Host:曾國城, Kimi Hsia
Broadcast Year:2006-07
Air Time:Monday - Friday

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  1. park V says:

    why isn’t the 6/6 upload yet?

  2. JY says:

    Can you pleas upload 6/13 6/14型男大主廚? thanks!!

  3. Naruto891023 says:

    why no upload already?

  4. Sdflkj says:

    快快快~~~ 兩天沒看到型男大主廚了~~~更新阿!!

  5. iz says:

    /__ 何時才會上傳這幾天的型男呢?

  6. Guest says:


  7. Br0kenheartx says:


  8. kelvin says:

    型男大主廚 2011-07-28 part 5 can’t load.

  9. Vicky says:


  10. J5464613485 says:


  11. dknio says:


  12. Lhw359006 says:


  13. Happysylvia says:


  14. Adda says:

    no more updating?

  15. Jack40 says:


  16. LH says:

    update please, we are waiting

  17. Jaen says:

    2011-10-12/5 not working

  18. Dcks Knight says:


  19. Guest says:

    why I get this is blocked for your region when I can view everything else

  20. Boi_2941996 says:

    why i can’t watch it?

  21. one of my favirote taiwanese tv show!!!

  22. yayi says:


  23. Lovegui1128 says:

    today is xiao gui huang hong sheng,please upload faster

  24. Alien_JiaYou says:

    Waiting for Alien Huang’s Episode!

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  26. Mkplui says:

    Where is 夏于喬? Who the ugly fatty woman doing in the show, is she trying to replace 夏于喬? Don’t ruin the show, pls. keep the good team, tell the fatty woman go away !!!!!

    • Zainan says:

      She’s the wife of one of the chefs, and only filling in while 夏于喬 is busy. Now SHUT YOUR RUDE MOUTH.

      • Mkplui says:

        And yours rude one toooooo!

        • Zainan says:

          You think I care? Now shut your mouth and learn some grammar.

          • Cookiedog says:

            Your grammar doesn’t sounds good too, mate. XD

          • Cookiedog says:

            I support Mkplui toooooooooo!!!!!!!!
            Bye now rude mouth !!!!! Ha !!!!!!

          • Little Claire Fan says:

            I support Zainan, because stupid Mkplui was really the first one being rude here! And everyone knows that appearance isn’t at all a good way to see what a person is like! You really want support a shallow, scumbag? That’s your choice!

          • Zainan says:

            You’ve just proved that you don’t know proper grammar. Of course mine doesn’t sound good.

            What you should’ve typed:

            “Your grammar doesn’t sound good either, mate. XD”

            ‘Does’ and the plural of ‘sound’ never go together, and nobody uses the word ‘too’ in that sentence.

          • Mkplui says:

            Poor thing, you’ve got too much time to spend, wanna drag on? Sorry mate, not silly enough, got much better stuffs to manage.
            Hey, thanks Cookiedog, let leave this fellow to drag on, ha !

          • Zainan says:

            Right. Like 5 seconds is sooooooooooooooooo much time. Better yet, you
            replied!! I think your reply is what started this; I answered your
            question, and rudely told you to stop being rude. If you’re sincere in stopping, good for you. It’s been fun.

    • Whalec says:

      She is not fat.  She looks great.  She also has a fun, outgoing, and bright personality!  She makes fun of herself to amuse others like a true entertainer and doesn’t hurt others.  Those of you who judge solely on looks should take a hard look at your worth and outlook in life.  Sad…

  27. Hengsoon Ong says:

    戴自華 is 
    詹姆士’s wife…

  28. Marsanly says:


  29. TURKEY KA says:


  30. cy says:

    When is alien’s huang episode gonna be uploaded? 

  31. cy says:

    Can someone pls fix 2012-01-16 part 2? I cant seems to watch it! 🙁

  32. oo says:

    where is the ep where inborn pair crew is in?

  33. John says:

    The new format of the streaming video always fail to play through. Always stop at 2/3 of the fragment. It started when you changed to 3-part format instead of 5-part format. Would you please look into it and do something about it? Thank you so very much..

  34. GUEST says:


  35. Naruto891023 says:

    型男大主廚 2012-02-29 cant watch

  36. debbie says:


  37. Jasmine_hu6 says:

    please fix 
    型男大主廚 2012-03-01

  38. Guest says:


  39. Guccihao says:

    3/15那集太好笑了 但是順序顛倒了

  40. Wowowting says:


  41. Askldfjaklsd says:

    最近几天 更新的很快啊

  42. Jacqueline tu says:


  43. Abc says:


  44. Huck says:

    請問有 2/24 澎澎跟 BB 姐的嗎?  謝謝。還有感謝你整理那麼多影片。

  45. Winsome_kou says:


  46. anon says:

    why is it that only a few show listed out the actors? should list out Qing Feng and Ella ETC OTHERS AS WELL 🙁 

  47. cy says:

    Does anyone know when show luo and his mum’s episode be up here? I wanna watch! 🙁

  48. 123 says:

    Can anyone tell me wat is the date for show luo’s n his mum episode? I wanna watch! :/

  49. iheartshowrainie says:

    when will show and his mom’s episode come out and does anyone know where I can watch happy camp, featuring show as well ?

  50. Maizy says:


  51. Guest says:

    upload地好快阿。*鼓掌* 谢谢楼主

  52. loveshow<3 says:

    SORRY FOR DISTURBING BUT IF U SUPPORT SHOW LUO, come n vote for him so that he will perform in the London Olympics 2012 
    http://www.the-top-tens.com/li…  thank you very muchh!!

  53. dee says:

    hmm, haven’t been updated since 2 days ago 🙁 plz update soon XD ty!

  54. tiamo says:

    chris and inborn pair cast is which ep ah ?

  55. guest says:

    which one is fanfan’s one?

  56. guest says:


  57. alex says:

    No download link for 2012-7-6 & 2012-7-9.

  58. Cy says:

    Does anyone when is the date release for alien huang n his cast coming this show to promote his new drama?

  59. Rugula says:


  60. Cy says:


  61. GUEST says:


  62. Love Gui says:

    坐等《剩女保鏢》劇組那集~~~ 黃鴻升 <3

  63. guest says:

    Can you please faster upload 型男大主廚2012-07-25? Thanks.

  64. SLA says:

    why 26/7 is alr uploaded but whr is 25/7??????

  65. guest says:


  66. guest says:

    Can you please upload 型男大主廚2012-07-25? Thanks a lot….

  67. cici0004 says:


  68. GUEST says:

    有小鬼那一集了哦~~ 谢谢!!!

  69. cici0004 says:


  70. scrumpisme says:

    hi sorry to bother but the hotfile download for 25/7 is linked to ti amo chocolate ep 77. can someone change it please? thank you!

  71. guest says:

    蝴蝶姐姐可爱又喜感 !

  72. Aaaa says:

    is it possible to fix those episodes shown in 2011 and before??
    many thz

  73. Guest says:

    27/8/12 型男大主廚楊丞琳做嘉賓好好睇呀~好開心好歡樂~~讚!!

  74. COMO says:


  75. Guest1234 says:

    可以提供下載型男大主廚嗎? (目前最新的是8/21) Thank you!

  76. Guest says:

    2012-03-05 – 蝴蝶姐姐

  77. Guest says:

    2012-02-27 – 梁咏琪

  78. Guest says:

    2012-03-01 – 季芹

  79. Guest says:

    2012-03-07 – 信 & 欧汉声

  80. Guest says:

    2012-04-05 – 任贤齐

  81. Guest says:

    2012-04-12 – 大嘴巴

  82. Csns64 says:


  83. Guest says:

    詹姆士 和 柯以柔的老公长得有点像。。。

  84. Guest says:

    2012-06-22 – 钟镇涛

  85. Guest says:

    2012-07-18 – Dream Girls

  86. Guest says:

    2012-07-24 – 曾宝仪 &卜学亮

  87. Garfielddik says:

    when is the show with SOP QUEEN cast  ?

  88. Guest says:

    2012-08-01 – 梁咏琪 & 许茹芸

  89. Guest says:

    2010-08-10 – 康康

  90. Guest says:

    2012-08-13 – 模王

  91. Guest says:

    2012-07-31 – 剩女要胜锅 料理大赛

  92. Guest says:

    2012-08-14 – 小鬼  孟耿如 曾子余 余函弥

  93. Guest says:

    2012-09-03 – 吴克群 郭采洁

    • Ghwug says:

       Thanks for sharing. Do share more episodes with singers! (:
      Is there an episode where 大嘴巴 怀秋 came with his mother vs 40 and his mother?

  94. Guest says:

    2012-09-05 – 剩女保锅 料理大赛

  95. Guest says:

    2012-09-12 – 汪东城 郭品超

  96. Guest says:

    2012-09-20 – 吴怡霈 黄志玮

  97. Guest says:

    2012-10-02 – 高以翔 陈乔恩

  98. Guest says:

    2012-03-22 – 陳漢典

  99. Sarah Truong says:

    can uploader please fix 2012-11-05? Part 1 and Part 2 are the same 🙁

  100. Guest says:

    1128 1116 1101

  101. Abbc7722abbc says:


  102. Guest says:

    為什麼15-02-2013和2-10-2012是一樣的 是重播嗎?

  103. Guest says:

    love this show. thanks uploader:)

  104. Guest says:


  105. Sin Hui says:

    型男大主廚 2008-12-29 那集没有视频哦,请修复,谢谢

  106. guest says:

    20130604 -黄鸿升蝴蝶

  107. Sara says:

    请问罗志祥和蝴蝶几时会播啊 ? 谢谢

  108. Kristoffer Chow says:

    有黃志緯嗎??? 超喜歡他!!!

  109. Lin says:


  110. Anonymous says:

    Facebook registrieren | Facebook

  111. Jappy - Deine Online-Community says:

    Subscribers List

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