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Host: 藍心湄
Genre: Variety
Sub Genre: Fashion
Broadcast Year: n/a
Air Time: Monday – Friday



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  • Ms G

    whats the eye serum brand that liu yan teacher recommend on ep NOV 7.

    • Guest


  • MS G

    on episode Oct 25 kevin teacher recommend the stockings got 16 colours what e brand to buy on which website?

    • Guest

      Bast 芭絲媞

  • angel

    can anyone tell me the eye cream on episode oct 21 ?

    • Guest


  • Gg

    What is the brand of the serum for v shape face ? The rose brand?

    • Guest


  • Lili

    does anyone know the eye cream recommended on the november 25th episode??

    • Guest

      SUISSE Programme

  • Lili

    november the 18th powder foundation? first product

  • Lili

    eyeliner used in november 18th in part 2?? :O

  • Lili

    wax strip in june the 7th?? PLEASE HELP

    • xx


  • Lili

    does anyone know what brand the mask in july the 4th is?

  • PPP

    Does anyone know what brand that foldable and flattenable red leather handbag is from, on episode 19 in November 2013?

    • Jojo

      Furla :)

  • val val

    How to get bags at episod 10/12/13?

  • Hazel

    Hello anyone knows in 女人我最大 there’s a specific episode whereby a 24k gold T-bar massage tool was introduced by Kevin? What’s the brand of the bar?

  • Kaori

    hello anyone know the CC cream used on Nikki at 2014-01-06 讓男友離不開你的約會出遊心機?? Thanks in advance!

    • Guest

      Olay CC Cream

  • Karen

    May I know the blusher cum lipstick on 2014-01-06 is from which brand? Thanks

    • Guest


  • Celine

    2014-01-09: Where can I buy the “bi fei de shi jun”?

    • Guest

      The brand is Suntory三得利, should be available online

  • susu

    anyone know what is the brand of face massager niu er recommended in 2014-01-13?

    • Guest


  • Aw

    does anyone know the name of the gloss/lipstick Kevin put on Ann 2014-1-16? Thanks!

    • Guest


  • susu

    what is the brand of foundation xiao kai recommended on 01/21?

    • Guest


  • cc

    does anyone know what is the brand for the lip gloss that kevin put on for lydia on 24feb? thanks!

    • Guest


  • Eve

    Do some one know the diamond faundation (black box) Kevin recomand ?

  • Eve

    Do some one know the brand for the diamond foundation which Kevin recommend on 02-25

    • Guest


    • kc

      shu uemera

  • Nita Kirana Garrod

    Hi does anyone know the serial no on the chanel bag that appear on 2014-02-26’s show? Thanks

  • Hazel

    Hi anyone knows
    女人我最大 2014-03-25 the collagen jelly that’s edible is what brand?

    • Guest

      Should be Brand’s InnerShine Collagen Essence Strip

  • rach

    hi does anyone know the eye cream on episode 2014-04-07 ?

    • Guest


  • melissa

    on episode 31/3 what is the eye serum name?

    • xx


  • Kiki

    2014-05-05 – Anyone has any idea what massage chair this is?

    • lsm


  • Mint

    Anyone know the brand for the sun repair mask on 2014-05-06 episode?

  • Liz

    What’s the product that was used on 28 April 2014 episode on yu tong thighs? it’s from France mentioned by Liu yan.

  • Cathy Liu

    what was the product use on May 20

  • YT

    Hi! Does anyone know the serum product niu er introduced on 2014-06-02? The one that can remove spots, scars. Thanks!

    • xx


      • Pink

        What’s the full name of the product?

        • xx

          L’Oréal White Perfect Laser Anti-Spot Derm White Essence.

  • SY

    Does anyone know what brands the jello and the black mask used in the 8/19 episode are + where to buy?

  • Sin

    Hi, perhaps some of you are able help me. Does anyone know the hair mask that introduced by teacher AKIN on 2014-03-27? I really need help so urgent.. Thanks!

    • Guest


  • SL

    Can anyone tell me the bb cream and foundation used by xiao kai on 2014-09-11 episode? Thank you.

    • Si

      Both all belongs to a brand Estee Lauder.

  • Susu

    方瑜好惹人厌! 一直说自己是不老娃娃。

  • sad boy

    which episode is show luo coming?

    • PriShow



    Does anyone know the ep show is gna come?

    • Steph

      the newest one 2014-11-04!

  • seinssy

    Does anybody know which ep / date Jiro Wang & Danson Tang gonna come?

  • Tan Ming

    Danson not so mei~nan looking now, he seems more
    manly with this hairstyle. Jiro is so skinny and he looks
    so boyish with his Shi Lang hairstyle and harry porter’s
    spec ~_~

  • YT

    2014-12-09 Anyone knows the name of the 多功能 pink jar product Liu Yan introduced to Wei Ru?

    • lll


  • Hanny

    Hi, anyone know which ep is it where they introduce this hair oil that can tame frizzy hair?