The Emperor's Harem / 后宫

The Emperor's Harem / 后宫
Ady An, Feng Shao Feng, Tavia Yeung, Patrick Tam, Lv Yi, Jiang Yi, He Sai Fei, Chen Sha Li, Liu Ting Yu, Liu Na Ping, Li Ying, Yue Yao Li, Du Jun Ze
Genre:Romance, Historical Fiction
Broadcast Year:2011-11-06
English Subtitle:No
Ming Emperor Xian Zong had yet to produce a male heir. The worried court officials pressured the Emperor to take on new consorts. Thus, the door to the Royal Harem opened to four women who would later cause havoc in the palace.
  • ada

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  • Shamso Ibrahim

    I actually want to watch this drama but it has no subs. Its really sad is it possible to sub it?