on his pretty plastic face, and start focusing on his talent (or lack of) instead. Just saying…

    • Bestie says:

      disagreed, i am not Aaron fan. lol

    • esther_lim says:

      I don’t see why you have to protect Puff and bring Aaron into these arguments and condemn his acting. If you think that it’s bad that everyone is complaining about Puff’s acting skills then just protect her as much as you want cuz its fair but you shouldn’t start condemning Aaron! I don’t see the point of your argument

  140. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 7 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  141. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 7 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  142. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 8…..

  143. Meron says:

    I was attracted to the drama at first, now -NO..It was Liang Liang’s fault to put Shan Shan in the kitchen.. Neglecting her was wrong too. How could she blame others? Liang Liang maybe being too dramatic. Jia You Puff!

  144. mi says:

    i thing puff’s acting is really getting better with each episode. at some parts where she cried about the death of shan shan, i can understand and it makes me cry too. though it did seem like she over reacted to qi yi but i think it is understandable cos all owners who lost their beloved ex would feel eually sad too

  145. Penny4thoughts says:

    Well people, I watched every damn drama here but I must agree that Puff’s acting needs lots of improvement and I can’t envisage why she is the lead actress, …well who knows why the director picks her (wink).

  146. bubbles says:

    I personally don’t think puff acting is bad…. maybe its just because the director wanted her to act like that and it’s just the character she was meant to portray. If you see her acting in Ms.rose i don’t think you would think of her acting as so bad.

    • Bestie says:

      then must be her look that people do not like , a look that portrays hypocrisy and unreal. Well…this is even worse for her in terms of long term survival for an actress.

      • oneday says:

        dude, people are born naturally this way you can’t change nature. and if she think she look that bad i think the people that are mocking her like you looks worse because only people who are unconfident about themselves mock others for comfort

      • bubbles says:

        i think she’s just not fit for the part so thats why people don’t like her acting in this drama

  147. Bestie says:

    There are more bad comments and so few good ones about Puff. I concluded that 1) her acting is so obviously unnatural that many spoke the truth about her bad acting OR
    2) She doesn’t have the look that people like and all they could blame is her poor acting.
    For example, Mike He can’t act well but yet so many love him. The actress in Inborn pair, love around I (don’t know her name) she has huge numbers of fans and viewers just love her. All I could say for actor and actress, besides acting, the look is so important, regardless of whether you can act or not, that magnetic charm that exudes from look can get you myriad of fans. So to speak, Puff Guo has no charm or that personality from her look to enable her to lure fans no matter how good or bad her acting can be. Even in the near future she may be given the kindest role, without that magnetic charm as an actress, she will still get so many bad comments or fans that will be crazily in love with her. Sad to say this but a fact.

    • whysodelusional says:

      Pair her up with real actors, instead of untalented idols whose main fanbase are 14-year-old fangirls, and the result will probably be different 😉 Her acting was actually praised when she played the villain in Miss Rose. I mean, people wanted to kill her because she played a psycho b***h, but no one seemed to have a problem with her acting or with her personality. So, yea, your so-called “facts” are nothing but a bunch of crap ^^

      • Neutralbeing says:

        Then as what Bestie said must be all look that has no charm but luring much dislikes in her LoL. I agreed with majority who do not like her.

      • asdf says:

        agreed, no one said sh*t about her acting when she was the villain in miss rose. & she was really good in inborn pair too.

        seems to me people are more annoyed with her character than anything else, and blaming it on the actress instead.

    • old man says:

      Different people have different taste. I first saw Puff in Inborn Pair (with Annie Chen as the female lead) and liked her. On the other hand, I couldn’t stand Xie Kun Da, who played opposite her. I disliked him in Wo Men Fa Cai Le (Gung Hay Fat Choy) as well. Perhaps it was the characters he played. If so, he is really good at playing annoying. If not, he is just annoying on his own.

    • Honeypie says:

      You are so rigghhttttt.

    • oneday says:

      miss. if you are the director or the boss of the world say all that you want. BUT YOURE NOT

      • manymoresunnydays says:

        The viewers are KINGS and QUEENS, you dont know that? Then about time someone tells you that. Yeah your name suits you, “oneday” you will learn that viewers are all kings and queens unless your one day never come. lol

        • oneday says:

          viewers are kings and queens but but just kings and queen that will never get a throne, and putting yourself in such high position is bad for your health and even worse when one day you find out all of your dreams are just falsehood. LOL

  148. Jen says:

    If you don’t like how the way puff acts it looks, than why don’t you stop watching the show!

    • Neutralbeing says:

      Another kid named Jen in town. Why so worked up at what viewers commented here. If Puff is disliked by majority then it means something I guess. This is not the only site where people have posted bad comments about her, other drama sites too. So it seems she has so many anti-fans . LOL

      • HA IN YOUR FACE says:

        and theres neutralbeing why call neutral you are the most bias person in here all your saying is bullshit. and if you don’t appreciate other’s effort don’t influence person you dumbshit, you have no right bitch

  149. Georgi Krausz says:

    ep 8

  150. guest001 says:

    It gets better and better each episode:)

  151. Honeypie says:

    Is not a bad show but the actress spoils it all, all she could do is scream all the time and act childishly. They should have a better actress than this. Geez, who on earth pick such a loser as main actress? Stamps in their eyes.

    • Guest says:

      realize that if you nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. your voices won’t be heard, cuz noone cares about what your opinions, they are worthless contributions to the world. Geez get a life and stop mocking people that actually have a life and have goals they wanna reach.

      • manymoresunnydays says:

        why cant people have freedom of speech here, I advocate freedom in this sense. The actress doesnt have look to be lead actress and cant act ! The majority said it all, just accept it and stop fighting. We all have a life , beautiful lives and most important we have freedom of speech. I pity you that you dont have over there.

      • oneday says:

        much of the world doesn’t rule under a democratic system, the hell you’re saying means nothing to the world so the majority has nothing to do with the director’s decision.

  152. oneday says:

    lead actors work day and night from dawn to midnight. people work so work to make a production and so people enjoy it. But some people care less and you can’t say anything nicer. and if you think she think ugly or anything you looks worse because only people who are unconfident about themselves mock others for comfort. get a life and stop mocking people who has one.

    • manymoresunnydays says:

      you have a problem when people spoke the truth. You need to stop fighting with people when they spoke the truth about their opinions. Stop living in a fantasy world that everything is always nice and beautiful , WAKE UP!! Go GET A REAL LIFE to gain some confidence and learn the difference between mocking and truth! lol

      • oneday says:

        kiddo. if you have a problem with the problem why don’t you go and tell the director in his face what the “truth” is. fantasy world? i think you are obviously living in a fantasy world because you expect so much from the world, if you are the boss of the world, i don’t care but you have no authority over anything. the world doesn’t go around you, you should wake up from your dreams because the world out there is much scarier, what you’re seeing is just a start

    • Guest says:

      miss. if you have a problem with the problem why don’t you go and tell the director in his face what the “truth” is. fantasy world? i think you are obviously living in a fantasy world because you expect so much from the world, if you are the boss of the world, i don’t care but you have no authority over anything. the world doesn’t go around you, you should wake up from your dreams because the world out there is much scarier, what you’re seeing is just a start

  153. manymoresunnydays says:

    So many dislike this actress?!? Why pick such an actress from so many on earth? uhh…makes one wonder why she was picked, well..hmmm uhhh,,,hmmm..suspicious eh? lol

  154. hailo says:

    aiyah ppl give chance la… drama is mean to entertain lo.. pass time geh… watch watch, laugh laugh, cry cry then finish d watch another one lo… but then if got like sure have hate, if not how the term “fans” come leh…

  155. Trucekeeper says:

    I think those involved in making this drama has received the message about the actress being “yucky’ ‘horrible’ “fake” “unnatural” “poor acting actress” “unlikeable look” and many other negative views about her.. So okay, we got the message already. I too agreed with all of you about every aspect about her. Yeah yeah yeah very weak, lame and poor acting. Okay, let’s stop now.

    Director, viewers, etc all rated Puff Guo very low, lowest in the market. Okay lets stop.

    • Anti-Marianne says:

      wow…”Director, viewers, etc all rated Puff Guo very low, lowest in the market”

      I don’t think she’ll become famous then.

    • Trucemaker says:

      Is just a joke about the low rating. It was mentioned to deter any bad comments, joke and sarcasm. The drama actually getting better though a bit slow still.

    • oneday says:

      you face is very low lowest in the market, at least she is in a real band and an actress that people actually pay money too and there’s you

  156. Liviay says:

    How long do we have to wait for a new ep?

  157. jung hyun hoon ^ chanyeol oppa says:

    yes?? how long we have to wait for new Episode !! …. and thank you for EP its amazing ** I want to ask how mush Episode in this drama>> just you ?!

  158. LLW says:

    Can’t wait to watch ep8 !

  159. justyou says:

    how long til ep 8 is uploaded? thanks ^^

  160. jung hyun hoon ^ chanyeol oppa says:

    <> Thank you for Episodes ☺it’s amazing and
    Chang liang liang when she cry ..!!! OMG she is beautiful

  161. Anon says:

    my ep 8 has no sound :”( anyone knows how to fix it?

  162. Joanne says:

    ep 8 why no sound ? can fixed it asap pls.

  163. Meron says:

    No sound >< Please fix!

  164. Rightone says:

    Oh my, on top of the poor acting, they cant stand her voice too, hence no sound. LOL

  165. old man says:

    There is sound on all but segment 1 for me. To quote the top comment on youtube for segment 1: 沒有聲音

  166. hohliu says:

    After acting in so many dramas Arron’s acting has not improved much. But the main actress is very pretty.

  167. hohliu says:

    Do anyone remember a drama Arron has good chemistry with? There must be one…

    • Nothinginteresting says:

      I felt the one who can create chemistry is Annie . This actress for this show is very stiff and just doesnt exude any chemistry with any of the actors here, not even the main actor or his competitor. I felt the only reason I can think off why it doesnt give us viewers a feeling of excitement seeing them together lies in the acting. Poor acting doesnt get one excited at all. If you ask me will I come back and watch this drama, my answer is NO. Nothing interesting.

  168. Guest089 says:

    I can’t wait for episode 9!!!

  169. xuanxuanzz says:

    i feel that they are very close. or do they have some sort of chemistry?

  170. Xavier Earthytrek says:

    no sound T^T ep 7 T^T

  171. Thomas says:

    It is a shame, the drama could have hit off with increased numbers of viewers with a better selection of actress and actor in this drama. I must say the actress is loud and rough when there are times when is not necessary to be loud. Very fake kind of acting and many times she gives me goosebumps for her very fake acting especially when she tried so hard to act cute. What a turn off.

    • Now what would you say..(: says:

      what a turnoff that you try to make an impression but you are like others saying all kinds of bullshit that will never be heard. what a shame…):

  172. Charlotte says:

    Anyone know the insert song? ^^ plus how many episodes is this drama going for O_O ?

    • madame bromocriptine says:

      20 episodes. The song you can find it on youtube, just type “卓文萱 黃鴻升-心愛的(三立都會台「就是要你愛上我」主題曲)(官方歌詞版MV)” However, the last song sang by Aaron, I can’t find full song for it.. It’s called Unstoppable Sun =]

  173. choc-olatepudding says:

    I think a significant part of the ratings in Taiwan is largely thanks to Puff, 人家是宅男女神,人气高得很. Plus, it isn’t as if anyone can do anything about the female lead now, so yeah.

    • old man says:

      Puff is popular. She is a member of a singing group, Dream Girls (with Emily Song and Tia Li) and was recently voted Taiwan’s sexiest woman in the world.

      ” Puff Guo has come out tops on the list of FHM Taiwan’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013, beating two-time winner Amber An, and fellow supermodels Sonia Sui, Lin Chi-ling and Vivian Hsu to the pedestal.”

    • Snapface says:

      i see no reason why these furious peeps are complaining about their comments will never voice out…no one care about their comments or lives

      • Justme says:

        Obviously you care, thats why you are commenting here. Why can’t people accept other’s frank opinion about how bad the actress is?

    • madame bromocriptine says:

      When I first watch the drama, she definitely took my attention.. she doesnt look like a typical Taiwanese.. She looks like a character in manga.. beautiful and cute in the same time..

  174. delusionalmuch? says:

    I think that the main problem here is that this comments page is infected with aaron’s immature fangirls… aaron and puff get along really well outside of filming, and the network is using their chemistry to promote the drama (aka: hinting that they are in a relationship in real life). Of course that his 14-year-old fangirls don’t like that because in their delusional little minds precious aaron can’t be with anyone else other than themselves (or Gui Gui). So they take their frustration out on the actress whose only fault it to be unfortunate enough to be associated with aaron dear.

    But, fear not delusional fangirls! Puff is the least of your problems! You see, your precious, precious idol is actually gay. He’s been in a relationship with a guy called “Ah Ben” for a while now 😉 So stop being immature brats and go do something productive with your lives instead of wasting it on worshiping someone who doesn’t even know about your existence…

    • James says:

      You talked crap. Anyone could tell Puff’s acting is bad. It has nothing to do with the male actor, though i am not familiar with either but is pretty obvious, that actress is a mistake.

    • mita says:

      Why target 14yr olds? We did nth wrong.__. Aaron yan’s fan girls can be of all ages. For all u noe they may just be adults who go crazy over him with their sick obssession. Puff’s acting is bad, but its not as bad as how others make it to be. If we look at that show as a whole without prejudice, it is actually a really sweet drama. Hope puff wont get anymore hates just bcos aaron yan’s fan cant control their obssesion

  175. buna says:

    why are you guys so silly? the actress only act like that because the script ask her to act that way. it’s liang2 character. Just watch and enjoy. if you don’t like it then don’t watch it.

    • James says:

      Not true, the actress has to go with the flow of the script but due to her poor acting, it has been bad. You can be loud and yet still nice if you have a cute charming face. This one is a total put off.

      • OsNAPtry to get back says:

        You are just a biased bitch that sees things from a little hole, the fact you know nothing about acting led to your incredible yet stupid imagination. Boo You.

  176. Bliss says:

    Why do they always have to include a forest outing in almost every office drama?

  177. madame bromocriptine says:

    Oh, c’mon.. what’s with the hate here? I really love both actor and actress in this drama. They did really well and they look cute together.. Have you guys seen the Japanese version of this drama, the girl is waay much annoying but that’s the character. and i think puff did really well with her character..

    • kirara says:

      whats the japanese version of this drama called? I wonder if i’ve seen it already

      • madame bromocriptine says:

        @disqus_frc80dSR0U:disqus @disqus_i0zuXSRRDS:disqus Hotaru No Hikari.. the difference of both of these drama is just “the dating ban”. I really love both drama.. I love both Amemiya and Cheng Liang Liang’s character.. =] They both did really well..

        • kirara says:

          yeah.. agree with you on that.. its similar but there’s no dating ban.. and in the japanese version tand well.. its just different.. i watched hotaru no hikari and i do not believe its the same drama, similar, yes.. but not the same.

          • Jini says:

            Me too watched only the 1st season since a long i don’t remember the story so well but i think the taiwanese ver is more interesting

    • Jini says:

      Can u tell me the name of the japanese ver?

  178. vickie says:

    Oh my god..this is very bad bad Taiwan drama!!

  179. Justme says:

    Majority has said the same thing about the quality of this drama – bad bad bad and actress acting sucks. The storyline is weak too and the actor isn’t any better but a consolation probably that he is with a poor actress.

  180. Ani says:

    just don’t look at it if you don’t like it!

  181. Yin<3 says:

    I so love the chemistry of Aaron and Puff. ♥.♥

  182. mayagolane says:

    this is really good drama taiwan i loved <3

  183. Saranghaeyo<3 says:

    Just You ep.09: in 4 hours, 14 minutes

    I can’t wait to see the new episode of this drama. T^T Hahaha.

  184. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 9 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  185. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 9 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  186. Marianne says:

    Do you love this TWdrama? Yes, we can watch for it.

  187. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 10

  188. Aaronholics<3 says:


  189. Grandeur says:

    such bad bad drama , worst Taiwanese drama I have seen so far.

  190. hohliu says:

    Puff has such beautiful features. Her height, skin, legs, eyes, nose, lips and hairs are so prefect. Hope her acting will improve with practise since she is so young.

  191. Wayne says:

    Dear Marianne,

    Your passion and enthusiasm is understood for your comment on dramas, but please your spamming and the blockade of other comments is very much complained by other users. Please do not post multiple comment in the given dramas, or you are to be banned from the discussion boards of all dramas,.

    Thank You for your cooperation, Manager of Sugoideas


  192. Bliss says:

    Ratings increased again, yay!

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    I cant wait for episode 10. T___T huhuhu. </3

  194. yrmah says:

    when will episode 10 be aired? any idea? 🙂

  195. Sella says:

    How many episode for this drama?.

  196. liver says:

    Where to watch live for this drama? Anybody knows or has the link?

  197. mayagolane says:

    episode 10 pliz

  198. mayagolane says:

    what time will the episode 10

  199. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 10 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  200. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 10 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  201. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 11

  202. ed says:

    i wish i could understand a word :(( have to wait for subtitles…

  203. mayagolane says:

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  204. :) says:

    yo this drama is heating up, a little i am guess it will have a weird and very happy ending

  205. yolo says:

    when episode 11 going to launch?

  206. anna carline says:

    every friday 1 ep rite ?

  207. hello says:

    When it airs??????

  208. old man says:

    Do you have google? I found this:

    Air time: Friday 22:00

  209. Erika says:

    Just you airing: 10 AM. (FRIDAY)

    Omygeeee! Can’t wait for episode 11. :'(

  210. Justyourocks<3 says:

    Nice chemistry AARON AND PUFF. ♥ Looking forward for your kissing scenes. Hahahahaha. 😛

  211. ;) says:

    the facebook page for this is so cute

  212. Newyork'FAN♥ says:

    Upcoming Drama Episodes:
    No dates present

    Why is there no countdown? or time on when it will be uploaded? Im waiting for episode 11. Tomorrow night i’ll wait for it. -____-

  213. WTF says:

    EPISODE 11 PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. IM GOING INSANE. 🙂

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    is today or tmr episode 11 going upload here ?

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    Waiting~ EP11

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    EPISODE 11. COME ON. -____-”

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    OMG can’t wait for ep 11 !!!!! 🙂

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    YESSSS~ EP 11

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    ep 11 pleaseee…

  220. Guest1 says:

    Part 2 doesnt work?

  221. kk says:

    when 12 coming???? 🙁

  222. Kelly says:

    What’s the name of the opening song of this drama?

    • madame bromocriptine says:

      卓文萱 黃鴻升-心愛的(三立都會台「就是要你愛上我」主題曲)(官方歌詞版MV)

      copy and paste this on youtube.. you’ll find the song


  223. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 11 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  224. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 11 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they subbed on it.

  225. Marianne says:

    The English subs for the TWdrama Just You is on oriental subs and I want to subbed on it.

  226. mimi♥ says:

    does somebody know where can i watch this drama with ENGLISH SUBTITLE? 🙁

  227. ailee says:

    how many episode in completion?

  228. princess says:

    Im enjoying every episode.. Feels good watching it..! Hope there’ll be more episodes to come.. Good job!

  229. duckduck says:

    when will ep12 be releasing?

  230. Moon says:

    Can’t wait to watch episode 12!!

  231. Bex Rosales says:

    This drama is being better and better. Still Boss’s mother story is begining.

  232. Liangliang♥ says:

    Hahahahaha omg! EPISODE 12 got SWEET SCENES.Im gonna die. OMO! XD *_* ♥ Can’t waiiiiiiit. ♥.♥

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    Anyone knows if there is a way to watch it live, streaming?

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    Okay im WAITING. ♥.♥ EPISODE 12.HAHAHAHA. ♥.♥ ~

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  238. rue says:

    O no…what happened…why still no ep 12 yet 🙁

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    faster pls . 🙁

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    fasterr ep12 !! ):

  241. yolo says:

    whr 12 . 🙁

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    Where to watch 12!! Omg omg loves loves! Mucks!!!

  243. lovelove♥A says:

    Hahahaha. there are so many waiting. 🙁 XD OMOOOOO!Lovelovelove. ~ Patience everyone :””> ♥

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    u all from which country ?

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    Loves loves loves Mack!! 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. yolo says:

    12 pls pls pls . faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. yolo says:

    yea gd enjoy the show everyone <3

  249. Ukiringo Freeze says:

    OUT EVERYBODY EP 12 YAY thx uploader ^^

  250. anonymous says:

    but i cant play it… is it working?

  251. yolo says:

    its working`

  252. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 12 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  253. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 12 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  254. princess says:

    good job uploader! thank u!…

  255. Sabrina Thou says:


  256. commentator says:

    yikesss what lousy acting especially the actress.

  257. Janiel says:

    Pls repair ep.8 soon. Threre’s no sound.

    • old man says:

      There is sound for parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. I watched part 1 without sound and then watched the rest with sound. That is very different from no sound at all on any segment.

  258. hohliu says:

    This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.

    YouTube has disable the videos. Not the uploader’s fault.

  259. old man says:

    I think we should be more careful about what we report. I just checked: there is sound for parts 1 through 5 on episode 12, but no sound on part 6. Also, episode 12 is not episode 8; they both are lacking some sound, but in different ways.

    Perhaps your sound is different from mine, but this is what I hear.

  260. fghi says:

    please fixed episode 12, there’s a jump on part 2 and there’s no sound on part 6 🙁 why seems like most of the episodes has problem? Especially no sound ==”

  261. jia yu <- WTF? says:


  262. quest 12 says:

    please upload download link episode 11, it can’t work here, maybe it fixed then forgot the link.. thanks before..

  263. Rakizza says:

    when will episode 13 be released?

  264. cabskie says:

    waiting for the episode 13

  265. bimbi says:

    those guys who keeps on complaining ’bout the audio & other stuffs like that..just watch this drama @viki!!!..it works perfectly fine there!..you can even watch it in HD!

  266. unsatisfied consumer says:

    why is this video saying content of copyright issue in my country 🙁 i cant watch thats so sad i only get to watch till episode 3 thats it 🙁

  267. Princess says:

    I’m Excited to watch the next episode!!…

  268. yolo says:

    episode 13 later .! 🙂

  269. Name says:

    i want ep 13!!!
    faster plz!!!!

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    Status: WAITING. HAHAHAHA! ♥

    EPISODE 13 please faster we can;t wait. 😛

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    30mins more!!

  274. yolo says:

    anybody waiting here too? 🙂

  275. Loneheartz says:

    still waiting

  276. sarmar says:

    suspense x-D

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  278. Sean says:

    ep 13 is up now (Y)

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    Thanks for UPLOADING Episode 13. ♥

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    yeah!!!!!!!!!! episode 13

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    omo finally!!!!! they are gonna kiss next episode!!! i cant wait to see it and watch the bts for it! aaron and puff are so cute together!

  283. Just You says:

    can’t wait for ep 14 !!

  284. Jas says:

    mygod th ex girlfriend is really fuckup _l_

  285. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 13 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  286. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 13 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  287. Marianne says:

    The English subs for the TWdrama Just You is on oriental subs and I hope that they subbed on it.

  288. Janice says:

    Hi when will episode 14 be up anyone knows? ^^ omggg very exciting!!

  289. Yin <3 says:

    For someone who’s looking for the english subtitles,i know a free online site ^_^

  290. Yin <3 says:

    Episode 14, AJA! ♥.♥

  291. Alicia says:

    Cant wait to watch Ep14 , QiYi finally realise his feeling to liangliang ♥

  292. Alicia says:

    i love Ep 14♥

  293. Damian says:

    Still not out yet.?

    • damian says:

      sorry if i am rude but just wondering if there is any problem with ep 14?

    • old man says:

      If you used google to search or had read all the previous replies to the anxious, you would know that new episodes arrive every Friday. That means once a week, not every day. So no, it is not yet Friday, so no, episode 14 is not out yet.

  294. Peter says:

    Would u fix up the download link

    Just You / 就是要你愛上我 Episode 11 Please ?? Cannot download ??

  295. dazzline says:

    waiting for episode 14!!!!


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    when will episode 14 be uploaded? i can’t wait to continue watching….

  297. Mil says:

    anyone knows when does it show on tv and what time? or has the show finish showing on tv?

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    is there a live web i can watch epi 14?

  299. hana says:

    Poland watch tw-drama!

  300. love24 says:

    cant wait to watch ep 14 and see the bts!!!! 🙂

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  304. Show says:

    *rubs eye* *refreshing* sleepy yet dont wanna sleep

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  306. slash says:

    I’m afraid that keep us in uncertainty… Probably…Hihi^^

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    ep 14 hurryyyyyy when will you arrive?????? anyone can tell me when it will be uploaded ..
    what day what hours????
    ps:i’m from rome so the hour ??jhahahha

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 14 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  313. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 14 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  314. Marianne says:

    The English subs version for the TWdrama Just You is recently subbed on oriental subs and I hope that they subbed on it.

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    15 <3

  316. Ala'a Mohiy says:

    love it 😀 😀 😀

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    Wow…I think ep15 onwards will be very nice to watch…cause qiyi and Liang Liang is together…

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    I NEED EP 15

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    is 1230 then will upload here

  329. yolo says:

    havent out yet

  330. yolo says:

    NH anyhow say

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    what time will upload

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    Do anyone want the link ?

  333. yolo says:

    no nobody wants a fake link

  334. piter says:

    i have the real link

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    How long should we wait pleasee

  336. liyi says:

    why cant watch ??

  337. Ying says:

    Has anyone noticed that Full House and Just You are pretty similar? The guy is a clean freak and he makes the girl clean everything while living in his home. The only difference is that in Full House, they have a fake marriage.

  338. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 15 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  339. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 15 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  340. Marianne says:

    Is there an English subs version here? Please help to subbed on it.

  341. <3 watching show says:

    how many ep are there altogether?

  342. Guest says:

    Where to get MY link? I cannot see in Malaysia. Thanks.

  343. Guest says:

    uploader, can you send us the link to watch in malaysia? thanks (:

  344. Guest says:

    You can get MY link at the side of episode 15 part 7.

  345. ko says:

    semua ada berapa episode ?

  346. LelooChan55 says:

    My heart keeps pounding every time i see those couple “Liang Liang & Qi Yi’ </3 I want a boss too :'D

  347. Sabrina Thou says:

    ep 15+16

  348. jane says:

    Ep 16 will be the ending..

  349. )-- says:

    Ep 16 liangliang broke with qiyi.. Ep 18 the end!

  350. kl says:

    Sabrina thou what the fuck! !!

  351. old man says:

    One streaming site breaks each episode here into two parts (two one hour episodes equals one two hour episode). They show the total number of episodes as 35, which would be 17 here plus a finale (I guess that makes 18).

  352. purplefairy says:

    when is episode 16 coming out?

  353. Byxueyun says:

    But why now still didn’t post yet? 🙁

  354. fakedramaexpert says:

    It comes out around 1am on sat

  355. maeinwollongong says:

    Can’t wait for the next ep! It’s coming soon. I know it. I want him to meet his Mom so bad! No one should ever be separated from their mother when they mutually love each other so much. It’s just sad. I miss mine…

  356. rue says:

    What happened? Why still no ep 16? pleasssee..

  357. Sean says:

    cant wait for episode 17

  358. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 16 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  359. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 16 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  360. Marianne says:

    Please subbed the episodes for the TWdrama Just You on oriental subs and I want to subbed on it.

  361. lala says:

    Hw many episodes are there ?

  362. Linda says:

    Can’t wait for episode 17! LiangLiang and QiYi are adorable!

  363. dazzline says:

    LiangLiang and QiYi chemistry in this drama makes my heart throb!!!
    beautifully directed!

  364. Elle says:

    Hi, are we able to have My Link for the episodes before Ep 15? Thanks.

  365. cheonsa says:

    when is episode 17 out????

  366. bigeye says:

    why it never come out ep 17 final?i dun understand stop 16 only

  367. Yoseob says:

    How many episodes of the serial number?

  368. Yoseob says:

    I’m still waiting for episode 17 and I’m very curious.


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    can watch elsewhere already

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    can watch in lala land already

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    I can’t wait!

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    i just keep refreshing
    just keep on refreshing
    can’t wait!

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    hi ! ep 17 pleaseee..

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    its uploaded finally.

  376. zake says:

    No it’s not out yet , you are a liar lollipop

  377. mel says:

    scary how comments are moderated.

  378. karen says:

    next friday is toooo far away :c

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    Thanks..today ep a bit sad, have to wait for another week to come 🙁

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 17 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  381. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 17 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  382. Marianne says:

    The English subs version of the TWdrama Just You is on oriental subs and I want to subbed on it.

  383. bigeye46 says:

    i wait for next ep 18 just you but just you tiltle should go on continue pls..pls put english sub thank you

  384. Cindy says:

    Haha, by just watching the preview make me so excited about the ext episode! Jia Yu is so crafty~

  385. Ceren Hasar says:

    where is ep 18??

  386. MRS.FUJIOKA says:

    WHERE IS 18??

  387. :< says:

    Where is ep 18? Thanks a million! Pretty please :<

  388. rue says:

    please please 18 please show yourself..

  389. Fairy says:

    Is there a problem about ep18

  390. rue says:

    starting now.. thanks 🙂

  391. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 18 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  392. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 18 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  393. jlmvj says:

    please put an english sub i cant understand what they are saying please. im begging you. thank you

  394. bigeye46 says:

    where is ep 19 now?

  395. Alicia says:

    next episode will be more interesting! cnt wait to watch next episode.

  396. vincent says:

    I’m so excited for episode 19…..

  397. Yuxuan says:

    Where is ep 19 ? Will it be out soon?

  398. dramaaddict says:

    when is ep 19 coming out?

  399. AngelTan98 says:

    wonderful drama with the wonderful song! the song is xiaogui sing 1! Love it so much!

  400. karen says:

    been waiting for today forever

  401. Konon Kang says:

    I think 12am too take long time but always good too wait they never disappointment me

  402. Magdeline Loke says:

    Cant wait

  403. Dondon_v says:

    Is ep19 out today on Friday?

  404. lilian says:

    Why so long

  405. Aaronyanfan says:

    Cant Wait :3 EP 19

  406. Konon Kang says:

    If I like to ask something can u do English language subtitle please

  407. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 19 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  408. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 19 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  409. Dondon_v says:

    One week one ep?

  410. surya says:

    can someone please provide direct download links for this wonderful drama?

  411. esther_lim says:

    does anyone know how many episodes are there in total? cuz next week will be episode 20 already and i’m hoping that it isn’t the last cuz I love the aaron and puff pairing

  412. Am says:

    Love Puff.. She is sooooo cute 😉 <3

  413. ben says:

    Is it gonna be uploaded tonight?

  414. Monica says:

    What’s the schedule?

  415. peggy says:

    What’s that even to my link also cannot watch so so bad and disappointed. ?…..ah ah ah

  416. Linda says:

    So sad that next week is the last episode! 🙁

  417. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 20 of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  418. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 20 of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch on it.

  419. cjoy says:

    can i ask how many episodes will ths drama have?

  420. izzy says:

    how many episode are there

  421. carmen says:

    Does anyone know when the last ep is coming out????

  422. Linda says:

    I don’t want this drama to end!! It’s so good 🙁

  423. Kalyn Tan says:

    I hope both will last long tgt in real life 🙁

  424. happyface says:

    aaw.tmr is the last day :”( how sad

  425. Aud says:

    So looking forward to 21!!

  426. adsg says:

    omg can’t wait for 21

  427. adsg says:


  428. Guest says:

    i want ep 21 but i dont want. so excited for it but its the last ep.. 🙁

  429. Sherilyn Ang says:

    Haha can’t wait right go my youtube account Sherilyn Ang to view the video

  430. j-en says:

    yay very nice!!! 😀 faster go watch last episode!!!! i will rewatch everything again. <3 yi and liang!

  431. j-en says:

    have you all watched finish? so nice and sweet! but sad the series end already :/ last part the kissing in bed so shan! haha. look forward to watch more nice dramas from yalun and xuefu 🙂

  432. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 21 (final) of the TWdrama Just You and thanks for uploading with us.

  433. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 21 (final) of the TWdrama Just You and I hope that they watch for it.

  434. Linda says:

    They should make a second season to this drama!

  435. Enny Ho says:

    miss them a lot…^_^

  436. yoii says:

    donde consigo los subtitulos en español?? ayuda?? please!

  437. shiying says:

    from ep 3 onwards cannot watch . pls fix … pls upload (480p )to dailymotion

  438. bigeye says:

    why cant open 17 to 21 esp

  439. jpmprince says:

    This show is really nice! i have watch this for the third time! Aaron and Puff rocks!

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