Host:黃立成, 侯佩岑
Broadcast Year:2013-05-20
Air Time:Monday - Friday

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  1. dtk2299 says:

    This show won’t last more than 3 months. It’s boring!!!!

  2. Joseph says:

    it’s nice! why u say is boring!

  3. Harsuti Lie says:

    It’s nice show…

  4. hi says:

    黃立成 doesn;t even make effort to actually comminucate to guests or talk, 侯佩岑 does all the work >:(

  5. saisai says:

    黄立成是废人吗?Is the male host a piece of trash ? 别把观众当傻瓜!don’t treat the viewers like idiots! 不会讲或听中文就学,要不然就别开中文节目。if you can’t speak or understand mandarin please learn, if not please don’t start or host any mandarin programs. 这节目100%撑不下去。This program is definitely not gonna last.

    • He didn’t start the show -.- please use some common sense. Whoever came up with this show probably already considered the fact that he wasn’t about to converse well in Chinese but decided to use him anyway.

      • saisai says:

        He said it himself that he wants to start a program of his own and the reason for that is cause he feels that there are some crappy variety shows that he can outdo them. Common sense? Cheers ^_^

  6. xoxo says:

    To the people bashing Huang Li Cheng. Please think -.- it’s really not easy learning chinese and he’s not even in the group that speaks chinese often -.- it’s always the taiwanese language. How do you expect him to keep up with that language? That language is basically foreign.. try telling nicky, stanley and his machi boys to speak chinese, it’s hard. You don’t think he’s trying? I know how it feels, you can see that he’s trying his best. And if you’re so unhappy about him “not speaking chinese” go talk to him yourself. That is, if you have the means -.-

    • alex9383 says:

      Good words.

    • Aaron says:

      Your point is way off. He is in Taiwan. It’s very easy for him to sharpen his Chinese. He just doesn’t care. Lazy and doesn’t care. Which is ok actually. That’s his choice. What is not ok is the excuses u make up for him. It ain’t difficult learning Chinese in Taiwan .

  7. suki ho says:

    Like d show ! At least I am feeling happy watching them,although Machi Bi Bro didn’t talk much but he was always spoken d truth n love his style too n Patty also very fast catching up with him too.Please keep on fighting n don’t stop shortly…

  8. GBC says:

    I love it.

  9. wretch-j says:

    He tells it like it is. At least his hokkien is fluent – that is more taiwanese than anything else.

  10. Kio says:

    I may like Jeff and definitely hope this show can continue but reality is harsh esp in Taiwan entertainment industry. With patty, this show probably last for a yr n that shoud be it.
    Jeff is really not suitable to b a host. Movie artist or music producer we have no doubt bout that…
    Good luck and I knw I won’t see this show soon

  11. Spexia says:


  12. hihi says:

    jeff太好笑了 有這節目真好

  13. Shappo says:

    I love this show but it seems that every ep there is this one panelist that is a complete ahole, who speaks like a MCP or a shrew and that makes it rather distasteful.

  14. d says:

    jeff大哥 说话是爆点, but patty 不适合他, 会不会容家来主持更适合jeff 的tone

  15. Ne says:

    Good show!

  16. J says:

    whr is the episode on 2013 – 07 – 09? someone upload pls

  17. Gary Ou says:


  18. = = says:

    拜託一下板主 最近的影片都有問題 很lag不然就是被剪掉 很掃興也

  19. J says:

    whr is the recent episodes? UPLOAD pls

  20. Itachi says:


  21. Emm says:

    This show is one of those rare gems that actually stand out. Without meaning to, this show is so real and straight forward thanks to Jeff’s unintentional ways of being completely blunt. He says what he feels and doesn’t try to hide his thoughts. It’s very real, unlike other so called talk shows where the hosts are consistently trying to filter out their thoughts with what they think the audience wants to hear. On the other hand, Patty Hou is actually a really bad coupling with Jeff. She’s consistently belittling him and is always kissing ass with the guests. She’s too fake to pair with Jeff’s realism. Aside from that, this show is honestly very refreshing.

    • Emm says:

      You can feel that the guests are really comfortable being here in comparison to their appearances on other variety shows. E.g. Kang xi lai le

  22. deanie says:

    This shows are getting more n more funny n interesting ! D hosts are really spicing out d shows ! Please keep on fighting n don’t let it stop suddenly !

  23. Snow_singapore says:

    I love this show. It so farnee and entertaining.
    Great combination of Patty and Jeff.
    Love Jeff most for his so real (not fake) remarks and comments.
    Two Thumbs up!

  24. Snow_singapore says:

    Jeff… you are the greatest 🙂

  25. xjimmm says:


  26. weed says:


  27. Melody says:


  28. deanie says:

    Getting more n more interesting n funny ! Please keeping on this talk show…Love Patty n Jeff !

  29. KT says:

    no updates??

  30. Lala says:

    show ended, replaced by 金牌调查局 in end Feb.

  31. Nee says:

    Why stop the show?! Its funny!

  32. rene says:

    what? this is my favourite show!!!!!

    • prokia says:

      agreed especially sometimes their topics are really entertaining….and they seem to have the money to invite lots of people for their show. Hosts compliment each other well also.

  33. Emm says:

    They said on their facebook page that broadcasting will resume on the 10th. Hopefully it’s back for good! =]

  34. Lala says:

    More or less confirmed the show is ending because the viewership in Taiwan is not good. Currently just showing the remaining recorded episodes that are recorded earlier.

  35. dq says:

    The show stopped maybe partially because Patty Hou is pregnant.

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