Host:浩角翔起, 莎莎, 2MORO
Broadcast Year:n/a
Air Time:Monday - Thursday

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  1. Ruriko_shiralawa says:


  2. Vickieguh says:

    please upload new show, thank you!!

  3. Wowoting says:

    2011-06-20 應該是莎莎的青春不老傳說 台東做夢行而且這集也沒有

  4. Kerry says:

    Can you please upload the 2011-07-05 one?

  5. Guest says:


  6. Teacher101teacher says:

    請po上”2011-06-20 應該是莎莎的青春不老傳說 台東做夢行”。

  7. ASDA says:

    請po上”2011-06-20 莎莎的青春不老傳說 台東做夢行”。

  8. JOANNAKAO says:

    thank you for your share!!  😉

  9. Gracereolle says:

    host lady Sa-Sa,can you ate noodle use chopstick plus spoon,also you ate noodle made big noise, it’s so terrible!
    you are the girl, need have good manner. Don’t copy korean eat loud mean taste good,we are chinese! But you working hard,we still appreciate you host nice program. don’t be mad,be happy!

    • guest says:

      yeah girl should have good manners, but your comments are rude. So you should learn some manners too. =) and I believe that sasa is doing a great job, not many have the guts to show their faces infront of the camera. I’m sure you can’t too right? So think before you say something =)

    • welloy says:

      this is a show that has no rules and formats…. that is why we love it… So who cares about being lady or not… 

    • Elaine says:

      what does it matter to you how sasa eats…and how can you say she doesnt have manners based on that?

    • tippy says:

      Would you please check your grammar before you post this comment? 

    • Guest says:

       by the way, those are the japanese not koreans…check your information before you post this please…

    • Happyloke says:

      making loud sound while eating noodle is culture of JAPAN!! Taiwanese they fond japan style that why they learn from them….To be a Chinese doesn’t mean your are superb dude….

    • Alicet0125 says:

      They went to Japan not Korea 

  10. Jaggar says:

    Sasa is awesome nature beauty, unlike many fake n lady-pretending/wanna be bitches.

    o n eatin’ noodle loud is Japanese culture for appreciate the cook n food, please respect the culture

    Thank you for upload!!

  11. Elentar says:

    why is it empty , or is it just my webpage problems?

  12. Joey931025 says:


  13. Guest says:

    请问这星期有没有更新来去住一晚, 谢谢!

  14. An says:

    浩角翔起 the best

  15. TAOZHONGGUO2010 says:

    google”indaigou”,go to this site:indaigou.com,you’ll find many very cheap and high quality stuff,without hestation:)

  16. Judge says:

    Sasa is nice looking but the show just a below average standard. To be worse, now replaced by 2 young brats which one is ignorant and the other is like a wood, lol.
    世界那么大 by 小豫兒 is still the best although she is not good looking.

  17. Madluvyz says:

    Taiwanese people are blessed with a country that have endless food to hunt for and traveling can be done within their own country! ENVY*

  18. I.Z says:

    食尚玩家 2012-04-02 委託會社 畢業小旅行 – The girl wearing leopard print pretty leh~* Like her character. =.=.

  19. stacy says:


  20. guest says:

    除了浩角翔起,2moro 也不错,彦均也搞笑 !希望他们可以多去世界各地介绍美食景点游玩 !

  21. guest says:


  22. Guest says:

    “食尚玩家” 如果看腻了,“爱玩客”也不错!选择性的轮流看…

  23. Janeyuan1031 says:

    瘦夠了一群自以為是的人說誰不好誰不錯   錯的是你不該看

  24. Guest says:

    2012-10-03 – 阿庞 + 曾子余

  25. Kmilk120 says:


  26. 到底在比較甚麼?不喜歡就別看。不要在這里亂扯一堆。

  27. Jasminehu6 says:

    something wrong with the video links? please do something 🙂

  28. peiling says:


  29. Ida says:


  30. Phoebe says:

    we would like to travel to taiwan this coming September and we had saw the hostal that introduced from Super taste Taiwan, may we know how can book the hostal?

  31. Henry says:



  32. anon says:

    看新闻说2moro被封杀了 🙁

  33. Guest says:


  34. Guest says:


  35. 陳志芬 says:


  36. 巧巧 says:


  37. 456dy.com says:


    • 二分之一強 2018-03-12 哪國護照最好用?! 他們出國超方便超吃香! - Scgoideas.com - Taiwan Entertainment - Taiwanese Variety Show 台灣綜藝 says:

      二分之一強 2018-03-12 哪國護照最好用?! 他們出國超方便超吃香! – Scgoideas.com – Taiwan Entertainment – Taiwanese Variety Show 台灣綜藝

  38. Shirley Wong says:

    我在香港10月後的看不到食尚, 之前明明可以的, 不知發生什麼

  39. Anonymous says:

    Sports Rumors, News, Videos and Discussion

  40. 廷瑞 says:

    從326至506 的網頁內列表中的食尚玩家的熱血48小時的每周五的節目內容和影片,怎麼都沒有更新上去??
    還有,週二至五的主持人名稱換新的,怎麼還是顯示舊的主持人?? 請盡速更新和加上每週五該日期的

  41. 廷瑞 says:

    為何每週五食尚玩家 熱血48小時的節目影片都沒有更新上傳上去?? 麻煩每週五都上傳和更新!! 謝謝!

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