Love Buffet / 愛似百匯

Love Buffet / 愛似百匯
Yu Hong Yuan, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, Chen De Xiu, Cynthia Wang, Wei Wei, Wang Yi Wen, Patty Hou, Wang Cai Hua, Bu Xue Liang, Billie, Wang Xia, Frances Wu, Kris Shen, Liang You Lin, An Xin Ya, Wang Jing Ying
Broadcast Year:2010-12-19
English Subtitle:No

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  1. Lovelovebuffet says:

    sooo cute!

  2. Maylene says:

    is love buffet coming out with english subs?

  3. aaronyan <3
    this show is too awesome

  4. unknown says:

    so who ended up with xiao feng? da ye or yi cheng? i read the comic but i did not understand who xiao feng ended up with can someone tell me

  5. Heartxlovebuffetalot says:

    love ya lun !!! Aaron Yan , Your crush must also not be kept , tell her !!!

  6. Smilex3 Karen says:

    where is my DERRICK 🙁

  7. Hong Peng says:

    Love Buffet is the Best drama after Hi My Sweetheart! Waiting for Episode 3!!

  8. Weiwei says:

    where to buy the comic?
    which title?

  9. maple says:

    great drama!! can´t wait for the next ep. I love Calvin and Aaron, but especially Calvin this time he has a different character as he used to perform, now he can be funny and mischievous, maybe it is closer to his own personality

  10. raeanne_14 says:

    do you know where i can download it ? (with the eng sub ) .. please reply 

  11. Sreyxda727 says:

    The ending wasn’t what I expected .. 

  12. Sreyxda727 says:

    The ending wasn’t what I expected .. 

  13. HRIDU says:


  14. HRIDU says:


  15. Calvin says:

    Aaron Yan is very handsome

  16. Doggyzoe says:

    Calvin sucks at acting:PP Arron is better at acting

  17. Pearl says:

    1 star

    • Pearl says:

      this drama failed! there was no resolution b/c the 3 lead just became friends at the end! it was WAY WAY WAY too draggy in the end anyways

  18. Lenka_12 says:

    it was good until the end, but nowadays all direstors are ruin nice drama at the end ;(

  19. xxaznz says:

    I’m sorry this drama was …. really really bad!
    It was dragged along the whole time, and the ending just killed the whole thing even more.

  20. Skrablssm says:

    what sort of shitty ending was that. she should’ve just loved Ah Yi all the way

  21. Amy_ramy_lola says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Have you heard Aaron Yan’s new song “The Next Me”?  If you haven’t, then you should definately listen to it.  This song tends to make me feel that Aaron Yan’s past was a very dark and tragic one since this song is signifying that he has been so focused in living up to the expectation of being what others want him to be that he has totally forgotten who he truly is and lost his true self.   Therefore, the true meaning of this song is regardless of what others want you to be or perceive you as, regardless of how much pressure others have on you to becoming that specific person, true happiness can only be reached by being your true self, the real you.  Aaron Yan’s must is very inspirational since it focus on the darker side of life, in which society tends to ignore.  Aaron . . .keep up with your inspirational music!!


  22. Doong says:

    i dun get it?? who exactly is the main actor??? Arron or calvinn??

  23. NicLuvsDramas says:

    I kinda hate the ending 🙁 (ps nt insulting Calvin’s fans) cos i tink ah yi and xiao feng are more capatible  

  24. dramas24/7 says:

    but the ending wasnt that good….

  25. Victoria says:

    The ending wasn’t that good, Ah-Yi and Xiao Feng are more captained. LOVE AH-YI,HE’S SO HANDSOME!!

  26. Lola says:

    I gave this drama a second chance, and I finally finished watching it.  However, it left me with a bitter-sweet feeling even though the storyline was meant to have a happy ending. It left me with a bitter-sweet feeling because I felt that Ah-Yi deserves better . . . Ah-Yi had worked so hard throughout the story trying to understand something that he is unfamiliar and new with . . . something known as love . . . true love.  Poor Ah-Yi . . . he had to run in tangents for quite some time and take the long way in learning what true love is, and when he finally understands what real love is, it is already too late with not even a second chance.  Maybe, sometimes in real life there are no second chances . . . once the opportunity passes, it is already the past with no turning back.  Life itself is a like a car that keeps running forward with no reverse button. 

    In the end, I felt sorry for Ah-Yi even though there were portion of the drama in which I hated him because Da Ye was such a jerk in the last episode when Xiao Feng asked him to go on a date with her.  Even though Ah-Yi may appear cold, uncaring, and conceited on the outside, he was never a jerk towards Xiao Feng.  Even during the darkest moment in thier love story, Ah-Yi was always considerate and caring.  If Xiao Feng truly loved him, she would have had the patience to wait for his return and put their love to a challenge.  From my perspective, if Xiao Feng could have both, she would.  One word . . . extremely disappointed. 

  27. Karen says:

    I’m sorry to say but I kinda find Xiao Feng selfish at times. She really hurt the two guys who liked her so much.

  28. Ally says:

    I suppose it would be much more interesting to have a different ending from the manga.

  29. Aaronyanx3 says:

    Love Aaron Yan. You know, I punched my friend because she said he was gay. He’s handsome okay!

  30. Drake says:

    Anyone know which episode
    曾沛慈 is in?

  31. guest says:

    the ending is terrible…it ruined the whole series.

  32. Linda Payne says:

    I wonder why the director didn’t make Xiao Feng and Ah Yi together that would have made the ending so much better!

  33. Joeylee16 says:

    calvin is hansome and his acting is good . I love u calvin . I will support u all the way

  34. CL says:

    i remember i was so excited when this came out because they had to remake it so i thought i’d be good. i was kinda disappointed tbh.

  35. c says:

    i don’t understand the end…

  36. I agree i hate the ending too

    • 爱亚纶 says:

      if they have love buffet 2, i hope reen yu realise aaron yan is better than calvin chen, then she accept the apologize from aaron yan, after that she get married with aaron yan, i also quite hope calvin chen will get married with 安心亚

  37. love aaron007 says:

    I don’t like this ending, why xiao feng didn’t go together with aaron, they should change the ending

  38. Mochi says:

    Da Ye looked Xiao Feng and she liked him. He liked her but did not want to steal her from Ah Yi, but later on he got jealous. Ah Yi had his chance with Xiao Feng but he picked the other girl and then realize d Xiao Feng is really the one he liked.

  39. Jessie says:

    Who is cuter Aaron Yan or Calvin Chen?

  40. Meron says:

    By looking at the comments, I’m not gonna continue watching the rest.. I’m done with this drama. I don’t wanna be hurt by watching the last episode. );

  41. Aaron<3 says:

    I personally sorta liked the ending even though I wanted Aaron to end with Reen but in the drama he sorta didn’t really deserve her because when they were dating he would always go to the other girl even when it was Reen’s birthday…so yeah it’s kind of fair for Calvin

  42. PoorAaron says:

    The ending was horrible. At least let Ah Yi go to Shanghai if he can’t end up with Xiaofeng. Or find another girl and let them have a happy ending like Ah Ji & QiuYing!

  43. Jazmin Zampieri says:

    i think Ah Yi and Xiofeng should be together and Da Ye should get another girl.

  44. 天魔星 says:

    I really hate the ending . Yi Cheng And XiaoFeng Should be tgt one . But He doesn’t know how to appreciate the time spent with Xiaofeng . Sighxx…

  45. Aaron <3 says:

    Awww! I am a mega fan of Aaron, but i wish he could be with her. Is there any more movies with Aaron?

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