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Air Time:Monday - Friday

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  1. Flareplay says:

    visit http://www.flareplay.com/ for sassy and affordable apparel!

  2. FlarePlay says:

    HELLO ALL!!!!! Visit http://www.flareplay.com/ for really pretty and affordable ladies apparel! Collection 2: Summer Breeze has just been launched! Also, like us at our facebookpagehttp://www.facebook.com/fl… and join our mailing list on our website to receive latest updates on launches and promotions! Thanks!!!

  3. Justsaying says:

    where is 2011-06-21?!?!?!?!?

  4. Josurrphineee says:

    aww such a bummer! we can’t watch the ones before 2010 october 🙁

  5. greench says:

    Is there a site where you can find the products that they use? They use to have a blog but I cant find it anymore.  Can someone give me a hand? thanks.

  6. Le Soda says:

    where is 2011-09-01?

  7. muangsiew says:

    hi ..wish to view 2010-06-09 (scarf) demo thanks:)

  8. Kivicky_cool says:

    u can go pptv.com to watch all previous episode

  9. Sphen93 says:

    where is yesterday’s episode?

  10. Sriciawee says:

    wish to watch 2009/11/18 ..about scarf pls help tks!

  11. Sriciawee says:

    wish to watch 2009/11/18 ..about scarf pls help tks!

  12. Sriciawee says:

    oh., thanks kivicky i got it 🙂

  13. Sriciawee says:

    oh., thanks kivicky i got it 🙂

  14. Dorothywong1968 says:

    请问罗志祥上女人那辑,什么时候播? 谢谢

  15. Cocy26 says:

    Go facebook search [email protected] They got sell watever kevin lao shi make-up products & Niu Er lao shi skin care products!! For singapore n free delivery so good sia!! i love it alot. so i hope everyone who live in singapore love them plz surpport their own brands!!

  16. guest says:

    Hi, does anybody know which website has a list of the products featured on 女人我最大 2011-12-20 奢華?! 千金名媛們的行頭大公開 episode? Thank you so much!

  17. Sycookies says:

    so i really wanna find this miracle oil which is a private property used by the instructors…how do i know what are those products?

    • Anonymous says:

      they have an official website and you can check on the official website for the products and stuff used everyday on the forum. You can usually google the date and title (copy and paste the date title, etc. on to google and it should be the queen website)

  18. Witchteo says:

    SCV is going to be faster than this website. 
    女人我最大 can upload faster please? Thanks

  19. Cocy26 says:

    今天的还没upload lol.

  20. Guest says:

    please update 2012-01-16 & 2012-01-17

  21. Cocy26 says:


  22. Guest says:

    Do you have 2012-01-22 new year’s eve special? Thanks! 

  23. Christine says:


  24. Le Soda says:

    the old episodes are not available to download from the download center:(

  25. guest says:

    why take so long to upload now? 

  26. YEN says:

    我欣賞梅林老師的搭衣哲學, 希望能常常看他上節目.

  27. Jovinlim says:

    20120323 part 3 was remove 🙁

  28. Mo says:

    i hate ann too

  29. TAOZHONGGUO2010 says:

    google”indaigou”,go to this site:indaigou.com,you’ll find many very cheap and high quality stuff,without hestation:)

  30. ice says:

    really wonder why girls like ya mei jiang, lydia & yiyipeipei are on d show when they would prolly be considered ugly irl no?

  31. 小惠 says:


  32. aomi says:

    OMG, the guests are so noisy, so sad, this is a good show but the guests spoilt everything.

  33. stranger says:

    i like fangyu, lydia, ya mei jiang, xiao xiao yu ,yi yi and pei pei.
    their fashion sense etc, are more towards normal ppl, not celebrity and they are so so so natural. 

  34. Guest says:

    Xiao call is kinda annoying..she always has weird taste
    N she did surgeries ewww

  35. Chia_an830719 says:

    Xiao call is so full of herself that it kinds of annoying plus she is so simple minded

  36. Txting2 says:

    可以再上载2009年的女人我最大吗? 或者下载中心那里因为现在在网上看和下载都不能用。

  37. Asdfsaf says:


  38. Jaoeao says:

    I was wondering whether the guests did have no sense of fashion or it just for the TV effect…

  39. Peter says:

    Would u upload download 女人我最大 13/06/12 Please Please ????????

  40. joe joe says:

    how can I subscribe the magazine of the episodes.How much it cost in US dollar.From Joe.

  41. hls says:

    Does anyone know what brand of BB cream that Kevin used on “wang li ren” at the beginning? thx, and appreciate  with u guys could answer me 🙂

  42. Jo says:

     well peeps stop complain that ppl r ugly or wat so ever no one is perfect,  the reason of having this show is to help ppl or rather present  yourself better. if they really call those very nice or perfect ppl go to the show then i think there isn’t any meaning for us to watch it anymore………

  43. Ach says:

    到绑头发的关键步骤,镜头就会拉远!!!!有好几次都是这样 是故意的吗?

  44. Jenjen Huishi says:

    2012-07-04 part 3 video is private??

  45. K036251 says:

    2012-07-15 part 2 
    The video you have requested is not available

  46. Jenjen Huishi says:

    2012-07-30 part 2 and 3 are the same videos

  47. kay says:

    sorry to post this here but can anyone tell me where i can download  健康兩點靈 health 2.0.  it is a very good good show on health talk.  please…… thank you.

  48. Peter says:

    I’m still waiting 女人我最大 24/08/12 to upload download Please Please ?????????

  49. Eileen says:

    Hope 女人我最大 24/08/12 show be uploaded soon.

  50. Test says:

    This week 
    女人我最大 2012-08-30 episode have 唐立琪老师

  51. Peter says:

    I’m still waiting 女人我最大 24/08/12 to upload download Please Please ?????????

  52. Leys8 says:

    please show me where can i find health 2.0?

  53. Josurrphineee says:

    where is 9.18.2012?

  54. Hwei Thieng Nee says:

    no product list for episode 03-10-20`1?

  55. mh says:

    女人我最大 2012-10-18
    Got 唐立琪老师

  56. Khorona says:

    seems like more ppl like to watch the parts that got 唐立琪老师
    me too^^
    tell me more if there’s 唐立琪老师 in the coming episodes…
    thank you

  57. mh says:

    女人我最大 2012-10-26Got 唐立琪老师

  58. jess says:


  59. Wenzhu Cai77 says:


    • Josurrphineee says:

      maybe the new intro was to promote lan xin mei’s concert, now the concert is over, the switched back to old one? i like the new intro though lol

  60. michi says:

    Is episode 11-12-12 coming out? (:

  61. Eleen says:

    誰知道娃娃姐潘迎紫的女王蜂胚胎是什麼牌子的?在哪兒可買到?  謝謝!

  62. dada says:


  63. Gaga says:


  64. Jofan says:


  65. Jofan says:


  66. 雪玲 says:

    请问2013.04.08里的"顯色染髮梳- Color Me By Giuliano"在哪里可以购买?

  67. 雪玲 says:

    请问2013 04 08里護髮造型膠-Salhajuan在那里买?

  68. Jofan says:

    請問2013-4-19集凱文老師介紹給Lydia的保濕慕絲紛底組和快速補妝組是什麼牌子? 翊宣挑給媽媽的輕透妝紛底霜什麼牌子?柳燕老師示範劉喆瑩的美白產品組是什麼牌子?謝謝!

    • Guest says:


      極?煥白淨斑精華- KOSE infinity
      高解析QQ粉凝凍- KRYOLAN 歌劇魅影


  69. Angeling Liu says:


  70. nina lee says:


  71. Josie says:


    • Guest says:


  72. Angeling Liu says:


  73. 素素 says:

    请问林立雯在节目上介绍的鞋子是那个牌子? 7-15 的节目。 谢谢。

  74. anisa chong says:


  75. YT says:

    Does anyone know the name of the supplement for ladies that she (Liu Yan) introduced on 2013-08-19?

  76. kiki says:

    Where to get the collagen powder?

  77. Etsuko says:

    Anyone knows what brand is the eye cream on ep 8/15 /2013?

  78. Jellyfish says:

    Can i ask where can buy the washing face kit ,that liuyan recommended or niu er recommended?

  79. paddie86 says:

    8/29/2013, anyone knows the name of the Japanese primer only available in Taiwan that Kevin is talking about?

  80. Guest says:

    On 06/09/13 liuyan 老师 recommended one tube of cream for 除纹霜. which brand is that????

  81. Susu says:

    What is the brand of lip balm that jia hui recommend in the show on 12/9?

  82. A says:

    which eyeliner did they recommend on 2013-09-19? Thanks 🙂

    • Guest says:

      There are 2 eyeliners recommended in this episode:-

      眼線液筆-KISS ME花漾美姬


  83. lava says:

    hi , anyone know what is the brand of the make up remover niu er recommended on esp 2013-9-19

  84. Jam says:

    Hi does anyone know what’s the product 牛老師recommended in 16/9/2013. It instantly tightens/ lifts skin. TIA

  85. F1schumi says:

    What is the brand of the bags made of paper recommended in 26/09/2013 episode?

    • Guest says:

      I don’t remember seeing ‘paper bag’ in 26/09 episode but there’s one in 27/09 so just copy and paste for you

      手工皮革折紙包- MERCI(店家)

      • F1schumi says:


        Thanks for the info. Mhowever, I was refering to the brown bags recommended by sun hua Lao shi in the part 2 of 2013-09-26 episode. According to him, the bags were designed by local Taiwanese artistes/celebrities.

        • Guest says:

          仿牛皮包款-LISA LALISA
          設計款手拿包- bonbon chic
          Hopefully you can find what you want.

  86. susu says:

    anyone knows what is the brand of foundation that was recomended by kevin on 30-09?

  87. YT says:

    Anyone know the CC cream brand name that was recommended by Mei Lin on 10-02?

  88. A says:

    Does anyone know the #1 mascara recommended in Oct 7, 2013? Thanks!

  89. Amy says:

    Does anyone know what brand for water mask did liu yan lau chi recommended in oct 4 (part 1)? Thanks!

  90. susu says:

    anyone knows what is the brand of eye cream niu er teacher recommended in 10 oct?

  91. Jam says:

    Would like to find out if anyone knows what’s the brand of the foundation and powder that xiao Kai 老師 used in 3/10 on jia yi? TIA

  92. K says:

    does anyone know what’s the brand of the hairdryer recommended in 17/10? Many thanks!!

  93. K says:

    Does anyone know what’s the brand of the organic mask powder from Los Angelos is in 09/18/2013. Thanks!!!

  94. MS G says:

    does anyone knows whats the sleeping mask brand on episode OCT 4.

  95. Tracy Gan says:

    may i know on Aug 5 2013 柳燕老师 introduce the washing facial machine where can get and what brand?

  96. dolly says:

    2013-10-25 part 1 is private which can’t be watched ><

  97. Nita Kirana Garrod says:

    Does anyone know the multivitamin (4tablets in a small pack) that was recommended on show 2013-11-07? Cheers

  98. guest says:

    Episode 2013-11-11 : Anyone knows where to get Li Wen’s black jacket and black dress?

  99. Ms G says:

    whats the eye serum brand that liu yan teacher recommend on ep NOV 7.

  100. MS G says:

    on episode Oct 25 kevin teacher recommend the stockings got 16 colours what e brand to buy on which website?

  101. angel says:

    can anyone tell me the eye cream on episode oct 21 ?

  102. Gg says:

    What is the brand of the serum for v shape face ? The rose brand?

  103. Lili says:

    does anyone know the eye cream recommended on the november 25th episode??

  104. Lili says:

    november the 18th powder foundation? first product

  105. Lili says:

    eyeliner used in november 18th in part 2?? :O

  106. Lili says:

    wax strip in june the 7th?? PLEASE HELP

  107. Lili says:

    does anyone know what brand the mask in july the 4th is?

  108. PPP says:

    Does anyone know what brand that foldable and flattenable red leather handbag is from, on episode 19 in November 2013?

  109. val val says:

    How to get bags at episod 10/12/13?

  110. Hazel says:

    Hello anyone knows in 女人我最大 there’s a specific episode whereby a 24k gold T-bar massage tool was introduced by Kevin? What’s the brand of the bar?

  111. Kaori says:

    hello anyone know the CC cream used on Nikki at 2014-01-06 讓男友離不開你的約會出遊心機?? Thanks in advance!

  112. Karen says:

    May I know the blusher cum lipstick on 2014-01-06 is from which brand? Thanks

  113. Celine says:

    2014-01-09: Where can I buy the “bi fei de shi jun”?

  114. susu says:

    anyone know what is the brand of face massager niu er recommended in 2014-01-13?

  115. Aw says:

    does anyone know the name of the gloss/lipstick Kevin put on Ann 2014-1-16? Thanks!

  116. susu says:

    what is the brand of foundation xiao kai recommended on 01/21?

  117. cc says:

    does anyone know what is the brand for the lip gloss that kevin put on for lydia on 24feb? thanks!

  118. Eve says:

    Do some one know the diamond faundation (black box) Kevin recomand ?

  119. Eve says:

    Do some one know the brand for the diamond foundation which Kevin recommend on 02-25

  120. Nita Kirana Garrod says:

    Hi does anyone know the serial no on the chanel bag that appear on 2014-02-26’s show? Thanks

  121. Hazel says:

    Hi anyone knows
    女人我最大 2014-03-25 the collagen jelly that’s edible is what brand?

  122. rach says:

    hi does anyone know the eye cream on episode 2014-04-07 ?

  123. melissa says:

    on episode 31/3 what is the eye serum name?

  124. Kiki says:

    2014-05-05 – Anyone has any idea what massage chair this is?

  125. Mint says:

    Anyone know the brand for the sun repair mask on 2014-05-06 episode?

  126. Liz says:

    What’s the product that was used on 28 April 2014 episode on yu tong thighs? it’s from France mentioned by Liu yan.

  127. Cathy Liu says:

    what was the product use on May 20

  128. YT says:

    Hi! Does anyone know the serum product niu er introduced on 2014-06-02? The one that can remove spots, scars. Thanks!

  129. SY says:

    Does anyone know what brands the jello and the black mask used in the 8/19 episode are + where to buy?

  130. Sin says:

    Hi, perhaps some of you are able help me. Does anyone know the hair mask that introduced by teacher AKIN on 2014-03-27? I really need help so urgent.. Thanks!

  131. SL says:

    Can anyone tell me the bb cream and foundation used by xiao kai on 2014-09-11 episode? Thank you.

  132. Susu says:

    方瑜好惹人厌! 一直说自己是不老娃娃。

  133. sad boy says:

    which episode is show luo coming?

  134. CSCHCOCW says:

    Does anyone know the ep show is gna come?

  135. seinssy says:

    Does anybody know which ep / date Jiro Wang & Danson Tang gonna come?

  136. Tan Ming says:

    Danson not so mei~nan looking now, he seems more
    manly with this hairstyle. Jiro is so skinny and he looks
    so boyish with his Shi Lang hairstyle and harry porter’s
    spec ~_~

  137. YT says:

    2014-12-09 Anyone knows the name of the 多功能 pink jar product Liu Yan introduced to Wei Ru?

  138. Hanny says:

    Hi, anyone know which ep is it where they introduce this hair oil that can tame frizzy hair?


  139. CW says:

    Hi, Does anyone know what is the bar soap that Liu Yan introduce to Xiao Rong at 25-03-2015?

  140. rachel says:

    hi does anyone know the whitening cream for eye and face on 30-3-2015?

    • PiG says:

      White Perfect Miracle Double Whitening Skin-Transforming Eye Cream
      White Perfect Miracle Double Whitening Skin-Transforming Cream

  141. aw says:

    Does anyone know the name of the products in 2015-06-04? 1) facial sunscreen and 2) the foundation Kevin used? Thanks!

  142. full stop says:

    Hi anyone can advise me whats the brand for the 2 steps whitening i.e. toner and sunblock cream? thanks!
    女人我最大 2015-06-15 不只要變白! 我要變得超級白!

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