Love Cheque Charge / 幸福兌換券

Love Cheque Charge / 幸福兌換券
胡宇威, 袁艾菲, 謝坤達, 是元介, 翁滋蔓, 趙杰, 張本渝
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2014-09-03
English Subtitle:No
緣分早在三年前,就將何不凡(胡宇威飾)與徐曼曼(袁艾菲飾)綁在一起。 一場意外讓史博海(謝坤達飾)與女友徐曼曼天人永隔,只得託付能看見他的何不凡出面談分手,對任何人只給三分鐘時間的不凡,開出一張幸福兌換券給曼曼,上面寫著:「徐曼曼三十歲嫁不出去,必娶」。 他們的幸福,真能兌換成功嗎?

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  1. thuchen says:

    looking forward to this, seems to be cute!!!

  2. Marianne says:

    I love this TW-drama for me.

  3. Marianne says:

    Please subbed this TW-drama, please help us.

  4. Marianne says:

    Thanks very much.

  5. Liz says:

    Don’t wanna be rude but this drama really makes George Hu lose his cool cold image type he had in the other dramas with Annie. Not comparing but its like he just accepted this drama randomly…

  6. Y.T.Hu says:

    This is a drama tv show, everybody is acting in the tv show, its not real, even there are people saying the girl is annoying, George hu lose his cool image type, this all just a act. I’m a fan of George Hu i watching this because he is great acteur in different tv shows!

    • Thuchen says:

      Agree! I am happy if he kinda get different roles cuz if he only act out one kind of character, he won’t be able to improve as an actor. And to tell the truth, this character he bu fan kinda reminds me of the one in love, now (though I have only watched a couple of esp) he is also very ‘ji che’ in here. Nevermind, I enjoy this drama.

  7. Marianne says:

    Thanks for all your uploads.

  8. Marianne says:

    Is anyone have to subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge? Please subbed on it.

  9. Marianne says:

    I want in English subs, please help us.

  10. Marianne says:

    If you want to subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge, then you can subbed on it. Please help us.

  11. Marianne says:

    Please subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge and I hope that they subbed on it.

  12. G says:

    Where’s ep 18??

  13. bliss says:

    I still prefer the earlier drama Fabulous30 but this one is a close second best…

    • jess says:

      Agree. Fabulous 30 has a better storyline. The whole crew of the drama were doing great. Rather disappointed with this. The main actress is really annoying. Many of the scenes, she’s over react. Anyway, I’m not watching this after scanning on the first two episodes.
      Sorry, but I guess they chose the wrong lead actress for this drama.

      • bliss says:

        I guess Taiwan is short of talent these days…But after watching eps 20 and 21, the pace has picked up and I am warming up to the lead actress already. She put in her best, after all…Hopefully, it will go on improving…

        • WARMINGUP says:

          Agree with Blisss 🙂 The main actress is improving, give her some support. I am sure she is working hard too. I am liking her more too. Well done to ManMan and BuFan. Like both of you !!

  14. Marianne says:

    I love to watch this TW-drama for me.

  15. Marianne says:

    Thanks very much.

  16. Marianne says:

    Do you want to subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge? Please help us.

  17. Marianne says:

    I love this weekday TW-drama for me.

  18. Marianne says:

    Please help to subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge and I want to subbed on it.

  19. Marianne says:

    Thanks very much.

  20. Yes says:

    Episode 28 is Great… Look forward to next episode. BuFan and ManMan is a lovely couple.

  21. bliss says:

    I like episode 30, especially the scene between Yue Yi and Ma Tong. It was so touching and put things in a deeper perspective about a mother and daughter’s long-time separation…But Mao Guai’s problem is really annoying to the point that I hope they could just do away with that completely…

  22. Marianne says:

    I love this TW-drama just for me.

  23. Marianne says:

    Please subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge, please help to subbed on it.

  24. WWW says:

    Disapointed to see episode 34 BuFan still haven’t tell ManMan he likes her 🙁


    usually i dont like dramas have eps more than 70+ but because of george hu im willing to use up my times to watch this just because of him!

    i love GEORGE HU!!!!!!!

  26. bliss says:

    cheesy confession…

  27. Marianne says:

    I hope that they subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge and I want you to subbed on it.

  28. Marianne says:

    Please help to subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge and I want to subbed on it.

  29. Fiona Hui says:


  30. Marianne says:

    I want to subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge, please help to subbed on it.

  31. Marianne says:

    Do you want to subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge? Where do you want to subbed on it?

  32. Nikklee says:

    May I know every week which day will upload new episode?

  33. Marianne says:

    I love this weekday TW-drama for me.

  34. Marianne says:

    Please subbed this TW-drama, please help us.

  35. 1314 says:

    Do not like the 成全篇. This makes BuFan and ManMan bad people especially they didn’t know the decision they made will have effect on Bo Hai. Why can’t the scriptwriter just let BuFan and ManMan get married. Bo Hai part do it separately.

    Very unfair to BuFan and ManMan.

  36. LOW says:

    just watch episode 49…. hate it … hate it all together. Very unfair to ManMan and BuFan. Suppose to have a wonderful wedding…rebeka wanted be the wife to Kuan yU, than Auntie Tang came to the picture, OMG…. how ridiculous is this. ”

    The only thing that is light hearted is Don being the celebrant. “BuFan, you deter me from going after ManMan because you are the boyfriend!!!!! ” … and continue with marrying this couple. 🙂

  37. @#$%^??????? says:

    I have watch so many different series. I have to say Episode 49 is the worst of the worst.

  38. For Real says:

    Tie The Knot (媽咪的男朋友) has one of the most lovely story line , lighthearted and not wasting too much time on the unnecessary . The main actor and actress get together in a romantic way without all the stress.
    Whereas, Love Cheque Charge / 幸福兌換券 has lost the plot. MESSYYYYYY

  39. bliss says:

    I would say Love Cheque Charge is numerous times better than Tie the Knot, which is extremely dull and draggy…

  40. 呂美雲 says:




  41. slowmoving51 says:

    Today there is no BuFan+ManMan together. It is all the second lead filling up the slots. Wasting time, dragging and boring.

    The only lovely parts are ManMan +Mum at the bath tub. ManMan looked really beautiful. Isn’t that suppose to be BuFan rubbing her back instead of the Mum. …… Awww !! sad to see the mum crying not knowing how long she can live.

    BuFan part, where he assured his dad, he and ManMan are fine. pretty lovely to watch. all together only 5 to 7 mins of BuFan and ManMan. WHYYYYYy

  42. forever21 says:

    i suppose the scriptwriter realise this is getting too ridiculous, and messy therefore BuFan and ManMan + BoHai is not showing in Episode 51. The scriptwriter might had dig a hole himself/herself.

  43. Xxxx says:

    Is new episode out every day ? Thanks in advance !

  44. 呂美雲 says:

    曼曼不管怎么半 你要選擇不凡!你要在他的生邊。你不要關懷破海的媽媽!他是壞人!真是!他要做破海幸福可是不是這樣子!不是破海說過了嗎!他會讓新愛的女人幸福!破海也說現在曼曼跟不凡在一起,可是我們會做朋友嗎? 就对嗎? 唐女士

  45. 呂美雲 says:


  46. 53 says:

    what happen to 53???? long over due!!

  47. LOV Ya says:

    BuFan told ManMan – 执子之手,夫复何求 = 牵着你的手,和你共用筷子,牵着你的手,和你一起睡觉,牵着你的手,和你一起变老,牵了你的手共度一生,还有什么其他的追求呢

  48. Marianne says:

    Is anyone have to subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge? Do you want to subbed on it?

  49. Marianne says:

    I love this weekday TW-drama for me.

  50. MM&BF says:

    Love to watch ManMan撒娇

    BuFan will alway succumb to it 🙂 Super sweet.

  51. JRH says:

    i don’t get it, Is Bo Hai a host or something now, because he’s in coma and ”still alive”

  52. SweetCouple says:

    it feels like BuFan ex is coming to the picture – during the “Magic” reporters meeting. ManMan please be assured you are the one for BuFan. remember in episode 43 both of you promise to be together forever at the back of the car and also episode 44 BuFan even said he had saved the photo and what you wrote as an evidence. Yes 🙂

    BuFan, it is your turn to give ManMan the assurance/confidence like what ManMan did for you. ManMan is not like you, she is not as strong like you. Be sensitive to her please.

  53. MoveOn says:


  54. ^&*^% says:

    Getting annoying to watch…… not looking forward to 56…. annoying really annoying

  55. 四/三关系 says:


    should change name to 四/三关系 ha ha ha

    1) 史博海 + 徐曼曼 + 何不凡

    2) 何冠宇 + 王蒨茜 + Rebekah

    3) 徐曼曼 + 何不凡 +史博海 + Victoria

    did i miss anything ????

  56. 加油 says:

    Episode 57: both ManMan and BuFan did really well, very natural together. Both acting are great, so comfortable to watch them together. The sweet surprise a boyfriend would give to his girlfriend was well presented in this episode. Love it!! 加油!!

    It feels like the gift – bicycle from博海 提醒 BuFan to be a better boyfriend.

    馬桶 , 博海, 冠宇,小高 ,史蒂芬,薏芝,心平,何光輝, 王金榮 ,月雲 ,蒨茜,Don and Scriptwirte 加油!! 加油

    Less stressful to watch episode 57, let’s hope it will be even better today. But what I guessing is, the ex-girl is gonna start attacking soon. Be watchful ManMan and BuFan. Maybe that will motivate BuFan to be more protective towards his darling ManMan.

  57. S^%$T says:

    super annoying 58… we can all skipped till episode 70. … all the S^%$T starts from here.

    Bu Fan and ManMan kept missing each other, the ex set up booby traps. ManMan getting upset.

    • ANGRY says:

      I knew this would happen. All the b%!!$!(T,

      episode 57 is just a carrot stick to get people going.

      horrible episode 58.

  58. ??? says:

    I can sort of guess, next week will be:


    BuFan 怎麼會笨到進V姐的房間呢,讓他有機可乘… I thought you told your brother do not let people have a chance to drag you around like Rebekah dragged 毛怪 and 蒨茜. BuFan you are now letting the ex dragged you around like Rebeka dragged 毛怪 and 蒨茜. OMG.

    Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye.

    不凡越來越呆,都走到別人的陷阱裡了越看越不爽. Too much 考驗 between 凡曼了.

  59. huh?? says:

    Because BuFan want the business, therefore he has to sacrifice himself to go out – – – with the ex….. keep dragging on and on and on… what a lame excuse. Than there might be University Alumni gathering, ex invite BuFan to come along… what a lot of [email protected]

  60. Novi says:

    Do you know when is the last episode? Exactly 70? or will be longer than 70? seems like it is getting very draggy…..

    • FingersCrossed says:

      if they have nothing better for this tv show. it is better to end early. Let ManMan and BuFan happily ever after. than to ruin the whole tv show. It is getting so draggy and hard to follow. BuFan and Man Man had put in so much effort to make it good. But the script is just very disappointing and lame. what a waste. Feel really sorry for 胡宇威 and 袁艾菲.

  61. Anna says:

    Still waiting on the chemistry between Bu Fan and Man Man….she’s better with BoHai….exactly correct, now the story line seems to be getting lost…hope they get back on track and move on quick before you guys start losing your audience. …just a thought. ..

    • johnSmith says:

      you are right Anna. I think with the nonsense, they are losing a lot of faithful audience.

      I personally still prefer BuFan and ManMan together. Get married successfully, without interruptions, no ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend’s mother interruptions. wasted a lot of good opportunity to make this tv show good.

  62. Marianne says:

    Do you have the English subs for the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge? Please help us.

  63. Marianne says:

    Very nice to me.

  64. Diamond says:



    Bu Fan please be more loving to ManMan

  65. do not repeat says:

    Bu Fan don’t go to the ex hotel room, get someone else to go. Don’t repeat the same mistake like you said, you yourself won’t repeat the same mistake by going to her room again.

  66. Cafune says:

    Please do not turn this into another “Tiamo Chocolate”…..what a waste. Especially the “V” part. Got hurt in the bath room…etc make other guilty, pity her, get all entangle….. so messy.

    Bring something fresh, bring something lighthearted, bring something warmth and fuzzy to ManMan + BuFan, ChianChian + Kuan YU , Ma Thong + Xin Pin.

  67. Episode60-GoodOne says:

    Surprisingly lovely today. Must watch. Bu Fan给你很多赞!! for getting your girlfriend and brother to come along to the hospital. Nice!!!

    • Winner says:

      I am glad the genius Bu Fan is back. So miss the genius who know what he should do, especially not to have anything to do with the ex.

      when ManMan talk about the suction bath mat is very important especially for older people and young children, than BuFan said “you mean our children” 🙂 🙂 🙂 super sweet. Like that part!!

      BuFan, when are you getting married with ManMan????

  68. YSL says:

    期待晚上 episode 61, want to watch ManMan wake up in BuFan’s room. Their interactions!! Awwwww

    But why 那白目V又跑去樂天,不知又想幹嘛!嗯!Go away victorai

  69. 好 man says:

    Bu Fan 好 man and smart, 與其被掐著脖子走,倒不如不要開始,合作本來就是心甘情願的,不凡,幹的好, since you know “Victo-lie” have a motive behind. Excellent!! don’t give her any chance to hurt your relationship with ManMan.

    不凡有實力, 才不怕你!!!
    Auntie Tang, please return the ring to BuFan now!!!.

  70. 日出 says:

    I think the Victo-lie took ManMan out to humiliate her (episode 62) or challenge her. ManMan, I know you can do it. You are smarter than you think you are, you are stronger than you think you are, plus Bu Fan is your strength and You are who BuFan love.

    I hope ManMan have stronger EQ to face victo-lie!!!

    May the force be with you ManMan 🙂

  71. Smile says:

    ManMan you are good :0) BuFan love you for who you are. Even if you don’t know all the answer. BuFan will still put you first, ManMan. Don’t worry about what others said. They are not important. Especially the victo-lie who is so insecure that’s why she has to prove herself to BuFan and ManMan.

  72. 赞赞 says:

    OMG …史博海 is actually the panda bear. He is sooooo protective of ManMan. Give her the smiley face balloons.

    史博海 …. 给你个赞. BuFan is so sweet too. He rang ManMan to ensure she is fine. 赞

  73. 乐 天 says:

    Episode 62, why do they need to sign contract with “Magic” i am sure there are many more company they can work with. Now they have given the witch-toria a chance to disturb 乐 天 and BuFanManMan….

  74. Fiona Hui says:

    why part 3 no sound???

  75. 温 心 says:

    Love episode 63… BuFan was holding ManMan hand at the Cafe while the rest was watching Bo Hau and Xi Ping. That action shows the warmth and love that cannot be describe between ManMan and BuFan. 非常 温 心. love that.

  76. Marianne says:

    Thanks for this episode, I hope that you like it.

  77. Marianne says:

    Thanks very much.

  78. 超可愛 !!! says:

    喜欢看曼曼对不凡撒 娇 的 様 子. 超 可 愛 !!!

  79. Saranghae says:

    不凡爱逗 曼曼,他们两人 一起 超可愛 !!!

    希望看到他们在一起的更多. 不想黑羽!!谢谢!!

  80. OH NOOOOO says:

    Episode SixtySix:

    oMG the evil victor-lie is using ManMan’s innocence to dig a hole for ManMan to jump into it…… NOOOO ManMan why are you soooooo stupid…. please don’t jump into the booby trap design by the evil woman. Bo Hai, you saw ManMan came out from victor-lie room. Please help ManMan from falling into the trap.

    • OH Noooo says:

      the evil victor-lie knows by doing this will make BuFan mad, because ManMan didn’t let him know and will affect the trust. ManMan…. oh ManMan, please you can be smarter than that pleaseeeeeeee

  81. OH NOOOOO says:

    OMGGGG the stupid ManMan never learn from the lesson where victo-lie introduce her to the Japanese business man. this trap is really to destroy her confidence. Bad bad victor-lie

  82. Wedding ring says:

    Still no BuFan and ManMan wearing the wedding ring…. drag drag drag.

  83. ??? says:

    episode 66:
    this episode was overpowered by the stupidity the scriptwriter try to portray in ManMan…..well you have succeeded….. people hate this tv show now.

    I wonder the scriptwriter hate 袁艾菲 as a person, therefore the overpowering stupidity is overwhelming that the audience cannot enjoy BuFan warmhearted love for ManMan in the end of episode 66. What a shame… and sad….. what the waste

  84. jet says:

    can the mental health institution please come and catch Victo-lie. Lock her in the room, throw away the key so that she never come out. don’t want her in the society, waste of space.

  85. registered says:

    WOW please let ManMan and BuFan can actually get married…. long wait. Pretty please please

  86. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episodes for the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge and I hope that you like it.

  87. Marianne says:

    Please subbed this TW-drama, please help us.

  88. Let's See says:

    By the look, preview for episode 70, BuFan want to break up with ManMan. Because he loves ManMan toooooo much and do not want anything dangerous happen to her. Plus the paper he took from the temple and victor-lie pump in some poisonous thoughts. Poor BuFan and ManMan.

    Well it is just a drama… not entertaining. ….but sad drama. ….or maybe by breaking up with ManMan helps to show how much BuFan loves ManMan. 6 more episodes, let see what can come out from this 6.

  89. LovewillSHINE says:

    episode 70:
    BuFan broke off with ManMan… reason : because of the paper he got from the temple…. superstitious!!!!

    The geist of the story is when you are superstitious, the big bad wolf (Victo-lie) will have the opportunity to bite your relationship. 🙁 🙁 please send victor-lie away….. never want to see her again. thank you very much.

    The Educated, smart, independent BuFan was so affected by these sort of things. What a lame reason Scriptwriter.

    I really hope BuFan dad can help his two sons and sort them out. BuFan please let your dad know…. or BuFan dad, please find out the real reason behind. Help your son, among the 3 of you(Bufan dad, BuFan and Kuan YU), I think the dad could be the smartest. it is heartbroken to see BuFan and ManMan so sad. Please do to not drag, it is a nice tv show for a start …. wishing u all the best in finishing good too.

    Preview episode 71. It looks like ManMan try to get the love cheque to have BuFan back…. I think with the stubborn BuFan, Poor ManMan is gonna get a lot of humiliation from him and very hurt by him again…. why oh why… it is soon hard, so hurt … so sad, so heartbroken, so disturbing, so annoying, so much distraction, so hard to watch, so tired and draggy, so much misunderstanding. where is my lighthearted tv show …. i miss you sooooo much.

    Where is the love, the love the love….??

  90. BuFan&ManMan says:

    Looking forward – 明天可以看到不凡對曼曼的深情,不捨,溫柔,看三天的不凡對曼曼的冷漠真的蠻心痛的難過的…. please give us back the loving BuFan and the happy ManMan

  91. Worst in 2014 says:

    This is the worst drama of the year 2014.

    If you have watch Tiamo Chocolate back in 2012. this is the type of tv show San Lih is producing again. Similar. But worst…..

    Drag, Drag Drag, Messy, Messy, Messy. Heart breaking and breaking up, wrong morale and not motivating and stupid.

  92. Marianne says:

    I really loved this TW-drama and I love to watch on it.

  93. Marianne says:

    Thanks for all of you to upload on it.

  94. 草率完結篇 says:

    Episode 74: Today is the last episode:

    隨便交代一下 然後凡曼有再一起 草草結束嘛 一整集扣掉廣告 扣掉馬桶的戲 可能還有冠宇的 東扣西扣 這凡曼只有1 minute可播 猜也知道 所以結局就是[隨便演 然後草草結束]囉 反正被氣到現在 也不差這最後一集了 已經氣到很無言了.

    Not recommended for viewers. bad storyline.

  95. SAINZ says:

    oh really last episodes?

  96. :) says:

    In my opinion, this drama is pretty interesting (like the whole angel thing and the check). But then it started feeling long and draggy when Bu Fan started doubting his relationship with Man Man -_- (it probably felt draggy because I watched it right when it came out, one episode a day. if you watch one episode after the other, i don’t think it will be so torturous). But there were SO many adorable scenes between Bu Fan (George Hu) and Man Man (Yuan Ai Fei). And the songs in this drama were awesome ;D

  97. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the last episode of the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge and thanks for all of you.

  98. Marianne says:

    Please subbed the TW-drama Love Cheque Charge and I want to subbed on it.

  99. Selina Mar says:

    This drama so boring and the actor George Hu.

  100. Liz says:

    To be honest, I think the new coming actress dragged George Hu down, I would have totally watched it if it was Annie Chen, even if the story line was boring…it would have been worth it to watch their chemistry again.

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